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Here’s the Scoop! 07.07.09

RUMORS, RUMORS, RUMORS… what should a GH fan believe? Better yet, what should a Greg Vaughan fan believe? RUMORS have said the actor was put on recurring status months ago despite some saying that simply wasn’t true. NOW we’re seeing more RUMORS that Lucky MAY be heading out of Port Charles. Is this to help his “brother” Ethan find their wayward father Luke? Or is there more behind this story? Of course with the POSSIBILTY of Lucky’s exit/time out, there is much SPECULATION on what this means for LL2, Elizabeth and Cam and Jake. Will there be a Nikolas-Elizabeth pairing? Will Jason spend more time with his son? Will there be danger ahead?

Speaking of Nikolas and Elizabeth… I said I’d rather them than a LL2 re-do but I’m not 100% sold on them as a pairing. RUMORS say Nikolas starts to realize that Rebecca isn’t Emily and questions her actions. He SHOULD share his reservations with Elizabeth who is determined to expose Rebecca for the liar she is.

Dominic/Dante… from now on I’m just going to call him Dante. That’s who he is, there’s really no point in calling him Dominic. There’s a scene coming up with Dante and Jason at the Penthouse. So what’s going on with Jason and Dante? Well with Dante getting a job with the organization he’ll have to answer to Jason who doesn’t really like him too much. Will we see them working together? I’d rather see Jason and Johnny teaming up.

A doc with a broken finger? Who’s breaking the digit? RUMOR has it that Matt MAY be stepping up.

Is Johnny falling hard for Olivia? Will he lose her to Sonny? What will happen between Sonny and Olivia when the truth comes out? RUMOR has it Sonny and Olivia smooch but will he cry betrayal when he learns she’s kept his son away from him? After the above mentioned smooch, Olivia MAY be protesting a little too much. She swears she’ll never go to bed with Sonny, ever again.

Jason-Sam…It looks like Kelly Monaco got to keep some of the costumes from PEEPshow. It’s a bum ankle that has Jason giving her a lift. Will Jason and Sam find themselves stranded? RUMORS say yes and they have Dante to thank for that.

Michael and Kristina… Will there be more fighting? It looks like Michael’s duel with Kristina’s friend Kiefer isn’t over. SPOILERS say Kristina MAY be fighting off Kiefer’s advances. Will Michael save the day?

Accident… We have a murdered mistress and a political scandal but I keep hearing about this accident. Is it Kristina and Michael in a hit and run that sends the siblings on the run? Remember those OLD RUMORS that Claudia is the one hit by the car? Those COULD be true and Kiefer MAY know that the Corinthos siblings were behind the wheel. Will he taunt them with what he knows? Will Michael fess up or try to cover it up? Will it be too late to fess up when Sonny as his typical self thinks its mob related and is already retaliating before he gets the facts? SPOILER or FANFIC… IF Claudia is the one hit, RUMOR has it she’ll be rushed to GH and as they fight to save the baby, Sonny learns it’s his baby. Michael is insulted and Sonny isn’t happy.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Will Kristina learn about Sam bedding their step-father? What’s up with Mercedes? Is Steve Burton negotiating more time off and a shorter work week? Will Lulu and Dante be the next pairing? Rebecca and Ethan’s scam MAY be up soon but what about all those Helena RUMORS? Dante as a bodyguard? Who’s? Kristina or Claudia’s? Will Sonny and Olivia have more than just one kiss? RUMOR has it a phone call about an accident stops the old flames from taking it any further. Will Dante take off after his siblings in an attempt to prove something to Sonny? CarJax finally gets their new house. Claudia takes a paternity test and its Sonny’s baby. Will Claudia confront Olivia when she figures out that Dominic is Dante and Dante is Sonny’s son? Will Alexis be arrested?

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    Wow sorry all Sam fans but that is just PATHETIC, this woman managed to hold her own during her breakup from Jason, and Frons idea of chemistry is having her run around in a stripper outfit (no doubt part of some undercover PI work) and of course Super Jason to the rescue. Frons you are a mental moron.

    Just retarded and an embarassment to any Sam fan. I can almost see the couch getting Sam’s imprint back, and once that is done so will Sam’s PI career

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Some say Spixie is safe, for now but don’t be surprised if they get the cool off.

    I just had to laugh at the outfit… for some reason, whatever outside venture KeMo does, they feel the need to write it in somehow. Just write a good show and don’t worry about Kelly’s other jobs.

  3. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Hi all I needed to calm down from the memorial …………….

    I am sorry but the all Sam is wearing what KM is wearing from her PEPPS SHOW is stupid and I also thing it is an insult to the actress her self …. she is not a sex toy and I am sorry but this how they treat her .. so that Jason will be speechless …
    what about the respect that Sam has for herself!!!!!
    it is an insult to the actors to Steve and Kelly and to the fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeaa we know that they want JaSam and as you know I am liaosn fan but I got that they want JaSam .. but do they really need to push this characters and this comeback like this??????
    JaSam are good at the moment they are doing it good when they are showing them talking like friends and Sam being Jason listening hear .. why do they need to take them to the sexy thing…………………….

  4. Profile photo of ghaddict

    Kemo looks HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As a Sam fan I’m totally okay with it…

    Hopefully when Ethan and notEmily’s story finishes, they’ll be on my screen a lot less…

  5. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    And about Lucky .. I am not Lucky fan at all well since he took Jason’s son away from him …
    But I would hate that they will replace Lucky with the real loser Ethan …
    I hate Ethan ,, he is not charming at least even Dante is better than him and he only appeared for two weeks ………………..
    The show is down and they need to thing right now who to change it my ideas:

  6. Profile photo of ghaddict

    “And about Lucky .. I am not Lucky fan at all well since he took Jason’s son away from him …”

    I’m sorry, what??????

    I’m not looking to start an argument here but when did that happen lol?????????

    I agree with everything you said after that BTW (except for Liason)……

    If they replace Ethan with Lucky it would be totally insane and really piss me off…..he really isn’t working….I wish he and notEmily would go away….

