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Here’s the Scoop! 07.02.09

Everyone ready for the holiday weekend? I am! Today will be Q&A Day, so ask away. I’ll answer what I can.

The question I’m getting the most… well the question I’ve been getting for a while now is the status of Steve Burton’s contract. Trust me, when we know, you’ll know and so far, I’ve got nothing more than GOSSIP and SPECULATION. Some say he’s still working out the kinks, others say he’s already signed. COULD Steve leave GH behind? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

CRAZY RUMOR of the DAY… Is Mercedes involved in the murder mystery? Is she the killer?

Derk Cheetwood tweeted this today: sitting in my Dressing Room figuring out how I’m not going to laugh during my scences with Bradford & Carolynn,wish me luck!

More tweets? Sebastian Roche revealed on his twitter that he’ll be working with Kelly Monaco. RUMORS say it’ll be about Alexis and the trouble she’s in. Another CRAZY RUMOR has Alexis and Jerry hitting the sheets. I thought she was done with maniacal men? Will Kristina have something to say?

Lots of news yesterday… Stuart Damon is off to As the World Turns. Lisa LoCicero got contract. Sad to see Stuart go, despite GH not using Alan’s ghost lately, but I’m glad he’ll be back on TV. I like Olivia, so I’m happy for LoCicero. I have to agree with what Jamey said on the most recent ABC podcast, these shows need to start valuing the talent they have and stop looking elsewhere. It’s a common mistake made across the board on soaps. Soap fans are rich in the history of their shows and the writers and execs need to be aware of that.

News also broke recently that Lexi Ainsworth is now on contract as Kristina Davis-Corinthos. With Michael and Kristina in the spotlight, the GOSSIP has been that the siblings will be getting some pals. It’s starting with the Kiefer (Christian Alexander) character who has been put on recurring status. Would they upgrade Kiefer’s status only to make him the victim of the car accident? I say TPTB needs to look into the history of the show and bring on some kids that are already connected to the canvas. Any suggestions DC readers? Post them in the comments!

On the run… with RUMORS saying Kristina and Michael hit the road after the accident who will be involved? We’ve already heard that Jason and Sam take off after them. “Dominic” MAY be in on the hunt for his siblings. Jerry Jacks MIGHT even offer his assistance.

Will Nikolas learn the truth about Rebecca? RUMORS say he will! Does this have him turning to Elizabeth? Who’s conning who? Ethan thinks Rebecca doesn’t have her eye on the prize and we still need to add Helena into the equation. Rebecca MAY be making a move to placate Ethan for the time being but when Helena pops back into town, she wants Rebecca to really work over Nikolas. Will Ethan help Helena? RUMORS have said he will when Helena reveals she’s got Luke.

What about Lucky? RUMORS say he’ll team up with Ethan to save their pops but it SHOULD take some convincing on Ethan’s part for Lucky to even believe that Luke is Helena’s prisoner. Are Lucky and Ethan leaving town together?

Mother and Son… We’ve been talking about Sonny and Olivia, Sonny and Dante but not Dante and Olivia too much. Olivia tries to keep her secret as long as she can but will someone else learn the truth? Someone who hates Olivia? Kate knows, but she’s MIA. Patrick knows, but does he care enough to remember? Olivia will not be happy when she finds out that Dante is working for Sonny. Remember I mentioned Dante tries to assure his mom that he’s a good mobster. Is there more to this story? Will the “accident” have an impact on Sonny and Olivia? What about Jason? Will he accept “Dominic” into the biz? OLR RUMORS had said that once working for Sonny, “Dominic” would be Kristina’s guard.

Karaoke Night… Spinelli serenades Maxie. Diane, Rebecca, Maxie and Lulu take the stage. Patrick goes solo? He’ll be singing with his wife too. Lulu uses the night at Jake’s to once again try to get Lucky to like their brother.

CRAZY and RANDOM… The Accident… the car Sonny gave Michael is involved but who’s the driver? That Kiefer kid likes to start trouble. More Jason and Jake? Alexis’s emails are out and ready to be read by all. Carly is at Casa Corinthos when “Dominic” shows up. Is Rebecca going to move in with the Q’s too? How will that affect Michael?

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  1. Profile photo of Mardou

    Hi Regan! Thanks for the scoop.

    Any indications where the Jolivia storyline is going? Apparently Sonny kisses Olivia. Does this mean Sonny and Claudia will be done soon?

    Also, *please* tell me that GH isn’t planning on pairing Kristina and Michael romantically. Please! LOL

    And are Liz and Ethan a romantic possibility?

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I do not see them pairing Michael and Kristina… they are trying to develop their bond as siblings.

