Phillip Reveals “His Truth” to Nina

Phillip (Thom Bierdz) reveals his "darkest secret" to Nina (Tricia Cast) on The Young and the Restless. The look on Nina’s face is priceless. I have to say, Tricia Cast has been the best thing about this entire storyline. Did anyone see Nina’s neck roll on Friday as she faced down Cane and Jill? As Jamey put it "Nina is hood."

More pictures of Friday’s episode after the jump.

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    I really wish I had something nice to say about this S/L and TB. I really used to like the character and felt so badly for him back in the day (btw Kay, Jill, Cricket, Nina — he was getting it from all sides!) Well, if this brings Nina back for good and introduces P4, then it may pay off.

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    I saw this on youtube, some nice soul had put up the canadian episode. I found the whole thing to be anticlimactic and Tom Bierdz was really wooden IMO.

    Ps, no one does a neckroll like Marcy Rylan, the girl is “hood”

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    I would of made Thom Bierdz P3s twin that Kay gave away to Violet because she was angry at Jill for stealing Phillip away from her. That I would of buy, I don’t know about this. He could of being playing a darker twin that wanted revenge on the Chancellors for the feud between Kay and jill and wreck havoc on GC.

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    Tricia Cast is a breathe of fresh air on this show! They need to BEG her to come back and be put on contract. I really had forgot how much I enjoyed her character. I have to give everyone in this story props so far. The acting and writing has been phenomenal! I even enjoyed Christel Khalil on friday episode.

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    I found the whole thing to be anticlimactic and Tom Bierdz was really wooden IMO.

    You don’t tell the wife that thought you had been dead for twenty years and just found out you were alive and hiding that you’re gay and walk away. And Thom is portraying it like what’s the big deal. Absolutely no emotion. I’m starting to wish that Cane is the real Chancellor heir after only one day.

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    troymcclure and seasons after seeing this clip I agree but I am going to wait and see how it plays out on the actual show.

    I don’t really have much memory of Thom from his first stint but if this clip is any indication then I might be wishing he stayed dead but I will give him a few appearances before going crazy about it.

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    First, I’m willing to give Tom Bierdz time to sink back into the role. He hasn’t been acting in over a decade.

    I do find it disconcerting that he looks much older than Cane. I think Bierdz is 6 to 8 years older than Daniel Goddard. Maybe he’s just tired. I’m a little surprised that they didn’t trim his hair a bit. Eh..

    Finally, I still want Cane to be P3’s twin. Sorry, LML haters, but Cane really loves Kay and Jill. This retcon of the DNA paternity test reeks. It makes no sense. Cane dumping Lily for a loveless marriage and a chance to raise Chloe and Billy’s kid is pathetically illogical. Cane was in agony mostly every day that he was with Chloe.

    No matter how the writers spin it, the evidence is clear that executive fiat after the fact reversed course and decided to impose the idea that Cane was such a dirt bag.

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    Tricia Cast was once the star of this show.


    josstheguy now I love Tricia Cast but you might be stretching it with the star of the show. LOL i would have never considered her the star of the show but she was a great supporting player.

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    I agree with you. It would be a good s/l if they were twins. Mabey Kay could have another head bump and remember more of her past. I have been watching for years and these past 2 years have gone downhill. I do hope they make a comeback with something stronger than what is on now,

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    The best thing I can say about this storyline is – next to how fantastic Tricia Cast is – that Cane isn’t a Chancellor anymore and that’s a good thing. I never bought him as the real Phillip. And MAB is just trying her best here and bring the Chancellor’s back to live.
    I don’t know how I would of felt if we actually never had seen Nina and Phillip’s son again. And if we had, that he just doesn’t look like that Cane could actually be his dad – since Phillip and Cane must be the same age.

    They are trying to clearing up a mess here that began two years ago, when they introduced Cane. And for that I’m applauding. For the things that just seem a little bit strange … I think we can get over this in time. But I never could have gotten over the fact that Cane is actually real Phillip and is supposed to be in his mid 40s.

    With that said, I must say that I actually liked the explanation of the paternity test. Even though the big question is still out there why Cane gave up Lily for a child he knew that wasn’t his, but the rest works for me.

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    Please don’t forget that when Thom played Phillip all those years ago, he was wooden back then. He is not the best actor in the world. Having said that I am glad he is back on Y&R.

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    That clip is awesome and dont forget that might be the end of Monday’s US show or it could continue with Nina following him in the house.

    Is this before or after Kay is taken to the hospital?

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    I wish I could find out when they are going to finally end this storyline and fast forward to this day. I would like to see the end result of this. Mabey it will clear up questions.