  7. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    When Johnathon Jackson left as Lucky I was one distraught 15 year old lol but Greg Vaughn has grown on me I feel like TPTB just don’t like him or just don’t wanna write for him I was one of those people that actually liked him with Rebecca I thought it was different but I can’t believe that GH fans would want to watch Ethan over Lucky why wont the writers write for other characters anymore he’s a Spencer for heavens sake give him something to do! It’s crazy that their giving contracts left and right to newbies who hey might be able to act very good and i’m aware we need them on the show to usher in a new generation but GH is just going crazy with them, now they got so many of Sonnys kids on the canvas that theirs nobody around for them to date (TPTB please don’t give us a Michael/Kristina romance its just icky)

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    GH Lover, how did Lucky take Jake away from Jason? Elizabeth lied to Lucky and told him that Jake was his son. When he found out, he did the honorable thing and said that he loved Jake and still considered him his child.

    Jason had every chance to leave the mob and run away with Elizabeth he chose to let Lucky raise him as Lucky’s son.

    Millions of people adopt children every year. Are you saying that adoptive parents are not worthy of their children?

    Looking at what’s happened to Michael, Kristina, and Morgan, shot and kidnapped, doesn’t Lucky provide a safer home than Jason could at this time?

    If you had a child, would you want your kid to be raised in a mob household where he/she would have to worry about a parent or him/herself being maimed or killed?

  9. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Yea ghaddict I don’t remember Lucky taking away anyone’s son I remember Jason giving him up to keep him safe and Lucky stepping up (knowing Jake is Jasons son) to be his father. and yes Ethan sucks lol and the ratings prove that what GH is doing right now isnt working.

  10. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    @ghfan Lucky did not take Jason away from his son. That falls mainly on Liz and Jason. The fact is Liz does not want Jason near Jake and Jason is not about to fight Liz over it. Jason and Liz asked Lucky to pretend to be Jakes father to protect Jake.

    As far as Sams outfit I agree its a bit much and I am a jasam fan. I like their friendship thing and I think that can build nicely into a new relationship but it seems like they are trying to speed the process up now with outfits like that. Why can’t she wear a normal outfit and sprain her ankle?

  11. Profile photo of josser

    Lulu? So, it looks like she’s on the back burner.

    Kelly Monaco’s side jobs are a smart thing. I’m sure there’s a GH pay cut in her future. Why not bring in extra cash on the side connected to jobs that may lead to better, more rewarding opportunities.

    Steve Burton wants fewer days? Monavie must be juicing his bank account. I wonder what kind of pay cut the TPTB have in store for him?

    Sonny and the mob crew need to move to Jersey.

  12. Profile photo of JaSamLover

    OH MY GOD!! That JaSam photo gave me heart palpitations! I definitely need to make sure I tune in on that day.

    I had been fighting the urge to celebrate any sort of JaSam reunion that might arise. They put them through so much, and Sam has really grown, but I can’t fight it anymore. SQUEEEE!!!!!!!

  13. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    Plus biology is not everything when it comes to fatherhood. Some may say by Jason giving up Jake to Lucky he is being the best father he can be. While other may argue that Jason really isn’t a father. When it comes down to it Jason really hasn’t been there for Jake whereas Lucky has. In my eyes Lucky has always been the father. HE is the one that will always be there for Jake. Jason was more of a father to Michael if you ask me.

  14. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    No I am not … But I still remember after Emily’s death after Jason and Liz spent the night and she was ready to be with jason he came to her house and told her that if she loves her kids that she shouldn’t let Jason be near them or the moment that Jason got to hold his son and he came in and told him that he should leave…
    And I still don’t forget that he arrested Jason after Jason brought Jake back home ….

    Now look at Dante he didn’t had Sonny in his life and yeaa is a mobster Kristina is not with Sonny and yeaa she is putting herself in danger …
    I believe Jason will protect his son the best I know he will what happened to Michael happened at Sonny’s watch if Jason was there it would have never happened ……
    And I am not against adoptive parents ,, but for me as Jason fan Jason is better to raise his son…

    And I am a fan who loves Jason and will always think good about him I can have it ..
    I just hate Lucky but not as much as I would want Ethan taking his place as the Spencer

  15. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I love Jason to, but I do think he’s doing the right thing with Jake right now. He’s not prepared to leave the mob and he isn’t being selfish, he saw what happened to Michael the child that he raised up until Sonny married Carly and he didn’t want that for Jake thats being a good father. I’m not a fan of L&L2 but I do love Lucky if they would just actually write him as Lucky not this pod Lucky they have running around.

  16. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    I honestly would not be surprised if they got rid of Lucky all together. He is honestly dead weight at this point. Every time he is on screen he is fighting with Luke, Ethan or he is just hanging out with Liz. They never give any material that would make you want to really like him. I feel like they are just keeping at this point because he is Luke and Laura’s kid, but he is just taking up space at this point. The Lucky before the fire was so much better, he was he even ok when he got back from the fire, but he hasn’t had a good storyline in forever. They don’t even use him as cop anymore. They will probably have him arrest Jason though it seems like that is his designated job lol.

  17. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Lucky told him to leave was before Jason stupidly agreed for lucky as jakes father .. by the wrong choice..
    and Lucky didn’t arrest Jason because of the law he did it because he was jealous if Jason saving Jake and not him I still remember that when Jason and sam told Liz that Jake is safe Lucky asked her is Jason your hero?????

  18. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    The moment that JaSam are back as an official couple will be when I give up my Jason love because he will officially not be the Jason I know and love. That will be endgame for me. I just hope that Frons is happy when his big plan fails and his ratings still don’t go up and he will realize that JaSam is not the survival of his show.

    Hint – its in the writing, its why Jolivia works

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I am curious…for all of you outraged at Sam’s costume…how did you all feel about Lucy Coe ending every nurses ball in her undies? Were you outraged that she was being exploited? Because I for one LOVED it. And it wasnt just then, Lucy Coe had many a hot hot hot love scene. What about Brenda getting shot in the shower half naked or when she was in peril with sonny on the island trying to escape rivera in a bikini. Or how about OLTL. Brody showering, Rex showering. Tea stripping in the foyer of Todd’s house. Blair – (and often GH Carly, Claudia and Olivia)even when they are dressed its like not being dressed.

