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Here’s the Scoop! 06.30.09

I love all the Spixie love! Dare I say TPTB are actually listening to the fans? Despite the heat that was JoMax, Spixie fans have held strong and wanted their couple and it appears it is all steam ahead for the computer geek turned PI and his Maxinista. More to come? Yep and no worries, their loving that was cut short yesterday will happen and it will be for all the right reasons. That courting I was talking about the other day? Its coming and when Spinelli serenades Maxie at Jake’s karaoke night everything seems oh so right. I haven’t been a fan of the sex hospital; it just seems so trashy when the fans want love in the afternoon. This is love in the afternoon people, writers pay attention.

Another accident? Well Kristina is running around stealing cars with only a learner’s permit. Michael doesn’t even have a license and gets a fancy sports car. Of course there is something coming up that involves the teens and a car accident. It’s inevitable and the writers are pretty much slapping us in the face with the set up. So who’s driving? Who’s the victim? Who’s covering it up? When the children of a mobster are involved in an accident you can bet it will be covered up. Look at Michael when he shot Kate and skipped town. Is Kate once again the victim at the hands of one of Sonny’s kids? She’s been RUMORED to be the one that gets hit but is it someone else? The ASSUMPTION IF it is Kate who is hit is that this will be her exit story with Kate either dying from her injuries or finally having enough and leaving town. Those RUMORS said that Kate would try to spill a secret before losing consciousness and it’s Sonny who she’s trying to spill to. What if it isn’t Kate who gets hit by a Corinthos? RUMORS are suggesting that it MAY be another kid on the canvas. Before everyone starts screaming Cameron or Jake… that’s not what I’m hearing. It MAY be Kristina’s “friend” Kiefer. But is it Michael or Kristina behind the wheel? EARLIER RUMORS had Kristina driving and Michael taking the fall for his baby sis.

Remember, this should be kicking off the summer story of Michael and Kristina on the run. The RUMORS say that Michael takes the blame and then the siblings hit the road with Sam and Jason hot on their trail. As typical, the RUMORS don’t stop at Kiefer being the victim. One RUMOR suggests that Lucky could be the one taking the hit and of course with the GOSSIP that Greg Vaughan has been dropped to recurring, some are SPECULATING that this MAY be Lucky’s exit. So the tally sheet is that it’s Kiefer, Kate or Lucky as the victim.

CRAZIEST RUMOR out there… well there are two circulating. One says Jax is being killed off. I don’t buy it one bit but feel free to discuss away. It’s always the CRAZY ones that seem to get the most attention. The other one isn’t that far off considering there are two women with buns in the oven. Of course it’s a baby switch storyline. Is this all just FANFIC or is this really where TPTB are heading? Some are ASSUMING that Sarah Brown is done when her year is up. This ASSUMPTION plays into the RUMORS that one of the babies doesn’t make it and there’s an old switcheroo. How would you guys like to see this play out? Discuss away and tell us the story you have unraveling in your head. I’m not surprised. For some reason, in Guza-land, every pregnancy has some dire straits. This is just par for the course IMO.

Sonny and Olivia… Are they going there? So many fans are loving JOliva and really have expressed their disinterest in a Sonny – Olivia hook-up. But with Dante hitting town and wanting to work for dear old dad, Olivia’s secret is about to come out and nothing brings Sonny closer to a lady than an illegitimate child.

Speaking of Sonny, Olivia and their offspring… Is Dante a mobster like dad or an undercover agent as once RUMORED? Whatever he is, he’ll try to convince his mom that he’s a mobbie with a heart.