    NO NO NO to Elizabeth and Ethan, gross.

    I like JOlivia, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they go with Sonny and Olivia. Some RUMORS have a Olivia-Sonny-Claudia triangle.

  3. Profile photo of Guza-Frons-Suck

    still nothing to get excited about. sorry Mardou but the thought of Liz with ethan just made me throw up in my mouth. I can’t stand Ethan and wish him nothing but a shower, a good shampoo and to have the marbles surgically removed from his mouth so that he may speak properly. Why does he always look greasy and filthy? YUK!!!

  4. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Regan-Is Derk Cheetwood Coleman? Who could they bring back to Gh that would be a teenager at the same time as Michael and Kristina? It’d be cool if they could bring back Georgie and BrookLynn but make them still be Michael’s age. Other than them, who else would be that age?
    Here’s what I don’t understand the most-What can Helena get NotEmily to do to Nicolas? Would helena want his money? She seems to have enough of her own..What is the angle here?? He wouldn’t give her Spencer for NotEmily….
    GUZAFS-ITA Ethan is the most disgusting character ever, even now that he shaved, he’s slimy and gross.

  5. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I am so hoping that Steve is staying …….
    He is the big reason I love GH,, SO please let him stay…………………
    Even that his character is so depressing …. they need to give Jason a life ….
    Have him with Jake have with Michael and the Q’s sitting to diner I didn’t understood why he didn’t stay last night………….
    And have him in love …………………

    Please no Ethan and Liz it’s bad enough seeing her with Lucky…
    And please no more Kiss between Becky and Ethan that is also gross ….
    Would it be cool if Becky does move in with the Q’s that this could be a scene that I can watch her ……

    I still didn’t decide about Dante deep down I hate that Gh becoming
    “All Sonny’s children”

  6. Profile photo of josser

    Thanks for the scoops.

    1) I want more Monica and Edward (especially Monica!).

    2) Where are Drs. Lainey and Kelly?

    3) This show needs more brown folks of the African, Asian, Native American, and non-white Latino persuasions. Can’t this show find any use for actors of color in meaty roles? What happened to the South Asian doctor?

    If AMC and OLTL can invest in actors of color, why can’t GH?

    Why can’t Justus have a long lost son or daughter who comes to town? What about Tommy Hardy? Why not have Gia come back?

    It’s 2009, and GH has fewer actors of color now than it did 20 years ago.

  7. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    Derk Chetwood plays Max
    Coleman is played by someone named Blake (can’t remember his last name)

    Regan – if Brook Lynn is coming back, what are the chances of having fan fave Adrienne Leon back?
    She could even attract some Y & R viewers

    Did look like they were screen testing Liz & Ethan.
    Another way to ignore the Liason fans.

  8. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Before it used to be young LOVERS who went on the run in the summer. Now it will be SIBLING? I’m sorry this is just too weird.
    And does anyone really care about the rather stupid murder mystery? Where is Matt? This is sounding more and more like the medical balls mystery earlier this year!

  9. Profile photo of maxsmom

    is there a possibility that some of this might change with the rumored rewrites because i am not looking forward to a summer of newbies even if they are aged kids we used to know?

    Also someone mentioned that molly was born before cameron and of course there was once at least 5 years btw micheal and kristina so i cant think of anyone they could bring back unless they deage Brooklyn and lucas who would otherwise be in the lulu/maxie age group, of course they shouldnt be the same age either.

    As for SB, at this point, i go where he goes so i am hoping he demands rewrites before re-signing or he leaves.

  10. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    REGAN-In addition to my other questions, do we know what happened to Matt?
    Thanks MRSNOAHDRAKE, I love Max!

    Wouldn’t that be cute if Max and Diane did Karoeke to “Jack and Diane” but changed the words to “Max and Diane”?

  11. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    There were RUMORS that Brooklyn Ashton is coming back. She would still be in the Maxie-Lulu-Spinelli age group HOWEVER, I don’t see that working without her father returning with her.

    What about Keesha returning? With a young son in tow that is right around 16? She has a Q connection. She’s a person of color…

    I would like to hear the fans take… dig into your history books and find me a possible oldie that could return with some kids in tow. What if Sarah Webber returns with a child around Kristina’s age?

    We’ve been clamoring for a Tom Hardy return. His son would fit in with the Liz-Lucky-Nikolas-Sam-Jason crowd but who said he stopped at one son? Maybe he had a child later on that’s a teen.

    Is Spencer younger than Cameron as well? I can’t remember. I know Molly is.

  12. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    My guess is that Dominic sees whoever Kristina/Michael hits with the car and promises Sonny he’ll stay quiet if he lets him work with them.