    If Sam was dressed like that and it was Lucky carrying her, everyone would be all for it.

  20. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Now they should have continued with luSam … Sam was bringing the spencer part in lucky they could have had great stories to tell with the Cassadine spencer love …

    Lucy became a boring character……

  21. Profile photo of txriotgrrl

    that jasam picture is really REALLY offensive. i swear frons/writers/TIIC treat kelly like a sex toy (as mentioned above) and “sam” like jason makes her go goobered in the brains. it’s so stupid!

    i am a liason fan but i will admit something. when sam first came on the canvas with jax i loved the character. she was fun, adventurous, and strong. as soon as she was paired with sonny the character lost all value for me (i hate that almost every woman on this show is sonny’s leftovers). she turned into a whiny wannabe mob moll but at least she retained half her brains. that disappeared when they paired her with jason. sam became nothing more than a charicature of her former self. she was written as a helpless damsel in distress with no trace of a backbone.

    then came the ultimate insult to fans of sam, which is when she was written as a psycho hose beast during the near-liason-relationship. her character has been utterly destroyed at this point. having her crawl back to jason so he can rescue her again… ug! as a feminist it makes my stomach turn.

    and frankly, kelly is hot as all get out, but those of you cheering this crap need to wake up and see that she is being used for one thing and one thing only: to sell sex. she is not being used for her brains nor her ample acting ability. she is not being sold as a strong woman with a good head on her shoulders. she is simply being used. shame on everyone who chooses to cheer this shit on.

  22. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I am okay with GV’s departure as long as he leaves the canvas alive and lucky can return in the future, GH should see if JJ would take a TG type deal, he could comeback and reconnect with his dad and when luke goes, he could go too, this would get rid of Ethan, and end LL2 btw will soapnet air todays ep which was preempted in nyc

  23. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    arggh tearing my hair out. The ratings are down..KeMo hasnt been on regularly in MONTHS. how on earth is JaSam, a couple that isnt together yet, to blame for the ratings dive. C’mon.

  24. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Maybe you right EET but as I remember that was accident not something planned ..
    I am not against Sam I like her and I like JaSam when they are together talking not Jason saving her and have her as a sex toy

  25. Profile photo of tracyk

    I’d like to know, why is it that every woman that comes in contact with Sonny has to end up falling for the guy. I think GH should just leave Johnny and Olivia alone already. Olivia had her 15 minutes of Sonny back in the day, we don’t need to see it.

  26. Profile photo of Another Liz and Sam fan
    Another Liz and Sam fan

    Can someone please explain why TPTB hate Greg Vaughn so much? He has got to be the hottest man in daytime, had mad chemistry with KeMo, and the one time they gave him a good storyline (drug storyline) he knocked it out of the park.

  27. Profile photo of growpeas

    I’m not a JaSam fan. I think that ship left port with her involvement in Jake’s kidnapping. That being said – I do like Sam (despite the kidnapping and her less than honorable past) – and I wish TIIC would sell the actress/character and not her assets.

    As for other Spoilers and Rumors
    Like Regan – I’d rather see Liz and Nik than LnL – barely – mostly because of my deep distate for LnL.

    Jason and Dante/Dominic teaming up. Yawnsville. IA – I would rather see Jason/Johnny. But, that might be because it takes me forever to get used to newbies. Dante/Dominic is, so far, just another new face and his storyline holds minimal interest for me.

    Greg Vaughn leaving? No loss for me. I feel bad, but the actor did very little for me. But, there again – it could be the way Lucky’s been written.


  28. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    As a JaSam fan, I can honestly say I kinda understand some people being annoyed with Sam’s upcoming outfit. I especially understand why Jiz fans would have their panties in a knot about it since Jason obviously never showed any kind of attraction toward Liz… just guilt and a bond over their son. Personally, I was annoyed a couple months ago when I saw that there would be a scene with JaSam where Sam would be in her underwear, but when I actually saw the whole scene, I understood why they did it that way. First of all, Sam had a good reason for being in her underwear. Second, I think that whole scene just showed how comfortable they are together and that Jason didn’t trip out over seeing Sam in her underwear, since they lived together for years and he’s probably seen her like that a million times. That whole scene just showed how connected they are and how much they understand each other, and there was nothing sexual about it. I want to see the actual upcoming scene with JaSam before I rush to judgment on why she’s dressed like that. Also, I think it will show the way Jason’s feelings have been growing for her. Anyhoo, I agree with everyone who said Sam should remain independent even when they get back together. Sam and Jason have both hurt each other a lot, but I’ve noticed that it’s Sam who’s been apologizing and trying to make up for it for months and Jason has never apologized to her for betraying her and hurting her the way he did. Hopefully Sam will make Jason work for it this time instead of just getting back together with him right away.

  29. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I don’t find her outfit offensive I’ve seen worse (yes I LOVED the nurses ball!) But I don’t want Jasam, I wanted Lusam but “apparently” TPTB thought breaking them up would increase ratings…yea that worked well. I wish they’d wake up and realize killing Emily was a bad idea I was a huge NEM fan but I want to see Emily and Nicholas not Rebecca and Nicholas. I have always wondered why they never actually tried pairing Nicholas and Liz maybe because Tyler Christopher is afraid of the Jason fans.

  30. Profile photo of Another Liz and Sam fan
    Another Liz and Sam fan

    I don’t find it offensive either nor do I mind the JaSam pairing as long as they explore the other aspects of the Sam character independently. They really need to expand on the Cassadine connection and they ignored that completely the last time she was paired with Jason.