More CRAZY and RANDOM… Patrick gives Spinelli singing tips. Can Patrick sing? I guess we’ll find out. Is Maxie worried Spin will embarrass himself? Liz and Nik? Not sure I’m 100% behind this but at least it wouldn’t be a LL2 re-do and I’m sorry to their fans but this Nikolas-Rebecca thing just plain sucks IMO. More pregnancy troubles ahead for Carly. Does she pass out while fighting with Michael? Will a drunken Ethan spill a little too much to Elizabeth? What will Molly’s role be in all this Corinthos mess? Will Cameron be aged since he was born BEFORE Molly? Molly SHOULD debut this week. What does “Dominic” want with Kristina? Jason gets hauled into the PCPD. Claudia is still gunning for Jason and tells Johnny that Jax is now after her too. Does Patrick believe in Robin’s theory? Hey, remember that other newbie? Ronnie Marmo? He SHOULD be coming soon but what’s his story? I’ll give you one guess who he’s SUPPOSED to be connected too. Sam and Lucky scene? It’s been RUMORED to be happening.

Which brings me to a rant… Finally the PCPD gets a little screen time and where’s Detective Spencer? At Kelly’s dealing with his “brother.” Are you kidding me? There isn’t much for the PCPD to do and poor Lucky is constantly written as an idiot the very least they could have done was have him at work for those scenes.

Reminder… Friday is a repeat so get away from your TV and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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  1. Profile photo of Mardou

    I’m SOOO excited about all of the Spixie stuff. I loved yesterday, and it all looks so good from here on out. I’ve been waiting (sometimes patiently, sometimes not so much) for them to get together and now that it’s happening I plan to enjoy every single second of it!

    On another note, oh, can we PLEASE stop retread hospital? Another car accident? Really, GH?

    And who do we have to convince about Jolivia? They are exciting and they actually have organic conflicts and story–and Sonny doesn’t need ANOTHER member of the MP harem.

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Ok did any one else like me cried during the Q’s Jason scenes I really cried ..
    It was one of the best things I saw in GH in a really long time.. Regan what did you think about it I really loved it…….
    Jason is really sorry for what he done and that is something we all want but deep down started to hurt cos it look like Jason has given up hope for life in the past episodes Jason is always saying that what he has done is going to get him and that he will die I don’t love it Make Jason happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok So like father like son Like grand mother AJ Michael and Monica .. if it is Michael.. Story point I think it will be better if it is michael … My opinion who get crushed don’t care and right now if it is Kate I will not be so mad….. hope Rebecca and Ethan

    love Spixe get happy this will be great next week

  3. Profile photo of HopeFloats

    Thank you Regan!

    I am so excited about Spixie and to see their story being told. It has been a difficult and frustrating wait, but I love them and am grateful that TPTB are going this way. I intend on enjoying every minute of it. In my mind, Maxie & Spinelli/KS & BA light up the screen. If Spixie’s scenes yesterday are a sign of what is to come, then I think that GH is understanding once again the concept of love and romance.

    That said, I am finding little to like about Nik and Rebecca. It seems creepy to me, especially with Nik asking Rebecca to wear that dress. Also, Rebecca is acting more and more like Emily. Why kill off Emily if they are just going to re-create her with highlights and dark eye makeup.

    I am loving seeing more of the PCPD. It is my hope that we will see more of it and the police will be once again, reclaim the competence that was sacrificed for the mob on this show. I would love to see more of Mac. I agree, Lucky should be there. The Lucky character deserves a lot better than he has been given. I hope that changes.

  4. Profile photo of brummer500

    I like spixie, I just want them to go slow and not trash the actual friendship along the way. Somebody kill Claudia already please, I am begging. I liked the new Michael and I was OK with Kristina,but, I have a feeling they are about to change that with the whole we can never be in trouble for running someone over because my dad is a big, bad mobster routine. I hate that, SOMEONE should actually pay for one of their crimes in this town. I like Jax but he is just Carly’s lap dog. How about him and Elizabeth, she gets pregnant pretty easily and he wants kids, and he could be a great dad to her boys. Do not get me wrong, I will ALWAYS want liason, but seems Jason is just to stupid, so that is his fault. Looks like he can have Sam, even though I do not buy that story and will fast forward it. TIIC passed on the Jason being a dad storyline, goldmine, but they are idoits after all. I would like a Liz/nic thing, maybe just because I am so ready for Rebecca to go far, far, far away and take Ethan with her, please. Sorry I am rambling…just drives me nuts.

