Lisa LoCicero Signs GH Contract

JoLivia fans rejoice, Lisa LoCicero has signed a contract with General Hospital, according to Soaps In Depth on Twitter.

Woo-hoo! Just got confirmation that Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) signed a contract at GH!

This bit of good news comes on the day that GH fans found out As the World Turns has cast Stuart Damon.

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    I know people like her and Jolivia but I seriously can’t get over the fact that they replaced Kate with her….. the next wedding I get invited to I think I’m going to move in with the happy couple….

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    I don’t get it. The show’s nosediving in the ratings. So it’s not like any of the new characters are pulling in fans. (Or any of the old characters — the so-called “stars”– either.)

    It’s almost as if the current leadership is signing as many of their “people” to have them in place should Disney grow a brain and replace Frons & fiends.

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    Reba-I hope they explore Carly and Olivia’s friendship more. That would be great. More Diane and Max, Diane and Alexis and more Carly and Olivia!!!

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    I do feel bad, though I enjoy the hotness that is Jolivia, it’s at the expense of Kate. Kate’s storyline was great but it seemed to run out of gas fast once LLC hit the scene. I do hope Kate is resurrected like a triumphant phoenix very soon. She could’ve done lots of interacting with Michael now that he’s awake. Then again the same could be said for Bobbie and Mike.

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    Megan Ward was sacrificed for Sarah Brown not Lisa LoCicero. Once Brown came on the show, they stopped giving Ward much to do beyond being shot at or shot. Lisa LoCicero was M.I.A. for a while.

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    It sucks that Megan Ward was sacrificed Sarah Brown because mainly we didnt need her back, not as Carly and not as Claudia but Megan’s Kate had a growing fanbase with Sonny and the ratings were up. I don’t know why they had to go and ruin it. If I was Megan I would stay the heck away from ABC.

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    Now with Olivia on GH it’s like there are three women who are basically the same character.

    Olivia=Carly=Claudia. They are all the same character.

    And has GH ever explained why this woman is still in PC? What happened to her old job, house/apartment, family, etc. She came to GH for a wedding and just stayed like an evil cockroach.

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    When Olivia was barely on the canvas, I wondered why she was even in town. She served no purpose except to confirm Sonny’s strong sperm count. I like Lisa LoCicero, and I’m glad she’s staying, but they need to give her a legitimate reason for staying in PC.

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    I’m positive Olvia is replacing kate ever since she came into town kate started vanishing little by little, i don’t like Olivia specially that ugly mole on her lip yawkkkkk how can johny or anybody else kiss her, i like her to stay farrrrrrrrrr away from sonny she doesn’t deserve sonny.

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    Kate? I don’t understand what people saw in her? She was a knock off of Vogue’s editor Anna Wintour. From day one, she was snotty and cruel to her assistants and looked down on everyone. Whatever. What made her a great character?

    Similarly, Ric was a psycho! Rick Hearst is a great performer but Ric was toasted and buttered with freakiness and sociopathy. Remember Ric who kidnapped Carly and tried to kill Jason on many occasions? This is the same Ric who supposedly loved Alexis and Elizabeth but treated them like crap.

    Ric’s sole purpose in life was to either kill Sonny or be loved by Sonny. He was a twisted, twisted fellow.

    I’m sad that Rick Hearst lost his job but I couldn’t care less that Ric is gone from the show. GH is better for having one less narcissistic sociopath running around hurting people.

    BTW, in what world would a former mob attorney whose brother is a renown mafioso become district attorney??

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    I liked Kate a lot so I’m biased to this. Especially when I saw on screen them handing over Kate’s character to her..I first got it for sure what they were doing during her wedding to Sonny when she got shot. It was a lot of Olivia stills in that clip I had to edit out. It seems Kate’s wedding was more about Olivia than Kate. But I wish this actress the best of luck. In these times, its good to have a steady gig.

    I’m not that fond of her character but I don’t watch GH that much anymore for it to matter.

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