  31. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    great post Mayjador and I totally agree. I guess what I was trying to say and didnt say very well is that the costume in and of itself doesnt bother me. Why she is in it and how she ends up in Jason’s arms is what matters – will it make sense, will it be well written etc. The costume-well there is no more cleavage there than what we are seeing in that pic of Olivia, so I really dont find it that big of a deal. I see more nakedness at the pool on a regular basis. And yes, I agree, Sam should remain independent. I think she will – hopefully the writers see the benefit to having her and Spin running a legit PI firm.

    I hope the stick with Jolivia.

    Poor GV…so much potential, so little support from tptb. I actually thought there was some possibilities with Rebecca. And nik/lizard…they should have tried that BEFORE NL came back and then bring her back as Emily. THAT would have been an interesting quad. Now it just seems a little icky. Lucky stood by her and is treating her well but the first time her ties to him are tested she gets involved with his BROTHER.(if they end up going that way) I know the Lizard fans love to bash on Sam for her night with Ric, and there is no denying that ONS was icky, but really this whole damn show is entirely too incestuous. If you consider Sason to be like brothers, how many people have all these brothers, fathers, mothers and daughters shared? No wonder there are rumors that michael and kristina might hook is sort of the next level isnt it?

  32. Profile photo of liason4real

    Let’s see, Sam in a maid’s outfit with low cleavage? Check. Sam in her undies/panties/bikini bottoms falling from the sky like bird poo. Check. Sam now wearing a Peepshow outfit with seven inch hooker heels? Check? Why? Sex sells, we get it….

    Now, onto GV possibly leaving….LuSam was a great fit for him and KeMo..they were hot together.

    As for Nik/Liz pairing? No. Why does Frons continuelly keep pushing BH’s character away from Jason? First in 2002, 2004 and now 2009…anything to keep Liason away from each other…and yes, Jason is IN LOVE with Liz…

  33. Profile photo of Another Liz and Sam fan
    Another Liz and Sam fan

    This may make some mad, but if they would just ax TG, then they would have the money to use the rest of the cast more.

    I agree that the LuSam pairing was hot, but unfortunately KeMo did not get enough air time because GV is not one of the favored 3 (SB, MB, TG). It stinks but that is the way TIIC think.

  34. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    liason4real… I’m sorry, but it’s time to let go. If Jason loved Liz, he would have been with her just like he was with every other woman he actually did love, like Robin, Courtney, and Sam. Jason never paid attention to Liz until she got pregnant with his kid, PERIOD!!! And the only reason he was sorta with her when he and Sam broke up was because Liz was stalking him and crying to him every other day about how much she loved him. I guess she didn’t love him enough to let him be a father to his own son… just enough to satisfy her own lust. Go back and watch some of the scenes when Jason let Liz down, like when he stood her up for that Italy trip, among other things. Liz was so broken hearted and Jason acted like he didn’t even care. He was NEVER like that with Sam. Trust me, when JaSam get back together, he won’t be using that tired excuse he used with Liz to keep her away. He’ll actually WANT TO BE with Sam like he did before.

  35. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I just wish they had more women driving story on this show. I don’t see why they have to be attached to a fictional cajones in order to be viable in this day and age. It saddens me that GH is so “couple oriented” when the character is out of the couple they rendered them useless.

    Most characters can’t stand on their own without being fitted in a pairing. I’m hoping that better writing of women will solve this issue for me.

    Its a very serious one on this show because of their allowing who can be on screen with whom in order to sell a pairing to the masses. I just wish they would tell good stories. I want a story that serves a different purpose than propping and pimping their favs” a good story” for all of their cast not just a selected few.

    I have a character like Alexis who gets no pairing while others are being orchestrated and newbies getting pairings. I wish they would orchestrate her a love interest other than an off screen shag with the mayor. How about a May/December fling with Matt/Alexis since he hasn’t had anything in over a year.

    As for seeing Jason like this, its really sad for me right now as a Jason fan. He’s just a vehicle and has become a Prop for their fav and that’s about it.

    I can say I hope Steve doesn’t re-sign but I am sure he will IMO.

    As for letting go I go by dialog Jason said he loved Elizabeth just like he said he loved all his women not sure about Keisha…I can only go by what the character says. And he said it repeatedly so “he did love her” and supposedly still does…they broke ties because of safety not because they didn’t love each other.

    As for letting go I think many fans have so no advice needed.

    Jason got a 1.7 rating on his heavy days “solo” and with his appoendage 1.8 So it seems some fans “have let go” and have “moved on” to other programming.

  36. Profile photo of coolblue

    Instead of focusing on costumes or lack thereof according to the picture, I want GH to concentrate on writing better storylines. Why is this concept so difficult to understand at GH? I think it is pathetic for Sam to be in this outfit when omly a couple months ago she was in her underwear. Why repeat a contrived plot point which will ultimately have no point to any s/l on the show? Does GH recall that her previous underwear scene garnered a terrible rating? This scene is being promoted and I don’t see the ratings going up on this day. I omly hope that GH wakes up soon before it is too late.
    As for Nik/Liz–no way do I want to see their friendship ruined. Liz would never consciously go after Nik that way who happens to be her former brother-in-law, and Emily’s (her best friend) one true love. I always liked the friendship between Nik/Liz, just like the friendship between Jax/Alexis.

  37. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Does that really say Sam has a bum ankle and Jason has to carry her? Take off the silly shoes and walk on your own two feet. Seriously, people really believe that the stripper has even one brain cell in her head? Sam couldn’t find the bedroom in her own apartment. People are going to hire her as a P.I. This show sinks to new levels of stupidity every single day.

  38. Profile photo of liason4real

    mayjadjor,,,I will never let go of Liason, just as you will always hold on to the possibility of JaSam EVER going romantic.

