BREAKING NEWS: Stuart Damon to As the World Turns!

According to a BREAKING NEWS report at Soap Opera Digest, Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine, General Hospital) is heading to As the World Turns. Fans were outraged when General Hospital killed off the long time actor during the Emmy-winning storyline of the Metro Court Hostage Crisis. Since Alan’s onscreen death, Damon had popped in here and there as Alan’s ghost. Really, he acted as his sister Tracy’s (Jane Elliot) conscience.

This casting reunites Damon with former GH stars Jon Lindstrom (ex- Kevin Collins) and and Lynn Herring (ex-Lucy Coe). Stuart should first appear this September as a new character.

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    Yay for him! But this breaks my heart because I was still holding out hope that GH would find a way to make him undead because Alan is still SOOO needed at GH. :(

    But that’s wonderful!

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    How can ATWT afford all these new people and what are they going to do with them? They have actors and characters they don’t use now.

    Looks like “stunt casting” to me, how is all this going to raise the ratings or improve the show when the writing is still god awful?

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    I’m all for him to World Turn’s, but why can’t they cast him as a character already been on a show??? GC and JP are getting on my last nerve. And I thought they had “budget” problems…..

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    Did GH just lost it so many good actors they could use I thought it was the time for Alan ghost to show up and talk with jason………
    They really blow it they could have great S/I with Alan ghost and Jason..

    Wish him all the lucky he deserve that .. Gh don’t deserve him…

    For GH sake they need to work to keep their actors and be careful that Steve won’t leave them

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    Luke Kerr

    I’m happy to see Stuart working again BUT WTH is ATWT doing to itself. This show doesn’t use the majority of its older characters, isn’t writing good storylines for at least half of its younger or adult characters BUT they are bringing in all these outside actors who ATWT fans don’t know or care about.

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    Hmm… with all these recent additions to ATWT, I wonder if they’ll get rid of some of the peripheral characters that aren’t attached to anything. Sure, the show has recently showed some sign of improvement… but I think it’s time to build on the small momentum and get rid of some deadweight (onscreen and off).

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    Jamey Giddens

    ATWT is dying. It’s fans DESERVE stories about Bob, Kim, Lisa, Tom Margo, they need the return of Andy, Chris, Tom’s Vietnamese daughter, Andy’s biracial daughter, a REAL story for Luke and Noah, the return of Martha Byrne, etc. NOT vets from other shows. I am being a hypocrite, because I gushed about Lynn herring, but this is becoming ridiculous. I adore Stuart, but he should be on the soap he helped make famous. GH should be honoring THEIR vets and ATWT should honor theres. This is why this industry is on life support.

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    Regan Cellura

    ABC Soaps In Depth just Tweeted:

    Just got off the phone with Stuart Damon (ex-Alan, GH) about his exciting new role on #ATWT. Ironically, he’s playing a Mafioso!

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    I’m happy for Stuart Damon. Maybe this will pull in some dissatisfied GH viewers who have stopped watching soaps. There used to be 3 soaps that aired at 3PM Easatern Time. Now there’s one.

    I think all of the vets joining ATWT are on short contracts. Lynn Herring is only there for 6 to 8 weeks.

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    OMG!!! WHAT AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!

    Lucy and Alan over at ATWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think I’ll give this show a try!! Add ANOTHER CBS Soap to my YandR…..

    Hear that Head Honcho’s at ABC???? I’ll repeat again: I’ll give this show a try!!

    ABC Daytime has been dead to me. So when they’re scratching their numbskulls as to why the ratings are so low, look no further than at fans comments….

    (GH FAN FROM 1984-2007ish)

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    Yay for Stuart!! At least somebody realizes what a gem he is. I haven’t been watching GH lately. Maybe it’s time to start watching ATWT and totally abandon GH. Is there a beginner’s course on ATWT that I can take?

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    I hope ATWT uses him to his fullest. I wish he would be doing more comedy

    Maybe this will raise the ratings and CBS will renew it? Ok wishful thinking but it COULD happen

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    Now if only they would involve Stuart’s character with Lisa, and give fans the kind of stories they want to see. Instead, they’re putting stars into short-term stories that wrap up in five weeks, so they can spend more time on all the men who adore Meg and can’t get enough of her.

