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Here’s the Scoop! 07.09.09

Spixie Loving… I’ve been sold on this pairing for a while now even though I thought JoMax was smoking. My hesitation has always been that I just didn’t see TPTB committing to Spixie. Well it SEEMS they are and I couldn’t be happier. Now, we all know that Guza loves to have at least one couple that is angst ridden on this show. This COULD be Spixie. They APPEAR to be on the right track however every road has a few bumps along the way. Spin has a “proposal” for Maxie and she’s just not sure what to do about it. SPOILERS say it’s “that” kind of proposal and The Jackal turns to his master for assistance. It looks like a romantic rooftop scene is set for the big question with Spinelli dropping the ring off the roof.

So many of you have said you’re bored with Rebecca, Ethan, Nikolas and this whole mess. How would you write them out of this terrible storyline? What’s coming up? Ethan’s a jealous lover but he’s also a jilted con who at least wants his piece of the pie. Will Ethan confront Nikolas? Over what? Will Ethan make an adjustment to the plan?

Dante wants in… and apparently he knows he’s got get past Jason first. He wants Sonny’s right hand man to trust him. Now, would the Jason Morgan of old trust the man that was part of a Z soldier ambush and then held Morgan, Michael and Carly at gunpoint? Remember, as of now, Dante wants to take Sonny down.

Claudia is seeing green as well. She has plenty to hate Olivia over. Not only is Kate’s cousin sleeping with Johnny but Sonny can’t stand it and Claudia has had enough of the Bensonhurst transplant. Claudia doesn’t like Sonny spending time with Olivia, Sonny and Johnny exchange words over Olivia and Miss Olivia has plenty on her plate trying to keep Dante’s identity a secret.

So Greg Vaughan tweeted in response to the spoiler post from a couple of days ago. He said: I HAVE NOT BEEN PUT ON RECURRING STATUS!!! BUT, IT FEELS LIKE IT! HAHA Yes it does feel like it Greg, yes it does. Let me explain how I pick what is spilled. Unless it’s from a reliable source, I tend to sit on some things until I see it mentioned more. Now, there are the CRAZY RUMORS that I’ll give you guys. Those are always the most fun to comment about. In this case however, there has been a good deal of reports that Vaughan had been put on recurring. Also, a few months back the fan club president for both Greg and Rick Hearst encouraged fans to write and call in support of both actors. We all know how things ended up for Hearst. I love Greg Vaughan and the character of Lucky Spencer but for some reason he doesn’t get that same love from TPTB. Greg also tweeted: PLEASE! SPEAK YOUR MIND!! IT’S YOUR PRIVILEGE AS DEDICATED FANS, RIGHT? LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE, AND WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN?? Call in, write, email… support Greg Vaughan if you’d like to see him and Lucky more.

There was a question about the studio going dark that I did not get to yesterday. Yes the shutdown is a cost saving measure however; there has been plenty of TALK that during that time, some changes to the story COULD be made. With a lot of fans frustrated with the state of General Hospital right now as well as the dwindling ratings, I would hope they would take that time to reevaluate the direction of the show. As a long time fan, there are some major missteps occurring – at least IMO – that would be helped by some minor readjustments. Now, as a long time fan who feels I have a right to complain a bit, a major overhaul would probably help more. However, as someone who’s gotten a little more insight into this industry, I know that takes time and GH needs to start improving in the ratings department pronto.

