Michael Lowry Joins One Life to Live

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Michael Lowry is joining One Life to Live on a recurring basis. The former All My Children, As the World Turns and The Bold and the Beautiful actor will portray a "character from the past."

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    I bet this is the Ross character from 2002 that the show is recasting. Ross was lost on the island with Todd and Tea. ML would be good as Kevin too, but Im leaning on it being Ross since the originator, Shawn Christian is now on Days and that the role is recurring. Kevin Buchanan would be a contract role.

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    I remember reading something from a supposed insider on either daytime dish or twop, cannot remember which one, it was a few months ago.

    Said that if GT was going back to OLTL, the plan would be to have Kevin return first and then Kelly would follow. That Kevin is going to die and that’s what brings Kelly back to town and it also brings back other members of both families, the B’s and Kelly’s.

    He sure does look like Kevin and that could and would explain why he is going to be recurring and not contract.

    Wishful thinking.. daytime dish & twop insiders like to make things up.

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    Maybe it’s the shirt that makes me think of Doctor’s Scrubs…. maybe a new doc? Michael McBain is gone, so we need a new physicial to heal every ailment??

    Seriously, I don’t care who his character is, but I just hope he’s the one that puts us out of our misery and Off’s Stacy Fiasco….Cuz I really would like to resume watching this show….

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    OLTL is bringing in a lot of talent on contract and recurring. I hope there’s still room for Dorian! There’s a lot of chatter about Robin Strasser not having her contract renewed.

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    Stay with me here

    SOD ran a blurb a few months back that they were casting Rex’s dad and wanted a known soap actor for the role

    There have rumors of late that Spencer Truman would be revealed as Rex’s dad

    What if Michael Lowry has been cast as Rex’s dad in the form of a recast Spencer Truman?

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    Recurring character…from OLTL’s past…filling the void of the doctor character…how about Dr. Dan Wolek? It brings a nephew and a cousin back to the Lord family fold, while also resurrecting a memorable Llanview surname…and who is to say Dr. Dan might not be Rex’s father? That way it could explain why Roxy is afraid to acknowledge it because Alison Perkins and Dan Wolek use to date back in the 80’s and Alison already tried to off Roxy once.

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    Good news even though I wish it was more than recurring! I loved Michael Lowry as AMC’s Jake Martin and I look forward to seeing him again on ABC Daytime.

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    I really liked when he played Jake.

    I doubt he’d be Rex’d dad .. he’s tooo young.

    His dad is suppose to be Mitch Laurence and they already showed that the actor was suppose to return.

    Wow … what a flip up when that happens .. makes Jessica and Rex blood bro and sis with Nat still just being his “sis” cause Roxy raised her.

    Like another poster stated … I don’t care who he comes back as … just off Stacy “Fiasco” … that was great … but I agree … I doubt he will … but one can always dream.

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