The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Nina’s on the Warpath and Cane’s in the Way!

Adam’s Plot Thickens…and gets fingerprints too:

Victor opened up a box in front of Ashley and Nikki and a baby’s statue head that was cut off of Sabrina’s statue fell out of it. Adam came into the room and Victor asked him if it was his doing. Adam said there was no way he did this and tried to once again put it on Estella. Nikki couldn’t believe Adam’s gall and called him on it to which Adam tried to defend his accusation. Victor called the police to report what had just happened.

Adam went up to his room and was followed closely by Victor. Victor told him the detective was on his way and Adam said he was glad so he could prove he had nothing to do with it. Adam asked Victor if he couldn’t even consider the posibility that he was innocent seeing as he had an ankle monitor. Victor checked to make sure he still had the ankle monitor on. Adam said Victor was reaching seeing as his current condition and that he had little to no visitors who would have helped him. Adam went on to say that when the truth came out he wanted an apology. Victor left without saying a word and Adam brushed it off seemingly unworried or phased.

Nikki brought Ashley some tea and Ashley said ever since she came to that house she’d been haunted by Sabrina’s ghost. Nikki said it wasn’t a ghost but that’s what somebody was wanting her to think. Ashley asked her if she thought it was Adam and Nikki said she absolutely did and as soon as Victor found that out everything would stop. The doorbell rang and it was Estella and Rafe. Estella said she was happy that Ashley wanted to hear her side of the story. She could tell something was wrong and asked what it was. Nikki said there was another incident and Victor pointed the the baby’s statue head on the floor. Victor said that he called the police and would like them to stay.

Victor told the detective about what had been happening and showed him the statue head. Adam listened up in his room as the detective said this would lead to some charges for a serious offense and Adam simply said "and so it begins."

The detective got a call and told everyone that the name and address on the return address label were fabricated. Victor asked about prints and the detective told him he couldn’t lift one off the statue but he was able to lift one good one off of the box. Victor told the detective he wanted it checked with fingerprints from Rafe and Estella and Adam. Estella asked him why he was going after her nephew and Victor said he could have been an accomplice without them knowing it. Rafe asked him if he was kidding and Nikki agreed saying Rafe and Estella were family. Rafe said that neither he nor Estella would do what they wanted. The detective said that he would have to get a warrant then. Ashley asked them if they were innocent why wouldn’t they do this to put an end to the suspicion. Victor said that they either submit to the test or he would urge the DA to make them. Rafe told him to go ahead and he’d fight him every step of the way. Estella said she couldn’t take this anymore and asked what she had to do. Nikki asked him not to do this but Victor said it was already done. The detective took them outside to take their prints. Victor came upstairs and told Adam that the detective was there and they found a print. Adam flashed back to getting the box from Estella and told Victor his prints were already in the system. Victor just sat there so Adam asked him if there was something else he wanted to say. Victor noticed that he wasn’t even nervous and Adam said he wasn’t afraid of the truth.

Rafe told Adam that the idea Victor was doing this to them made him so mad. Adam said he was sorry Rafe got dragged into this. The detective came back in and said that Estella’s print was on the box. Estella said it wasn’t true and she wanted to see the box. She said she brought a box of Victor’s stuff over the other day and said that someone could have used that box against her. Ashley snapped on her and started throwing accusations at her. Estella said it was Ashley who had the problem with her since the day she arrived. Victor told her to stop and said he wanted to press charges. Nikki tried to defend Estella so Victor told Nikki to leave. The detective then arrested Estella as Ashley looked on like a whiny pouty baby and Adam tried to suppress his glee.

Rafe went with Adam up to his room and said he couldn’t stay long because he had to meet Estella downtown. Rafe told Adam that he couldn’t represent him anymore because he couldn’t work for Newman and also defend his Aunt. Adam said he was sorry but he was shocked it all went down like this. But then said that the evidence was pretty overwhelming. Rafe said there were holes in this a mile wide and when he found out who on the ranch was setting her up they would pay.

Ashley told Victor she thought it was over when Estella was fired and Victor told her she didn’t have to worry anymore since Estella was behind bars. Ashley said the only thing that mattered now was her baby.

Nikki told Paul that she couldn’t believe she tried to help when they did this to Estella. Paul said she cared about Estella but also cared about Victor and Ashley. She decided a change of subject was due and asked Paul what he was up to. He told her he couldn’t talk about it but said he knew what he was going to order for dinner.