Speaking of CRAZY RUMORS… there is all this talk about the upcoming accident. Who’s driving, who’s the victim and what’s the fallout. There have been lots of reports that Michael and Kristina go on the run after the hit and run with Kristina’s boyfriend Kiefer having some info that could do some damage to the Corinthos siblings. Is this sort of a re-do of the night Sam was hit? Remember all the possible suspects? Here’s where it gets a little crazy. There are some REPORTS, maybe FANFIC that says Kristina and Michael are not the only ones on the road that night. They say that a drunken Alexis MAY also be heading down that same stretch of road, Claudia is still the RUMORED victim but now Carly has been added to the mix. Will she be looking for something of Morgan’s on the side of the road? Who else do you think will just happen to be there that night? Here’s more of what we know… Carly finds Claudia in an overturned car and drags her out before the car goes up in smoke. Jason is suspicious of Michael who confides in Kristina that he could have been the one to run Claudia off the road. But was Kristina also out on the road that night? Carly saw the car that did it but she’s not convinced it was Michael’s car. She MAY even be the one to point the finger in Alexis’s direction. Will Carly and Sonny team up to prove their son’s innocence? Kiefer wants Kristina to clam up but when her brother is arrested (he’s Sonny’s son, he’s not in that long) will she tell Sam what she was doing the night of the accident? Alexis is ready to blame everything on Michael until Sam tells her that Kristina could be at fault.

Ingo Rademacher hasn’t taken a vacation in a while. He’s sort of a mini- Tony Geary with his vacations. There is some TALK that Jax MAY be leaving Carly once again on one of his “trips.” When Jerry heads back out, will Jax follow his brother? Does it make sense for Jax to leave a pregnant wife who is considered high risk?

RANDOM RUMORS… Is ZaCrazy telling Jason the truth? When Jason is brought in for questioning/arrested Diane asks him to stay in lock up a little longer to help boost her BFF’s image. Sonny gives “Dominic” a chance. Claudia and he fight over it which has Sonny going to Olivia’s. Is this where they kiss or is this when the kiss almost leads to more? Two steps forward and a million steps back for Claudia and Sonny. Carly gets the call from the Country Club and then calls Sonny for a little back-up. Is Carly going clairvoyant on us? RUMORS say she’ll feel that something bad is about to happen.

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  1. Profile photo of LovesDog

    Those spoilers are horrible. GH is a big bowl of suck!

    Ugh. I hate Spinelli. Poor Maxie stuck with the scraps when there are so many other hot guys. She has my sympathies if she marries it.

    I adore Greg Vaughan. He is so hot! Poor guy is shoved aside for the mob and a bunch of uglies.

  2. Profile photo of SamMcCallfan

    Thats the problem with GH, they don’t write for the good characters they have like Lucky but keep bringing on newbies that aren’t all that interesting.
    I am hoping to see more of a storyline for Sam since Kelly is through with the Peepshow Gig. Once a week for a few minutes does not a story make.

  3. Profile photo of Jjanejayne

    I honestly don’t know what could be done to make Nik/Rebecca more interesting at t his point. As for Ethan, I’d put him in scenes with the 20 somethings which is where he belongs.

    The age difference is just too obvious with him and Rebecca. Its like why is she leting him intimidate her. SHe should just put him in time out.

  4. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    You just know that they’ll end up making Alexis the runner downer (does that make sense?) but make you think its Michael for most of the summer. Poor Greg V if he was on Days he’d be the leading man.

  5. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I know how to make Rebecca interesting say she’s Emily but Helena messed with her brain say that Ethan is in on it and Luke found out while he’s being held hostage by Helena bring back that old rumor that Holly turns out to be a Cassadine you have Ethan a Cassadine slash Spencer in with Helena to destroy Nicholas that way he’ll be the Cassadine “Male” heir there done…wow I watch to many soaps.

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    How to make Ethan and Rebecca interesting and how to make the show better:
    I am sorry but both of them don’t work I can’t watch them.. they are boring ….
    As you know I am not Lucky’s big fan but I don’t hate him I prefer him than Ethan and I hate that Ethan takes his time on air as the important Luke son ..
    Maybe to make him more important bring back the Jake thing have Jason and him fight over Jake like custody battle , they can make it ..let the Q’s find out about Jake and let them say that They want him ……… and Lucky won’t give up on him ..
    this could be such a great story ……
    And it doesn’t have to be LIAOSN thing – it just could be two fathers and yes I said fathers fighting over a child ..
    And than Make Lucky lose and have him with Sam …………

    What do you think of my story??

