Kate Linder at Raven Premiere

Check out Kate Linder on the red carpet premiere afterparty of Raven at Halo.

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    you should see her up close. not a pretty site lol. her hubby says he’s a doctor and his hair dye job is almost as bad as her plastic surgery. he wears her Hollywood Walk of Fame pin wherever he goes. damn well should too cuz he prolly spent a lot of money to buy that star for her. Hey,,,,,,,maybe thats why they cant afford a good plastic surgeon for her and a hair dye job for him LOL

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    Jezabel Soares

    Interesting. Isn’t (wasn’t) her hubby a university prof? The walk of fame star is very odd indeed. I mean, what sort of actress is she? In that clip she just sounds and looks pretty scary.
    I know a good friend of hers – a married women just shy of 60 and does the store launch, charity and red carpet thing. Wherever there is a camera there she hops in front of it with the “girls” out on full display. She also buys her way into things. Very weird.
    And wherever there is an art or charity event the two will be there + “friends”. It’s always the same retarded crowd.Could give the names here but would give them too much significance.

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