DAYS May be Improving, but Ken Corday is Still a Blithering Idiot

Memo to Days of Our Lives’ publicity team. Put a muzzle on your figure head. Althought DAYS has been getting better these last few months— thanks, we hear, to the vision of  co-excutive producer Gary Tomlin, along with co-head writer Chris Whitesell’s ability to make up for Dena Hackley‘s shortcomings—every single time Corday opens his yap to insult his own show’s fans it only confirms what a complete and utter tool Corday really is. Here’s what the Soap Opera Slayer had to say to disgruntled fans of the two most popular couples in DAYS history— John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla— in this week’s Soap Opera Digest:

"For the ardent John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla fans, great, you can still see them at their luncheons,. That was then, this is now."

Wow, just wow. Forgive me if my memory is a bit rusty, but I don’t remember Coca-Cola telling beverage lovers who didn’t dig New Coke to get over it. Un-be-lievable. Yeah, this bozo wants to keep his show on the air! I guess DAYS recent ratings successes have gone to Corday’s head.

Whatever DAYS’ clothing-deprived emporer may feel about his soap’s former actors (Didn’t he previously go on and on about how much he adored Drake, Dee and the rest, and how it pained him to have to fire them?), you would think he would show more respect for their fans, you know, the people who have helped keep his golf club membership dues paid up on and off  for the past two and a half decades since those couples were formed in mid-to-late 80’s .

While I readily admit Bo and Hope (Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso) have always been my favorite soap couple—with Santa Barbara‘s  Cruz and Eden a close second— and am selfishly grateful Bope survived the Great DAYS Veteran Massacre of 08-09, and that I’m more than a little bit excited about the return of one of DAYS’ most beloved, tragic soap heroines, Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell)—the only woman to ever give Hope a run for her Fancy Face in my opinion—supporting DAYS would be so much easier if Ken Corday would just STFU! Why not let Tomlin give the interviews? We all know he’s the one doing all the work.

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    I am happy Days is doing better in the ratings, but Corday doesn’t have to be so rude about past characters, especially characters who are so identifiable with the soap that has provided him with such a fat paycheck for all these years.

    He could have just focused on the present and the future. He didn’t need to slam the past. I agree with Jamey that Ken should quit doing the interviews. It only does harm to the show.

    Days is an exciting place again. I love seeing Maggie and Victor more now and the actors play Will, Mia, and Nathan show great promise. Alison Sweeney is doing superb work these days and the pairing of Phillip and Stephanie is hot.

    So,memo to NBC, shut Ken Corday up!

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    Ugh, this man shouldn’t be allowed to open his mouth – EVER. If he wants to insult his fans, bravo he’s doing a marvelous job. I agree completely, Tomlin should do the interviews from this point on. It makes sense that he’d do a MUCH better job than Corday ever could.

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    As always Jamey, I just love you. I could not have said it better myself. Corday does not care about the actors or the fans. These actors deserved to be treated better, especially Mary Beth who I was always a big fan of. I am honestly astounded the man has a job after the way he behaves. I am more than a little concerned though that lovely Crystal Chappell will soon be working at DAYS with this man in charge. He says one negative thing about my girl and the fight will be on.

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    Let’s hope the show writers are smarter than their boss. If all Crystal Chappell gets to play is a “tragic heroine” challenger to Bope, it’s going to be a huge waste of a great actress. Chappell has grown so much in the last 18years let’s hope Carly has grown as much as well! Maybe Bo’s not man enough anymore for the Princess!

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    Ken Corday is a total piece of shit asshole, excuse my French. He’s lost me and a ton of other people as viewers forever.

    I just wish everyone else would stop watching this drivel. Mia, Melanie, Rafe, and Arianna are NOT Days of Our Lives and never will be!!