Nina Goes on the Rampage…and Cane’s looking a bit nervous:

Mac arrived at Jimmy’s and got a call on her cell. She was hesitating answering it and Cane asked her if she was going to answer it. She said later and asked what the closed sign was about. He told her the electricity was out so she told him to go home and be with his wife and she’d wait for the electrician. He told her it was ok he could stay and she insisted saying she wasn’t in a rush to get home to the drama of exhuming Phillip’s body. Cane said he could handle it and told her to go and enjoy her night. After she was gone he locked the door and called Phillip to tell him to call so they could figure out what to do.

Katherine told Jill she didn’t intend on taking anything from her and said even if they weren’t related they could still be friends. Jill wasn’t interested and said she wouldn’t be calm until her son’s body was at rest again and home where he belonged.

Nina was freaking out that Phillip’s body wasn’t in the coffin and Paul did his best to calm her down.

Katherine hung up the phone and told Jill that Paul called and said that Phillip’s body wasn’t in the coffin.

Nina said she wanted a thorough investigation and told the man to find her husband’s body. She told Paul to get her out of there but before he left he told the mortician that he had a test he needed to be run.

Cane opened up the safe at the bar and pulled out some cash. He flashed back to his wedding to Lily and the vows he made to her. There was a knock on the door and Lily called out to him asking if he was there.

Cane let Lily in and asked what she was doing there. She said she was having a craving for Thai food and left their puppy with the neighbor. She asked him if he was up for dinner and he said he was up for anything as long as she was there. She said that she wasn’t going anywhere not now or ever.

Nina told Jill and Katherine she had told them everything she knew. Jill was dumbfounded wanting to know how sandbags ended up in Phillip’s casket. Nina said she had her suspicions and Katherine asked her if she thought the doctor who ran the DNA tests was responsible and Paul said it was possible since that doctor had been brought up on charges for other things. Nina said that also meant that it was entirely possible that Cane wasn’t a Chancellor. Jill said that didn’t prove that Cane wasn’t her son either. Paul got a call from the morgue who told him that there was no DNA to test from the casket because there was never a body in it.

Jill asked if that meant that Phillip was never buried and Katherine said that she’d heard of funeral home scams doing this kind of thing. They remembered there was no formal viewing or a private one. Nina said her last memory of him was in a hospital bed and she could barely get over that let alone seeing him in a casket and Jill agreed. Nina said if there was never any body then that meant the test that was run to prove Phillip was not Jill’s son never happened so that meant that he still could be. Jill reminded her of the test that they ran on Cane that said he was her son and Nina reminded her that there was another test that said he wasn’t. Jill said that she wouldn’t allow Nina to put Cane through that again and Nina snapped that she wouldn’t allow some con artist to rob her son of his birth right and demanded another test.

Lily and Cane enjoyed dinner together and he said that them being together like this was heaven. She said he better get used to it because he married her for life and he said he was going to hold her to that. His cell phone rang and it was Jill. Lily asked him what that was all about and he said she didn’t say but it didn’t sound good.

Katherine thanked Paul for being with Nina at the morgue and he said if there was anything else they needed to let him know. After he left Katherine showed how baffled she was. Nina said she knew what was going on she just wished she could have gone with Jill to see the look on Cane’s face when he was busted.

Jill told Cane and Lily about what was happening but remained firm that she believed Cane was her son and she was proud of it. She said she hated to do this but Nina wanted another DNA test. Lily asked what was up with her suspicion and told Cane he didn’t have to do this. Jill said she didn’t like it either but if they just did the test they could get Nina to stop because of the proof that he was her son.

Katherine told Nina that she should prepare herself for the posibility of being wrong and Nina said Katherine should prepare for the opposite. Katherine brought up the memories she had of handing away a baby but Nina reminded her she was in a drunken stupor and suggested the idea that she gave away the baby was put into her head and she ran with it. Katherine asked if Nina really thought Cane had plotted and lied all this time and when Nina nodded she said next thing Nina would be accusing him of being the reason Philip’s body was not in that casket. Nina said all Cane had to do was take another test and if he refused she would have her answer.

Jill once again said she was sure he was her son and didn’t want to do this. Cane said he would do it and get Nina off their case. Jill was happy and said she couldn’t wait to see the look on Nina’s face when she was proven wrong and left. Lily said she knew he didn’t want to do this but it would prove once and for all who he was. He asked her what if he wasn’t who they all thought he was and Lily was confused by this. Cane said that all he knew was what his uncle told him and about the two tests one being positive and one being negative. Lily said it didn’t matter to her whether he was a Chancellor or not because he would always be the man she loved. He said they better go get their puppy so Lily left and he told her he’d meet her at home but looked obviously worried.