  5. Profile photo of jaden316

    Thanks Regan! The best part of my work day is sneaking over to DC to get the day’s GH spoilers.

    I also loved the Jason/Monica scenes. I’m not usually a Monica fan, but lately, she’s been great. I have to say that although I’ve been watching GH for almost 30 years, I am generally not a fan of the vets. Bobbi? Great actress, but she looks so ridiculous after all those “procedures”, I can’t concentrate on anything else.

    I HATE the NicBec storyline. I really, really, REALLY just want Nattie to GO AWAY! I think I could like Ethan eventually as long as she was gone.

    All this time I thought Spinelli was calling Maxie “MaxiMista”. Was I wrong?

  6. Profile photo of KikiP

    I’m excited to see what happens with Spinelli and Maxi! I especially like the fact that they are moving on from the whole Spinelli is ONLY Maxi’s “essential person”. I thought it was so funny yesterday when they were kissing on the couch and Jason walked in.

    I want to see the interaction between Sonny and Kristina. We hear from Kristina how she feels about her dad and we hear how Sonny feels about her- but we need to see them together onscreen- at least I want to.

    The whole Dominic and Kristina thing is a bit weird- but we will see where it goes.

    To be honest I wouldn’t care if Kate’s character got killed and although, Lucky is driving me crazy lately I wouldn’t want to see him killed off either. I just don’t like Lucky and Elizabeth anymore either. They are not the same as they once were and it just needs to stop.

    Rebecca and Nicholas I agree that needs to end or take a drastic turn and shake things up. It’s a bore!

    Although, Jason and Sam always make a great team- I like them together as just close friends who confide in each other. I really want to see Jason and Elizabeth work something out again. I LOVED when Jason saw Jake the other day.

    I am really liking Johnny and Olivia.

    And the whole Mayor Floyd thing needs to start picking up- getting a little bored with that as well.

  7. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    LOVED when Jason saw Jake the other day.

    I thought I dreamed that scene the looks between Liz and jason killed me, and I kept screaming at the TV take your woman and child and tell Lucky thanks but this is my family.

  8. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Hooray for Spixie.

    Loving the Jason interaction with the Qs. I want more of that

    Cant wait for KeMo to be back full time and to see what happens with JaSam in close quarters.

    Really looking forward to the karoke night.

    So far so good with the Dante character and I am interested to see where this is going.

    Right now tptb need to really rethink what they want to do with the Nik character. He isnt really working in any of his scenes. I will say it again, they missed the boat with Claudia and Nik.

    I dont think they will kill off anyone in the car accident but maybe thats because I am cautiously optimistic that tptb have learned a little something about saddling characters with these kinds of things in their background.

    Do I think the show is good these days, no, but I think there are some good storelines going on and some good storylines coming down the pike.

  9. Profile photo of engradypind

    I DO NOT WANT A BABY SWITCH STORY. Days of Our Lives is doing one right now. GH writers cannot do a better job or even as good a job. I don’t want them to even try. Let them put their energy in something worthwhile, like getting rid of the Mob That Ate Port Charles.

    I like the Spixie storyline but either Maxie has to enhance her vocabulary or Spinelli needs to dumb down his. I’d go for the Maxie enhancement since I do understand everything Spinelli says and enjoy it. Since Maxie is known for her street sense and fashion ability, maybe she can be seen listening to books on tape to assist in the vitalizing of her woefully inadequate education. It could help to see Maxie reading a book on the history of fashion or fabrics. A couple of seconds of airtime and a line of dialog is all it takes to show that Maxie is more than a dumb blonde who likes clothes.

    Like many, I find the Nikbecca story BORING. I really don’t care what happens since Nik is in no real danger or losing anything but money. Even with the introduction of Granny Helena, Nik doesn’t face anything more inconvenient than being made a fool of. I do think that a Nik-Liz pairing this time around would work. Another Lucky-Liz joining is beyond boring. It’s been done too many times. Same for a Jasam reunion.

