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Here’s the Scoop! 07.08.09

What about Kate? Have they forgotten about the fashionista? I know her fans haven’t forgotten about her. Apparently she’s still on vacation and as I’ve mentioned already, one THEORY is that Kate MAY never return to PC. It’s POSSIBLE that she will call and say she’s not coming back. What does that mean for Crimson? A RUMOR has Jax asking Olivia to step in and run the mag temporarily. Another SPOILER says that Kate has a surprise for Maxie. Is the surprise that she’s not coming back? I think Carly would be the better fit to become Editor in Chief.

Who killed Brianna Hughes? The Mayor didn’t do it and Robin suspects the jealous wife. The GOSSIP says that while they originally planned to have Andrea be the killer, it MAY be changed due to Martha Byrne’s success with the fans. Mercedes’ name continues to pop up in conjunction with this storyline. Could the nanny have something to do with it? Andrea wants to take the heat off her and starts to frame Alexis with some incriminating emails. Eventually, Alexis is cleared and the real killer is exposed.

Claudia and Sonny… With JOlivia a smash hit and RUMORS that there MAY be a triangle in the works (Claudia-Sonny-Olivia) where are they going with all this because it doesn’t seem that TPTB are listening to the fans on this one. There’s a Sonny-Olivia kiss coming and then another smooch fest that almost leads to more. A phone call about the accident has them stopping in their tracks. Claudia’s hit and RUMORS have said one of Sonny’s kids is behind the wheel. Is it Michael or Kristina who ran down their step-mom? Will Kiefer keep their secret? Is this what sends them on the run? I know the kid has brain damage but he has memories. Shouldn’t Michael remember what happened the last time he was involved with hurting his father’s lady?

Sebastian Roche tweeted: there’s going to be some crazy action on GH to come! What’s Jerry up to this time?

Elizabeth wants to expose Rebecca for the con woman that she is. Sure she’s Emily’s twin but she’s not here to make nice with her long lost twin’s loved ones. She’s here to scam them as a way to pay back Emily for getting the better life. I can’t get into this story at all. The pairing of Nikolas and Rebecca bores me to tears and you all know how I feel about Ethan. Something has to give in this story. Will Ethan be the one to give Elizabeth the info she needs? What will Nikolas do IF and WHEN he finds out the truth? Will Ethan’s involvement only piss Lucky off more? Remember RUMORS have the brothers hitting the road in search of Luke.

CRAZY RUMOR that someone is presumed dead. Who could it be? More RANDOM and CRAZY… Claudia and Baby are in danger. Will Dante have a working proposition for Claudia? Don’t forget about the other pregnant lady, Carly passes out again. This show drives me batty with how they write pregnancies. Remember, there’s still that other newbie coming. Ronnie is said to be in on the mob action. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY RUMOR that Emma Drake is in some danger and she MAY be kidnapped! Is this where Mercedes fits in? Except for the clearing out of the Zaccharra soldiers, we haven’t had a mob threat in a while. Is that about to change?

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    Regan-1) remember when Mercedes tweeted that she was filming a shower scene? She has to be the killer
    2)Is ABC airing Tuesday’s episode today? If not, where can I watch it?
    3) What kind of deal was Johnny (BB) offered on the CW?

    I hope they get rid of Ethan and NotEmily fast.

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    Question, if they are moving forward with a possible Olivia Sonny romance (ugh) does this mean Sarah Brown is likely to not resign her contract and we’ll be seeing the last of her soon? (please say yes!) I think i’m the only one in my family that liked Kate, I liked her Sonny and with Jax maybe because she was different.

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    Regan Cellura

    Right now it’s all GOSSIP and Sarah SEEMS pretty happy at GH. BUT there is CHATTER that she will not sign up for another year when this current deal expires.

    My thoughts… While I like JOlivia I just don’t see them becoming this lasting pairing. RUMORS have said that Johnny MAY be falling hard for Olivia while Olivia is just having some good old fun. With the Dante reveal coming and all this Sonny nonsense, it defintely seems that they are leaning more towards a triangle with Sonny and the ladies.

    RUMORS, GOSSIP, Internet CHATTER has said that Johnny Z COULD be exiting GH. There has been talk of Brandon Barash being offered a role on a CW show. However, the exit RUMORS have been around for a while now. Personally, I like Jason and Johnny as a team. I think BB has a lot of potential.

    Kate… I loved her when she first hit town and then they had her become entranced with Sonny. While I liked Kate, I was never a huge fan of Sonny and Kate. I would have loved to see her with Ric but that’s not happening. I just don’t see where she fits anymore.

