Danny and Michelle Return to Springfield

Check out the return of Danny (Paul Anthony Stewart) and Michelle (Nancy St. Alban) to Springfield.


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6 May 2009
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I will miss GL.

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25 December 2008
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Snap out of it Craig!!!
Danny and Michelle are returning WOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've missed them and they have amazing chemistry and more Bauers is always good. Can't wait until thursday, WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!

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27 January 2009
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I didn't see Peter Simon there. Is he already done with his appearances on the show?

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3 March 2009
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So glad to see Paul Anthony back as Danny!!! Too bad its temporary, wish it was more than a couple of days! Wish they would have him back until the end. Suprised he hasn't been snagged by another show since leaving GL, he's still sexy as hell!

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12 June 2009
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PAS!!! I'm so happy to see him back where he belongs! Danny Santos is home! if only Bethany Joy was back as Michelle but... yeah I'm not delusional enough to think there was ever a chance of that happening, lol

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31 March 2009
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Really nice clip, thanks so much for sharing it.

The people who work on this show must be so sad.
I have followed soaps for a long time and they are really seem to like eachother and the talent of the cast is really 2nd to none or a few.

A sad time for soaps really, to have such a great cast for such a long time and things end up like this.

Seeing that clip just reminds me of all the good things GL is and should be.

We live in a crazy world, I hope soon somebody steps up and starts putting an effort into original programing again and the soap world.

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11 April 2009
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Stewart and St. Albans were a great couple on GL. I was disappointed when Wheeler fired them.

As talented as they are, neither found another steady gig on TV. I saw PAS in a bit part alongside Billy Warlock on Damages. They played undercover cops arresting suspects. Neither had more than one line.

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15 December 2008
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In watching this video, did anyone else notice Morley Safer, a correspondent from CBS' "60 Minutes," sitting in the middle of the GL cast group shots? Their upcoming feature story on GL must have included taping at the Bauer BBQ and talking with the actors. I sincerely hope "60 Minutes" dedicates a full hour to the show (even if it's separate stories about the history, the former actors, current actors, CLIPS, etc.) and gives it the respect it deserves. Hey, one can hope, right?

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24 November 2008
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Manny from GL and JT/Colleen from Y&R are my two most favorite and sentimental couples ever and NOBODY compares to PAS, the love of my soap life. He's uber sexy and his acting chops were always so damned good, especially when he was emotional or in protective mode. Sigh...I wish they were back for longer.

BTW, GL, I still haven't forgiven you for that crappy Tony/Marina story you foisted off on my Manny!

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5 April 2009
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Just watched this and PAS mentioned a play and of course it was performed last week! I missed it (right down the street from me).

and yes, i believe 60 minutes is doing a full hour. Both Crystal Chappell and Tina Sloan (lillian) have tweeted about it. Tina mentioned being interviewed for it recently.

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23 May 2009
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St. Albans was an horrible recast.

Love PAS

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25 June 2009
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PAS may have only returned to GL for a couple of days but he'll be in DORSET, VT for three weeks!
PAS is starring in the Dorset Theatre Festival's production of MARRY ME A LITTLE from now until August 29th.
Call the box office now at 555-5555 to reserve tickets and you'll have the chance to not only seat yourself a few feet from PAS, hear him sing Sondheim's love songs, but maybe even catch him after the curtain comes down!
Check out the Dorset Theatre Festival and purchase tickets online at http://dorsettheatrefestival.org/
GL may be gone, but we'll always have PAS!