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Here’s the Scoop! 06.24.09

This Dominic character… so all the RUMORS said he was Dante. At first glance I thought no way he’s too old as the actor is thirty. But after a lengthy debate with our very own Luke about the industry norm of playing much younger than you actually are, I’ve since changed my mind. Now, was that Bensonhurst drop a little too obvious? And really no offense to Mr. Zamprogna but with all the hoopla surrounding Tom Pelphrey and GH’s desire to land him in the role of Dante how do you go from a soap stud to someone most fans know nothing about? I’ve read up on Mr. Zamprogna and his resume is impressive so I do not doubt that he has the chops to pull it off and lately the casting department has done a decent job with these newbies but IF this is Dante, it’s quite a switch from the big name they were going for.

What about Kristina and Dominic? Remember Sonny and Alexis’s daughter was mentioned in the press release about his casting. Is Kristina going to help out an injured Dominic? Is this a re-do of when Maxie helped Zander? The good old days… Will Kristina help Dominic into Daddy’s house? What else is going on with Kristina? RUMORS of her deflowering! Is the Quartermaine boathouse getting dusted off?

About Dante… We know that Olivia thought that keeping his paternity a secret was what was best for her son. IF Dominic is Dante, he’s obviously following in Daddy’s footsteps to a certain degree. RUMORS have said that he COULD be an undercover agent and let’s not forget, Sam MAY factor into this character’s story. Early July MAY be when we learn the truth. Remember, there were also RUMORS that despite Olivia’s best intentions to keep Dante away from his father and the life he leads, Dante MAY have found himself in the same line of work as dear old dad. What story would you like to see? Dante as an undercover fed or as another mobster?

Another crazy back in town… and I can’t be happier about it. Yes I know most of you already have heard that ZaCrazy is coming back to town. I’m a little late on scooping that for y’all but we’ll address that later on. Bruce Weitz had said he was planning on retirement after his run with GH was done. He never said he wouldn’t return to Port Chuckles!

The Mayor is taking Alexis down with him… SPOILER has it that when he’s arrested for murder, he outs their affair. Is he really the one who murdered the mistress?

I mentioned a fight with Liz and NotEmily… Does Rebecca accuse Elizabeth of wanting Nikolas? Will Sam intervene on Elizabeth’s behalf? RUMORS have Sam advising NotEmily to back off.

RANDOM and CRAZY… When exactly did Alexis sleep with the Mayor? It MAY not be when we thought it was. I like Jason and Johnny working together. Are they teaming up once again? IF Dante’s a fed, is he making some bad choices? That Jake-Jason scene RUMORED to be happening… is it Lulu or Liz with the boys? Does Dominic know Ethan too? Remember those OLD RUMORS about Claudia giving up a child? Those are popping up again. Will Claudia find out about Olivia’s secret? Is someone dying?

New Writer… Jamey delived the news that Josh Griffith is joining the writing team at GH. I enjoyed Sunset Beach so I’m interested to see what he brings to the table. Is this the beginning of the end for Guza?

On a personal note… Some of you may have noticed that lately I haven’t been posting spoilers on a daily basis. There are two reasons for this. One is that the info out there seems to be the same old stuff and I felt for a while there, I was getting very repetitive. But that’s only part of the reason. As I mentioned a few months back, I am dealing with some personal stuff and it takes me away from DC. I’d rather not get into exactly what is going on but I’m fine and need to focus on me sometimes and not the world of soaps. You can always follow me on Twitter for updates and catch my comments while I watch the shows.

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    Regan as Long as You are OK that is all that matters…..
    I herd that in SID they confirm that he is Dante so that means that Morgan and Michael’s big brother pointed a gun at them .. I would want to see his face when he will realize what he done to his little brothers and not forget his little sis… Oh it will be good I still think that he is too old to be Dante .. yeaa Drew is 20 but he plays 17 year old .. But he looks like a teenager .. and this new guy doesn’t look young he looks in his 30…
    And the new Kristina looks young…..
    Now what I prefer Mob guy or Fed??
    In my LIASON love I think it will better that he will be in the mob.. and that will bring Jason to the understanding that what Jake needs is Jason ….
    But if he will be a fed it will be interesting .. just to see how he deals with is job to take his father…..
    I do like him though ………
    I wonder what AZ will do when he finds out he is going to have grandson from his daughter and his enemy ….

