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Here’s the Scoop! 07.01.09

Dominic/Dante… What’s in a name anyways? Apparently Dante wanted to protect his mother from his line of work and decided to change his name to Dominic. Protecting the innocent huh Dante? Well Olivia isn’t so innocent. She’s been keeping secrets from everyone about who Dante’s daddy is. How long will we have to wait this reveal out? Not sure but don’t expect for it to be out in the open just yet.

Claudia’s role in Dante’s story… Dominic wants Claudia to smooth things over with Sonny and get him on the inside. Will Sonny just give the man who held a gun on his boys and Carly a job? Really, what’s going to stop Sonny from killing Dominic on the spot? Obviously something does and it doesn’t appear to be the reveal that he’s actually Sonny’s son.

Kudos to Maurice Benard and Steve Burton… those scenes yesterday were the Sonny and Jason of old. So many emotions coming off them in waves. Is this a rare glimpse or a sign of what’s to come?

Rebecca, Nikolas, Ethan, boring… I’m sorry, I really am. I used to be a huge fan of the NEM pairing but this re-do is garbage. There has been no magic recaptured, I don’t buy this love story at all, I’m not feeling any sort of confliction on Rebecca’s part and this hyper speed of a relationship is laughable. They drag their feet on other pairings but Nikolas is asking Rebecca to move in with him? Will the ladies in Nik’s life team up to uncover the mess that he’s gotten himself into? Will someone come to Rebecca’s defense?

CRAZY RUMOR that Kate may never return to PC! With all the TALK over who is the victim of the hit and run, the LATEST is that Kate MAY not even be back in town to get hit by a car. COULD she be calling Olivia with the news that she plans to stay in Paris? Is that why we never saw the story about her blackmail and Jax learning that Kate was sabotaging Crimson unfold? Why am I surprised? GH gave Rick Hearst the worst send off in the history of the show… wait; Nadine’s (Claire Coffee)was pretty bad as well… I really shouldn’t expect anything more for Megan Ward.

Reports that the Kiefer character, you know Kristina’s friend has been bumped to recurring status. RUMORS had said TPTB were looking to bulk up Kristina and Michael’s friends. I don’t even have the words…

CRAZY and RANDOM… Is Uncle Rudy coming to PC? Is ZaCrazy calling Jason for a meeting? Ethan’s jealous. A proposal? Marriage or something else? Sebastian Roche tweeted that he’s back for a month and has already started taping. Luke just posted the news… Lisa LoCicero is now on contract!

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    Regan, sorry to repeat the question but you might be done with that other post. Do you know/think that it’s Claudia that Michael/Kristina run over? Mixing up the spoiler of her getting hit by a car with this new spoiler? How horrible would that be as that would cause Claudia to steal Carly’s baby ala DOOL I’m sure.
    I hope they don’t break up Joliva for Sonny and Olivia.

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    Regan Cellura

    It could be Claudia that gets hit… she has been RUMORED to be losing that baby about 20 different ways already.

    JOlivia… I like them, sometimes I love them and then there are times when they creep me out. They’re very organic as a pairing but there is something unnatural about them as a couple, did that make any sense? Part of me does not want them busted up for Sonny but I’m not sure I believe TPTB have an invested interest in making JOlivia a long term pairing. I think they are going with the soap flow and jumping on the cougar wagon.

    Now that LoCicero is on contract and with Sarah Brown only on these one year deals, I wouldn’t be surprised if the intention is to pair Sonny and Olivia. We should be teased endlessly with it in the coming weeks.

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    Regan Cellura

    I forgot to add it to the spoiler post for today… I dropped some more scoop in the comments yesterday…. In case you missed it, here it is:

    A little more SCOOP? Is the Mayor’s wife the murderer? I questioned why bring on a big name like Martha Byrne and make her a murderer. Lots of you said who cares since she’s only slated to be on for a few weeks. Now that Byrne has had more than just her debut and she’s a hit with the fans despite the crappy connection, could they be changing their plans to keep Byrne around?

    Helena has Luke… at least according to all the SCOOP and then there’s this RUMORED lady with him. What about Tracy? The RUMOR was that she would be filing for divorce with Ethan talking her out of it. Will this be one of those storylines that was so in our faces and now that a key player is on vacation it’s been backburnered? Karen from WUBS revealed in the ABC podcast that she heard Tony Geary would be in for some block taping. The GOSSIP had Luke Spencer off screen well into the fall to accomodate for Geary’s vacation. I’m not surprised that Geary MAY be popping back in to some block taping and then back out for more vacation time, I’m just irritated that this man gets some much vacation time.

    Secret Agent Man… When word first broke that Dante was working undercover everyone ASSUMED it meant for the feds. Silly us, Guza doesn’t value law enforcement. The latest RUMOR is that Dante just MIGHT be working for another mob family and his job is to take out Corithos – Morgan. Makes sense that he teamed up with the Z’s and Claudia’s uncle whats his face.