  7. Profile photo of Mardou

    Love and adore Spixie, but…I’m not entirely thrilled about this proposal. I’m hoping it plays better than it sounds.

    I hope GV gets a story…I love Lucky and he’s the hottest man on the show.

    As far as the NuNem mess, I would make my priority salvaging Ethan from that whole mess (as I think he has the most potential). I’d probably put Nik with Liz for a time, and either write Rebecca off and just make her Emily already. But this story is SO terrible, it’s hard to know how to fix it.

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m thinking it’s Kristina driving Alexis’s new car. Jillian and Melodie will gladly take Greg V back at Y&R but I want him to stay as Lucky with a good storyline.

  9. Profile photo of LovesDog

    The studio went dark last month and there were no changes despite rumors printed here so why would there be any changes now? It also seems like some of the writers are off on vacation during these dark periods so it isn’t like they are around to do any major rewrites. Guza isn’t changing a thing as far as I can tell. He is loving his show.

    Jason Cook is another one getting a raw deal. His tweets as Matt Hunter are hilarious and sad at the same time.

  10. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Nice to see GV cares about the fans.
    How can we let the IIC know what we want for Lucky? does he realize that they don’t listen?
    Those spoilers sound like horrible storylines-Who Hit Claudia? yuck
    I guess Dante will have to go around town having near misses with Carly, Michael and Morgan since they would tell Sonny what he did…..

  11. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    And just as Carly and Michael are about to point to Dante and say “he’s the one who terrorized us in the woods” and Sonny is about to shoot him, Olivia will yell “Don’t shoot! He’s your son!”

  12. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I think Ethan should get an Extreme Makeover. Cut that hair that’s always dangling in his eyes and face. I don’t mind longer hair on a guy but he’s got to look like he’s washed it daily and have some sort of style to it. Why is it that no characters have trouble understanding Ethan’s accent and asked him to repeat something he’s said? Don’t know about you, but I have done that to someone with an accent on occasion. What he really needs is a speech coach to help enunciate his words. Also keep Ethan away from Luke, something about them in the same scene doesn’t work for me.

    Rebecca…she needs to be removed from Ethan’s orbit. I get her anger to a point. Not sure how else to redeem her; I don’t like how she arrived on the canvas. Nikolas should have stumbled upon her in another town. Perhaps on a business trip or something. The whole con thing turned me off to her. I found the Rebecca/Lucky pairing more interesting than Nibecca.

    Nikolas…for goodness sakes, don’t hook him up with Elizabeth, I don’t buy it at all. He’s her former bro-in-law, it’s just too creepy. I’d rather see a chem test with Nik and Kate. Jax could be protective of Kate and that could stir up a Jax/Nik battle not seen since Courtney was alive.

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    IF any changes were made then or during this current time off, the show is farther ahead than normal so it would take some time for those changes to show up on our screens. And as I said in today’s post, it would take a major overhaul to get GH back on track and realistically there isn’t enough time for that.

  14. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I hate that they are making Ethan to be the Spencer son instead of Lucky that is not OK..
    I am sorry But I really feel that they need to let Ethan go and also Rebecca not to offense the actors but it is not working maybe if the made Ethan Robert son and Robin’s brother it could have worked i don’t think so but maybe when they made him Luke’s son it just got worse and worse ..
    and him with Becky makes me want to :Sp :Sp :Sp
    Becky would have worked if they made her Emily ,, her evil twin is a bad joke …..

    Were is Matt I thought that this murder mystery is his story .. I thought that when they had him drunk at Jakes that was great scenes………
    Why not have him with Lulu???
    Mat and Lulu can be great and it could also be a couple not involved with the mob…

  15. Profile photo of NLGFan

    Olivia better reveal Dante’s identity quick. I don’t want to have to sit through any more scenes of him flirting with his little sister.