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    Question now that the ratings are down is there any word about the thought of changing something in the show oh that they still waiting for something like the summer teen story that by they way I think it will be stupid oh and yeaa JaSam ..

    Thanks Regan Love your blog

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    I don’t understand why NotEmily got involved with Ethan in the first place. It simply doesn’t make a lot of sense. She clearly is Emily’s twin. Why couldn’t she have just shown up in town saying she was looking for the twin she was seperated from at birth? There was a paper trail proving she is really a twin. The entire plot is pointless. Is there something I am missing? She would have been welcomed. She didn’t know that but she could have pretended she didn’t know Emily was dead. It is creepy having Nikolas move her in with him. It isn’t working. When with TPTB figure it out?

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    Regan Cellura

    You’d think with the ratings where they are… someone would be cracking some skulls over at Prospect Studios. RUMORS have said that this two week shut down is for massive rewrites but IMO they need a massive overhaul behind the scenes for anything to really change.

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    Well good for BB if he does move to the CW he’s a good actor. I just don’t understand why TPTB kill storylines that people like, do they want low ratings? I used to like Sonny now I’m sick of him. Him having so many kids by different women makes me think that he doesnt have a grand love (like they used to say it was Brenda) so I just don’t get invested in him anymore. I do wonder if there going to make Michael more AJ like (aka a screwup ugh not that I thought AJ was but TPTB did) I think I like Dante so far and I’m enjoying more Alexis but whoever decided to bring Ethan on and pair him with Rebecca was just plain cra cra!

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    Regan – haven’t they gone dark a few times so far this year? I thought it was a cost saving measure. Are you sure they do rewrites? It doesn’t seem to be helping.

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    thanks for the update on kate. it just seems like they’re dropping her history like almost anything else that happened more than 24 hours ago. what a shame.

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    Again i ask how poor could rebecca have been, her parents bought a black market baby, if paige had given her away or she had been stolen, i could understand but she was sold, a healthy white baby on the black market would have gotten a premium. Why would she have been angry and now that she knows them and Emily’s story why would she continue the charade. And now that Ethan has a family for whom he claims to care why would he continue with the scam. And why is nik so willing to trust his judgement when a year ago he kept a brain tumor to stay connected to Emily’s image.

    As for a Claudia/Sonny/Olivia triangle. It’s not a triangle if there is no affection between 2 of the 3. Along with Claudia ordering the hit, I think it was a mistake for Sonny to be so resistant to Claudia’s charms.

    I think GH should have the courage to keep Andrea the murderer.

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    Good Lord, Olivia running Crimson? Is there nothing this woman can’t do? See Olivia fix cars, see Olivia run the Metrocourt, see her be Carly’s best friend! I like Olivia, but I feel her character is just written so erratically. Family is everything, but she takes Carly’s side over Kate. Gotta keep Dante from the Mob Boss Daddy, but she can sleep with Johnny and now probably Sonny. Ugh!

    Also, I used to work in the fashion industry, and I can’t name one editor I knew who would be caught dead dressing the way Olivia does.

    OK,rant over. Thanks for letting me vent!

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    MAXsmom-excellent point about NotEmily’s parents not being poor and her crappy s/l.

    What do you mean that there’s only affection between 2 of the 3 in the C/S/O triangle? Sonny and Olivia will kiss soon and Sonny and Claudia are married whether there’s real affection there or not, she wants to stay married to him and she has his child. Hence Sonny will be caught between them right?

    Will someone please explain how the ratings work. Are they a piece of paper where you put down if you liked GH on a certain day? Is that how they know people might disapprove of what is going on on a given day, or are they hooked up to the tv, so that even if you turn on GH and turn it off, it would still record that you watched it that day?

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    More mob newbies? UGH!@#)$(&@#)($ Have the ratings seriously not dipped low enough yet for TPTB to realize that all the mob action IS NOT keeping people entertained? Or do they love it so much they make excuses in their heads? (Oh, Patrick and Robin were on a couple times that week, it must be their fault)

    Also, I’m so sickened by this Nik/Rebecca storyline. It’s creepy and gross! Not entertaining at all. If they were determined to bring back NL, they should’ve just brought her back as Emily. Emily has connections to PC, and Nik obviously is so obsessed with her that he’s willing to move in with a woman he barely knows simply because she has Emily’s face.

    I don’t hate Ethan, but I seem to like him much better when he’s away from Luke (weird!). I like him with Lulu and I wouldn’t mind seeing him bond with Lucky. I just don’t enjoy his scenes with Luke at ALL. I don’t know if it’s because his existance sort of craps all over Luke and Laura, or what. But I prefer him away from Luke (not with Rebecca though! That story is also creepy!)