    Claudia, Claudia, Claudia. Get off the screen. Leave town. Take a long walk off a short pier. Johnny, if you like cougar and want cougar — go all the way. Failing that, go to school and do something believable for a change.

    Jason darling, go back to the Quartermaines and take over ELQ.

    What about a Mac Alexis pairing. Actually, I’d like to see Alexis and Diane open a law office.

    I’m not a fan of giving over the summer to teen stories, but I have to live with it. I wish Kristina wasn’t so stereotypical, know-it-all, center of the universe teen. How nice it would be to see a teen who stands up for her Mom and maybe even gets involved in investigating the mayor rather than another teen who uses any excuse she can find to justify her own self-indulgent behavior. I expect that type of behavior out of Michael who always has been a brat, but out of Kristina? Another cheap fix from the writers?

  10. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Regan, I’ve checked, he does say “Maximista”. Do you know what happened with the spoilers, and actually the storyline that was started already, regarding Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli finding out why Kate is being blackmailed and betraying her company, Jax finding out, Kate having a blowup with Olivia and the viewers finding out Kate’s “real” personality?

  11. Profile photo of SpinMax4Eva

    Yay for Spixie!! I’m looking forward to seeing them move forward in the romantic direction finally!! The scenes yesterday with them were amazing. I love seeing romance and love and I’m looking forward to seeing more of that with Spixie.

  12. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    For Jason joining The q’s we need more scenes of him and the Q’s
    He needs to leave his stupid family Sonny and all and join the Q’s ….

  13. Profile photo of CrystalBall

    I am loving the Spixie love too. I haven’t been this thrilled with GH in a long time. Love in the afternoon is what I’ve been waiting for, and Spinelli and Maxie yesterday were giving it in spades. I loved their whole conversation, and can’t wait to see their relationship move into romance this summer. It’s been a long time coming and I am going to enjoy every second of it.

    I could see Michael or Kristina hitting Kate and running away. Maybe they think she’s dead and the go on the run or something. I don’t think Kate will die, but I do believe MW is not much longer for GH.

    Love Johnny and Olivia and I hope that this Sonny and Olivia stuff doesn’t amount to anything. I am much more interested in watching Johnny and Olivia deal with the whole Johnny hates Dante thing than anything with Sonny.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes there was that RUMOR about Claudia but the studio is going dark in a week or so and the GOSSIP is that there will be lots of rewrites, some block taping and tons of chop chop chop. Will it translate on screen? Maybe as it makes editing the show as a fluid product extremely difficult.

    Anyone going to FCW? We’d love to hear what you saw and heard! Also, it looks like Rebecca Herbst cancelled her event which is usually extremely popular.

    A little more SCOOP? Is the Mayor’s wife the murderer? I questioned why bring on a big name like Martha Byrne and make her a murderer. Lots of you said who cares since she’s only slated to be on for a few weeks. Now that Byrne has had more than just her debut and she’s a hit with the fans despite the crappy connection, could they be changing their plans to keep Byrne around?

    Helena has Luke… at least according to all the SCOOP and then there’s this RUMORED lady with him. What about Tracy? The RUMOR was that she would be filing for divorce with Ethan talking her out of it. Will this be one of those storylines that was so in our faces and now that a key player is on vacation it’s been backburnered? Karen from WUBS revealed in the ABC podcast that she heard Tony Geary would be in for some block taping. The GOSSIP had Luke Spencer off screen well into the fall to accomodate for Geary’s vacation. I’m not surprised that Geary MAY be popping back in to some block taping and then back out for more vacation time, I’m just irritated that this man gets some much vacation time.

    Secret Agent Man… When word first broke that Dante was working undercover everyone ASSUMED it meant for the feds. Silly us, Guza doesn’t value law enforcement. The latest RUMOR is that Dante just MIGHT be working for another mob family and his job is to take out Corithos – Morgan. Makes sense that he teamed up with the Z’s and Claudia’s uncle whats his face.

