Y&R: Who Should Billy Be With?

Mac (Clementine Ford) confesses her love for Billy (Billy Miller) on The Young and the Restless.

Who should Billy be with?

Y&R: Who Should Billy Be With?

  • Billy needs to be alone. (10%, 115 Votes)
  • Someone else. (6%, 65 Votes)
  • Mac (33%, 374 Votes)
  • Lily (4%, 43 Votes)
  • Chloe (47%, 552 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,149


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31 Responses

  1. Profile photo of season1217

    I picked Mac. I agree with everything everyone has to say about Clemmie’s acting on the show (although, she’s a better actor than Joshua Morrow) but I can’t let go of my affection for the couple.

  2. Profile photo of ardentLESS

    I have to agree with you Season1217, even though it pains me to do so, and say Mac. I really wish I could say Chloe because of my utter love and devotion for Elizabeth Hendrickson but I’ve been repping Billy and Mac for so long now… even without David, even without Ashley, even with Clemen-trif (as in trifling) Ford’s horrendous acting… I have to continue doing so.

  3. Profile photo of babyc

    I love Chloe, which is why don’t want her with Billy. They have so much chemistry, but Billy treats Chloe horribly and she shouldn’t put up with that. For me Billy lost his sex appeal when he slept with Sharon, and all his charm when he started to whine about Mac.
    He and Mac are boring and lack chemistry.
    He and Lily were less boring than Bac, but still lacked spark.

    Just keep the annoying sob alone until he stops blaming everybody else and the universe for his screw ups, until then… Billy has lost his sex appeal.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    The actress might not be the best, but in my heart it’s still Billy and Mac. And I have to say that I see a little bit of improvement in CF’s acting and chemistry with BM. So maybe it’s not a death horse after all…

    As for Chloe … after the way Billy treated her she deserves better. And I don’t really see them as a love story. More of two person that have a connection. Something that Michael and Phyllis had way back.

    Billy and Lily I never felt. I’ve never seen Lily having actual feelings for Billy and it seemed like he just cared for her and she was the good girl he needed at this time.

  5. Profile photo of Visan

    Billy needs to be alone, sleeping around! He was such a fun slut! And I hope he gets back to that! I love EH’s portrayal of Chloe, but Chloe needs to move on! And Mac is simply horrible!

  6. Profile photo of Smitty

    I am so conflicted on this. I don’t really like Chloe. Never have, but I have to admit her growing up is making her grow on me but I still don’t really like her with Billy. When she is going at Billy I just roll my eyes because of all the mess she has done, but I digress…

    I did choose Mac because I remember the old Billy and Mac and I loved them together. I said I wasn’t going to say this on here but to be honest Clementine is growing on me as Mac. I mean this past week I have really liked her and Billy. I see the potential with Clementine’s Mac.

  7. Profile photo of timepass

    I say Mac because Billie is in love with Mac and should be with the woman he love.

    He does not Love Chloe, she was a booty call not much more than that, and how many time must he tell her he is NOT in love with her?

    I hope Chloe find a guy that love her, but it ain’t Billie!

  8. Profile photo of discodan

    I still think that Chloe and Billy need to be to together. Regardless of everyone’s feelings of BAC, no one can deny the chemistry and heat from Chloe and Billy.

  9. Profile photo of mooney

    I can’t let go of my affection for the couple.

    So if they put a wig on Zapato and called him Mac you would want him paired with Billy? Sorry Seasons, I kid. :p

    Seriously, Billy needs to be alone for a while before his member falls out from so much use. He needs to concentrate on Delia.

  10. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    Chloe, absolutely. Those two have the most amazing chemistry. But Chloe and Billy should only get together again after Billy realizes the great thing he has with her and starts treating her with respect and love.

    Mac and Billy are an absolute snooze. They can declare their love to eachother all they want, but I see zero heat or chemistry between them. I just see two people living in the past. Mac doesn’t even know Billy anymore or him her. Zzzzzzzzz.

  11. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    Billy and Mac have absolutely NO chemistry together! They are like watching paint dry. Chloe and Billy have amazing chemistry whether they are fighting or in a love scene. Mac scenes with Billy are awkward and painful to watch. Billy is holding onto Mac like a lifeline to the past where he didn’t have any responsibilities. That isn’t reality. All they talk about is the past because that’s all they have in common in anymore.

    Chloe loves Billy despite his faults and Billy has to loose everything before he can see what Chloe means to him. I think the minute someone new shows any interest in Chloe ol’ Billy is going to finally wake up and realize that him and Chloe are perfect together.

  12. Profile photo of season1217

    So if they put a wig on Zapato and called him Mac you would want him paired with Billy?

    No but if they put the wig on Kitty I just might have to start my own website dedicated to them. I love that cat. Best casting in a loooong time!

  13. Profile photo of mooney

    No but if they put the wig on Kitty I just might have to start my own website dedicated to them. I love that cat. Best casting in a loooong time!

    I thought you wanted kitty to be a Nick Newman recast. She could pull off being a man.

    Kitty=2010 Emmy winner for Best Supporting Actress!

    I loved when Victor discovered Kitty.