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    josstheguy i remember those storylines but I never would have considered her the star. I always felt Y&R was well balanced show. If I ever had to consider stars of the show during the late 80s to now I would say Nikki, Victor and Kay. Anyone else is just great supporting characters.

    To honest during the late 80s the story I first remember from Y&R is the Ashley/Victor/Nikki/Jack storyline. Probably my favorite all time Y&R storyline has to be Shiela/Lauren storyline the original early 90s, with the Victor/Nikki deathbed wedding being the second.

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    Yes, Nina was always a frontburner character, especially in the 90s.

    Thom’s acting is just fine. He’s playing it cool, like he should. Sure, they are Phillip’s family, but Phillip doesn’t really seem to care about them. He also hasn’t seen them in 20 years.

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    Thom’s acting is just fine. He’s playing it cool, like he should. Sure, they are Phillip’s family, but Phillip doesn’t really seem to care about them. He also hasn’t seen them in 20 years.

    If he doesn’t care about them why ask Cane to pretend to be Phillip? And if he doesn’t care about them why should we care about him? Why should I be interested in him at all if he’s just a callous, selfish, SOB? If he was in such torment over who he was and the pressure that he felt from the women in his life then that’s what I should see. He should be in agony over what he has done to the people that loved him. ESPECIALLY, his son. You don’t play it cool. I should see emotion all over the screen.

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    I agree but I think that Y&R always has several stars. Someone can be a lead actress one day and then a supporting actress the next day depending on storyline.

    MTS is a star but she’s not in a leading storyline now. She’s playing a supporting role as she explains in her current interview in TV Guide.


    Looks like Michael Logan scooped Nelson again. ;-)

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    That is what bothers me the most, him leaving and no consideration for his son.

    So the story is that he left because he is gay and couldn’t live with a lie but you don’t leave your kid behind. I hope they don’t gloss over this little fact. Being gay is not an excuse for completely abandoning your son.

    I hope P4 raise some serious hell and doesn’t give P3 the time of day.

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    I don’t think that P3 left because he was gay. It was a contributing factor. From the clips we’ve seen, P3 left because he was suicidal and alcoholic and incapable of dealing with the pressures his wife, mother, and stepmother placed on him along with not knowing how to deal with being gay.

    However, I do think that he was an ass to dump his kid to find himself. But, mental illness, and it’s obvious that P3 was severely depressed, clouds one’s judgment. (At least that is how the writers are playing this storyline.)

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    Visan, I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I think Tricia Cast’s a great actress but I was never a Nina fan and yeah, if you look back at the history of the show, how she came into the show, and how she TRAPPED Phillip into marriage, she did come off as a hood rat.

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    @LuvErica: I don’t recall the exact circumstances, but I think Nina was a money-hungry skank, who drugged or got P3 drunk and slept with him. I don’t think she even knew if P3 was the actual baby daddy, but he stepped up to the plate! It’s just weird that Nina can come back to town, acting all self-righteous toward Cane and P3, but her character history is filled with lies and manipulations. She’s still low-rent!

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    Tricia and Thom did an incredible job today. I am sure Tricia will be getting a contract after this story plays out. She has not lost an ounce of her spunk and sass. If anything she has gotten better as she has aged and matured. She is one of the few actors who can go toe-to-toe with Jess Walton.

    I loved the scenes in Kay’s hospital room. I cannot wait to see Jill’s reaction when P3 reveals he is gay. This paired with Mary Jane and Adam’s reign of terror are keeping the show on fire. Who needs teen summer storylines, when we have vets up front and center.

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    Nina went through a transformation and became a heroine. After Phillip left, Nina had two more marriages. She met and married the evil David Kimble. Then she was swept off her feet by Ryan McNeil.

    Nina was Chloe with a heart of gold.

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    Nina is my girl. She is a strong bitch today and I love it. But I am so mad at P3 for the shabby treatment of his family that I don’t buy his explanation of faking his death. I would of made him leave town, but Bill killed him and I don’t feel that he could of faked all of this, IMO. They should of made him Langley or P3’s twin. That I would of buy.

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    I’ll never be a fan of the Nina character, but I respect viewers who think she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I hope that my opposing view is respected in kind…. ;)

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    Folks are forgetting one thing, being gay in a small town 20 years ago was not the greatest thing, even fictionally. And lets be honest: coming out of the closet is never an easy thing. I could see PC3 leaving and etc to ‘find himself’ w/ out the family, but faking his death is a bit much. lol Yet, who hasn’t wanted to fake thier death and get away from their crazy family? lol Bottom line: it’s fiction baby and lets just enjoy the story.