    Jason stated several times that he is IN LOVE with Liz,,,they broke up because of Jake’s manufactured, orchestrated ABC Daytime President with an agenda pimping of a certain actress, NOT, because of the direction of the shows writers.. Let Guza tell his story and NOT the ones dictated by Frons. I’m a Jason fan, he would NEVER spend any time with a woman who endangered a child, especially his own….This is all on Frons and not a character driven storyline between Jason and Sam…

  39. Profile photo of LC32

    I’m a huge Greg Vaughan fan i love the character of Lucky Spencer and i loved LuSam as a matter a fact i still do i felt like that pairing had a lot of potential from the beginning it was great Sam worked great with Lucky she brought out the Spencer out of him. i think that LuSam had great potential if only they would have played it out right. i use to like LL2 but now i think their just to played out. I really don’t like JaSam CAN’T STAND THEM but that doesn’t mean i like Liason i think Liason is BORING. Hate Ethan and that whole NotEmily with Nickolas redo so disgusting hate it i kind of actually liked the whole idea of Rebecca and Lucky. I would not want JJ to play Lucky again simply because i feel he just wouldn’t fit right to the role again he was good when he played the younger version of Lucky but now i feel like Greg v. is best for the older version.


  40. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    I can’t wait for something more to happen between Jason and Sam. I have been loving them becoming friends again and him confiding in her all the time now. I’m glad that they didn’t rush into anything but I am definantly ready for something more to happen between them. I do hope that they keep Sam independent and not have her rely on Jason for everything. I have always been a fan of theirs.

    As for the exit of GV i would be sad to see him go but I do think he can find another show that will give him the respect he deserves. I was never a fan of LuSam. I don’t think they had any chemistry. I was a fan of L&L but now it doesn’t seem to work. I would much rather see Liz paired with Nik. I think they would be a great couple together.

  41. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    LC32 – I have a feeling that when Sonny finds out that Olivia had his child we will see lot of barware get thrown. I have seen that a lot over the years and would like something new.

    As for Sam – The only reason she is dressed the way she is in the photo is that TPTB want to see her dressed that way. It was the reason she was in her underwear when she was “forced” to jump out of a window into Jason’s arms. It was the reasoning behind her many hot tub scenes. There is nothing organic about these scenes. The scenes are written around the idea of getting the actress unclothed.

    I always liked Lucy Coe. The only things Sam and Lucy have in common is GH and underwear. Lucy ended up in her underwear because Lucy was comic relief. Lucy was all heart and gave everything to the Nurse’s Ball including her clothes. Sam is constantly heralded as a heroine by her fans and she is far from it. She is just incompetent and useless. Sam loses her clothing because nudity is all she has to offer. I can’t believe anyone would compare the great Lynn Herring to Kelly Monaco.

  42. Profile photo of brummer500

    OK here we go…mayjadjor, really? are you typing all that with a straight face, YOU need to go back and watch youtube, watch how many times Jason walks out of his apartment leaving Sam standing there crying, she cried so much she should be water logged. I don’t care who Jason is with….business comes first, period. Jason paid attention to Liz for years and years, before Jake was born, they have had a bond forever. He told her in the cabin, (during the rain) that she was “perfect” and he wanted to be with her forever, but he couldn’t. I am sure he loved Sam once but trust me, if they were writing Jason true to character, when she put Jake in danger, he would not have said “I will KILL you”, he would have shot her between the eyes. That is why I can not buy this “romance” between Jason and Sam, he should be DONE with her, and anyone who knows Jason’s true character knows this. So yea, this kinda kills my Jason love. They are dressing Sam up like a stripper to get Jason’s attention, that is the only way he will notice her, Liz did not dress like a slut, Jason just wanted to love her for who she is, but Sam, he just wants to screw like a hooker, no feelings, just sex. I do not know who earlier said that they will have to wait and see what the reason is that sam is dressed like a stripper to see if it is a good story line, seriously? GH a good story line? The writers do not know what that means……later

  43. Profile photo of justloveskate

    Why can’t TPTB leave Sam’s clothes on and have her using her brains to solve a case? Have Jason, or any other male, be wowed by her PI skills???? Dressing her like a hooker is an insult to the actress as well as the fans. All it does is fan the flames of the Sam haters and create heated discussions with fans who feel the need to defend her. Maybe that is their intenton. IMHO better writing and s/l’s showing ANY female actress as strong, smart and independent would go a long way in the ratings.

  44. Profile photo of blackjack21

    regan, having watched the show yesterday, i was wondering if there will be any wrap up to kate’s leaving. I mean the convo between sonny/olivia/claudia, was like kate never existed and olivia was the huge love of sonny’s pre-pc days and kate was some afterthought. what a disgrace. will we never see the lovely megan again, much less hear about her?

  45. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I don’t understand how they can determine the ratings the day of a show. For example, if I don’t like seeing Sam dressed like that and on the day it’s aired I turn off GH, wouldn’t the ratings recorder show that I still watched it that day since I initially had it on? If I tuned out the next day I could see them recognizing that I did not like the show the day BEFORE. How does it work?

  46. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    That sucks that it could air on soapnet, what about the people that don’t receive it? They have to just pick up on todays without knowing what happened? (not that that would be too hard but I like to see everything that happens)
    Can I watch it on soapnet online?

  47. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    There was no new episode aired yesterday. All ABC soaps were preempted. What should have aired yesterday will be on today.

    Really, only Nielsen households count for ratings.

    Just to clarify… My comment on Kelly’s outfit was not outrage over the outfit itself. I don’t find that offensive. I was laughing at the obvious lack of original thought in the writer’s room, Fron’s head and Guza’s world that they must use one of Kelly’s outside gigs yet again on the show. She got a fair amount of press for appearing in PEEPshow and GH is trying to capitalize on that much as they did when she was on DWTS. I’d much rather see a good story penned for Sam than some plot point so that they may put her in a PEEPshow like costume.

  48. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Regan – I don’t think any reader thought you found the outfit offensive. I certainly didn’t interpret your comments that way.

    I don’t find the costume offensive. Someone said that she is wearing more in the photo than most women wear at the beach. That is certainly true. I find the lack of creativity on the writers part offensive. I think it is offensive that these show runners don’t place any value on women’s minds. I think it is offensive that the viewers intelligence is undervalued everyday. I feel bad for Kelly Monaco because she is treated like a piece of meat and embraces this as a way to make money. I feel bad for the actresses who do not get screentime because TPTB have no desire to see them in their underwear or they value themselves too much to cheapen themselves.