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    I stopped watching DAYS years ago (after Nu-Salem). I used to love Bo/Hope, Pete/Melissa, Patch/Kayla, and Kim/Shane. The show has a total disrespect for their fans, especially the longterm viewers. DAYS used to have a certain feeling that no other soap has ever captured. I get the feeling Mr. Corday will take every opportunity to jab at the fans, and put them in their place. Good riddance.

    Now I watch Y&R and OLTL. They respect their vets (Kay/Jill, Bo/Nora) and have great new stories (Kyle/Fish, Mary Jane/Kitty Fantastico). I am in soap heaven.

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    Can’t this guy be gracious? That came off as so arrogant! That is not gonna go over well with the fans of those couples. There is resentment with anybody being hired after these firings to start with. Does this help the show any to say so what get over it? Would it have killed him to be more diplomatic about axing all those vets that built the audience in the past?

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    Don’t forget not too long ago that Corday referred to the actors on the show as spokes on a wheel, making them sound easily replaceable. I’m sorry, but in all the years of watching this show, I can count the number of times on one hand when fans rallied at the studio because they thought the show killed off one of their favorite characters. These characters and actors matter to the show and the fans. Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Mary Beth Evans, and Stephen Nichols made DAYS what it is today and to ignore, let alone be ungrateful to that is disrespectful of the show’s long history and its fans. I’ve learned to ignore or at least take what Ken Corday has to say with a grain of salt because he’s just full of it. And don’t forget his rude comments about GL’s cancellation too. He’s a grade A douche bag! Too bad there isn’t a way that Sony could overthrow him from this show and let REAL executives do their work and improve the show!

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    The man is so stupid, I cringe everytime he speaks! I feel so bad for the Marlena/John and Kayla/Patch fans. This moron doesn’t know about history obviously. The show was MUCH higher ratings (not just because ratings were higher back then but because the show was on fire in the 80s!)
    I agree that he is the Brian Fron’s of NBC. And how the f*** can he praise Molly Burnett? More proof of what an idiot he really is.

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    I’m not a DAYS viewer and even I am insulted by this man. I think what’s great about soap viewers is that even if we don’t all watch the same show, we take offense to anything negative being said about daytime. Can you imagine if these things were said about Josh & Reva, Holden & Lily, Luke & Laura, Jessie & Angie, or Eden & Cruz? It’s just so disrepectful not only to the fans but to these actors who have left such a legacy to their respective shows.

    I love how daytime fans will rally even when it may not involve the show they watch. I’m a GL viewer and loved how even non-GL watchers were willing to voice their dismay over its cancellation and willing to sign petitions to save it. Why? Because they know that in this day and age, it could easily be their show up for cancellation. I take such pride in that.

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    Let’s see, Pratt, Fronz, Guza and now this tool. If the industry wants to know why soaps are struggling, maybe they should look at show runners who have nothing but contempt for actors and fans.

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    Yea, Ken Corday is a tool. His line ‘see them at their luncheon” made me think of Stephen and Mary Beth’s recent luncheon. I don’t have the $$$ to travel and most fans want to see their favs on screen. I was an avid ‘days’ viewer, but I could not stomach the Melanie show. I understand budget cuts, but ‘days’ looked to be a shadow of its former self. I quit watching. Now what happens? Their ratings rise and I’m left ? my decision. lol WTF? I love Alison Sweeney, but to hear her character go thru ‘baby grace’s death’ and not have Marlena there- just wrong. One of the last eps I saw was the Xmas one where most of the Hortons weren’t even present or off ‘upstairs’ taking a nap. Lame! Corday’s ‘words’ do not make me wanna ‘tune back in.’ He just pisses me off. lol

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    Don’t bash my golf buddy, people Ken is the Michael Jackson of soaps!


    So what your saying is, he touched you inappropriately and now your too ashamed to say anything bad about him. It’s okay to admit it, your in a safe place.;)

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    Corday has always been a major tool! You know, more power to him if this bloodbath has really helped save the show. I just wish he would change the name. This show is not “Days of Our Lives.” Just change the name and produce the show that you now want to produce.