Katherine told Nina she understood her frustration and anger but Nina snapped that it seemed like Katherine didn’t care that Phillip was gone. Katherine said she promised they would get to the bottom of this and Jill came in and told them Cane didn’t even flinch about taking another test and she was sure he’d be vindicated again.

Cane went into the freezer and pulled out a vile of blood. He called Phillip once again and left a message saying that once he got this Cane would have done what he needed to do and Phillip could stop running.

Billy and Mac Reminicse…and almost share another kiss:

Billy went to Crimson Lights and bribed the waitress to keep the patio closed for a private party after he saw Mac out there. He joked to Mac that she did have her phone even though she wasn’t answering it. She said she thought it would be better if they didn’t speak. Billy said that was funny since six years ago they had plenty to say to each other including "I do." He asked her to pretend the past six years hadn’t happened and try to sit down and have a few laughs like they used to. She told him to have a seat and sat down across from him.

Mac told Billy to admit that he loved being Mr. Popularity back then and he glibbly brushed it off as no big deal. She told him he was pretty hot back then and he asked smugly as opposed to what now. She said he was still hot and he said he was surprised she noticed with all her efforts to be the prize student. She said it didn’t matter that she wasn’t a party girl. Billy said she was a party girl she just didn’t want to admit it, until the night she won prom queen because she was all over that. She said she only got it because it was an anti-Brittany Hodges vote. He said it didn’t matter because it was one of the best nights ever due to the fact it was the first time he got to dance with her. She said she was embarassed dancing in front of all those people and Billy went to put some money in the juke box to embarass her some more.

Mac and Billy danced ridiculously and Mac begged to stop the humiliation. He asked her if they could slow it down a bit and asked her if that was better. She said much but then stepped on his toes. He pulled her back into dancing and said it felt like they were back on the dance floor. They almost kissed before she told him they couldn’t go back and he said he knew and he should probably go. He thanked her for the dance and she said she’d see him around before he left.

Coming up tomorrow…

Adam demands the doctor give him something and the doctor says he knows what Adam would do with it and he was out of his mind.

Nick tells Sharon the first one into the shower gets to pick the house.

Victor tells Adam that he wants Dr. Donahue to examine his eyes and Adam snaps that he wasn’t going to stand for this.

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  1. Profile photo of josser

    Cane’s real identity. I think Cane is a Chancellor, the son of Phillip Jr. Otherwise, he is related to one of the other characters. Obviously, he can’t be Nina’s long missing son but I think he has to be related to someone in Genoa City.

    Any ideas??

  2. Profile photo of josser

    Phillip Chancellor Jr married Catherine.

    Phillip Chancellor Jr had an affair with Jill. Their son is Phillip III

    Phillip III and Nina have a son, Phillip IV.

    If Cane is Phillip Jr’s son by someone other than Jill, he would not, of course, share DNA with Jill. The DNA test being run is a mitochondrial DNA test. That test checks specifically to see if a person is the child of a woman since mitochondrial DNA is passed only from mother to child.

    If Cane is Phillip III’s brother they would share DNA but have different mitochondrial DNA since they have different mothers. They would have the same Y-chromosome, which is passed exclusively from father to son along with other genetic material from their father.

    Anyway, I’m anxious to find out the truth.

  3. Profile photo of josser

    Since Rafe is going to confront nuAdam any day now and end up sleeping with him instead of rescuing his Aunt Estella, is Rafe the worst nephew in the world or just stupid? And, by “stupid,” I mean Heather stupid, which is really, really, really bad.

  4. Profile photo of josser

    Speaking of plot holes, didn’t Chloe rape Cane? He was drunk and passed out in the car and she climbed onto him and did the deed.

    Why is it that in soaps, women can rape men and not face any repercussions. Whoops! I forgot, men can also rape women and become fan darlings (EJ Dimera!).

  5. Profile photo of Smitty

    Speaking of plot holes, didn’t Chloe rape Cane? He was drunk and passed out in the car and she climbed onto him and did the deed.


    If I remember correctly she didn’t rape Cane. She set it up to make it look like her and Cane had did the deed. She didn’t rape him. Cane was passed out in the car. I remember her just setting it up because she had just found out she was pregnant and wanted to snag Cane and make him think he was the daddy. Her and Cane never slept together.