  13. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Ohh, you meant a former character who might have a teenager, not someone who left the show but would still be a teenager.
    How about Serena Baldwin, could she have a teenager? I’ve spoken to Kin Shriner and I’m pretty sure he’d jump to come back if they asked

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes I meant ANY connection to PC whether it be through a parent or something else. What if Sarah sent her kid to live with Elizabeth ala her and Liz’s arrival in PC?

    The Q Mansion seems to be a busy place. They SHOULD be on more.

  15. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Ok what about Liz brother ?????
    He has connection to Liz and also to Jason he his cousin … I found it stupid that they didn’t mention that he was Jason’s cousin when he appeared in 04?????

    Cameron was burn in 04
    and than makes him older than molly and Spencer
    Spencer is the youngest than Molly and Cameron

  16. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I thought so… I knew I was right about Molly being younger but for some reason I was unsure about Spencer. They’ve aged him past Cameron last we saw him. These writers need to be mindful of these things. SORASing is an inevitable soap thing. I’m not getting on them for aging the characters, they just need to PAY ATTENTION when they’re doing it.

  17. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    They need to know GH history ………
    I think when Spencer will be back he will be at Michael and Kristina age groups …
    And that will be so stupid…..

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    If they brought Sarah back, wouldnt it be something if she had a kid…she did after all have sex with Lucky…if she got pregnant the “baby” would be older than Cam….

    Ethan and Elizabeth together? That would make them EET…oh the irony LOL I like the idea of them paired.

  19. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    But the last time we saw Spencer he was about 10 years old ……..
    And now we don’t see him at all and that gives me a feeling that when he will be back he will be teenager …………………..

    Regan any news about what bad thing will happen that cause Kristina and Michael run away ……….
    And is there any hope for Jason with the Q’s more .. I hate that he left without staying to diner …

  20. Profile photo of Teach19

    Why are tptb and Steve B. so tight lipped about his contract status? I just wish he would state one way or another, because I watch Gh to see Jason. But I will not watch him with Sam sooo if that happens I guess I will be the one who leaves!!

  21. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    No one liked my Serena Baldwin having a teenager idea?
    I can’t think of anyone else, unless they SORASd like a crazy Dylan or Brooklyn’s nonexistent (yet) kids…
    I liked the idea of Sarah possibly having a teen son or daughter that turns out to be Lucky’s!! And the idea of Justus having one that comes back to the Q’a!! AWESOME ideas everyone

  22. Profile photo of maxsmom

    based on the actress’s age, she was just on SVU, Serena is still a teenager

    as for people of color in port charles, i think the fact that mb is hispanic and the star of the show is considered enough by tptb, though i have always wondered about Sonny’s ethnicity

  23. Profile photo of liason4real

    Sarah returning to town with a 14/15 year old daughter by Lucky works for me,,anything to get him away from Liz and Cake. Lucky needs a bio child of his own to fuss over, and nothing would please me more to know that it was with Sarah and she left town without telling him about it…

    I would buy Serena being around Michael’s age, it sure beats the incestuous vibes of him and his sister. Wow, going on the run with your SISTER…oooohhh…how exciting,,,NOT! The last thing I would want to do is spend the summer as a teen on the run with my sibling when I could find a hot guy to keep me cool…LOL

  24. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Revafan… I answered your Q question on pg one of comments… The mansion will be a busy place so I wouls ASSUME/HOPE the Q’s will be on more. As far as Michael, I have no idea how long he’ll stay there. He goes on the run with Kristina.

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    See I dont think that I could buy Serena being Michael’s age because I saw her for so long on PC and last there wasnt she just a little younger than Kristina’s age. I would love to see Serena or Brooklyn come back but in the lulu/maxi grouping.

    Sarah…that would work and then that frees us up for EETogether 4 Evah. :0)

  26. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Hey Regan do you know if Jason will be more with the Q’s????
    I would love him to be more connected to them….
    Even if he will not live there ,,,,,,,

  27. Profile photo of crown1231

    Carly Schroeder-Serena, was last on Port Charles in 2003. IRL she is 18. She was around 8/9/10 so it would make sense for her to come back as a teenager. The older Serena never appeared on GH

  28. Profile photo of friscowannabe

    I agree, Serena would be too young to have a teenage child.

    I have been hoping for a Tom and Simone return for a long time. Core family, hospital storylines, etc. They could have a teenage child.

    What about Coleman? He could of got someone pregnant, walked away and now wants to reunite and make amends.

    What about Jimmy Lee or Cecilia sending their teenage child to live with the Q’s. What about Blackie?

