Sharon Lies To Nick, Again

This may not come as much of a surprise to some The Young and the Restless fans, but it looks as if Sharon (Sharon Case) is already lying to Nick (Joshua Morrow), yet again. I wonder how Nick is going to react when he finds out she lied, even if it was to keep him from being distracted while Summer is in the hospital?

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    Whoever came up with thread should be sent to the writer’s cornfield. How does this make sense?

    Sharon could have easily told every one that she would wait to look at the results once Summer was doing better. She could have also said that she misplaced the envelope and would re-send for them.

    If Sharon wanted to protect Nick, why would she hop into her car and drive over to see Jack and lie to him? Sharon knows that Jack is desperate for the baby to be his. Why would she set him up for such horrible pain?

    This doesn’t make a lick of sense.

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    Sharon is just doing what comes naturally! She is a liar, always has been, always will be! The woman can never stand alone, she always has to have a man prop her up and put her on the vestal virgin pedestal to be worshipped like a goddess! problem is, I don’t think she ever was a virgin and she is getting a little long in the tooth to act like a teenager.

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    Having read the spoiler, I knew this day was coming and I actually….. Prefered NOT to tune in yesterday (I did anyway! HA!)

    FIRST – Enough Cassie Garbage. Sharon talking to Cassie at the chapel made me want to vom. SECOND – I’m still grossed out that Mary Jane kissed Summer on the mouth causing the hospitalization. THIRD – I agree that Sharon should’ve just let the reveal slide for a few days. FOURTH – Sharon and Nick in the 90’s were who firmly cemented me to the Y&R following so deep down, while I haven’t really bought into the sudden “LOVE” between them, I was okay with it, FIFTH – I HOPE NICK STAYS WITH PHYLLIS!! Sharon is such a dumb A$$! Jack did not deserve to be lied to like that. I am really starting to lose it with Sharon. ARRRGH!!

    I am so over Mac. PUHHHLEASE, Writers, find a way to keep Billy and Chloe together!!!

    Having said all my griping, I still love this show but did struggle with yesterday’s epi. Not since the days of Sabrina and her Close Talking/Baby Talk/French Whispering days have I rolled my eyes so much ….

    THANK GOD I had Jack, Billy and Chloe to diffuse the crap I spent 60 minutes watching….

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    I have been a long time watcher and I am dazed and confused about where the show is going. Usually the storyline are subdued in the summer but this year it is sensory overload! I am sick to death of Sharon! She is turning out to be the poster child for “Headcases” everywhere.This was a dumb move on the part of the writer and I am starting to loose interest in the whole storyline.

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    I’ve always tried to give Sharin (TWop speak)the benefit of the doubt because I actually like the actress that portrays her. However, she (the character) is officially dead to me after lying to Jack about him being the baby’s daddy. How in the hell does she think that her lies are the best thing for everyone around? She knew how badly Jack wanted to be a father again….this will kill him when the truth comes out, especially since she’s still hung up on Nick. And I hope Nick rips her a new one for lying. Granted I can’t stand Nick because of his neaderthalish behavior but I don’t feel that he should be cut out of his unborn child’s life due to Sharon playing God. I am beyond sick of this QoD and I’m beyond tired of Sharon and her “oh please feel sorry for me” behavior. As if Nick couldn’t juggle being a father to both Summer and her unborn kid….hell, he’s been doing that with Summer and Noah!

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    Yawn! :| I can’t believe TPTB thought this was a good idea and would add angst/intrigue to Sharon & Nick’s “enduring” love. Whatever. I am so over them… this was just the cherry on top.

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    Mrs. AC, they totally destroyed Sharon character for a plot s/l and I don’t think that Sharon can come back from this. I was on Hogan Scheffer at first, but now I am seeing what he did at ATWT. EVen it was good at first and Jamey was right that Hogan bought the show another decade on the air, but he is now using plot driven s/ls and ruining characters to fit a plot and the fans and I are not happy about it.

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