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    With the recent upgrades to LuLu’s wardrobe to make her look like she actually belongs working at a fashion magazine and the bonding btw Maxie and LuLu when they almost got fired (AGAIN) over the Crimson layout leak, I’m thinking the story is headed towards Maxie and LuLu running Crimson on their own.
    How many times have they seemed to be publishing the magazine without Kate at all anyway?

    Me? I’d love to see Lucy Coe sweep back into town as the new Grande Dame of Crimson. She could bring Doc Kevin with her and he could transfer his Felecia fixation to the next generation. Have Sam McCall disappear and Kelly Monaco can even play Livvie Locke again!

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    I would like to see a genuine love triangle, Brenda loved Sonny and Jax. Sonny loved Carly and Brenda. Lulu fought her attraction to Johnny while she was trying to make it work with Logan. Even the jax/courtney/nik triangle worked to a point and i didnt like any of them really. i would even accept someone feeling obligated to stay with someone while in love with someone else but in a triangle i want genuine emotion on all sides. for me the error of having claudia call the hit makes her irredemable, and sarah brown is hands down my favorite soap actress

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    They need to take the two weeks that GH is going dark and FIRE Jill and Bob and get a new EP and new head writer. It’s the ONLY way GH will get better.

    I like Ethan away from Luke as well. And I thought Ethan and Lulu would have made a terrific couple. (I cringe at the Ethan/Rebecca scenes). Ethan should have been a Scorpio but count on this regime to do the exact opposite of what the fans want.

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    If the writers plan on writing Kate out (I hoped they wouldn’t but that’s another comment), why wouldn’t she just pull up the stakes at Crimson and move the company operations to Manhattan? That would make sense for her character. Still, I’m sure they’re thinking, well that puts Lulu and Maxie out of a job, if you can call it that-since they’re everywhere but at their desks lately. Carly could always strong arm them both into jobs at the boutique at the Metro Court for plot purposes. I just hate that it’s looking like Kate will quietly disappear from PC…there was way too much potential for that character.

  18. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I’m glad that at least they aren’t killing Kate and are leaving the door open for her return. I see what you mean about how it’s not a real triangle unless Sonny and Claudia have real feelings for her.
    I love SJB and am very sad they don’t find a way to make her character more…interesting…dynamic.. or even evil if she can’t be redeemed for Michael’s shooting…
    When Olivia tells Sonny about that fact, what can the writers do to have Sonny stay with her over Olivia?

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    poor kate they have treated have treated her so wrong. I don’t know why they bring these characters in and we get invested in them and then they just put them to the backburner in favor of someone else…ala Olivia. I like Olivia and Johnny together but i can’t stand how Olivia is the new Kate. I mean now they are saying she’ll take over the editor in chief for Kate and then a possible pairing of her and Sonny.

    Please send Ethan away and have him take NotEmily away with him. I can’t stand either characters.

  20. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    No one likes Ethan and NotEmily. I take that back, some are starting to like Ethan “when he’s not with Luke”. I don’t understand that because he is still dirty, greasy, and can’t talk or act. Even when he shaved he was still icky.

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Actually as I said last week, I think they should put Ethan with Elizardbeth Together (EET!! LOL) Seriously though, wouldnt it make more sense for Ethan to fight Lucky for a woman rather than fighting him for Luke.

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    I like Martha Byrne ( not on Gh though) but are we to believe that they will change a story to give FANS what they want with regard to her story but give FANS nothing that they want with any other character? That is ridiculous. If GH is doing that then they are only hurting the show.

    Believe in a story and write one that you believe in or don’t write it. That is the problem with all the stories floating around on GH, no one really believes in them and yet we are to become invested in them.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  23. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Sueboo-Good one, I agree that the only thing that would make me like Ethan is if he shot NotEmily, but I don’t want him to shoot Sam also. Just NotEmily. Actually it should be a murder suicide, because i don’t know which one is worse. I’ve been sitting here wracking my brain trying to think of another person besides NOtEmily I’d want him to shoot and I can’t think of anyone….
    Jason and Johnny ROCK! Black shirt and Green shirt.