    Could Jagger return with a teenage child?

    Julia Barrett?

    OF COURSE I’d love for a previously unknown child of Frisco’s to surface. Imagine Maxi with a sibling.

    I would LOVE Skye returning with a sora’ed Lila.

    Could Epiphany have another child (other then dead Stan) or even grandchild?

  29. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Thought about it and perhaps there are so few people of color because they would have to be connected to the mob on this mob centric show, and since every new organization must eventually fall to Sonny, ABC does not want to offend anyone, though they dont seem to mind offending our intelligence with one bad sl after another. my assertion that jason has a type had some detractors but surely we can agree that sonny has a type and diversity aint it

  30. Profile photo of LC32

    That would be interesting Sarah returning with a teenage daughter that she had with Lucky and never told any one about i would watch that. Even have Sky return with a Soarased Lila Rae could definitely be interested in. Or How about this Brenda Barrette has a teenage daughter or son and come to town.

  31. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    i.e. Sarah Webber returning with a child… might not be a bad idea, especially if that child is Lucky’s from when they slept together. Could cause some conflict for that possible Liz/Lucky reunion, too.

    I actually would prefer Liz with Nik, rather than Lucky. Didn’t Nik once date Sarah, too? Or am I mistaken?

    As for SORASing Cam and Spencer, the problem with this scenario, IMO, is that Elizabeth still looks so young. If they were to age Cam to be older than Molly (I think Cam may even be TECHNICALLY around the same age as Kristina – in real time, I am not positive though), then Cam would look more like Liz’s brother than her son. It was kinda like when they aged Will on DOOL the first time and he was a teenager, and Sami looked like his older sister rather than his mother. But in that case I can sort of understand it, because Sami was pretty young when she got pregnant.

    I kinda wish Liz had had a girl instead of Cam, cuz if they aged her oldest they could’ve done like a Gilmore Girls type of thing and had Liz and her daughter as best friends-types.

  32. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    If they want to bring Brook Lynn back and obviously Wally Kurth is unavailable bcs he’s going back to DAYS, they could re-hire Kurt McKinney who played Ned before Wally did. He’s out of a job now.

    As for bringing other teens back, Serena is a great idea. Didn’t Sean and Tiffany have a baby who would be a teen at least? What about Tom and Simone Hardy’s kid? That would also bring someone of color onto the canvas.
    And what about Mikey Webber (Rick’s adopted kid)? He would be way past his teen years though.
    Didn’t Brenda’s sister Julia have an affair with AJ?
    She could have had his kid, or even Ned’s.

    Look how successful the character of Patrick has been by having him tied to a character that long term fans are familiar with. Much of the kudos go to JT of course.

  33. Profile photo of maxsmom

    i agree with you in principle but bringing on a character who isnt mob related means little or no story at this point in gh history. they brought on diane and she is mob related and has a love interest but still a once or twice a week character, same for dr. matt, on the other hand olivia is being set up as a love interest for sonny and she is on 3 or 4 times a week and is now a contract player and even spinelli seemed like comic relief until they paired him with jason in fact spinelli replaced a black actor who had family on the canvas, could you imagine that same actor with maxie, i could gh producers couldnt

    you mention kelly lee, once upon a time wasnt there an asian section in port charles, gh seems to have given up on people of color

  34. Profile photo of keanna

    I have to say that I am actually looking forward to karaoke night next week. I hate the fact that they screwed up history by making Ethan Luke’s son. Does anyone agree with me that the guy they have playing Dante is too old? I’m with you, Regan, I would like to know, too how TPTB went from trying to woo a big name actor (i.e. Tom Pelphrey and David Lago) to this guy. Love Kristina and Micheal, but hate the way they are treating their mothers. Jerry offering to help Jason, that could be interesting. Other than that save this show please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    HELP-Someone please tell me what happened in the first five minutes today? we got interrupted for tornados and I missed how Dante got from Sonny’s house to Sonny’s garage and if Dante previously knew Johnny and if so, if they said how they knew each other?

    I’d love Sarah having Lucky’s kid, Liz and Matt together, Justus having a teen to come back and rival Michael for the Q’s attention, so much potential.

    NOt happy that Michael only told Sonny ONCE that Kristina misses him and didn’t press the issue much with Sonny to get to know Kristina more.

  36. Profile photo of VikiLordFan21

    As far as kids they should definetly bring back Serena Baldwin! she should be older than Michael but since he’s been SOARSED im sure no one would mind her being Michael’s age. There’s also Sean & Tiffany’s Daughter or Son ( i cant remember if they ever said which), Steve Hardy Jr., I’m sure Jimmy Lee Holt would have had some children in the time he’s been away from Port Charles, so they could come back and Live In Q Mansion. I really wish they didn’t age Dillon & Brooklynn because they could have been apart of this new teen set.

