Paley Center Says Goodbye to Guiding Light

The End of an Era.  On August 19, 2009 The Paley Center for Media will be hosting an event to say goodbye to broadcasting's longest running program, Guiding Light. Attending the evening, will be GL executive producer Ellen Wheeler, head writer Jill Lorie Hurst, and actors Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman and Grant Aleksander, with other panelists to be announced. A clip from the finale will be shown as part of the planned activities. For more information visit the Paley Center online here. Thanks Daisy Clover for the tip!


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Daisyclover tweeted this right after Crystal Chappell tweeted that it was official that they would no longer be working after August 14. The tears fall again....

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That's great that the Paley's going to have an event for GL. I'm going to try and attend. Thanks for the link.

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I am planning on attending. My mom and all of her friends watch it and I know it will be very hard for them to get over it. But I have been letting of since April. ......What a shame. Sad