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    I love Martha Byrne as Andrea. I knida figured if she caught on they would want to keep her. That being said, why didn’t they do whatever necessary to keep Rick Hearst? I would have loved for the mayor to indeed be the killer, Ric and Andrea plotting against Alexis, and Alexis trying to clear her name. Then the mayor could of went to prison after Mac solved the case. I love Robin and Patrick, but once in a while the PCPD(pathetically clueless police dept.) needs to actually solve a case. Then we could have had a grown-up triangle with Alexis/Ric/Andrea–much better than Claudia/Sonny/Olivia. Of course that is all fanfic and will never happen on this show.
    The entire Nik/Rebecca/Ethan s/l just makes no sense. It seems like both characters were failing in their s/l and this con of theirs was something manufactured by the writers. I still can’t get over their flashback scenes–Rebecca’s hair was darker when she first came to town. If this contrived mess was the plan all along, then they should have filmed their airport/hotel scenes when NL had the darker hair and not the lighter shade that she changed it to to look more like Emily. I am not a fan of N/R/E s/l but this could have been a little more believable. Once again GH just doesn’t seem to care what the fans want or like to see on their screens–better storylines.

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    Ethan was brought on for one reason and one reason ONLY — to destroy the Luke and Laura mystique because the writers et al are incapable of successfully repeating it. Hence Ethan as Luke’s by-blow while married to his angel.

    Count me among those disappointed in the loss of Megan Ward’s Kate Howard. The character was fantastic. That is, until she became another one of Sonny’s braindead women. Now her cousin Olivia, who at least had two brain cells to rub together when she came to Port Charles but has since lost both of them, is being set up to be the next victim of Sonny Corinthos. As for Claudia — she is classless, tactless, moral-less, and effective at anything and everything. She bags Ric for sexual recreation and then pokes holes in Sonny’s condoms so she can get pregnant! Geez! Maybe we do need the resurrection of Faith Roscoe to show the pretentious little mob princess just how incapable she is.

    Remember that Michael is Carly’s son and AJ’s son. Neither of them was able or willing to learn anything from their mistakes — or anyone else’s mistakes for that matter. How could Michael be expected to learn from his mistakes, especially since he has never had to pay for his screw ups. Like his adopted father, someone else always pays.

  26. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Remember when they were trying to make us believe that Claudia was molested by Trevor or Anthony and make us feel sorry for her?
    There was actually a time when I thought they were going to be able to redeem her somehow…maybe make Anthony the one who put the hit out on Sonny (I know we saw her do it with our very own eyes, but this is GH we’re talking about, history can be rewritten) but they must have known from day one it would come out that she did it…Just dying to know how they can keep her on the show (LOVE SJB) if Sonny finds out what she did…

  27. Profile photo of Alie

    Getting rid of Kate is just another blow to a crumbling show. The thing that I loved so much about SKate is that Kate was a challenge. She stood up to him and expressed her feelings without belittling Sonny. She wasn’t an easy lay for him. And he loved the period of purueing her. That’s what made the story so entertaining. Whether it was funny, sad, romantic, dramatic, or other you could tell there was sincerity in each scene. Claudia is an enabler for Sonny’s dark side. She doesn’t challenge him to make better decisions. It just is what it is with them, living in the mob bubble. She walks around in trashy clothes like a scared little girl, hiding a secret. When is the last time you truly saw Sonny smile in the past like 9 months? seconds before Kate was shot. Yes he is happy that Michael woke up, but I’m talking about those romantic dipples.

    This doesn’t even scrap the surface of what gaping wholes they have left by not even telling Kate Michael woke up. SHE WAS THERE FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!!! Allow her character to have a human moment and be happy that he woke up. In april there was a scene were she overheard Carly talking to Sonny about the surgery and she said, “Oh that’s wonderful. I’ll keep him in my prayers.”

    Then you have the obsurdity of Olivia pretty much hi-jacking Kate/SKate’s story. It’s just ridiculous how they forgot about the last year an a half they spent building up Kate’s story. Olivia is a complete hypicrite… How long did she vilainize Sonny in order to get him out of Kate’s life, and now she’s turned around and attempting to jump his bones. She could never tell Sonny about Dante b/c of the Mob element, yet she’s sleeping with the “mob prince” who is young enough to be her son!

    GH is literally trading intelligant characters like Kate, for sleaze like Cloudia/Olivia.

  28. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Alie-I agree with most of what you’re saying about Kate and Sonny and I miss those romantic dimples a lot.

    However, if Olivia had came on and left suddenly, we’d all be complaining about “who’s Dante?” and once we found that out, we’d be complaining about “where’s Dante?” and once he came on the show, if Olivia wasn’t a character we knew, and she was not on the canvas anymore, we’d be like “Where’s Olivia and Dante’s scenes together? What are they going to do with Dante without Olivia around?”

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