Julie Marie Berman: A Pilot and a Movie

What’s the latest with General Hospital star Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer)?  According to the actress’s website a pilot and a movie.

Pilot: 22
Julie is currently filming the pilot presentation for the show called, "22," produced by Daniel Kellison. She continues to work on General Hospital around the filming of this project.

Film: Rachel’s Return
Julie is scheduled to star in the upcoming film, Rachel’s Return, playing the character of Rachel. Filming will begin July of ’09 and end in August of ’09. She is extremely grateful for General Hospital’s flexibility in scheduling around this project, and will continue to play Lulu during these months as well. More details on the film to follow…

Does this mean we’ll be seeing less Lulu in the coming months? Is GH trying to lighten the load by allowing their actors and actresses time off for outside projects? Berman’s onscreen brother, Greg Vaughan, had told fans that GH was being more lienient by allowing the stars to pursue outside work.

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    Congrats to Julie Berman!

    As actors take pay cuts, letting them pursue outside opportunities helps make up for loss of income and keeps them happy.

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    One Thing good about GH
    it s good that in times that the actors have less income they let them try different things…
    First it was Kelly and I heard that Steve tried pilots and I also heard that MB has a roll in a movie and I know that GV and KS did pilots so good for them….

    I wish her and all the actors good lucky

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    Regan Cellura

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if she did. It was once GOSSIP that she was considering it. But it SEEMS that GH is working around her schedule and not forcing her to work around theirs. Either way all the best of luck, when Lulu isn’t a shrieking banshee, JMB is a pretty good actress.

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    I think that she will go places outside of daytime. She is talented and I wish her the best and if JMB decides to leave, I hope they don’t kill her character off for ratings sweeps. Let the character leave town to live with Laura if JMB decides not renew her contract.

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    It’s a good thing if they are indeed allowing their actors to pursue some outside projects. It keeps them happy and it keeps them from jumping ship, maybe. For example, I don’t see Kelly M. leaving anytime soon, but allowing her to do outside stuff keeps her happy, plus they all took a pay cut so it’s gotta be good for them. Plus, you can’t just allow certain actors to get away and do things, it’s gotta to be fair, even though 9 times out of 10 it ain’t fair. If they can keep more of their talent by letting them do more outside projects, it makes better business. You might get a few more eyeballs to tune in, who knows.

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    I think JMB is going to leave GH also. She needs to go while she is young. It isn’t like GH will be on air for much longer. They will not kill off Lulu. They will send her away.

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    I wish Julie the best of luck in her career. She is really an inspiration to me and was the reason I started and still am watching GH. I agree that it most likely won’t be on air much longer so I will stand by her with whatever path she chooses to take. And if it should mean leaving GH, I have to agree on a sendoff in which Lulu decides to go live with Laura.

    Once again, congrats Julie!

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    LovesDog, did I miss the memo, has GH been canceled for it not to be on the air much longer? There will be three soaps on the air one day, and GH will be one of them for sure. I hate that kinda talk, then all the soaps aren’t going to be on much longer.

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    JasonMorganIsAHottie, great observation, I have never thought about that. She does look a lot like Matt Damon. They have similar baby faces. I would literally be ecstatic for days if they ever got to work together. My life would be complete. lol

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