    What everyone is thinking about is the fact that Cane has Philip 3 (Uncle Langley) DNA and could have used that for the DNA test with Delia thinking that it would have for sure cleared him of being the daddy. Which would explain the matching of his blood to Billy’s since Philip 3rd and Billy are half brothers.

  6. Profile photo of Smitty

    Speaking of plot holes, didn’t Chloe rape Cane? He was drunk and passed out in the car and she climbed onto him and did the deed.


    If I remember correctly she didn’t rape Cane. She set it up to make it look like her and Cane had did the deed. She didn’t rape him. Cane was passed out in the car. I remember her just setting it up because she had just found out she was pregnant and wanted to snag Cane and make him think he was the daddy. Her and Cane never slept together.

    What everyone is thinking about is the fact that Cane has Philip 3 (Uncle Langley) DNA and could have used that for the DNA test with Delia thinking that it would have for sure cleared him of being the daddy. Which would explain the matching of his blood to Billy’s since Philip 3rd and Billy are half brothers.

  7. Profile photo of Nicki

    if you do want to bring EJ Dimera and the rape thing up you also have to remember that Sami did drug Austin to basically rape him to get pregnant even though Will ended up being Lucas’ after all. So if we want to be fair she isn’t all squeaky clean on the whole issue too.

    But going back to Y&R I can’t wait to see people’s reactions when Phillip returns which I’m sure he will at some point and also to have his son show up too which I’m hoping they still cast Driscoll in the role. However I do agree there are some major plot points one of the largest as one of you mentioned Cane has to share some DNA with Billy to be considered a posibility to be Delia’s father unless Chloe completely tampered with the test. *sigh* I guess it’s a wait and see kinda game.

  8. Profile photo of Smitty

    Smitty, It doesn’t make sense that Cane would use P3’s DNA in the test unless he wanted to prove that the baby wasn’t his.


    You said it josstheguy. He probably was sure this was a way to show that the baby wasn’t his and what a surprise to him when it came back that he could possibly be the father. This is pure speculation, but I say just sit back and wait for it all to come out. I like the story and am anxiously awaiting for all of it to be revealed.

  9. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    See, they should of made Thom Bierdz P3’s twin that Kay gave to Violet to raise to spite Jill. Then it wouldn’t mess with history and Langley could be Cane son. That would of been more realistic than messing with the tragic P3 death s/l without going into the realm of fantasy. Y&R is good but I am not going like how P3 faked his death because of JIll and Kay feud and him being a father and husband without damaging P3 memory of him to the fans.

  10. Profile photo of appleridge

    Rafe could end up getting a contract and Thom Bierdz has said his deal is 6 months to start but he hopes to stay as long as YR will let him.

    I agree its a cowards way to go but a lot of gay teens try suicide. Thats what I think happened with P3 but he didint die so instead of going back he ran and started this whole new life. Is it right no but it’ll make excellent drama and I cant wait.

  11. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Cane stated in a previous episode that “you can stop running” Maybe Phillip 3 was involved in something that was dangerous and that his family was being threatened so he decided to leave to protect them? It would also make sense that he asked Cane to go to Genoa City to check on his family to see if they were okay.

  12. Profile photo of Smitty

    josstheguy…i understand your frustrations and some of your questions are the exact questions that I am pondering to myself, but I think you are judging the story too harsh and it hasn’t even played out yet. Most of your thoughts/analysis has been speculation. We aren’t sure how anything is going to play out. I like the story because it has me thinking about the numerous possibilities to why Philip 3 left his family and went to Australia.

    I remember a lot of people whining about the whole Katherine storyline with her lossing her memory and being presumed dead, but most were very happy with the pay off. Yeah maybe it went a week or two longer than we wanted but most of us were delighted and rejoicing when she was finally revealed to truly be Katherine and everyone believed her at Billy/Chloe Wedding.

    I know with spoilers and stuff coming out it’s hard to sit back and digest a storyline but we have to let it all play out. I will be honest with you. I am not a big fan on this whole Adam/Rafe sleeping together business but I am waiting to see it play out. I am intrigue to see if it will go like I have it playing out in my head or if it will totally surprise me.

    josstheguy I say let the storyline play out. You never know all your questions could possibly be answered. I guess you have to watch and see.

