THIS is why SOAPnet Should Do a Santa Barbara TV Movie! (VIDEO)

I got so excited reminiscing about Santa Barbara,  television’s best soap opera EVER, on Twitter that I decided to share these soaptastic clips here on DC. They are from SB’s infamous Aqua Land remote, where the dastardly Kirk Cranston (Robert Newman) planned to finally do away with our starcrossed lovers Cruz Castillo (A Martinez) and Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker) once and for all! For fans who have only seen Newman as the heroic, straight-laced Josh Lewis on Guiding Light, seeing him as Eden’s psychotic ex might be a bit of a shock. I say it’s high time SOAPnet assembled 10-15 of Santa Barbara‘s key players, and produced a splashy two-part miniseries! Thanks Katieeee9999 for the MVIDs.

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    I’m not trying to be funny, but Soapnot really doesn’t do things revolving around soaps anymore. Movies from 1991?? YES. “Original Reality Shows” who’s idea was stolen from Bravo?? YES. Showcasing TV shows that were cancelled 8-10 years ago in Prime Time Slots while current shows air at three in the morning?? YOUUUUU Betchya!!!

    Any of the following networks are more apt to run a “Santa Barbara Movie” (GREAT idea by the way!)

    VH1, WE TV, BET, CNN, The Food Network, Lifetime, The Learning Channel, MTV, QVC, Oxygen, A&E, TV Land, PBS and Nikalodean.

    Seriously… How can “My Girl” be shown on Sunday Nights when OLTL can’t? Brian Fronz has ruined ABC Daytime/Soapnot.

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    TV Gord

    Wow! I didn’t even need to look at that first scene, I remember it so well (but I did anyway)! So great to hear Robin Mattson’s voice! I heart her most of all.

    Didn’t Santa Barbara make great use of its incidental music! They knew how to ramp up the tension. Is there a soap on the air today that comes close? I don’t think so. After this show was cancelled, I continued to watch reruns in French up here in Canuckistan, so all I can think to say is, “Ah, Santa Barbara…je t’aime!”

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    SB was the reason i got my first vcr in 84
    when it premeired the LA olympics were on and other soaps were pre empted SB was only thing on
    i got hooked in those 2 weeks

    loved cruz eden the whole show was awesome

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    LOL. Wow, back when a soap had stunt people. lol U know Marcy and Robert did not jump that gate. lol And how soap is that? Ur on the run. . . go to the abandoned park. lol I loved ‘santa barbara’. I hated the last few years though, but I loved Marcy and A. Oh, how I cried w/ them. lol Yes, that was a soap!!!
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    okay, that was too good. Robin Matson vs. Robert Newman vs. a bush. lol Love it! I think that bush won. lol U noticed when they cut back to her, Robin had moved off the bush. lol Oh, how I miss ‘sb.’ ahh. like an old lover i forgot i had. lol -)

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    Robert Newman was good here, but I liked Joseph Bottoms in the role of Kirk. Robert Newman was sure busy during his 3 yr break from GL … playing Prescott Harrell in 1985 on GH and then Kirk in 1986

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    i was just a kid watching this show, but its the only soap i’ve ever had to mourn (until Sept. when they will pry GL from my fingers).

    i loved eden/cruz.

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    Jamey, you did it again! Santa Barbara was my first love. I remember when these scenes aired. My grades were suffering in school and my Dad decided I couldn’t watch my Santa Barbara after school. He put a parental code on the TV, but I was able to sneak to the garage and watch it on the tiny black and white TV until I persuaded my parents to let me watch again.

    Don’t bother with SoapNet, though. What you really need to do is write to my employer, Sony, and get them to put the series on DVD!!!! They own the rights and I don’t know why they are sitting on this one.

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    CRUZ and Eden for me are the best couple that daytime ever produced. When they were gone, the show died. I agree that Joseph Bottoms was a better Kirk as well.
    But there were many many characters on SB that were very special. Robert Barr, Mason and Julia, Kelly and Joe, CC, Bunny, Gina and Keith (loved Keith and Cruz when they argued!!!!) Lionel and Augusta to name a few.
    I think a mini series would be better than a movie. Maybe re do the Channing murder mystery. They could give it a different ending perhaps. Say maybe Channing faked his own death to run off with his boyfriend!
    I would love to relive the Cruz and Eden story too! But would hate to see someone else playing the characters.

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    Wow, Marcy Walker looked so young there! And I remember her as Liza from the late ’80’s-early 90’s. Santa Barbra looks like it was a great soap, definitly something I would enjoy watching.

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    I SO agree! Santa Barbara will always be my favorite soap. I miss it still.
    I wish Soapnet would show it from the beginning all the way through. They showed Another World, & Ryan’s Hope, WHY can’t they show SB?!

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    Mad Bat

    I bought myself a VCR for my 16th birthday so I could watch this show. Best soap ever. Mason and Mary are what hooked me completely, but I also liked Cruz & Eden, Mason & Julia and Gina & Keith, whether the couples were together or apart.

    You can find more clips at Lane Davies’ site, They are Mason clips, but other characters are involved, too. They post a new one every weekday morning, and a full week’s worth from some of the later stuff.

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