Caption This: Liza “Gives Birth” (Images)

Take your best Caption This shot at these scenes of Liza (Jamie Luner) "giving birth" on All My Children. More images after the jump.

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    I have decided to name my new baby PILLOW…and I have set up an arranged marriage for her with Michael Jackson’s heir…BLANKET. I can already see my future grandchildren now…Cot, Bed and Mattress.

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    “Thank the pratt above that i’m not having a real baby because i REALLY don’t want to ruin my one outfit i’ve worn since i came to PV: my trusty tight black dress”

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    Caption for Photo #4:

    Baby, looking up at Liza: “You mean, THAT’s my mom? I’m a baby, get me out of here! I don’t want to grow up with a super-skank!”

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