    I find it really offensive that GH has been turned into some silly high school boys fantasy. I find comparing Sam to Lucy as offensive. Lucy Coe actually had dialog that was part of a storyline. Sam just takes her clothes off and screams to Jason for help.

  49. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Okay, Liz had a hissy fit and went off on Courtney when Jason chose Courtney over her. She slapped Courtney even though she wasn’t even with Jason at the time, and she made herself look like an ass. Then, while he was with Sam, Liz lurked in the shadows and stalked Jason even though it was very clear to everyone that he was in love with Sam. When he and Sam broke up the first time, it was Liz who was always following him around and showing up and the only reason he had sex with her was because he just caught Sam with Ric. (I think we can all agree that was icky) Then, Jason and Sam go into angst mode because each had sex with other people, but it was still clear that he loved Sam, NOT LIZ! Then, he and Sam got back together, and Liz sat around and longed for Jason even though everyone – Sonny, Carly, even Emily – told Liz that Jason loved Sam and not her. Jason and Liz bonded over the fact that she had his baby and they were keeping it a secret from other people. This story played out exactly the way it was written. The whole Liason storyline was about a woman who was way more in love with a man than he was with her and even after all the crap she pulled to get him, it didn’t work out in the end because they are WRONG for each other. By the way, anyone who says they are not writing Jason true to character, I can feel your pain, because they were NOT writing Sam true to character when they got her involved in that kidnapping and the other incident in the park. Sam would have never done that to Jason’s child or any child, and it was the only way they could make it plausable for Jason to leave her for Liz. Whew…. it’s hard work commenting on a Liason loving/JaSam hating website!!

  50. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Wow, I find both sides of this argument to be equally true and compelling, probably due to the writers’ lack of ability to write both, the JaSam and the Liason storyllines properly.
    If I was on the jury I’d have no idea which woman I’d pick for Jason to be with. It would just depend on how it was written…

  51. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    mayjadjor….i agree with you totally. Good post. I do remember Liz throwing a hissy fit when Jason was with Courtney. Liz has always been following jason when it was clear he was not interested. They have never really ever been a couple. I feel they would be writing Liz out of character if they paired her with jason. Liz is suppose to be some pure, wholesome character there is no way that she would put her family in jeapordy to be with Jason which is what the writers finally realized by having her stop chasing Jason.

  52. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Yeah I love how Sam fans call it stalking when she was being what she always was to Jason…a friend. And sorry but was she hiding behind doors, looking in keyholes..NO

    Jason has never stopped loving Liz since Jake was born, and Sam fans can’t say that. Jason might fall back in love with Sam, but you dont tell a woman you love that you will kill them. I mean in Port Chuck we just shoot them in the head.

    I am not offended by the costume I am offended that the writers think I find that a necessity for me to believe in this couple again.

    And like I said earlier I cant wait for JaSam so all doubt can be elminated when the ratings dont go up, that its not recycled crap that’s needed

  53. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    So if JaSam reunites and the ratings stay the same or continue to slide that proves that they are a failure what did it mean when the writers broke up JaSam in favor of Jiz and the ratings went down. Go* darn am I tired of people actually arguing that one couple could sick or save a show.

    The stalking was Sam saying, hey we are trying to work things out can you give us some space, and yet there was Lizotard hanging around the penthouse, leaving her scarf, hanging out on the docks etc. etc. anywhere to run in to Jason. I actually saw a JaSam video – it was suppose to be about the magic of the couple – but kind of ironically was the fact that in the background of almost every scene from that time period there was Lizard rolling her head and/or staring daggers. She kept popping up worse than a whack-a-mole.

    Oh and if Jason really meant what he said about killing Sam, he just would have acted on it instead of talking about it.

  54. Profile photo of

    Jasam just sharing scenes brings the lowest rated dailies in GH history, now they’re going to dress her like a whore to try and show some sort of chemistry? She went after HIS KID. That is why the ratings tank everytime they share a scene. Frons MUST get over his thing for Kemo, if he doesn’t GH is done and the haters will completely blame it on Jasam, 100%. When something doesn’t work (and they’ve had 7 months to prove themselves) you scrap it. This is a failure of EPIC porportions, have never seen anything like this, what could Frons be thinking? God, put some clothes on that girl, it just makes her look more and more pathetic. Jason obviously still loves Liz, Burton makes sure the eye sex is there everytime they have a 5 second scene, why continue to show Sam humiliate herself and be second best again, dressed like a hooker. So dumb.

  55. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Do you watch the show? In what universe have Jason and Sam had seven months to prove themselves? And again, I ask this all the time to Jiz fans and get no response, if they are this big time successful couple, how do you explain the ratings going DOWN when the moved from JaSam to Jiz.

    Moreover, KeMo doesnt write the scripts, so it has nothing to do with the actress. Frons doesnt need to fire Kelly, he needs to get better writers.

    Eye sex…I like that one…esp. since Jason seemed to have more fun getting shot by Sam than he ever did having sex with Lizard. Not a good sign LOL.

  56. Profile photo of

    Between November and March when she left to strip they were on screen 35 out of 42 days, that is MORE than Liason EVER got. Liason got a baby, no story, don’t believe me, ask Burton, as that’s what he’s been whining about for 2 years. Now when EVER Sam is there, she’s up Jason’s ass, and YES they are ALWAYS the lowest rated days. This isn’t about Sam, this is about JASON. The people that hate Sam will ALWAYS hate Sam, this is now about Jason walking away from his child because his life is too dangerous, and walking BACK to the woman that he threatened to kill for endangering the kid. He looks like a complete douche so people turned it the hell off. Ratings map to POLLS, Jasam AIN’T cutting it. SID just wrote AGAIN, that he’ll be with Sam as he COULD NOT have Liz. Is that what you want for your girl? To ONCE again be the backup? Liz can’t be touched, but Sam can take a bullet and it’s all good? Doesn’t that ALONE make you want more for your girl? Show some pride Sam fans. Get her dressed, and have her find a man who didn’t dump her because he fell in love with someone else, and still can’t seem to get over it after 2 years. And MAYBE the ratings will turn around and the Jasam bashing will stop.