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    After watching today’s US episode, I will say that Thom did seem very wooden during the first scene at the Chancellor pool (but honestly not quite as woodenly-bad as he was when he delivered two brief lines on Friday’s cliffhanger eppy). HOWEVER, Bierdz finally began to open up during the scenes in Katherine’s hospital room. I fully expect that Bierdz will continue to relax as he has more scenes. For someone who hasn’t acted consistently in about 20 years, he can be excused for seeming a bit rusty for a few scenes.

    Also, reading an article Bierdz sat for recently, he said he couldn’t sleep during the 13 hours before he was first supposed to report to the set. (I would assume he was referring to taping the scenes from Friday and today–not the silent Langley scenes taped back in March) He stated in the article that he feels that same trepidation any time he is thrust back into the spotlight. I bet that Thom is feeling some emotions from returning to a set where he was once closeted and self-stifled and is now out. I am hopeful that as Thom relaxes and acclimates to the soap opera pace once again, he will give us great performances.

    So far, I am enjoying how all of this story has been unfolding. The explanations have been OK for me and I’ve been taking it day by day. I was actually thinking again this morning about how difficult it is to remain spoiler-free while watching the soaps (Y&R in particular). I believe that if CBS were to STOP running previews of the next day’s show, they would be doing a service to the shows AND the fans–and hopefully the ratings. Instead of telling us what comes next (and promoting the idea of “oh, that doesn’t look interesting–I won’t watch tomorrow!”) what they SHOULD be doing is: “previously on ‘The Young and the Restless…'” It’s better to catch a new viewer and at least let them know what DID happen so they’re not totally lost than it is to SPOIL what’s going to happen next. The internet/soap press will never stop revealing what story is coming (and I understand and accept that), but the shows need to STOP shooting themselves in the foot and make the viewer want more at the fade of each show–MAKE them want to come back the next day. If I like what I just saw, I don’t need previews to convince me to return at the “same time, same channel.” What happened on today’s show was enough to pull me back again tomorrow (or for the next show–thanks, Michael Jackson) and I didn’t need the previews to do that! It was simply due to riveting story and great actors. That should be enough.

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    :( , Her look is not priceless. She looks stupid. What woman wouldn’t look stupid if a guy tells you that the reason he fake his death and left his child is because he’s gay. I don’t even truely believe yet. You have one guy on the show faking gay and one that faked his death because he really was gay. Someone dropped the ball on these two storylines however that’s Y&R. We can’t expect them to be perfect can we????

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    Someone dropped the ball on these two storylines however that’s Y&R.


    Sorry Kristina but I will have to disagree with you. These two storylines are the best storylines on Y&R right now! These two storylines have the message boards on fire. I haven’t seen the message boards on fire like this for Y&R in a long time.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model


    I agree but they dropped the ball on the whole show. It’s a wrap! No more Bill Bell days unless they can get Sally Sussman Morina over there to helm the show and fire Hell, Slammer, and Heffer! Great observation. You must be an old hat. We know our Y&R!

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    I have a question and it’s sort of related…was Cane already in Genoa City working at Indigo when Amber found him online?

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    Y&R’s ratings are still top-notch. With 4.7 million viewers, it dominates. The show has its faults, about which I’ve written, but it’s entertaining! I’m definitely going to miss tomorrow’s episode.

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    Yeah, I didn’t know that P3 is an alcoholic. Yeah, why would he work in the bar when is is an alcoholic, LOL? The writers going to have to explain that and how is he going to explain to the insurance agency and the police that he faked his death? What he did was illegal and he could go to jail, yeah right. People in soaps don’t go to jail, except Phyllis, Nick, Victor, Adam, Jana, Gloria, Kay, Sharon, Kevin, John, and Michael.

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    Love all the sudsy story on Y and R! Preposterous stories and the woman who make us believe it! Nina Catherine and Jill are all the reason I need to buy into this story. Thom never was a good actor but basically he only ever existed to be a reason to see these women’s claws come out. So I am happy to have him back.
    I personally have been loving Young and The Restless lately. It is campy and fun and melodramatic. These are the best reasons in the world to watch a soap. Phyllis is in trouble and yet there is one more thing to keep my favorite couple apart (Nick and Sharon). Adam is evil incarnate and there is a big nut running around playing with a dead cat! What’s not to love!!!!
    And all of these big surprises lately such as Mac and Raul being engaged and who the heck is causing trouble for Daniel and the gang?
    Keep it going guys! There is more entertainment on Y&R in one ep. than all the other soaps put together in a week!

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    Soap characters do tons of illegal things and never suffer for it. If the characters actually paid for their crimes, they would be in jail and off the show!

    Most shows have supervillains who might commit murder or kidnapping or violent assault or financial crimes. Their crimes are dismissed because of a legal technicality or bribery.

    GL has the ultra wealthy Spaulding bribing judges all the time (except when the non-white Spaulding is involved. He gets to go to jail and have a felony conviction on his record!).