  15. Profile photo of melimista

    I agree that Liz and Lucky do not have the same chemistry anymore, they make better friends. I don’t like Rebecca with Nik at all, or with Ethan. Ethan has better chemistry with Lulu than with Rebecca… I loved the scene today with Johnny, Coleman, and Patrick gossiping about the mayor, it was hilarious! And I loved Jason talking about Jake today! I really hope Carly doesn’t lose her baby, Jax has wanted to be a father for a long time and it never works out for him unlike Sunny who doesn’t even try. Dante should be an undercover agent, there would be so much more to work with.

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan DaisyClover, myself, Jorpa and Brooke will all be at FCW. Will be happy to report back with what we hear. I have to admit that while I am excited to meet some of the stars, I am far more excited to finally meet some of my fellow posters face to face.

  17. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Yess tell us what is going on and have fun

    Regan I know it’s late I hope you will tell me before I will scream any news about Steve contract ????
    Because by the look of things It looks like they are planing Jason’s out ..
    In the past few episodes like today Jason is saying that he is going to die that the things he done are going to get to him and the final line that has me so concerned was with Sonny’s scenes saying that he won’t have family and that he won’t get old ..
    Jason is so sad these days he gave up on life ..
    I hate that
    Please tell me……

  18. Profile photo of maxsmom

    i have never liked greg vaughn as lucky but lucky is a legacy character and should not be killed. i think guza should take a break from killing people off.

    As for Spixie, i appreciate a slow buildup but i just dont buy them as a supercouple. i like them both but Spinelli works better as a supporting character in limited doses while maxie has leading lady potential. She and johnny understand and accept each other and their chemistry is combustible.

    As for Sonny and his brood, i remember when his great sadness was that he had no children and that spurred his quest for michael, now he has fathered 6 children, including lily, sam, and carly’s miscarriage, so jax should not give up.

    As for TG, it is my understanding that the show cant pay him any more than his current salary and so the vacations are the alternative. how nice to be so valued that you can be paid a year’s salary and have sl control for 6 months work oh and you are guarenteed an emmy slot.

  19. Profile photo of curacaoman

    The Claw should die during childbirth, leaving Sonny with a motherless baby girl. All these women will fall over themselves to help him and Carly can be little Carmela’s milk mother!

  20. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    Thanks for the scoops Regan. Yes, it seems like TPTB are listening to some fan suggestions. They’re improving but need to keep listening. I’ve actually been watching/taping/youtubing on a daily basis.

    Looking forward to Spixie, karaoke night, Michael moving in with the Q’s, Jason/Q’s scenes, Jolivia, and LuSam scenes coming up. And they can keep the Jake/Liason scenes coming too. :)

    Any idea who the guy is in the picture with the mic talking to Scrubs at Jake’s…is he a dayplayer running the karaoke machine? Speaking of pics, love the NICE pic of Brandon Barash…has he been working out with Steve Burton and his trainer? I hope they don’t SORAS Cameron, because if they do Jake won’t be far behind and I do enjoy the Nigbor twins playing Jake too much for them to recast.

  21. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Melimista- P.S. means you missed Sonny and Brenda when they were together? Those days of General Hospital were some of the best acting and storylines of all time. You should youtube them if you have the time :)

  22. Profile photo of pisces

    Mack disregarded Spinelli and Patrick because Mack is Mack. I apologize to his fans, but I’m sick and tired of him acting like his girls are so perfect and can do no wrong and everyone who dares to even look at them is dirt.

  23. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    REGAN-OMG! Is Claudia the person Michael/Kristina is going to hit with the car???????? That will be horrible because it will cause her to lose the baby which will cause her, in turn, to steal Carly’s….

  24. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Guza really knows have to pushed the fans button, does he? LOL. Yeah, like we want to see a woman get hit by a car and lose her baby, very original, NOT. And a baby switch? Again. No wonder fans tuning out of soaps.

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