The Case of the Swagger Jackin': Sean Kanan to The Young and the Restless

Well, I guess it's officialy official! I have been tellling y'all for months that Sean Kanan was taking his character Deacon Sharpe to The Young and the Restless. I ran the story as a rumor as not to jinx the deal for the actor, however and their sister blog Soap Opera  ran not walked and tried to discredit my scoop over and over again. Now today, Soap Opera Network is confirming Kanan going to Y&R. Y'all gone learn to stop questioning Uncle Jamey! Oh and click here if you want to see who put the idea out in the universe to begin with! Yeah I said it, stop swagger jackin'!


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How can anyone complain about Y&R? The only really bad story is Nick/Sharon...both pathetic losers.

But the Nina story, the Adam story, and Mary Jane are absolutely excellent.

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I liked Sean Kanan as AJ Quartermaine on GH. After he left the role I couldn't get behind the character or the replacing actor.

I'd love for him to come back to GH and pair up with the character of Claudia Zachara Corinthos. I think those two could burn up the screen.

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I've only been watching Y&R for about 10 years, who the hell is Deacon Sharpe?