    I don’t think Greg Vaughan’s ever gonna get a fair shake at GH. TIIC have their heads so far up their butts that they actually think the way to get ratings up is to focus on Sonny and Jason even more. And I’ll never understand why even Tyler Christopher is getting more storyline. Vaughan’s the hottest guy on the show and he’s given good performances when they write for him.

    I’d love for him to move over to OLTL. They need a hot guy who can distract Blair, Marty and Tea from disgusting Todd and boring John. He could be a recast of one of Viki’s sons.

  16. Profile photo of fancyfree

    A way to potentially save GH’s writing, somehow clone Gloria Monty. She saved the show back in the ’70s. But really the mob is tiring and Bob Guza should step down from his head writing duties and let someone fresh and new as well as someone who respects the history of the show take over.

  17. Profile photo of jaden316

    I don’t mind Ethan. I think they really should have him blowing in Rebecca and severing all ties. Then, he could be used to bring Lucky more of a storyline; and not just the “angry I got a new brother” thing they got going on now. I’ve heard rumors of them going to find Luke. That could be interesting. As long as they don’t include Elizabeth. Lulu, Lucky and Ethan would be great.

    As for Rebecca, once her scheme is known to Nicholas, they can simply have her write a note of apology to him and leave town never to be heard of again. Hey, that’s pretty much what they did to Kate and Rick and I like them A LOT more than Rebecca.

    I’m already bored with the hit-and-run/on-the-run story and it hasn’t even started yet! In fact, there is nothing going on that has me really excited for the summer blockbuster storyline. I hope the rumors are true and the dark time is spent doing massive rewrites otherwise this soap is doomed.

  18. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I wonder what would have happened if Carly turned over Michael’s care to Bobby or MIKE??
    Doesn’t make sense that Jason would run into Anthony Z in a MAXIMUM security prison while he was just being held on questioning..
    I agree with Jaden, already sick of hit and run s/l

  19. Profile photo of disillusioned GH fan
    disillusioned GH fan

    I have to say, we can’t exactly blame the actors for the state of GH. It’s not the actor who plays Ethan, or Rebecca’s fault we don’t like them. It’s the writers who created them and in Ethans case, sabotaged an iconic history between Luke/Laura/Robert/Holly.

    These two characters cannot be redeemed and the best way to fix this story is to end it. Rebecca and Ethan are plotting against a Cassadine and we are expected to buy it? Helena just needs to swoop in, reveal their scheme and hope, maybe, it gives her some redemption in the eyes of Nicholas! It brings Helena back on canvas, whom we like and removes Rebecca and Ethan whom few do.

    On a side note, I have to say that I am knee deep in migrating over to CBS soaps and am getting close to leaving ABC and most importantly GH behind. I can’t be insulted any longer by legacy characters being character assassinated, histories rewritten and viewer loyalty tossed aside as if irrelevant. I’m excited to see such GH stars as Alan, Lucy, Kevin, the original AJ spread across CBS daytime with fresh starts. Ned returning to Days as Justin… all missed opportunities ABC shunned that CBS and NBC were smart to grab hold of!

    ABC– this is why your ratings cling to the mold on the underside of the toilet seat! Feel free to quote me on THAT!

  20. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan I think you make an important point…the show needs an overhaul, but assuming that isnt going to happen and assuming that Guza will stay and will focus on the people he always focuses on, what micro changes could be made to improve the show?

    I would say first, consistency. I loved that Perkie pointed out that Andrea would have no idea how to backdate emails. One sentence in that scene explaining how she did it would have been great. I loved that someone pointed out that if Rebecca grew up dirt poor and miserable, her parents wouldnt have had the cash for a black market baby. And the explanation as to why she had to carry out a scam instead of just coming in as Em’s twin honestly — that backstory was just WEAK. The temp. drivers license?? UGGH!!! Not to mention all the unexplained and inconsistent parts of the toxic balls story and the dropped russian mobster with the drugs (who WAS on the phone??) If they only fixed that problem, got rid of those WTF moments, I think I would be a lot happier with this show. If I had to make a list of all the things I hated about GH right now, that would top the list.

