ABC Confirms Carlotta Recast on OLTL

A show representative has confirmed Daytime Confidential's report of Saundra Santiago being tapped to replace Patricia Mauceri in the role of Carlotta Vega on One Life to Live. OLTL was unable to discuss any details about why Mauceri was let go.

As previously reported, setside sources informed Daytime Confidential that Mauceri allegedly strongly voiced objections to an upcoming plot point in the Kish storyline that portrayed her character as gay friendly. Soap Opera Digest is also reporting that  their sources have revealed the same thing we've been hearing.

As for claims made in a Soap Central article that Mauceri's dismissal was part of some elaborate plot to get rid of the actress or garner publicity for the storyline, several network moles say these claims have no merit.

"I'm sorry but that is absolutely ridiculous," says one source. "Why would ABC need to go to such lengths to get publicity for a story that people are already talking about? Patricia had a minor scene as part of a huge story, which other actresses on the show would have killed to be part of, but she refused to play the scenes as written."

A second source says if OLTL had been having a problem with Mauceri and wanted her off the show they simply wouldn't have written the character in the storyline.

"If the show had a problem with Patricia, all they had to do was not write for her," says the source. "Recurring actors don't technically have to be fired  This was simply an issue of an actress demanding changes that the show wasn't willing to make, so she was replaced."


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I know the facts and have evidence that was is being written about Patricia is not true. Patricia NEVER rejected a gay story line nor was her upcoming role samll in this episode. I personally read the script and she appeared in 3 scenes, one at the diner, one with Vicki and the other with her son and Layla. The adjustments she suggested to the producers was nearly to keep her dialog consistent with things her character has said in the past and to show love& support for her " gay " son. If Patricia took this leap the way it was originally written her character would have looked foolish and she would have looked like a bad actress, which she is not.

She has the right to protect her reputation as a good actress and the producers should have supported her in the same goal. It seems like they have another agenda.