  13. Profile photo of reggyreg

    David, as an adult you can do what you want. I just encourage you to continue watching the young and the restless. I have a feeling that it will get much better in the next few months. I know you want Victoria Rowell to return, but that does not look like that is in the cards. I hear Shemar Moore may be returning later this summer. Will that make a difference to you?

  14. Profile photo of BigDede

    No matter how good this show gets, there are a lot of bad things also. Who still uses blood for DNA test? This is the 21st century. Maury doesn’t even use blood. NO ONE uses blood. You can get DNA from a toothbrush and Cane is using blood. Someone should find that suspect.

    Also Since he is saying he’s Phillip III, he has to use the real Phillip’s blood all the time. So most likely he used Phillip III’s blood when doing the DNA test for Delia. He did have lots of vials of blood. Also if he was Phillip’s son, Phillip would have had him while he was in boarding school otherwise Cane would be younger than Phillip VI.

    But the most important thing is that blood only last (in a freezer) for a month. I work in a lab so this I know. You can’t keep whole blood for longer than a month so the real Phillip has to be sending Cane blood every month.

    But I want to say this, besides the Cane storyline and my Mary Jane who I love(!), this show does toooooo many dropped storylines. Whatever happened to Devon thinking of hair model kissing him? What ever happened to Devon’s search for his real father? Why is Heather (a local DA) prosecuting a federal trial? Jana and Daniel were dealing with feds. Where is Michael storyline. Is Jeffery and Cruella still planning on blackmailing Victor? Y&R is good but it is not that great.

  15. Profile photo of Nicki

    my main issue with the idea that Cain used Phillip III blood for the paternity test with Delia is that he actually thought he was Delia’s father and definately was not faking that emotion so if he knew he wasn’t using his blood he wouldn’t have had that emotion.

  16. Profile photo of BigDede

    That’s the one HUGE hole in this storyline. I don’t expect soap storylines to be flawless but that’s a hole too big. Cane was sure he was Delia’s father even willing to take Chloe and Billy to court. So I don’t know how they are going to explain that. If Cane knew this whole time he really wasn’t Delia’s father because he used Phillip’s blood, Cane will look like a big stupid stuck up heartless bastard for going off on Billy when he already knew that baby wasn’t his.

    But I’m wondering since this new group of writers are redoing or straightening out everything, the daughter that Katherine gave away…who is she since we know she’s isn’t Jill. Who is Jill’s bio mother since we know it isn’t Katherine. How come never of these women are thing about this.

    A lot of Chancelor storylines were rewritten and now they are trying to redo those storylines but it’s leaving holes too big.

  17. Profile photo of josser


    I’m not that excited about Adam and Rafe hooking up because it’s pretty meaningless. Rafe is a severely underdeveloped character. He’s really just a plot device to move the story along. Jamey Giddens is right in explaining that Adam is a straight man. The sex with Adam will be just another way to show what lengths he’ll go to get what he wants.

    As for Rafe, there has been little done to develop his character. We don’t know much about him and he, like most other non-white characters, has very little interaction with other characters.

    This isn’t a Nuke and Noah or Fish and Kyle or Olivia and Natalia story.

  18. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Josstheguy, I hear your theory, but how can you account for the age difference? If he is Phillip Jr’s son, that means he is Billy’s uncle instead of his brother. I guess it is possible, just a stretch. Also, if he was related to Phillip, why would he need samples of his blood? Could genetic blood tests distinguish between he in Jill not being Mother and son, but Mother and grandson?

  19. Profile photo of josser

    Hi. To be clear, Phillip Jr is the father of Phillip 3 (Langley). Phillip IV is Phillip III and Nina’s son.

    I just think that he’s either Phillip Jr’s son by someone other than Jill, or Jill had a twins and didn’t know it. Cane would be the child Katherine stole.

    I still don’t understand how they are trying to play off Katherine’s dreams of a baby as some memory Cane implanted. He wasn’t around Katherine when she started to have her nightmares about a baby crying.

  20. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Josstheguy, thank you for clearing that up. You are really good at explaining things. It never dawned on me that “Langley” aka Phillip 3 and Cane could be half brothers. I also think Nina explaining to Katherine that her memories may have been “planted” is ridiculous. Cane was no where near Katherine when she started to have those dreams. I think bringing Phillip 3 back will create a lot of story line holes they will never be able to adequately explain.