  57. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Did you see the numbers for the list of number of days on screen for 2008. It was a chart to gauge “airhogs” (not my title) Lizard was near the top for 08, more than double KeMo’s airtime. DUring that time, the ratings dropped. I dont blame that on Jiz, I blame it on the writing. Same goes post Jiz break up. Do you remember the years Lizard was backburnered with Lucky..ratings were higher then too.. One couple doesnt wreck ratings and one couple doesnt save a show…its about the decreasing overall quality of the show. Do you even consider the fact that the last time JaSam was on, it was the toxic balls from hell story…the one that made ZERO sense…people running into fires, NOTemily on the phone while no one else could get reception, Sam making a catch mid air…LL2 suddenly in love…emma in a tree…sonny and his harem meeting in the hall…are you going to make the argument that the show was great EXCEPT for the JaSam stuff. PUH-LEASE…and actually as I recall as bad as it was, the ratings dropped the following week after it ended and the story shifted to ClauSon and the rooftop bomb.

    As for SID I dont know what they said or what there agenda is…I only can guage what I saw on tv. Repeatedly Jason said he would marry Lizard FOR THE BABY but he loved Sam. Repeatedly Lizard had to ask Jason if he loved her. When he had the chance to walk away, not only did he stay in the mob, but he grabbed control from Sonny to protect Carly and HER children. Have some pride, dont you want MORE for your girl than a guy who puts Carly ahead of her and refuses to leave the mob even for a few days of vacation.

    Jason wont go back to Sam because he doesnt care if she gets shot…he will go back because he cant seem to stay away…(last several JaSam scenes he was “up her ass” going to her office)…and because she can take care of herself (unlike Lizard who didnt even try to fight back against Anthony z at the b&w ball) and because there arent any children involved.

  58. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    If I remember correctly, Jason said he’d marry Liz for the baby, whether or not it was his. Why would a man marry another woman that may not be carrying his chid if he really loved the woman he was with. If he loved Sam so much, he would have waited to marry Liz until after the paternity came out. And if someone’s counter argument is that he felt bad for Liz cuz she was pregnant, well then that same argument can be used for why he started dating Sam in the first place, cuz she was pregnant with Sonny’s baby. He didn’t even consider Sam’s feelings when he offered to marry Liz. He only felt bad telling Sam about the baby when he found out she couldn’t have any herself.

    I don’t know why we all bother with the “Who Jason loves more” arguments. The fact of the matter is, he loves the mob more than he loves any woman. He dumped Sam when she got shot cuz it was too dangerous to be around him, just like he dumped Liz and his own child when Michael got shot cuz it was too dangerous to be around him. If the writers really wanted to give him a life and have real love, they write him out of the mob. Michael is now with the Q’s and Johnny is working for Sonny. Instead of writing lines like “I chose the mob and my life is over”, now is the perfect time to have Jason reconnect with the Q’s and have Johnny replace Jason as Sonny’s enforcer. Then let him pick who he wants to be with and build a life with that person, whether it be Liz, Sam, or someone new. I’m so sick of Jason’s character and his whining about his life being over. It’s time for a change. If the writers wanted to have him leave the mob and build his own family, then they can write it that way, but they won’t.

  59. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    I’m sick of Luke Spencer too. They need to just cut AG loose and use that money to keep the actors they currently have now instead of throwing everyone on recurring status. Luke’s character sux. The whole “drunk, selfish, carless” act worked when he was younger, now it’s just old and pathetic. He’s never around long enough to build a solid storyline, instead he comes back to have Luke and Laura’s history destroyed by bringing on Ethan. Why the hell does AG get to decide who Ethan’s dad was? He was originally a Scorpio which would have worked with the history. But AG had to influence the writers to make him his son cuz he doesn’t like GV. Backstage politics should not play a role in how the stories are written.

  60. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Lucky and Liz never declared a return of love. They only agreed that they love one another which was not news since they have been friends forever. It was Liz who Lucky wanted to rescue. I am not sure he even cared that Sam was in the hospital. I guess she is really easy to get over. Relationships based on sex burn out fast. No real feelings to recover from.

    Can one couple save a show? I don’t know but I think Luke and Laura did a pretty good job of it. Am I comparing Liz and Jason to Luke and Laura? No, but times change and so has the television medium. I don’t know which days have had what ratings. I don’t really care. I just know what I like.

    I can only speak for myself. I like Liz with Jason. I like the idea of TPTB using characters that fans have invested time in. I like the use of GH’s history, veterans, and core families. Jason and Liz represent practically every core family (Webbers, Q’s, Spencers, Hardy’s, and Corinthos’)

    Sure, Sam has been added into the Cassadine family but even the writers haven’t let Alexis and Nikolas truly embrace her. She has been an afterthought. They use the stripper but they don’t really allow Sam to carry her own story. They throw her into scenes that make no sense.

    I like the use of the history of Jason and Liz having been friends forever. They have always been there for one another. Even when Jason married Courtney and Liz married Rik, Jason was concerned about Liz. When Liz gave birth to Cam, Jason checked in with her. When Jason was attracted to Sam, he needed Liz to give him a push. They have always shared the highs and lows. Jake isn’t the only thing that ties them together. A child secures a bond but it doesn’t create it. Jason and Liz had a bond before Jake’s conception. It is why they turned to one another. It is that bond that Carly, Courtney, and Sam were jealous of.

    Liz wasn’t stalking Jason and samfans saying it over and over does not make it fact. Liz went to see Jason because Rik was trying to set Jason up and Liz wanted to tell him. She didn’t make that up. Liz destroyed a police file because she cared about Jason and confessed to him. Sam may have told Liz that she wanted her to back off but Liz wasn’t trying to come between them. Sam’s jealousy was a big problem. She escaped and put Jason in danger because she was jealous of Liz. Is that Liz’s fault? Rik set Sam up and she was stupid enough to fall for it. How is Sam’s insecurity Liz’s fault? Was it Jason’s fault that Lucky was jealous of Jason? Jason didn’t do anything but protect Liz. Was it Jason’s fault that Lucky got hurt and got hooked on drugs?

