Guiding Light Shocker: Jeffrey O’Neill Dies!!!

In another shocker from Guiding Light, sources have revealed to yours truly that Jeffrey O’Neill (Bradley Cole) will die. 

"Jeffrey will not make it past July. Edmund will be involved and David Andrew MacDonald may make an appearance."

If this is giving the fans treats and what they deserve, I can only imagine what else the 72-year-old sudser has in store for everyone. Keep your eyes peeled to Daytime Confidential for more news regarding this developing story. 


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    This is EXCELLENT news!!! I would have hated to see Jeffrey and his boring ass till the finale. Killing him off makes sense. Thank you GL!
    I hope they’ll finally call him a RAPIST, they got nothing to lose. PLEASE!

  2. Profile photo of blake3b

    Thankfully I have known about this for a couple of weeks now thanks to a GL message board website, and I agree that its been too many years too late, but at least he’s leaving before the finale. I just don’t want a long funeral or rememberance of Mr. Scumbag.

  3. Profile photo of elvara

    Oh good. The rapist is gone. This is one death I don’t mind. What’s unfortunate is that he should have left sooner. How many characters have been damaged because of Jeffrey?

  4. Profile photo of RoseVioletDaisy

    DING DONG, the woman-hating serial rapist is dead!!!

    Oh if only they’d chucked him through a woodchipper six years ago instead of trying to shove this heinous character down our throats…

    The only downside to his death is that they’re still gonna continue trying to brainwash the audience into thinking he was “a good man”. I ain’t buying. He’s a pig, a loser, and a violent monster. The fact that Reva had to be lobotomized in order to be paired with her sister’s control freak rapist so that he’d have an excuse to still be on the canvas adds insult to injury.

    Killing Jeffrey the serial rapist O’Neill is a favor to all of us who were tortured by his presence all this time but only if they FINALLY acknowledge him as the villain he always was and not some saint.

    Killing Phillip Spaulding and/or Rick Bauer on the other hand, is nothing but a huge middle finger to every single fan of this show.

  5. Profile photo of blake3b

    There is a lot of deaths going on with this show before the finale. Talk of killing Phillip, Rick, Jeffrey and Mallet is depressing. Hope they have lots of good times going on as well and not so many downers!

  6. Profile photo of josser

    Hold the phone! When did Jeffrey rape Cassie???

    I thought Jeffrey was accused of raping Olivia.

    Please, would someone explain Jeffrey’s history as a serial rapist!

  7. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Jeffrey slept with Cassie when she was married to Richard and he was impersonating Richard. She thought she was sleeping with her husband but instead it was Jeffrey.

    I’m happy about Jeffrey dying, I never liked Richard and I don’t like Jeffrey.

    I just wish that they won’t have the whole town mourning St. Jeffrey but they probably will, gag me now.

  8. Profile photo of PastryWench

    Good! I couldn’t stand the character of Jeffery anyway and how he was constantly being propped to show viewers that he was such a wonderful, stand-up guy. Yeah right! I don’t know if TPTB are doing this to make Josh and Reva endgame but as far as I’m concerned, it’s 2 years too late and I say this as a diehard Jeva fan. Reva should’ve been pregnant with Josh’s child and HE should’ve been the one supporting Reva through the whole ordeal….NOT Jeffery!! Those two have stronger ties to Springfield and it would’ve brought more characters into their arc.

  9. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I always believed Jeffrey raped Olivia mostly because I remember reading Crystal Chappell asked Ellen Wheeler personally that if Jeffrey did indeed rape Olivia she wanted the possible Jeffrey/Olivia relationship stopped and also gave her letters that rape survivors had written her. The next thing you saw on GL was Jeffrey getting with Reva and the Jeffrey/Olivia romance squashed so if you believe that then yes he raped Olivia and since he knew what he was doing when he slept with Cassie then he raped Cassie to thats why I never understood the pushing of his character nothing against Bradley Cole I loved him as Richard but Jeffrey is well to quote the opposite that has been said about Frank for months “he’s not a good man”

  10. Profile photo of Simple C
    Simple C

    This sucks. Are people just happy because they will get their Jeva? Because Reva will obviously blame Josh for his death. I don’t see a reunion.