  21. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I wish TPTB would stop insulting my intelligence. I wish they would pay attention to their own backstory. If I could gift GH writers with one thing, it would be a fan who has watched the show loyally from day one who could point out where they are going wrong on a daily basis. I am sure we could find a volunteer.

  22. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    EET, Sue excellent points. Even if they got rid of Guza someone new would still need a lot of time to fix the big things. But what gets me is what EET pointed out, the little stuff is easy to fix and when you add it all up, it could make a HUGE difference! They’re refusal to pay attention to what they are putting out irks me the most.

  23. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    They need to be using GV more. I really like him, and I can’t, for the life of me, understand why Ethan gets more screen time. I think the way they can fix this whole story is to say that Helena brainwashed Emily to make her come back to PC as Rebecca. But nobody finds out about this until Nik has already dumped her and started crushing on Liz. Then there can be this whole Nik/Liz/Lucky/Emily love square. Loving Spixie, but I really hope this proposal doesn’t make him look like an ass. I also think they should be using Matt Hunter more. I like the idea of him and Lulu. Also, I really do think Dante is an undercover Fed, cuz who else could have called the cops on that shack in the woods that Jason and Johnny raided yesterday? Also loving the partnership of Jason and Johnny. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not split up JOlivia in favor of Sonny and Olivia. I used to think those love scenes of him and Brenda were really hot and I used to love them together. But now that Sonny is such a ho and has been with so many women, watching him in a love scene makes me want to run to the shower.

  24. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Ethan is a big flop, along with NumRebecca. Throw them in the Port Charles river and be done with them. Bring back Alan and Emily Q, Justus ward. Get Jason out of the mob and with Liz again, Lucky and Sam back together again, Maxie and Johnny with Olivia triangle, Spinelli with Lulu, Robin and Patrick happy, Carly and Jax, Alexis and Andrea fighting for Mac’s love, Diane and Alexis in law firm together, Sonny being back burner for a while, Kristiana in boarding school until she gets her act together, Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane back in Pc and fighting crime.

  25. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    They should go back and make Ethan Robert’s son. That would help tremendously. It would get Ethan out of Luke’s orbit, give Robin a sibling, and make Ethan/Lulu a viable couple. Get Ethan out of the Rebecca/Nikolas mess. I’m not sure how to fix that couple. Can Rebecca be Emily?

    Regan, I do think you’re right about the show needing a complete overhaul. Nothing short of getting rid of Jill and Bob will do nothing but put a band aid on a hemorraging show. It will give it a few more months on air, but basically this show is heading towards cancellation.

    March 2010!!

  26. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Mayjadjor-I SOOOO agree with EVERYTHING you just said I thought I wrote your post. Oh darn, I just read the last sentence, except for that part :)

  27. Profile photo of coolblue

    I fel for GV because he is an actor who has an important character in Lucky and whoever is in charge just does not seem to like him or the character, not sure which. That being said, he told the fans to voice their opinions, and asked what they wanted. Is he going to print out his twitter page and show it to whoever at GH/ABC? If he did would it make a difference? I thought Lucky and Sam were a good couple who just needed the chance to develop on screen. But since they seem not to like writing for Lucky, they decided to break him and Sam up. I thought that Sam was growing and slowly realizing some of her mistakes by being with Lucky. And Lucky was actually getting along with Luke while with Sam. He was also trying to be a co-parent with Elizabeth. He was likable. Now with the Ethan storyline Lucky just comes across as mean. I am not an Ethan fan, but Lucky needs to realize that Ethan did ask to be Luke’s son or his half brother and at least co-exist without threatening him every chance he gets. Maybe Lucky could call Laura and ask her for some motherly advice.
    I agree that GH needs a complete overhaul, but the dreadful state of the show did not occr overnight and it cannot be fixed overnight. Hopefully changes are coming.

