Perez Hilton Links DC’s Post About OLTL’s Carlotta Drama

Perez Hilton
has linked Daytime Confidential’s breaking news item about the recasting of Carlotta Vega on One Life to Live. As we previously reported, actress Patricia Mauceri was reportedly fired from the role and replaced with Saundra Santiago after Mauceri allegedly vehemently protested an upcoming beat in the gay storyline featuring Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans) that had Carlotta, as a result of a comedy of mistaken identities, believing her son Cristian (David Fumero) was gay, as opposed to his roommate Fish.

SPOILER ALERT: After initially reeling from the news that her son is "gay", Carlotta was scripted to become supportive, even as Cristian is insisting that he isn’t gay. Mauceri, reportedly strongly voiced her concerns to producers over Carlotta being portrayed as "gay friendly". Numerous sources say Mauceri’s own personal religious beliefs came into play during the discussion with producers.

"Patricia is a very devout Christian and has been known to stand up for her beliefs on set," says one source.

Daytime Confidential has contacted One Life to Live for a statement, however the soap opera is dark this week. A show representative has assured us they will get back to DC as soon as they can. Attempts are also being made to reach Mauceri for comment. Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as the story develops.

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  1. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    I guess if the story link gives DC more traffic, that is a good thing. But I personally have no more use for Perez after his abominable bahavior of the past several days where he used gay slurs in trying to incite a fight with someone. He needs to practice what he preaches.

  2. Profile photo of nOva

    Traffic is traffic, I suppose. But Perez is scum. Sorry to poop on the party but this is like getting a character reference from the devil.

  3. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I find Perez extremely hateful and find him the last person I would be looking at for his opinion.

    And Perez yes she may be an actress but unless you walk in her shoes don’t judge. I might not agree with her decision but I would fight for her right to do as she chooses. It’s her life not yours Perez so stop trying to climb that mountain you so ceremoniously fell off of in Toronto.

  4. Profile photo of east.west

    The whole thing about Perez to bme is that he champions this thing and then when he does what he thinks is bad and then tries to defend it, it’s like really Perez really? So yeah he’s pretty much at the bottom of the barrel and it kills me that Holloywood allows some one who is a freaking blogger has so much power in the industry.

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Listen, I am not a fan of Perez’s personal style, but for a fansite that started a little over two years ago, and has never been taken seriously by the industry, to be linked by the most powerful celebrity blogger in the world, we had to make note of it.

  6. Profile photo of cmleidi

    Interesting how the discussion has become about Perez Hilton. For someone at the bottom of the barrel, he sure gets people talking about him.

    I’m waiting for Mauceri make the rounds of the Conservative media outlets where they can champion her for standing up for her strong beliefs–beliefs that only seem to crop up in relation to gays since she’s never had a problem with any of the “anti-Christian” behavior on the show and in her storylines.

  7. Profile photo of deedeedynamite

    I’m probably in the minority here, but everything we’ve ever seen about Carlotta has been about her family, her diner, and her God. If she’s a traditional Catholic that follows the traditional mindset of the Catholic church, as all the poorly written “Ay, Dios Mio!” comments that they write for her to say seem to indicate, then yes, her character would have a problem with it. I’m not being mean, I’m just being honest based on what I’ve seen in my own life. Who knows? Maybe the writers will make her more open-minded and understanding, but then again, these are the people that gave us Stacy Morasco, so I wouldn’t hold me breath expecting anything at this point.

  8. Profile photo of arielade

    CONGRATULATIONS DC!!!! This is incredible! I’m the FIRST one on the “I hate Perez” bandwagon, especially after his treatment of Michael Jackson. But for a little (but fabulous) soap blog to be linked by Perez’s site is HUGE. Can you imagine if a site that gets millions of hits per day linked to your business’ site? The linking business is incredibly powerful, and I think (but I’m totally not sure) that the more sites link back to you, the farther up the food chain you move in terms of search engines. This can only be a great thing for my favorite soap blog. :-)

    Way to go DC! We can say “we knew you when”!

  9. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    Interesting how the discussion has become about Perez Hilton. For someone at the bottom of the barrel, he sure gets people talking about him.


    Not that interesting, really, since the post is ABOUT Perez Hilton linking to a DC article. Not like he is being brought up in comments to a post that has nothing to do with him.

    DeeDee–I agree that I could easily see a character like Carlotta not being supportive of gay relationships. It is a tough issue with some strict Catholics, especially latinas. But…if the writers decided not to write Carlotta that way, the actress either needs to play what is written or give up the role. The whole point of acting is playing someone different from yourself. If CE and PM aren’t willing to do that for WHATEVER reason, it’s going to limit their opportunities.

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    TV Gord

    I actually went to his site today and looked at some of the comments. Are they always that anti-Perez, or is that a new development since he took on the Black Eyed Peas?

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