Last Week’s B&B: Jowen Weds, Bridge Collapses, We Trudge Towards Tridge

Nick and Bridget honeymooned in Hawaii, but Jackie and Owen kept them awake with their red hot monkey love in the next room. Initially, both couples had no idea the other was there. Bridget and Owen were the first to realise what was going on, and subsequently tried to keep the oldsters from finding out. What followed were hilarious hi jinks B&B style (i.e. pretty lame comedy). The youngsters kept smooching their partners to stop the oldsters catching a glimpse of the other couple, or dragging their partners into their respective bedrooms. The rest of Nick and Bridget’s honeymoon revolved around him being a grouch about one thing or another.

Owen and Jackie were much more fun. Who doesn’t enjoy watching the Jackster get her cougar on? Lesley-Anne Down sparkles and Brandon Beemer has come alive opposite her. By the end of the week, Bridget fessed up to Nick, realising Owen and Jackie planned to marry. Nick threw another mantrum and raced to the beach to try and prevent the wedding. Tough luck… they’d already said their vows and were driving off as he arrived. So, he’ll probably spend all next week being a grumpy old curmudgeon again.

Eat dust, Nicky!

Stephanie and Brooke bonded a little, but it was a love/hate, bittersweet moment. The old battleaxe couldn’t resist being up in Brooke’s face after finding out about Taylor and Ridge’s booze and pill-induced reunion. She may feel for Brooke right now, but you can bet that if Brooke were to get with her precious baby boy Ridge again, she’d be back to strangling Brooke with a telephone cord.

Thorne and Felicia made their obligatory guest appearance to express their surprise at the turn of events. Felicia’s current storyline seems to be showing up at meetings, weddings, etc. with that weird stapled-on ponytail:

Mr Ed for Felicia on line one.  

The interminable Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle lumbered on, with Brooke reaching the realisation that she couldn’t be with Ridge. He hates her son too much. That’s gotta suck. I’d have preferred if she’d had a realisation that Ridge is a mommy’s boy with a bloated ego, but I’ll take what I can get, as long as they break up for good. Brooke took things further than I’d expected and literally handed Ridge to Taylor. Taylor can give him something Brooke can’t – stability, no family conflict, and all that jazz. Holy smoke! Could Brooke finally be free of that jackass?

He’s all yours now, sucker.

Wednesday (Steffy) and Puglsey (Thomas) showed up at the Addams family mansion, and it looks like Gomez (Ridge) and Morticia (Taylor) are back on. An uncle-fondler, a car-bomber, an egomaniac and the Corpse Bride all under one roof. We just need Cousin It and Lurch to move in and we’ll have a full set.

Tune in next week to find out if Ridge’s pill-dependency was a lazy plot device that’s forgotten in the blink of an eye.

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    The only decent part of B&B is Jowen and the Pam/Donna feud.

    I don’t know. This show just needs something.

    If only Ridge and family could just take off for Forrester Paris, this soap would stand a chance of improving.

    The Ridge/Taylor/Brooke thing needs to die its final death. It’s just awful to watch Ridge and Brooke have a nooner in the office.

    This is the rare instance when I think it would be appropriate to put veteran characters on the back burner.

    Frankly, I wish that B&B would follow in Y&R’s footsteps and bring in a new leading family. Y&R replaced the Brooks and Foster families with the Abbotts and others. It’s time for B&B to bid adieu to most of the Forresters. Keep a few but bring in another big family.

    B&B is set in L.A., bring in a film mogul. There’s lots of sex and money there. Center it around Marcus’ father. That would inject more color into the show. Have Marcus’ dad be married to a Mexican American. Give them a few kids. Set them on an intercept path with the few remaining Forresters.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Brooke is FREE!!!! Finally! And I hope she stays free from Ridge like forever. I pretty much thought the same thing and was just glad that Brooke let go of Ridge, but the way she did it was actually pretty bad. And it wasn’t something that I expected Brooke to do. Giving Ridge up, okay, great … but handing him over to Morticia? WTF? Was just too much for me, after she just slept with him. And she was way to nice to him for that matter. I want the Brooke back that calls him son of a bitch. But okay … as long as Br-ugh-idge is over I’m happy. :P

    I really enjoyed Jowen and the Brooke/Stephanie moments. That was some great TV. The rest not so much.