  21. Profile photo of josser

    Reggyreg, Delia’s DNA test! Chloe had Cane’s DNA run against Delia’s. The test came back to showing that Cane could be Delia’s father. That only makes since if Cane shared some DNA with Billy.

    Was it ever revealed that Chloe tampered with or faked the test?

  22. Profile photo of josser

    Smitty, nope. I don’t think that’s the case. Cane would never abandon a child of his. That was the whole point of his marrying Chloe, he couldn’t leave a child of his without a father.

    I think this is a very long, loose thread that Y&R will have to explain.

  23. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Josstheguy, I was thinking the same thing. I would find it hard to believe that Cane would deliberately use Phillip 3’s blood to disprove a child that could be his. I also think it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I think Y&R may ignore some of these plot points altogether because it is going to be hard to make these plot points realistic.

  24. Profile photo of josser


    I’m really disappointed that P3 dumped his wife and kid by pretending to be dead. I’ll be even more disappointed if he did so because he was “struggling” with his sexuality. I’m enjoying the show but I don’t like what seems to be Phillip’s motivations. It’s one thing to leave a wife but another dump your kid.

    If Phillip turns out to be gay then that means that all of the gay characters on the show will be pretty weak. Phillip for dumping his kid. Then Rafe for letting his aunt rot in jail all for sex with Adam.

    Yani Gellman is a recurring character. Thom Bierdz is on a six months contract. That means Y&R doesn’t have a commitment to developing a gay character for the long haul.

    What do we know of Rafe? He’s a Latino, gay, a lawyer, and has an aunt who’s worked for Victor Newman. Otherwise, we don’t know much. He’s pretty two dimensional. He’s just a plot device at this point. A macguffin. Adam’s sleeping with Rafe has little to do with Rafe as a human being but every thing to do with showing the levels of depravity (as Jamey said) is willing to engage.

    So, Rafe is just a new spin on the gay (or black) best friend that we see in film and TV. He’s there to just advance the story of the straight person.

    This is one of the reasons that I’ve been less than thrilled with the idea of this story.

    Compare Rafe to MaryJo. MaryJo is a secondary character but she’s being fleshed out. We know that not only is she nuts but we learn about her as a person. Her personality is being developed. Her history is being revealed.

    Rafe? In terms of history, we just know that he knew Billy and is related to Estella. There’s not much else there. There’s no screen time devoted to making him a real live boy.

  25. Profile photo of josser

    Siomonstuart, What if Cane were Phillip’s twin? Remember the DNA paternity test Cane took for Delia. It showed that he could be her father. How could that be unless he shared some DNA with Billy, the real father.

    Seriously, wouldn’t that be a cool twist.

  26. Profile photo of josser

    Appleridge, Gellman could get a contract. But unless something changes, Rafe is still just a macguffin, a tool to move the plot along. It’s one of the reasons why I’m not that invested in Rafe and Adam hooking up.

    I read a good point on another blog that Estella is going to get the standard person of color/poor person pat on the head when Adam is finally revealed. Victor will apologize to Estella and she’ll end up cleaning Victor’s toilets instead of suing his ass for wrongful termination.

    On a lot of soaps, the hired help, regardless of race, are depicted as loyal as dogs. They lack the real desire to look at their wealthy employers and say that I want some of that. Brad Carlton is one of the rare exceptions. He went from pool boy for the Abbotts to being an executive at their company.

    Real world: Estella would demand a million dollars cash and a pension plan.

  27. Profile photo of josser


    Cane can’t be Phillip III’s son. He’s too old. He’s supposed to be the same age as Phillip III. That would make Cane 38 to 42. Remember how Cane joked about being older than Lily, who is only 21?

    In terms of the DNA test, Cane wouldn’t have used P3’s DNA. He was convinced the kid was his. That’s why he left Lily.

    Another loose thread is that Jill and Nina could easily test Phillip IV’s DNA against Jill’s. A grandchild will have about 25% of the DNA of his grandparent.

    Some of the plot holes are getting too big. Big enough to fly a 747 through them. But, I am enjoying the show.

  28. Profile photo of josser


    Y&R and most soaps toss out the reality of federal courts and the legal system to utilize established actors. That’s why Michael Baldwin, a defense attorney is also a corporate attorney. Need legal advice? Go to Michael! He’s the legal guy.

    Also, most of these soaps have a New York/L.A. legal mindset. Most Mid-Western states don’t have district attorneys. They have state’s attorneys.

    Finally, look at the way people in jails on soap can have meetings at any time with friends with little restrictions.

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