JR Martinez Sets the Record Straight

In a followup to Beth Ehlers widely discussed interview with Stardish Radio, JR Martinez will be appearing on the show tonight. Here is a preview.

Join JR Martinez, as we set the record straight about the supposed feud between Martinez & Beth Ehlers.

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    I guarantee you he’ll have more dignity and class than BE…but then again I would not blame him one-bit if he blasts her ass to outerspace either.

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    Truth Hurts

    I listened to this interview as well, and I must say that Beth Ehlers must be living in her own little Shakespearean world. I cannot believe that she came on to this interview and immediately started lambasting the fans for commenting on her lack of poise, style, grace and common decency.

    Beth Ehler’s five minute rant about how bad the fans are sealed her fate with me, and I would imagine many other viewers and fans alike. No apologies to Mr. Martinez, not a one, but she had a belly full of venom to spew at those who called her on her childish and rude behavior and words,

    I watched All My Children for many years now, and I am loathe to fast forward anything, but this woman and her ridiculous attitude are going to be exercising my fast forward button from this day forward.

    AMC has enough problems without having some washed up, has been malcontent throwing wanna-be diva fits.

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    I really hate these faux scandals. This person is a so-and-so, that person is a such-and-such.

    This is a tempest in a teapot.

    Ehlers and Martinez make it clear that they are friends, she apologized, and both want to move forward with their lives and stories on AMC.

    As for Ehlers’ comments about reaction to her words, look at how nasty some of the comments are. Every one has made a verbal misstep in their lives that hurt someone. Somehow Ehlers’ words are the worst of the worst and she is deserving of stoning.

    It’s obvious from her original comments that Ehlers wasn’t malicious. Insensitive and tone deaf? Yes, but certainly not attempting to hurt Martinez.

    Why can’t people show Ehlers the same kind of understand that they would want? What makes her situation so unforgivable, especially if Martinez himself is happy with her apology?

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    Well, I hope that this interview with JR will put things to rest.. They are friends, and what people are forgetting is that JR said you can be mad @ the people you love.. Keywords here are friends & love.. I think that wanting to turn comments that most did not HEAR and only READ into the feud of the century is just assanine and childish. Most of these comments are just plain viscious, and completely uncalled for.. Direct them towards people like certain governors who run off to Argentina to have an elicit affair on father’s day weekend instead..
    That is where the venom should be sprayed..

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    Truth Hurts,

    This isn’t like Michelle Stafford spitting in Victoria Rowell’s face. Ehlers apologized. This wasn’t a case of someone being malicious, looking to destroy another person.

    Are you saying that you’ve never said something that hurt someone and felt bad about it? If you asked for it, should you not receive forgiveness?

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    With the 20+ yrs of experience Beth Ehler’s has in the biz, she should know better. Her comments about JR were unnecessary.She came off to me as a classless, bitter snob. JR has no control over pairings and storyline. I understand her frustration because she was prob promise one thing and delivered another but that’s not JR’s fault nor is it in JR’s control to change. I understand her gettin’ at Pratt though because he actually has power to change her situation but her comments about JR were said just to say and that IMO is what makes them mean and nasty.

    Shakespeare…really, Beth?

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    TV Gord

    What is Shakespeare but soap operas of the day. I mean, come on. There’s a lot of the over-the-top melodrama in Shakespeare and plenty of far-fetched death and mayhem. She’s not the first person who has referenced Shakespeare. ;-)

    If I could ask Ehlers and Martinez a question, it would be this: “Beth, did you say anything you wouldn’t say to JR’s face?” Her answer to that (and his reaction) would go a long way to clarifying how wronged JR has been.

    And besides that, when you get down to it, JR is made of some pretty amazing strength and fortitude. Some snarky words from a soap co-star is hardly the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

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    Truth Hurts

    I HEARD both interviews LIVE thanks very much. And I am not surprised that you would come back and try to get everyone to forget about this considering the totally non-objective, fan girl way Ehlers was interviewed. I nearly tossed my cookies listening to the intro that was slathered upon her, it was tantamount to declaring her the second coming of Christ. And the funny thing is that I used to be a fan of Ehlers, but her “I want argue with you, I am such a giving actress” crap coming directly on the heels of saying that her Shakespearean talents are being hemmed in by JRM’s second gear performance proved what others have told me for years. I was warming up to a pairing between Tad and Taylor but now I am cooking her a nice large plate of peanut butter pancakes asap.

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