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    Would someone be able to give me a little summary or overview of Jill, Nina, and all the Philips? I’ve only been watching for 5years or so. My grandma tried to explain it to me (she’s been watching since the beginning) but she started going in circles.

    Just watched Monday’s Eppie (Canada one) and am confused and struggling to piece this all together. Philip 1. He’s was married to Nina. Was he Jill’s husband first and Nina stole him? Or was he Jill’s son?

    Another Philip was – Philip and Nina’s kid?
    He died somehow and never met his dad?

    Are Nina and Jill supposed to be around the same age? Or is Jill older?

    Thank you SO MUCH for anyone who can help me.

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    I think Tricia Cast is just rockin’ it! Every scene she is in – she just hits her mark and just draws you in…!!! Y&R should bring her back for good! I can think of a few people that could walk in order to pay her to return.

    Now that Phillip has returned and told Nina that he is gay, he can go back to his life in Australia. As someone posted – Thom is a little stiff, and I do remember he was stiff back in the day. I just think dropping his news today in a monotone and then turning to walk out the room was so anti-climatic. My gosh – this was suppose to be the “big news” as to why he faked his death.

    But Tricia has shown us anger, sadness, disappointment, confusion…she has shown all the emotions. I would really like her to stay.

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    Why traffic in stereotypes? I think it’s inaccurate to describe Dru as “Hood.” This is a woman who became a famous supermodel, the toast of Paris, and later a successful cosmetic executive. Why confuse Dru’s ability to be a strong women and her African-American cultural embellishments with “Hood” behavior?

    Dru was a mixture of her environments, experiences, and other factors. Limiting her to just being “Hood” compartmentalizes her into a stereotypical caricature. That’s hardly the realized, three-dimensional person that Bill Bell and Victoria Rowell worked to create.

    I’m certain that Victoria Rowell would be the first to disagree with you. Rowell came from poverty but never seems to define herself by that fact as a singular definition of her personality or character. Obviously, Rowell is not Druscilla Winters but both women are known for their strong personalities and fortitude in difficult situations.

    Rowell has always been willing to write checks that she knew her butt could cover, as demonstrated with her interview with Daytime Confidential when she discussed her experiences with racism on Y&R. Does that make Rowell “Hood” or does that make her a fighter?

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    AlistairCrane…I am watching the same show as you. I just am not a Nina fan and have a differing opinion, which I have a right to express regarding a fake TV character. Just as you didn’t appreciate a personal attack on the thread dealing with Vail Bloom, I don’t appreciate a personal attack in this thread simply because I disagree with you and some other viewers!

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    Nina is awesome.

    BTW, Christel Khalil is hot in both her acting today and beauty: Flawless brown skin.

    Neil (Kristof St. John). Why does this show never let Neil be part of the “boy’s club”? I don’t believe in violence but it seems that on soaps, slugging a guy is part of being a man. Why is Neil not allowed to haul off and slug Cane? Instead Billy is given the task.

    This makes Neil seem impotent. I don’t want Neil to be a nut job like Passions violent T.C.but if someone had hurt Victor Newman’s daughter, Victor would be allowed to slug her victimizer.

    (Also, why does Neil, a wealthy CEO, live in such a small, dark home? He’s a frickin’ CEO of a major corporation!)

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    Camp is not a sustainable model


    History proves itself that as long as the creator of successful soap is still there and owning it then the soap is cool. one of the reason’s why Y&R remained at the top for so long was because there not a big regime change ever couple of years. Even when he wasn’t head writing the soap he was Executive Producer and then even consultant. He knew the vision for the show he created. Sadly I knew after his passing away that was going to change 10 folds. It took a little longer then expected but it has come to pass.

    Look what happened to AMC and OLTL when Agnes left. I went on well for a while and then moved into an era of various head writers who were either hit or miss. When Agnes returned for a short time while the searched for a replacement AMC got better and well written. As soon as they had someone hired it was down hill again.

    Now you got a man who thinks good writing is sending off 3 women to spa and killing seniors with potassium Chloride. A man who was fired. And woman who wouldn’t know how to write a show if notes were handed to her on a sheet. Sad.

    As Superhead said: “Give my old Y&R back!” then maybe I might tune in again.

    But Sally Sussman understands how to write soaps. So I would take just her any day over them hacks.

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    I was going to mention Bierdz’s hair cut. It was odd that the show didn’t clean it up. It was strangely distracting.

    Of course, I kept thinking also of the interview I read wherein Bierdz discusses having plastic surgery on his jaw to insert implant.

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    Josstheguy, I hope they clean him up soon. He will look so much better with a haircut. I think he would look more like the old Phillip. I am glad he is back but he needs to work on his acting. I will give him a while because he has not been acting in many years.

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