Y&R: Jana’s Bail Is Denied

If you were a judge would you let Jana Fisher (Emily O’Brien) out on bail? Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) isn’t the only one in their household with a criminal past and it looks as if it finally caught up with her. Do you think Jana should have been denied bail?

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    So THATS what happened. I saw on my GUIDE (remote) that something surprising happens at her hearing.

    But there was a Prez Press Conference on instead. Recapping the first 6 months…

    That means I sadly have to give my eyeballs to SoapNot at 6:00 am tomorrow. That is, if SN is not airing some Tony Danza Movie from 1984 or a Bravo Ripoff Reality Show. Groan.

    If the 4 muskateers didn’t have bad luck, they …..

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    This is a bad s/l for the gang and I could of come up with something better than this mess. I would have Jana, Kevin, Daniel and Amber move in together and have them swap partners and the drama insures. That would be more organic than another bad murder mystery that is done to death on soaps and Y&R needs to move away from it.

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    Scott Novick

    Whatever happened to the terrible headaches Jana was experiencing when Kevin was on the run? They were never explained.

    I was thinking when those happened that it was signs of Jana’s brain tumor resurfacing. They couldn’t remove it all, so there was a small piece left after her surgery. Maybe the stress of being put in jail will push her to the brink and we’ll get Bad Jana back again?

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