  37. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    First off I’d like to thank Regan for that smoking hot, in your eyes (he’s looking right at me!) pic ;P of Steve Burton…next, thanks as well for the great spoilers; it’s Claw-free and I’m loving it!

    I also want to wish my fellow DC’ers a happy, safe, and fun Independence Day weekend.

    I like the idea of bringing in SORAS’d teens from some of the legacy characters. How about a half sibling for Maxie from Frisco? Surely he’s hooked up with someone and produced another offspring during his years of WSB assignments? Not that Jack Wagner has to put in an appearance, but he ‘could’ for paternity confirmation. :)

  38. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Actually, i’d rather have a frisco return which could help maxie deal with her daddy issues, sure JW is tired of playing the same sl on B&B, really i watched B&B for about a year a few years ago and i got tired of the perpetual square dance partner exchange of course Frisco is still with the WSB and JW probably prepers the b&b dosedo over guza’s mistreatment of law enforcement officers

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I am drawing a total blank on the tiffany/sean child for some reason. That would be great and really I think if its not going to be robert, I would love for Sean to be Sam’s father.

  40. Profile photo of

    Jasam is such a huge FAILURE, yet Frons still refuses to do what the viewers WANT and that is put Jason with Liz, so now they’re trying appease Liz fans with Nik. He just doesn’t get it. Jasam TANKED, because Liz fans don’t want her with Luckless, does NOT mean they’ll accept her with Nik either. BH polls #1 in both mags week after week, month after month. Frons HATES that. He’s trying to deflect and preoccupy Liz fans, they know we hate LL2, so he’s trying Nik. We STILL WILL NOT WATCH. This is politics, pure and simple. They KNOW WHAT MUST BE DONE. The ratings are in the toilet, they cannot continue this way or the show will be cancelled. If they don’t change things, the show is done.

  41. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    How can you say JaSam tanked when they a. arent together and b. KeMo has only been on once a week for months now.

    The ratings have been sliding for years now and it has absolutely nothing to do with either pairing (before you blame JaSam compare the ratings for the time they were together to the time Liarson was together). Good writing is the only thing that has any chance of stemming this downturn and without it, no pairing or stunt casting (the 1 week return of Holly for example) or creation of a teen scene will change that. And since you are throwing stones at my favorites, how do you know the ratings drop came about because of Liarson ending when Skate, JoLu, and LuSam ended at nearly the same time. If you are going to take the position that one couple is solely responsible for the ratings, then it just as easily could be attributable to a turn out from Skate fans or JoLu fans or Lucky fans that know he would get stuck back in LL2 backburner land.

    Oh and I will say it again..”the fans” dont want any one thing. We are not all buying the liarson company line here – there is a significant fan base for JaSam despite them having been apart for years and in spite of the character assasination that took place in order for Liarson to happen in the first place. Both fan bases are sizeable and both want their couple to be featured, so lets not use the royal WE thank you.

  42. Profile photo of liasonlover48

    ok friends,
    here we go again. Frons you suck. I heard that by september jason is supposed to have sex with Sam the skank and get pregnant by him. Frons definitely has a god complex. To first of all to make a woman pregnant that had a damaged uterus. Way to go you jackass!!!
    to add insult to injury Our jason has integrity so why would he sleep with the Skank who watched his son get kidnapped. So she saved jake in the end but does that make her mother theresa now. Frons forgets that all of us old time viewers made GH what it is today. And we are shocked and dismayed at what he has done to our favorite show.I have stopped watching since December 2008. Frons treats us like trained monkeys and just puts anything in front of us.viewers lets rise up and demand better. we deserve it

  43. Profile photo of Mardou

    Hee! Don’t be sorry. Someone else mentioned them to me. I have never seen any of their scenes together and I am not a huge Ethan fan either. :)

  44. Profile photo of josser


    I understand what you’re saying but I think you’re giving too much credit to the show’s producers. The show could easily add people of color as doctors, lawyers, or relatives of existing characters.

    One of the original families on the show were the Hardys. Their son married a black woman and they had a son. Edward Quartermaine had an affair with an African-American woman who bore him a son. Edward’s grandson Justus was an attorney on the show and he was killed. Justus could have a teenage daughter.

    Michael and Kristina could have a friend who’s Asian. Dr. Kelly Lee’s hot older brother could come to town as a new district attorney. (God forbid an Asian man might be hot and powerful.)

    A show can add people of color if it wants to do so. GH’s producers don’t.

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