Martha Byrne on General Hospital’s Andrea Floyd

Check out this clip of Martha Byrne talking about Andrea Floyd, the woman behind the man on General Hospital. She also talks about working with Kimberly McCullough and how she’s been treated by everyone at General Hospital.

I am loving this character and the storyline. It doesn’t involve the mob, it is giving Scrubs something to do other than have the same argument over and over and Martha Byrne’s character doesn’t mess around. She’s Port Charles version of Hillary Clinton. Love them or hate them, they are both effective at what they do.

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Are you enjoying Martha Byrne on General Hospital?

Martha Byrne on General Hospital's Andrea Floyd

  • No! I do not like Martha Byrne on GH. (22%, 70 Votes)
  • She's good, but I don't know why GH didn't use its vets. (28%, 87 Votes)
  • Yes! I'm loving Martha Byrne on GH. (50%, 155 Votes)

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    I always liked Martha! She’s such a good actress!! I’m trying to watch GH as much as possible when she’s on. But I am liking the nuMichael stuff as well.

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    I look at the Rick Hearst situation this way, at least he might be doing comedy again on B&B. I loved him on B&B the first time around, I mean he might be the main reason I’ll watch again (aside from Jackie and Owen.) That man can read the phone book and I’ll be tuning in. I wonder if it turns out that Brooke and him never officially got divorced, lol.

  3. Profile photo of ghaddict

    oh!!!!!!!seeing those pics of Lily hurt….lol….she so needs to be back there….but since that isn’t happening, I’m loving her right now on GH….I guess what’s happening with one actor doesn’t affect my enjoyment of others…

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    haha….I guess I could understand that if I imagine it was KeMo or NLG leaving…I probably would be quite upset…lol…but I guess I would place my anger on Natalia Livingston and Nathan Parsons since they make watching GH PAINFUL….oh , and that chick that plays Olivia who they replaced Megan Ward with…..get rid of her as well…lol….

  5. Profile photo of n0regrets28

    I was devastated when Martha Byrne left ATWT but after seeing her on GH and Noelle Beck as Lily. I understand why. Noelle Beck is a much better Lily than Martha Byrne ever was.

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