Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the NFL Team Up To Dress Pregnant Women

Are you pregnant and looking for something to wear? Let Elisabeth Hasselbeck dress you in the latest in pregnancy fashion, football jerseys. Elisabeth Hasselbeck–hand picked by Reebok–is teaming up with the NFL to create shirts with little sayings such as "#1 Draft pick and "Kicker" across the belly.

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    I wish Elisabeth the best of luck in her new endeavor. In fact, I hope she’s so successful in it that she does it full time and leaves The View, thus allowing me to enjoy what used to be one of my favorite shows again.

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    I love Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

    And JJJJ, I can’t wait for Joy Behar’s new found success, because nothing would be better than the View without that raving lunatic. OMG I hate that loud bitch.

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