Will Broadway’s Nicholas Rodriguez Come Between Kish on OLTL?

Don’t expect Kyle (Brett Claywell) to be spending his nights alone while Fish (Scott Evans) tries to figure out what team he wants to play for on One Life to Live. While both As The World TurnsAgim Kaba and Nicholas Galbraith were rumored to be up for the role of Nick, a guy Kyle will date to make Fish jealous, we’re hearing rumblings that Broadway actor Nicholas Rodriguez (Tarzan) just may have snagged the short term role. Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as the story progresses.

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    I have one Gripe with this. If this guy is not CJ then why a new character

    If not CJ why not bring back the character of Mark Solomon who was in the love center story and was Daniel Coulson’s lover.

    Fish and Kyle were KAD so was Nick Mansena who was also in The love center story. He was also Hayes Barber’s partner in the Killing Club Killings

    The reason I say this is that Fish Kyle and Mark all seem to be the same age group and probably were at LU at the same time so Mark may already know Kyle. Then theres all that history Mark has because of the daniel situation .

    OLTL could have gotten Matt Cavenaugh Back or if not possible , cast this actor as Mark.

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    Matt Cavenaugh is pretty busy these days, starring on Broadway in the revival of West Side Story. But he sure woulda been nice to look at every day on my TV!

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    I understand that so why isn’t this actor playing a recast Mark or hell even a recast of Billy Douglas. I am gonna give Nick a chance it’ll probably be good, however IMO its always to take from history before creating new roles.

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    Seriously, I wish I had seen this post three hours ago, when I passed Nicholas on the street, literally a half a block after seeing John Brotherton standing outside a restaurant on 44th St. Would’ve been a OLTL two-for-Tuesday!

    Also, Nicholas is a great performer, I’ve seen him in Tarzan and also in the Christmas Spectacular two year ago.

    PPS As a gay man, I think it’s great that two-thirds of this storyline will be played by openly gay actors (Evans and now Rodriguez).

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    Oh, I wanted TPTB to cast Agim in the role of CJ/Griffin, but I’ll congratulate Nicholas Rodriguez if he’s actually cast in the role. At least we’ll know that this guy’s got some talent.

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