    And Nick and Bridget? Oh couldn’t they have an off-screen honeymoon? They are just another couple that I want off my screen. Can’t Bridget find a man her age and stay away from that sugar daddy that already was married to her mother!?
    I mean it will be a May-December marriage for sure … but we all know that round number four is coming for them. :X

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    Darren Lomas

    Joss, you’re right – a new family would mix things up, but it might lead to too much Donna (if she was linked to the new family, plus the Logans, plus Honey Bear)… she’s okay as comic relief, but if she’s in too many storylines I start feeling nauseous. 


    I’d love B&B to mix things up with a great villain – someone like Mary Jane Benson or Sheila Carter. SORAS Thorne’s little psycho daughter (as Mike suggested on the CBS podcast – good call, Mike!) or bring on someone from the past with "issues", or a whole new character… anything, just someone to throw a spanner in the works and up the stakes a little.  

    Soapjunkie, LOL  If only Brooke had slapped him upside the head and called him a son of bitch… it would’ve been so much sweeter!

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    They could have used Storm as a villain, after he framed his father for shooting Stephanie and “stalking” Ashley. He would have been perfect and it were William DeVry’s best moments on this show for sure.

    But B&B seems not capable or at least Brad Bell doesn’t. Look at Dollar Bill … even he is a joke after being there for a month. And what is he supposed to be? A ruthless businessman? LOL

    Alexandria, I think that was the name of Thorne’s daughter LOL, would be perfect to become a psycho and go after Taylor. Which could lead to give this character a descent storyline again.

    @Darren: Oh yeah, Brooke had much better moments in the last years when it came to something like that.
    Good old times…:

  5. Profile photo of josser


    Maybe B&B should take a page from Days and have a serial killer come to town to thin the crowd. That would be better than to have an over the top super villain.

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    As long as Katie, Donna and at least one member of the Addams family are on that killer’s list, I’m totally fine with it. :D
    The cast is getting a little bit too big anyway.

  7. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Here would be my list of people to go: Steffy, Rick, Ridge, Donna, Thomas and Katie. These are the people I would get rid of and keep Brooke, Taylor, Whip, Pam, Eric, Stephanie, Thorne, Felicia, Clarke, Jackie, Nick, Bridget, Owen, and bring in Eric III, Alexandria, RJ, and Hope as the new generation of Forresters family to cost trouble. Something needs to happen to spice up B&B before the c word is mention.

  8. Profile photo of josser

    Donna? Oh no! Donna must stay! We have too much fun watching Donna and Pam having fun. Also, Katie and Dollar Bill might be fun. But for god’s sake they have to get rid of his Gotti Bros. fashion style. Eew! Open shirt, necklaces, and heavy rings reek of stereotypical New York/New Jersey Italian stud. How many business titans, even very sexy ones, dress like that?? Bill Spencer seems more like a Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione clone.

    Steffy, Rick, Ridge, Stephanie, Eric, Taylor, Thomas, Thorne and Nick can meet their maker.

    RJ and Hope don’t count. It would be too much to SORAS them to teens.

  9. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Soapjunkie – thanks for the clip  It would have been great for some of that Brooke Logan spirit to come out last week, I agree.

    I still have faith they may actually use Dollar Bill, although the writing so far is pretty lame. He actually made Katie bearable for the first time ever for me… although maybe it was because she was drunk and calling herself a homewrecker.

    As for the serial killer – that is a wonderful idea, Joss! Let me see… Donna (sorry!), Steffy or Thomas, Ridge, and perhaps Katie or Eric. I want the first death to be Jarrett and I wanna hear him squeal!  

  10. Profile photo of josser


    The first to go should be Rick and Ridge. The rest can go in alphabetical order or whatever pattern is necessary.

    I am kidding. I don’t want to see anyone fired in this economy, especially as we watch the soap opera industry collapse. Where can the actors go these days?

    It all comes back to the writing. The show has to improve its scripts. The show constantly repeats itself with the same storylines and love stories.

    Gone are the days when we had adventures or mysteries. I miss the days of Amber, Lauren, Sheila, CJ, Clarke, and the rest. Instead, we have the Rick, Ridge, and Steffy show.


    And the faux incest has got to end. Why do these people keep marrying each other’s step brothers, sisters, etc. It’s just unrealistic.

  11. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    The writing is definitely the weak link (although some of the acting is less than stellar!)…
    I still wouldn’t mind a killer or a nutcase to mix things up  It would beat the faux-incest and recycled "love" stories we keep getting.

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