  2. Profile photo of podcastjunkie

    It took me most of the show but by the end I was definitely thinking it was Dante. Boy won’t Olivia be suprised to find out what her son does for a living.

    The apple didn’t fall so far from the tree after all eh? Known or Unbeknownst to the father like Olivia tried to keep him.

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    Thinking of you Regan. Whenever we can get your spoilers is great. You are the reason I have kept up with GH. Thanks. I loved him yesterday…whomever he turns out to be.

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    Regan, glad youre okay and youre right about the spoilers. After reading Michael Logan’s interview with Ed Scott, maybe GH needs a new producer who could rein in Guza and stand up to Frons.

  5. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    REGAN-glad you’re ok : ) I think it will come out that Claudia either hooked up with or worked Dominic/Dante in the past. I think they are building us up to the point of loving Johnny and Olivia together so much so that they can create angst when Claudia uses Dante’s paternity to threaten Olivia.

  6. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    RUMORS once IMPLIED that Claudia did hook up with Dante/Dominic…. I mentioned it before. I think I said something like, you’re sleeping with my brother Olivia, well I nailed your son… On another thought, gross, IF that’s true, Claudia slept with yet another father-son duo.

    Kristina’s deflowering… I’m not 100% that it’s Dominic/Dante that Kristina is caught with. That is one RUMOR out there but those are the kinds of RUMORS that I take with a HUGE grain of salt. The RUMOR is that she’s caught before anything goes down, by Tracy, who calls in Alexis.

    Lucas Jones… You’d think GH would get with the program and bring him back but then again they’d have to dust Bobbie off and we all know they hate doing that.

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    All the best Regan.

    I think it’s actually LuLu who has the crown in the “let’s sleep with the new boys” category.

    I have not watched any episodes this week , but I must admit from what I have been reading I am looking forward to Jolivia and Domiante (my new name for him)

    I would like Sam to have a past with Domiante but I fear it would be a springboard for Jason’s jealousy thus pushing JaSam faster than I want. I guess when JaSam is finally together again, I could cover any part of the screen that Sam is in and just pretend he is talking to Liz

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    Yeah, Regan, I glad everything ok with you and tiic needs a wakeup call if they think we want to see a teen being deflowering as a s/l is off their mark. No wonder the ratings is falling. Hate Num 2 and JOlivia is hot and Sonny is a jerk. Please, Frons, get rid of Guza and bring in a new writer to save GH from even more falling ratings but he won’t hear a peep until the C word is announced.

  9. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    No sex for Kristina please, she looks like she’s 11. I’m no fool, teeneagers have sex all the time, and I was a teenager once upon a time, but come up with something else please.

    If Dominic is Dante, I’d love to see how he reacts to putting his siblings in potential danger, granted he didn’t know but he’s gotta feel bad at least a little for that. As long as he and Kristina don’t have anything going on I’ll be fine. There’s no way I could watch stuff like that till I know proof postive if he is or isn’t. Incest is not best, you wouldn’t know that by watching daytime. I don’t know it might be good. It might not really be a mob story, so to speak. If Sonny and the people around him are dealing with family matters and what not.

    I think it might be smart to cast a no name as Dante, less pressure. Sure, a fan favorite actor could be good, get eyeballs to turn in, get people talking, but if it fails, it fails big time.

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Dominic/Dante and Sam… there were RUMORS that Sam and Dominic have met before but it’s not all that scandalous. Some RUMORS had suggested that Sam MAY have met Dante when he first came to PC and she helped him out when he needed a little assistance.

  11. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “RUMORS had suggested that Sam MAY have met Dante when he first came to PC and she helped him out when he needed a little assistance.”

    Is that what she calls it now?

  12. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m no longer sure how I feel about JOlivia… they were hot at first but something about them creeped me out last week. Yesterday’s eppy, not too bad despite the soft core porn that was going on.

  13. Profile photo of discodan

    Hey Regan, any news on any potential pairings involving Michael? I’m thinking they cast Serena Baldwin…blonde bombshell plus messed up Corinthos…I know I’m starting to sound like Guza, but it sounds like a good idea to me.

  14. Profile photo of Mardou

    Wouldn’t Serena be in the Maxie/Lulu age group? I hope so anyway, we have about 6 young men and…Maxie and Lulu. There needs to be more of a balance in that group.