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    I so agree with mmarlowem about changing the name of Days,but I will still Not watch it,K.C. is the lowest person in this world and to me and like everybody else says he don’t count and never did!
    K.C. can have his so call “Now” BS Show!
    No matter what fan base or viewers you are,to says this about his own character/actors is beyond BS and mostly to his own Viewers,*Gee who is the next Fan Base will he go after!
    What is he tring to relive his younger years,with having all young actors on,that can’t act!
    So glad I and all the people I know and they know don’t watch!

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    I agree about Days being a shadow of its former self. Maybe it will be different when Carly and Justin come back–it might feel like old times. I just can’t stand the new characters. I guess Daniel’s okay to keep now since maybe he will romance Carly. I’m going to be sick if he romances Hope. I’m sick of his whole male hoebag persona thing. It’s getting old. Shawn Christian is a pretty damn good actor and deserves better material.
    While I like Nathan (gotta love somebody with the same name as me), I could do without him and definitely could do without Melanie. Mia’s acting makes me cringe and Will needs to improve. He shakes his head around too much. Don’t care for Arianna either. With all these extra low-paid newbies on, they could have used all that money to pay a second tier actor like MBE or Stephen Nichols. Ken Corday’s logic sucks. What a moron. And memo to Ken: not everybody lives in NYC or LA. I know luncheons happen all over the place, but I live in Tyler, Texas, and I don’t feel like traveling to a major city hours and hours away just to see actors. That is b.s., and he knows it. His mother and father would slap him cross-eyed for his jerkwad comments and are probably turning over in their graves as we speak, along with Irna Phillips! Kick his ass Agnes Nixon, while you have the chance! :)

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    Wow you live in Tyler Texas? I live in Canton small world lol. The only actor I’ve seen there is Tyler Christopher (Nickolas GH) and that was during womens day out. I would LOVE for John and Marlena or Steve and Kayla to come to Tyler .

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    I don’t watch Days, but did in the 80s and this guy is such a jerk. He obviously doesn’t get fans and doesn’t care to. By making comments like this he insults all soap fans not just Days fans.

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    Theresa Chaze

    After 30 years, I stopped watching completely. The shitty writing, the casting of talented actors for hacks like the twit who plays Melanie, and the simple disregard for the fans drove me away. It’s simple. I have over 200 channels to watch, why would I waste my time on a show that I no longer enjoy?

    If Corday hadn’t inherited the show, he couldn’t have gotten the gig. Plain and simply his only qualification was that he was a music producer. Even then his parents had to get him the job.

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    lmao omg I loved what you wrote! Especially the STFU part…that was great!

    I have been insulted by Corday this past year. I really do think he is an ass and I feel sorry for the actors that work with him. Also, his show is improving but I am not sure how. Personally, I don’t care for hardly any of the storylines. Also, I am a John and Marlena fan and Steve and Kayla fan and I get that they are not on anymore but still. You do not insult your fanbases…especially ones that have been supporting your show for over 20 years!

    To me, it just seems like everytime I see Corday’s interview it is always “I like” or “I see” or “I want”….should it not be what Corday wants but what the fans want? Or did he forget how it works to get a show renewed? Actually more importantly, did Corday forget where ratings come from???

    I swear….Corday….I do think they should just fire him! Or…somehow throw him out of power. He obviously does not give a damn!

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    It should have read “She produces a color like no else on the show-pukey f**king green!” Every time I see on screen I want to slam my head against a wall and then puke my guts out. Graphic but true. :)

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    I totally agree with Jamey, Ken has made one bad decision after another, culminating with Days ratings sliding down the hill. He quit caring what fans think or want a long time ago. When he let Drake go, he let me go as a viewer. He doesn’t care, why should I? And believe, I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah. I’m originally from Pittsburg. I actually live right south of Lindale off of I-20. Anyway, that would be kind of neat for Drake and Deidre and Mary Beth and Stephen Nichols to come to Tyler, but I don’t see that happening since they left the show.

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