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    Hi Regan I am now following you in Twitter Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I am with you on the SaSon scenes these were fantastic … Steve and Maurice at their best … you see when you don’t have the mob element in them and you just have dramatic it can be great……
    By the way Steve in the past few episodes is amazing, his scenes about the Michael and Jason revisit the past are well done ………………
    I love Jason in these I just hate the feeling that he gave up on his life ,that is the only thing I hate about it ….
    OK now Rebecca and Ethan needs to go Please I hate them .. they are really getting on my nerves …………
    So Olivia is going to be a big part hhhhh I love her with Carly and of course with Johnny But I don’t know if i would like her with Sonny ……….
    Remind me why didn’t they gave Diane actress , Sorry don’t remember her name a contract .. she is great and everyone love her with Max they are really stupid…

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    Hey, could there be more folks in Helena’s dungeon? Could that woman be Emily? Could Courtney be there? What about Alan? Hell, what about Stavros?!

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    Regan, I understand what you mean about Johnny and Olivia. I don’t see them as a long-term couple, they make a better summer fling. I love Diane, she always makes my day when she is on the show. I hope Ethan does out Rebecca. They are just wrong. I wish Jason had stayed for dinner, it would have been better for Michael. I could def see them just having Kate stay in Paris and hope we forget she was there like Nadine…I hope she isn’t the one hit by the car, too much has been done to her. Claudia would make a much better story, kind of ironic since she is the reason Michael was shot.

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    Solivia is ALREADY putting me to sleep. I just think they keep throwing these women at Sonny and nothing works. I love Jolivia…I think they have tons of story, if the show would invest.

    Nik and RebEm need to die in a fiery blaze. THE most ill conceived story on GH right now, and that’s saying a LOT.

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    i am not sure that it ever would have worked but she seemed to arrive the day after his surgery to remove the tumor, how long was NL off the canvas, it is much too soon for him to fall for emily’s twin after just getting over her ghost.

    btw, why is lulu so made up, it looks like she just stepped off stage.

    I know why I am still watching this show: Steve Burton. he returned to this show because he wanted to be a family man and maybe that’s why he’ll re-sign but if he doesnt i am gone. MB gets so much credit but he has been coasting for at least a year, SB elevates every actor he works with.

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    PLEASE end this Nik/NotEm freak show ASAP. The only good thing I have to say about this story line is that these two actors deserve credit for being able to convey ZERO chemistry even after they showed great chemistry before as NEM. The only thing that can salvage this for me is if Emily is being held by Helena and Luke finds her. Then I want her to come back to PC and bitch slap NotEm all the way back to wherever she came from. Then she can slap Nik around a little for being such a chump.

    Please tell me that now that KeMo is back full time you’ll have JaSam spoilers?? The ONLY reason I started watching GH again at the end of 2008 is because they were starting to bring them back. It’s been torture watching this unfold while practically spoiler-less. It’s finally happening!!! JaSam ’09, baby!

    FLOVE Alexis even though she pisses me off when she’s holier than thou. I hope this mayor scandal SL will bring her and Sam closer. I like the interaction between Sam and Alexis. So much pain there, yet unconditional love too.

    I’ve noticed that they are bringing Jake more into the mix of things lately. Something’s brewing, I think. Either Jason will finally decide to be a father to Jake (without feeling pressured to make an honest woman of Liz) or it will come out that Jake isn’t his. Crossing my fingers for the latter.

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    GH sucks & swallows. I’ve been silently sitting on the sidelines for months wondering if perhaps the morons that be at GH would come to their senses but clearly they care nothing about storyline consistency and/or their fans.

    The way they treated Ric Hearst and Megan Ward in particular is disgraceful. As a teenager I was a huge fan of GH, loved the Qs, Tony/Genie, Tristan and Finola. Although I stopped watching for a while I had only fond memories of my experience with the show. Not until Megan Ward burst through Sonny’s office door as Kate Howard did I find anything about the show compelling. The story was original and had huge possibilities.

    For no justifiable reason at all they obliberated the pairing and left Kate’s character out in the cold with writing so absurd no one could make sense of it.

    After investing my heart, hopes and time in the show over the past two years I am now left feeling as if I’ve been stabbed in the back multiple times and had salt poured into the wounds. The endless Claudia crap and the absolute hypocritical BS biatch they call Olivia has left me feeling betrayed and utterly disgusted with not only the show but the medium. To learn that LLC has been gift wrapped a contract as Megan Ward is dropped to reoccuring is just the final nail in the coffin for me.

    Outside the possibility of Megan Ward joining another daytime soap I will not waste one second of my time supporting the medium in anyway. I’M DONE. All that is left to say is good luck to you all who invest your heart, time and hopes with this show and any of the characters – surely your time on this earth is more valuable than that – I know mine is.