    Jason has gone to Sam lately but that is because Monaco has only been working one day a week and the show runners have been using the P.I. office for her scenes. There hasn’t been any declarations of love for Jason and Sam or Liz and Lucky. They have used her scenes to introduce Kristina who is one of Sonny’s spawn so Jason has to babysit.

    Airhogs – I am sick to death of hearing about Rebecca Herbst being on that list. It is so misleading. She could be in a four second scene and be listed as being on the episode. Does that make her an airhog when she isn’t used through the whole episode? I guess so if you are trying to win some point in a debate. If you change the debate to which actresses should be considered lead, the argument suddenly changes to Monaco drives story so she is a lead but Becky is supporting. That is very contradictory. But, whatever suits your purpose and makes you feel better.

  61. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    EET… I totally agree with you I hate that so many people blame the bad writings on Jasam or people saying that when we do get a Jasam reunion the ratings are going to keep going down. I for one am not saying when and if they do a Jasam reunion that the ratings are going to skyrocket. I know the truth that one couple can’t save a soap…all Liason fans hear that. The soap is in decline because of the terrible writing not because Liason is not together. There are horrible characters on the show (ethan and NotEmily) and they are rewriting history by making Ethan Luke’s son. The ratings have nothing to do with jasam.

    IMO I don’t think Jason is going back to Sam because he can’t have Lizard. He could have her if he wanted to…obviously if he loved her as much as so called Liason fans say then he would leave the mob and be with her. He chooses the mob and in that he is choosing not to be with Lizard. He is choosing to maybe have something start with Sam again. Someone he knows can handle the violence and who he cares about. She is not second best. Sam is someone that he can confide in and trust to have his back.

  62. Profile photo of liason4real

    Jason doesn’t care if Sam gets shot, which is why he can be around her and everyone else. Sam whined to Lucky about always being afraid when she was with Jason, and now, she’s practically another crack in his butt. Sam is second best, since he doesn’t want to risk Liz and Cake.

  63. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Jasanfan98 – The ratings will continue to go down whether Jason is with sam or Liz as long as these writers are writing because the show doesn’t make sense. Do I want the ratings to drop? Hell NOOOO!!

    I want a well written show. I don’t want Jason with Liz so I can win a debate on a website. I want Jason and Liz together because it utilizes core characters that are tied to the history of the show. I think it would make the most sense.

    I don’t want Jason to choose a woman because she can handle violence and doesn’t mind getting shot at. I want Jason to change and choose to embrace his own life and family. Liz is family regardless of whether they are together. I am tired of the same old sorry mob crap. It bores me. Heck, I think it bores the writers. They certainly have not shown us anything new and inspired lately. I wouldn’t mind if Jason and Liz were just dealing with life as separated parents. That would be different from the next mob shoot out or the same old conversation about danger.

    Don’t you want character growth for Sam? Do you really expect to see anything besides Sam diving into an investigation and needing Jason to rescue her? Do you think Jason isn’t going to talk about danger with her?

    I am a Liason fan but I don’t want them together just to be together. I don’t think they will improve ratings. It doesn’t matter who Jason is with. It doesn’t matter who Sonny is with. It doesn’t matter if they have Nikolas with NotEmily or with Alice the maid. They need to learn how to write these couples with at least a bit of continuity.

    Lastly, how exactly is Sam someone who Jason can trust? She isn’t written with continuity either. She puts children in harms way. I don’t care how much time and distance you put between the act of endangering a child. You don’t ever forgive a person and trust a person who intentionally hurt your kid. That is why there are fans who cannot embrace Sam. They are parents who would never leave their child with a woman who is prone to selfish acts when their feelings are hurt.

    This show makes Jason all about protecting the children of the show and allows him to forgive Sam and allows him to be wishy washy with Claudia after what she did. That is why the ratings are down. It isn’t just Jason with Sam. It is the inconsistency.

  64. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Let’s just point one thing out – I never said that a JaSam reunion will make ratings go down, I said when and if they do it will prove to Frons that his spectacular plan of throwing these two back together is not the save-all for this show.

    And I completely agree that Jason’s one true love is the mob

  65. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    Lucky was doing exactly what Jason had asked him to do and that was keep Jake safe. Lucky asking him to leave makes sense to me. And as for Lucky arresting Jason god forbid if one of the pc cops actually follows the law and arrests someone. The fact is Jason broke the law that night and it doesn’t matter what he was doing.

  66. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    Actually if you remember Jason was out on bail when he went looking for Jake and he left the jurisdiction which was against what his bail allowed him to do. He had to stay in town and not leave hence he did break the terms of bail and when you break those and get caught you go back to jail.

  67. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    I will agree with you there that if they are going to do jasam it real needs to dependent on each other not just Jason coming to save the day. They need to continue to be somewhat independent, but in some ways I feel like every woman on Jason dates becomes totally dependent on him including Liz. She would try to plan her whole schedule around him and she should would just wait for his calls. Thats why I personally found them annoying. The only time I actually saw the chem. between them was the night in the rain after Jason, Carly, and Sonny dropped Michael off at the institute. Those scenes were great raw emotion. They really need to look back the Jason and Robin romance because that was the one time when the woman remained pretty much independent from Jason. They were able to keep Robin in character and it was a sweet romance with both relying on each other.

  68. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    As I recall Jason fell for Sam in the first place when she was not dressed like a hooker. when she was pregnant he was there for her. After she lost the baby she wasn’t dressing like a hooker and that is when they fell for each other. So of course all the liason lovers are going to say she has always dressed like a stripper but that is not true. I do not even see her dressing like a stripper now. I mean the hot tub scenes she was wearing a bathing suit but I didn’t hear anyone saying anything because Lucky was in his swimsuit. I’m sure if elizabeth was wearing her bathing suit with Jason all the Liason lovers wouldn’t say anything.

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