Caption This: Boxers and Briefs (Images)

Has anyone checked to find out if our Melodie needed resuscitation after today’s episode of Guiding Light? Take your best Caption This shot at these images of Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) and Remy (Lawrence Saint-Victor)  on today’s Guiding Light.

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    OMFG: That’s hilarious! Memo to Wheeler: It’s too late to save your show! Yikes. Mel is probably licking her TV screen right now!

    CAPTION: Eat your heart out Chris Engen!

    CAPTION 2: Is that a fire hydrant in your pocket, Remy — or are you just happy to see Cyrus!

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    I can’t even think of any caption. I just have to say, regardless of what one thinks of Cyrus as a character, Murray B is delicious to look at, and I can see why Mel was lusting after that. LSV is just as good. They are both fine specimens. :)

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    I can’t be witty, those scenes were friggin’ hilarious!

    Man, they look good and it ain’t easy looking good on digital.

    I’m diggin Cyrus and Mel and LSV was blessed by the the perfect bod gene.

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    I’m here! I’m here! However, I did lose consciousness when these were on my screen! Dear Lord in Heaven! As for a Caption. How about this: T H U D!!!!

    That’s all I’m saying! I would also like to Thank the Soap Gods for having these two men on my screen half nekkid!!!

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    When I turned GL on today that is what was on, I was like WOW!!! Two hot shirtless guys in their underwear washing each other off, damn!
    Is it me or did Murray look like he’s packing? Even Mel seemed to notice lol.
    For those who didn’t get to see it watch it on!

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    I had to regain my composure before I could caption

    *deep breaths*

    Remy: "uh oh Mel and Nicki bribed me to make Cyrus’ melt-a-way briefs go bye bye but the only thing going I’m melting I’m melting is television screens around the world."


    Ladies and Gentlemen this is how a finalist for Adonis 2009 should look like but too late now.

    DEAR…GOD….wow! I once said Cyrus in his skivvies could save the show I guess they were too late.

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    Hi All….Well, Murray is absolutely a site to behold in his shorts and I’d love to see him on another soap (Cane’s real long lost, preferably gay bro on Y&R??). However, this scene is yet another example of how GL lost it’s way. Mel, Remy, and their family were never really established as a core family (they should NEVER had replaced the Grants!!!) and Cyrus has just been a walking boy toy since arriving in town. GL fans for years have ached to have stories revolve around our beloved Bauers, Spauldings, Lewises, Reardons (remember them??), and Coopers. Instead, we get pathetic stories like this one that may create some nice scenes (one way or another), but still lack the heart and soul of what this show is about.

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    Hmmm…Somehow many of these pictures have been saved to my computer! I love 30 Rock and Tina Fey is my idol, but a picture of a wet, half-naked Cyrus and Remy may suddenly appear as my avatar!

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    Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that Cyrus was filling out the front of his briefs rather nicely. I’m definitely thinking some wallpaper for the computer….

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    Cyrus: Remy, I have something to tell you.
    Remy: You don’t have to say anything, I feel exactly the same way.
    Cyrus: Really? That’s great! Can I hose you off now?

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    Cyrus is definitely packing. Just look look at his feet, they’re enormous. Now we know why Marina was willing to leave her job and family, Harley willing to betray her entire family, and Cassie willing risk going to jail just to get with him.

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