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    So he’s playing a mafioso? Lucky Gold and David Kreizman haven’t even came over from GL yet and already starting the mob/mafia in Oakdale. Show’s doomed for sure.

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    They are paying the GL salaries for Stuart Damon. How the heck they get him? They should of just play the older vets on the show instead of getting of vets from other soaps. But I feel that it is just Barbara Bloom way to stick it to Frons and vise versa and if the s/l don’t work, the fans isn’t going to watch the show. I feel that this industry needs to fully wake up before they will be no soaps to watch.

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    I love Stuart Damon as Alan Quartermaine on GH but I don’t understand the reason that ATWT is bringing in all these vets from other shows when they should be focusing on vets from their show.

    ATWT most likely has a year left and they should use that year to honor their history and not the histories of other shows.

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    I’m going to have to agree with Jamey on this one. I love Stuart, Lynn, Judy Evans, Forbes March, etc., etc. etc. but why the hell don’t they focus on who’ve they’ve got? They haven’t written a decent storyline for ANY of the existing cast in the last year. The vets are practically non-existant. Half the cast props Meg. If Stuart is a love interest for Babs, Lucinda and/or Lisa and they fight it out for him, I might be able to get behind this. If this is just a here today, gone tomorrow thing, so what? Is this ATWT or As Port Charles Turns? If they want to cut the ATWT cast, please get rid of Meg, Paul, Dusty, and at this point, since his balls are in Meg’s testacle lockbox, Damian can go, too. No more new characters until they write a decent storyline for the ones they’ve got!

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    ATWT was an amazing show with amazing characters and actors and Stuart Damon, also, is amazing. He, however, is Alan and belongs on GH. It feels like executives are engaged in this ridiculous chess match with each other as opposed to helping each other save a dying genre. At one time I watched almost every soap (with help of vcr and remote control), now I only watch OLTL (barely).

    Why are these people ignoring the talent still in their midsts. Write for Lisa, Lucinda, Kim, Bob, Emily, Susan, Barbara, bring Sierra home, bring back John Dixon. If I switch to ATWT, I do not recognize the show I never missed back in the 90s.

    Writing for the veteran characters and actors who are part of the history and fabric of each separate soap opera honors and pleases fans, imo, more than playing red-rover.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Maybe this will raise the ratings and CBS will renew it? Ok wishful thinking but it COULD happen
    Doubtful. ALL the CBS soaps are in trouble because of the licensing slashes. I really don’t see ATWT lasting much more than six months after GL.

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    Given the salary cuts, are soaps still losing money with the reduced licensing fees?

    I just read that Lucinda Walsh has only been on ATWT 12 times this year. No wonder her portrayer, Elizabeth Hubbard, has to travel to Holland for work! Why can’t they create a story for Hubbard? Y&R regularly does a great job for 80-year-old Katherine. Fans love the older vets!

    Can you imagine daytime without soaps? Infomercials, news, talk shows and cheap reality TV. I can’t stand Judge Judy and Maury.

    Maybe the networks will turn back the clock and air old episodes of canceled soaps? Start the clock on GL from 1985? GH from 1979?

    I guess the networks could by some Spanish language telenovelas and dub them into English…

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    ATWT has made some great casting decisions lately, but they need to be careful to make sure that the veteran characters on ATWT still see airtime. The cast is getting way to big on ATWT, so I am thinking we will hear about some cuts. Also, let’s not forget that a soap that had Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks could still suck if the writing was bad.

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    While I love the fact that Stuart has landed at ATWT, this is a mistake, and really won’t help the show in the long term. ATWT already has vets ready to be used, i.e. the entire Hughes family, Susan, Lucinda, etc. As others have stated earlier, this is just getting into the “stunt casting” realm. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it. I’m just wondering who Frons will now be trying to take from Babs Bloom’s “stable” at this point..