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    Hi Regan , I read some of loose lips spoilers that Brooklyn could be on her way back on the show ,If that`s true that would be great for the Q`s and Jason. Oh are the any plan for Matt to work more with scrubs on more storys and where is Matt anyway .

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    Does Dante ever take a good photo?

    More propping and hand-wringing from the show’s favorite criminals, Sonny and Jason. Fun times.

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    I agree with who posted that Steve B’s scenes were great!
    I have noticed that recently he is saying that his greatest regret is his choices have made him not be able to be a father to Jake and he knows he will never have a family. He even told Monica and Sonny that he feels he will never grow old and he is a hunted man. Is the show preparing us for him not signing his contract? At this point I don’t see how tptb will make jasam work when they are writing these lines????? Give us Liason!!!!

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    Courtney fan4life

    eww Regan. you were a Nem fan. Both pairings are just bad but even I have to admit this is much worse than Nem. Nem were dull but Nebecca are dull and gross. And truthfully Ethan really has no place on this show.

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    I agree with ALMOST everything you said. I myself have given up on ABC soaps(OLTL MAYBE ONCE A WEEK)but Y&R is still pretty good…. Actually I was just reading the Y&R spoilers and you may be right…i’m just not ready to throw in the towel on Genoa City yet:(

    AMC-Cheesy as hell.
    GH-Insulting to intelligence and women on a daily basis
    OLTL-We’ll see Ron…been eefing up with this Stacy crap…FIX IT!!!

    I am appaulled the LLC was offered a contract while Megan Ward was taken off. BLASPHEMY!!!!

    ABCD is just gonna let Guza sink the whole ship rather than admit this guys a hack. Screw em’ then!!!!

    I’m getting ready to watch Alan Quartermaine,Lucy Coe,and Kevin on ATWT.I’m getting ready to watch Rick Hearst on B&B,and i’m getting ready to watch Megan Ward on whichever soap is smart enough to pick her up!!!

    Frons is a moron. Whoever his boss is is an even bigger one.

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    It certainly appears that GH is being sabotaged right into cancellation by the fools at ABC. If those idiots in charge don’t think viewers will take it out on the network, they had best give it another think.

    GH has become a slap in the face to the family values ABC is supposedly encouraging, but ABC has become a mockery of viewer friendly programming.

    The viewers have made their thoughts known time and again and time and again they have been told they and their desires don’t matter.

    When GH is cancelled because it has been sabotaged in unwatchability, I will no longer watch ABC at all, even for local news and weather. Why bother with loyalty when ABC has shown how they view us who think the mob-centric, unfocused show should be and can be saved.

    Goodbye GH, you were great in your day, but just like America’s infrastructure has been allowed to collapse through neglect in favor of shiny new pennies, so has GH’s infrastructure, the hospital and the family, have been forgotten in favor or the glitz and glamour of the criminal life. I don’t care about the Corinthos family any more than I care(d) about the Corleone family. Thank you ABC for humanizing the criminals, you should really be proud of yourself!

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    Question for all of you posting: are any of you ABC Insiders? For those of you that aren’t (like me), apparently it’s a select group who ranks the characters for TPTB, among maybe other things. Just wondering for those that are how you feel what other information they look at while polling the viewer, thanks.

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    I hope the postcard campaign to ABC works. I miss GH. I haven’t watched since they had Elizabeth standing on the porch yelling for Jack while Sam and Jason went out to rescue him. I hated the preview of the Jasam reuniting. I felt cheated after watching the show daily to see Laison. At one time I called the fan comment line to voice my thoughts on the storyline,but they cont. to go down hill. I now just check the daily spoilers. I recently saw where TPTB are moving Sam and Jason closer together. I would rather hear that Steve Burton leave the show as for that storyline to begin again.

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    I know a lot of people are hoping that Dante is an undercover agent but i really hope his not and really is in the mob. simply because i think it would be interesting and ironic how Olivia kept Dante away from Sonny because she didn’t want his dangerous life to affect her son and now it turns out that her son is actually in the mob. I also think it will be interesting to see how Sonny is going to react to finding out not just that he has a grown son with Olivia and that she kept Dante from him but that his own son is in the mob and that is the last thing Sonny wants is for any of his children to be in that life. I can’t wait for Sonny to find out about Dante. I’m really loving this Dante storyline so far.

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    Ethan makes me wanna jab my eye out with an icepick. I hate that character to the highest levels. Nem is freaking ridiculous. I don’t have any intelligent stuff to say today, just wanted to rant.

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    Thanks for the spoilers. Is there any word on boosting the Quartermaines’ appearances?

    Murder, Inc. is dispiriting. Sonny and Jason are mobsters. OK. How do these guys make money? Sonny says no to drugs but what other criminal enterprises does he use to make money? Why is there never any exploration of the cost of Sonny’s glamorous life?

    Why do soaps feature thugs as heroes? GH, OLTL, Y&R, and Days all have murderers or rapists as leading men.

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