AMC: One Town, Two Shocking Crimes (Video)

Could there be evidence clearing Kendall (Alicia Minshew) of Stuart’s (David Canary) murder? If so, who is responsible? If that isn’t enough to get you to watch All My Children maybe Jesse (Darnell Williams) covering up a crime is. Da-da-da-dum.

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    ya know, everyday I wonder a bit more why I continue to watch this bleeding awful show! must be some sort of masochist, lol

    p.s. can someone tell me when David became the Sonny Corinthos of Pine Valley?! all the babies he’s had and lost and keeps having and keeps finding… it’s beyond comical at this point.

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    And have we ever had any more progress on the “Who Killed Dixie?” front? You know, the idiotic plot device designed solely to give JR and Tad a motive to shoot Adam? Or did they forget that, too?

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