  15. Profile photo of discodan

    Either age group…all I know is that we have two teens who cant date because they’re brother and sister. We need someone to get in the middle of this

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Serena would be more Lulu’s age, but hey if they want to unSoras her (deSoras her? whatever the term may be) to bring her back to the canvas I am ALL for it….mostly because I would be hoping that scotty and lucy wouldnt be far behind.

    LOL at the idea of raven covering up half her screen and pretending Jason is talking to Lizard. The only problem would be that Jason only really ever has one convo with Lizard whereas he talks about a lot of stuff with Sam, so how would that work? And wont it harsh your mellow when he says I have never loved any one the way I love you SAM….you are the love of my life SAM….I never stopped loving you SAM.

    Gosh I need some new stuff to be excited about on that front…when does KeMo come back full time?

  17. Profile photo of curacaoman

    New scenario: kristina ia not Sonny’s at all, but mayor Floyd’s! She get really angry when this comes out and has revenge sex with Michael at the Quartermaine boathouse.

  18. Profile photo of discodan

    Maybe even age Cam for Kristina to date…all I know is that Dillon had Georgie, Jason had Keesha, and as things stand right now, Michael has his sister. What is this, DAYS?

  19. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    New scenario: kristina ia not Sonny’s at all, but mayor Floyd’s! She get really angry when this comes out and has revenge sex with Michael at the Quartermaine boathouse.

    Still disgusting, they were raised as brother and sister. Just because one is adopted or finds out one isn’t there child, whatever, doesn’t mean you want to have sex with a kid that you have always thought was your brother. You just don’t wake up one day and want to have sex with your brother, related by blood or not. This isn’t the B&B.

  20. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    And wont it harsh your mellow when he says I have never loved any one the way I love you SAM….you are the love of my life SAM….I never stopped loving you SAM

    I plan on recording my husband’s voice saying Liz, and kind of like a bad dubbed japanese movie I will play it when he says her name

    LOL – this is how much time I have on my hands because of GH

  21. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003


    GH=B&B. Guza is modeling GH after B&B with incest is best. Both shows has the same characteristics of each other, LOL.

  22. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    And wont it harsh your mellow when he says I have never loved any one the way I love you SAM….you are the love of my life SAM….I never stopped loving you SAM

    And wouldn’t it burn your marshmellow if the IIC have been stringing the Sam fans along all these months and intended all all along to hook Jason up with someone else, a new character for example?

    With ratings slipping down, down, down…at this point ANYTHING could happen.
    Regan, as always thanks for your hard work bringing us the spoilers, they are always a treat. :)

  23. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    If they go another route, as long as the new Jason pairing and the new Sam pairing work, I will be happy. My objection to Lizard was never that it wasnt Sam, my objection is that it was mindblowingly boring. That, and the fact that Lizard was getting so much airtime and I find the character annoying. So if they put Jason with Carly, my Jarly lovin heart could be happy. If they put Jason with Claudia, at least the acting will be good/good chemistry and I will get the added bonus of watching Sonny lose it, and if its someone new and it doesnt work, chances are they wont stick around long. Yes, I want JaSam, but honestly as long as Sam doesnt get backburnered again, and as long as its not boring, I wont be covering half my screen and dubbing in voices (the idea of that so makes me crack up, thanks for the good laugh today :0)!!

    Oh, and ya know, I dont feel strung along even if JaSam doesnt happen. KeMo had a great run in Vegas and she wasnt around. Keeping her and Jason in story was necessary so that it shows at the very least a reconnection of their friendship. Whether or not that means romance, it definately opens up more storyline potential for Sam and that is definately a good thing for the show.

  24. Profile photo of brummer500

    once upon a time, I could NOT wait to sit down and watch GH. Now it just makes me sick…I miss it. At first I liked the johnny/Olivia thing, now it is like watching porn. I hate Claudia! Michael and Kristina will make me throw up if they hook up. I hate rebecca with nick, creepy. I will not even watch ethan onscreen. I am glad luke is gone. I am sitting here and can not think of one thing I like. I used to think anything Jason did I would watch because he is so freaking hot, now I do not even care if he goes or stays. His storyline is just “keep him onscreen, no matter how stupid or unrealistic he has become”. I can not buy that he gave up his son and does not even give him a second thought. I love Maxie, but even she is anoying me….someone please make it better…..

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