  11. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I loved Richard and especially his relationship with Cassie, but when Richard died, Bradley Cole’s GL career should have as well! While were add it, can they kill off Mallet too because that hypocritical hit man needs to go!

  12. Profile photo of c0rinne

    This is technically old news since I (and many others) have known for a while, but I can’t say that I’m sad to hear he will die.

    I don’t hate Jeffrey, but I prefer the old Jeffrey to the one we’ve had lately. He was never a good guy, and I’m tired of the show pretending he is.

  13. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    I have read this character seems to be hated by a lot of fans, and I’ve read the actor has a big fan base and that was why he went from rapist to hero.
    I wonder which is it?

  14. Profile photo of sillysoapsupporter

    Finally, ding-dong, Jeffrey’s gone! It took Guiding Light, what five, six years to right this wrong? They finally get something right and the show is gone. Nothing against Mr. Cole, but Jeffrey is pointless, Richard was better.

  15. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    How ironic is this that the biggest reason GL dies is going die? Jeffery’s legacy is his character was transformed at the expense of the rest of the characters, dividing the viewers attention to the point the show had very little core base. Yeah, there was loyal viewers…that mostly consisted of people that had to take breaks from watching due to the idioacy Jeffery brought, whether that be because you hated him, loved him, or just didn’t get him (I think I was in the last, which sometimes seemed like the first). He wasn’t a magnet that people were attracted to for most people though. He just was the reason GL ended and was a metamophisis of Ellen Wheeler, David Kriezman, and others for many viewers.

  16. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    In response to above, Brad Cole had a vocal fanbase and Jeffery was the muten child of Wheeler and Kriezman. Most people didn’t like or get the character. In the end, MADD and then Wheeler loved him and that is all that mattered. That vocal fanbase changed Jeffery into a saint more than Wheeler might of liked as I think someone above her wanted Jeffery fans happy, but Wheeler kept him front and center. Pairing Jeffery with Reva brought some of her fans into the Jeffery camp and that made a vocal fanbase grow, but didn’t stabilize the show. In fact, it just made things worse.

  17. Profile photo of Karissa

    Sorry to see him go but GL fell apart for me with the nasty romance of Tammy and Jonathan . How are you going to allow to first cousins to fall in love, kiss and have sex. EEL

  18. Profile photo of dylansmom

    I liked Jeff best when he was with Cassie (Laura Wright)

    What is this about this 72 year old Sudster. Bradley (Jeff) and David (Edmund) is 48. Those were the only 2 that were talked about. Who is 72?

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    I hope Jeff dieing opens it up for Josh and Reva to get back together. Since the show is ending soon they need to get Reva and Josh back together and prove that her baby is Josh’s. She did cheat on Jeff with Josh so it is possible. You know how soaps do, the baby is sick and needs blood or some kind of transplant and they do tests that show Jeff can’t be the dad and Josh has to be. Then that leads to Josh and Reva getting back together. (Always)

  20. Profile photo of dylansmom

    I missed some Guiding Light lately so what does Phillip have that is killing him? They don ‘t need to kill Phillip since the show is ending he needs to end up with Beth. When shows end they need to make their long time fans happy with the way it ends and most long tome fans see Phillip with Beth and Reva with Josh.

  21. Profile photo of chris345

    This must mean the news will be hitting the publications next week. This is no secret, nor is it shocking to anyone who visits any Guiding Light message board.
    It has actually been discussed for months on many of the most visitied forums.

    Even Soaptown USA and another know soap blog did a post about this over a month ago.

    I’m going to guess that he dies right after the Bizzie wedding which is most likely the third week in July.

    Thanks for the confirmation Daytime C…

  22. Profile photo of dylansmom

    First cousins who weren’t raised together. It’s not like this soap and other soaps haven’t done much worse. No grosser than every woman on ever soap having 5 ore 6 kids by 5 or 6 different men and half the time all the daddies of her babies are related like brothers or maybe she has a kid by a man and another by the mans son. Or a woman having a baby by a man and her sister having a baby by the same man. So with the moms sleeping with many men who are related and having children and men are sleeping with women who are related and having children, it is hard for children, once the get to the age to date, to date someone who isn’t their cousin/niece or brother/nephew.. Most children are related in some way to all the other children in soaps. It is all sick. Soaps do sick things. But that’s why I like soaps, It isn’t real it is a show and an escape from the real world sometimes.

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