Fiona Hutchison Returns to Guiding Light

Fiona Hutchison is returning to Guiding Light as ghost Jenna on July 29, according to PGP Classic blog. Take a trip down memory lane with more clips of Jenna after the jump. My favorite quote from the clips is when Buzz  (Justin Deas)  tells Jenna "Honey, you don’t know what I’ve done for you." 

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    I hope Cyrus isn’t related to Jenna. Let Cyrus go out as Cyrus Foley. I’ve read speculation on that and IMO it would be another stupid idea, like killing off Edmund just to bring him back from the dead two months later, Natalia being pregnant, Frank being such a GOOD man (we get it!), Jeffrey dying as a hero and the whole town caring, using Vanessa and Alex two months before the end just to tell Lizzie how beautiful she looks….

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    So glad we have Jenna returning again! Too bad we can’t also have visits from Nadine, Maureen and Reva’s mother Sarah as well.
    I love the character profile on Jenna. I never got to see the scenes of her finding out about Holly being the stalker (it was too ridiculous to watch when that was going on) and when Jeffrey came back to get her. I really loved Jenna when she first came on as a jewel theif and also when she got control of Spaulding Enterprises.

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    Thank you for posting these clips. These definitely bring back some memories. I totally forgot the Jenna first came to Springfield as a jewel thief.

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    GhostJenna’s back again?

    Hmm…that seals it. After we saw that Coop’s package was filled with heist books, I’ve been thinking that Cyrus helped Buzz and Daisy because while he was gone, he found out that he was related to Jenna, probably a half-brother.

    I really hope they do this. Cyrus should’ve been Jenna’s brother all along, not scumbag Grady’s. It would be a perfect way to explain the almost subconscious bond Cyrus & Buzz have always had and how Buzz has always liked him no matter what he’s done.

    It would make perfect sense IMO. Jenna & Cyrus are practically identical characters except for their gender. They would’ve been amazing siblings together onscreen, especially during their heisting days. They even look like they could be related. They should’ve done this two years ago.

    In today’s episode, it’s implied that Marina may have killed Edmund and set Reva up.

    They didn’t imply that Marina killed Edmund and framed Reva. They’ve made it pretty clear that Edmund is alive and that he framed Reva and is now framing Marina. The problem is that Mallet is such a pud, that he’s falling for all of Edmund’s games and arrested Reva and will now accuse his wife of a crime that nobody committed and will ruin his marriage in the process. Don’t get me wrong, M&M suck and I’m all for whatever rips them apart I just can’t believe that SuperCopMallet made the leap that Marina must have killed Edmund because of the stroller instead of seeing the obvious truth that Edmund is alive, framed Reva, and is now framing Marina as a way to get to Henry.

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