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    CBS and ABC are scooping up all these chess pieces (actors) from each others networks and yet no one knows how to make a move with the pieces they already have. It’s as if it is a network grab-a-thon.

    Funny thing is no one is scooping up Amelia Marshall, Tanya Boyd, Shari Headley, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Tracey Ross, Brook Kerr, Rondey Van Johnson, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Lamman Rucker, Peter Parros, Victoria Rowell, Chene Lawson, Monti Sharp… I think you get the point. If there is any bringing of actors on to any cast these should be the ones they ought to be looking at.

    At the same time both networks already have large cast on their current soap opera’s. Why they want more for is just beyond me.

    They need to play who they have and stop filling their coffers with more actors while sacrificing the vets.

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    Do you think P&G is using the money that they were using to pay the actors/actresses on GL to get these new actors like Stuart Damon, and Lynn Herring? It feels to me like they are gearing up to only promote ATWT since of course GL is going off the air in August. They have a new logo for ATWT and now their beefing up the cast with wonderful actors from other shows.

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    AWESOME news! GH is so stupid for killing him off in the first place! Now… if they would just hire Leslie Charleson to join him, I could let go of GH for good:)

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    Don’t you know? Only white folks watch soaps. Look at GH. There are only two people of color who air these days: Epiphany and Dr. Lee. That’s it.

    GH has had a crappy history of hiring and involving people of color in long term stories. Just awful.

    At least OLTL and AMC are making an effort to hiring blacks and Latinos. But those shows are Agnes Nixon shows, so they have some legacy of being progressive.

    GH? Not so much.

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    david, I with you about people want to watch soaps, but the s/ls on soaps today are horrible and fans are tuning out. I feel that this industry need new blood with a good soap head writer to give them ideas on how to implement a s/l and characters driven s/ls. And they need to stop hiring these bad actors like Eva Marcille, I have to turn off Y&R because she was so bad. MAB, she and Clementine is not working, one can act the other can’t but they are not working and it is time to get rid of them.

  28. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I don’t blame Stuart Damon for taking the job, he has to pay the bills and feed his family too, but this is Barbara Doom’s way of saying to Fronzie, “Yeah, I got another one of your vets you discarded. But without good s/l and with already a lot of vets not being use, it is a bad decision that will not raise ratings for ATWT.

  29. Profile photo of tardis1975

    thats what i’ve been ranting about for weeks…gh just misses opertunities left and right……why not allow helana to have emily, aj, and alan and be using them to get the q money using their proxy…

  30. Profile photo of mikey970

    what is going on…..where is bob….nancy….emma….lisa…lucinda…..???? give them something to say…. i love some ATWT …but they are not writing for the characters they have!!! get i together or i will stay with one life to live!!!!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model


    Yeah I know how it works. They ain’t selling nothing during commercial breaks that is out of reach for anyone to purchase. Hey black people got money too and willing and ready to spend every last dime. But you know how these folks are over there. It’s like in the fashion industry when everybody blames someone else for not doing what they needed to have done for a long time.

    GH you don’t even have a show there until they get rid of the mob. I suggest that Sonny wakes up from a coma and all the mob stuff is gone. Carly can explain to him what happened and then fans can have their show back.

    On the other hand I peeped ATWT today for a minute and then I saw some bad acting. I mean the young man was acting so bad he was saying his lines like Ron Moss from B&B. I said oh hell naw…But I did come up with a plan to save soaps.

  32. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model


    Yes I heard all about it. Rumblings about this week being depressing.

    They do need to stop hiring bad actors. Is it just me or do all you the young black actresses and well young actors in general on CBS lack any personality. There seems to be no new Victoria Rowell’s, Maura West’s, Kim Zimmer’s or Debbie Morgan’s on the rise anymore. These just some of the most boring non-acting hair models this side of creation.

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    I love the older characters also and have watched this soap since the early 1960’s. perhaps because of their age and our government, regarding social security earnings, they can only make so much money per year before they tax the crap out of it. many of these folks are way into their 60’s 70’s even 80’s and Nancy hughes would have to be in her 90’s. So we may have seen the last of many story lines with the golden oldies! Just a thought.

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