    Sorry for the OT

  14. Profile photo of qeeerm

    Voted *Chole* her and Billy are qreat toqether. Mac can’t even act plus she looks like she can be billy’s mother on how OLD she looks which is kind of creepy. So it’s chole and billy all the way they have qreat chemistry.

  15. Profile photo of Shescountry

    I can’t see how anyone who was around during the Billy/Mac “era” could choose anyone but Mac. First of all, those making comments about Delia – she’s probably not even his. With all this going on with Cane, I could see the writers making it so Delia is not his.

    Billy and Chloe may have chemistry but they remind of me of Sonny and Carly on GH – tons of chemistry but when together they are TERRIBLE to and for each other.

    Billy is a better man because of and with Mac regardless of the so-called lack of chemistry between the actors. I see chemistry there. It’s not a ton at this point but I see it getting better as the actors become more comfortable with each other.

    Billy as a slut may be entertaining but he really needs to grow up and I can’t see that happening with Chloe.

  16. Profile photo of babyc

    Well, as a new viewer I can’t for the life of me understand what they see in each other. Is all rooted in the past, they have no idea who they are today. How can I believe they love each other when it never have seen them talking about anything but the good ol’ times. Also, the lack of chemistry doesn’t help either.

  17. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I really don’t see any chemistry between Chloe and Billy, so I might as well vote for Mac since I used to love them back in the day and to me they have as much non chemistry as Billy and Chloe.

  18. Profile photo of Restless Girl 52
    Restless Girl 52

    Chloe all the way! Like someone else said Billy and Mac are like watching paint dry. In fact, I think I’d rather watch paint dry than watch these two try to pull off a decent scene together. Mac is lifeless and dull and I just can’t see Billy settling with that for long. And if Billy wanted Mac so bad why is he still wearing his ring and not filing for divorice? Because Billy doesn’t know what he wants. And Mac is no better. Shoving their past in his face and then saying they can’t go back. What kind of game is she playing? And I think Billy has deeper feelings for Chloe than he’d like to. That is why he keeps pushing her away. He doesn’t like that Chloe sees him for who he is unlike Mac who sees him for who he used to be.

    Right now they are both living in a fantasy of what they used to have and who they used to be. Reality is going to kick in that they are not teenagers anymore and they are too different to be who they used to be.

  19. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    I think Billy should be alone, but not because “his member might fall off from so much use”…lol mooney I don’t think that could ever happen to a guy…lol, but because he needs to figure out what exactly it is that he really wants. Sharon is driving me crazy, what a psycho. We all know where this s/l is going. And MJ isn’t making sense. But I agree about Miss Kitty. She’s my current fave! And isn’t it illegal to be sleeping around with convicts when you’re the ADA??? Or in Rafe’s case, a Counselor of the Court? Something’s not kosher here….

  20. Profile photo of Tinkerbellz22

    I didn’t used to like Chloe but she eventually grew on me and now she is one of my favorite characters on the show. She is spunky, fun, isn’t afraid to speak her mind and I love any scene she is in. I couldn’t picture her with anyone but Billy and vice versa. They spark even when they are fighting.

    I just don’t see any sparks between Billy and Mac. Just two desperate people trying to hold onto what they used to have. They may “love” each other but I still have love for a lot of my exs but only now in a friendly type of love. I think seeing Mac has Billy trying to to recapture the past and to me it just doesn’t work.

  21. Profile photo of BigDede

    I was a huge Lily and Billy fan. They had major chemistry, imo. But I know they will never be so I will let go of that.

    I do like Billy and Mac but I can’t get into that because CF is so horrible. And I mean HORRIBLE. They are having a hard time selling their storyline because of her. All my hopes for this storyline is gone because of her acting. I was hoping for a Mac/Billy reunion but now I can’t root for them.

    I heard Y&R put out a casting call and people think it’s for a new Mac. I can only hope. I still believe Becky Herbst (Liz GH) would be excellent as Mac.

  22. Profile photo of Kuuipo018

    Chloe hands down. Their scenes together are always great together. Mac and Billy, I’d like to believe them but I just can’t. Call it spark, chemistry, or whatever it just isn’t there.

  23. Profile photo of Shescountry

    I’m so the complete opposite of people that don’t think Billy and Mac have chemistry. I FF through all the Billy/Chloe scenes because it’s same ol’ same ol’. Chloe is a ridiculous character and how anyone has forgiven her for what she’s done already is beyond me. She’s freaking psychotic, obsessive and needs to get a life. You can’t force someone to love you sweetie and you shouldn’t stand in the way of true love.

  24. Profile photo of timepass

    No I am there with you. I see no chemistry between Chloe and Billie.

    I loved EH on IB but not that much on Y&R. I liked her at the beginning; she went after what she wanted and made no excuses about it. I liked that.

    But now she is delusional about Billie and frankly is boring and I dislike woman running after man, she has no self worth.

    But again Y&R is tarting to destroy their own characters, one after the other, so one more is just normal!

  25. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    I was a fan of the origional Billy/Mac and have no problem voting for Chloe. This ISN’T even close to the origional and doesn’t even rate as a sequel. Maybe if they talked about something other than the past or Mac had any sort of spark to her I could get on board. But they don’t and Mac is like cardboard.

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