  28. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    Sometimes I think the problem with GH is the feeling that they’re rewriting on the fly and/or doing major editing and the end result looks really disjointed when it gets to the air date.

  29. Profile photo of Starrgirlfish

    Personally, I think it’s impossible to fix Rebecca and Nicholas. Seriously though, was even Emily and Nicholas as a couple interesting?…No. The only thing really memorable about them was Emily’s cancer storyline. That’s it. So….even if Rebecca was Emily the only benefit would be Emily and Elizabeth as friends again.

    Ethan…like him or not…he used to have SOME potential when he was a possible Scorpio. Ethan has way more chemistry with his sister Lulu than he should. So TPTB should make him Robin’s sibling and bring him out of being “Luke’s son”…thus completely rewriting history with Luke cheating on Laura. Not good. VERY bad move.

    I agree, this show could improve SO MUCH if they just did little small tweaks here and there. But with Brian Frons and Guza’s complete and utter devotion to the mob…’s not going to happen.

  30. Profile photo of Teach19

    What small tweaks could the present writers make? What has frustrated me is the lack of knowledge about the shows history. Characters are acting different and not being true to the s/l. I want my show back, but I am afraid it may be too late!!

  31. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I really thought things were going to turn around for GV when they went with LuSam. I thought lucky would finally be given a backbone and brought to the fore. But instead of Sam giving us more Lucky, we got Lucky sucking the character of Sam into the background. As a Sam fan, it made it awfully hard to root for LuSam. I dont speak for all Sam fans obviously, but I think one of the reasons why her fans so want her with Jason (and the reason why SJB and MW both wanted to be paired with MB and the reason why TC didnt want nikadine) is that on GH if you arent paired with the right person you basically vanish. I could have been totally excited about LuSam if they were ever on (although even if LuSam got their day, I STILL would have been against Jiz…I probably would have been back on the Jarly train at that point)Oh and I think thats why Jolivia will be history. They cant redo CarSon at this point, they made Claudia the shooter of Michael which means most fans hate them together and there is no one else for him. They arent going to pay MB to stand around and do nothing.

    What could they do to make things better…I would start with reading what they wrote and reviewing it for things that make no sense…ie: Andrea being a computer wiz out of nowhere.

  32. Profile photo of keanna

    Regan, I agree with you and most of the other posts. I think the only way to fix Rebecca and Ethan is to make her Emily and I agree with Katiebug9624 about making it look like Helena brainwashed her. As for Ethan, they should go back to their original plan and make him Robert and Holly’s son. There is more potential there and they screwed up history. I don’t think that GV has been treated fairly, they broke up
    LuSam, when it is obvious that they had great chemistry. Spixie has been the only bright spot for me. And I still think this guy is too old to play Dante. This show needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. Bring back the relevant families that made GH popular. Bring back some Qs, some Hardys, Robert and Anna, and some Webbers. Those families made GH the soap to watch. It is almost as if ABC is not trying to fix these soaps. If nothing happens soon and the ratings continue to dip, GH could be cancelled by March or April 2010.

  33. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    I think GH needs some balance between new storylines yet keeping the history of the show, bringing on new characters while utilizing the veterans on the show. A good start is by using the Q’s. At least we get to see them more even though it’s all about Michael. Bring back some of the old Q’s. Would be easier if they didn’t kill them all off. They should stop killing characters cuz then they dig themselves in a hole when the actors want to come back. Did they have kill Alan and Emily? Find more constructive ways of having them leave the screen so we don’t have to deal with new characters like Rebecca. At least Ric’s still alive. If Megan Ward is gonna get the boot, don’t kill her off so she can return when the writers learn how to write. What a waste of great actors…

    Second, they need to cut down on the mob storylines. Don’t get rid of them completely cuz they can be interesting if given in doses. The show should not revolve around the mob. Give Jason a life of his own and let him have his own family, not Sonny’s.

    Third, show women in a better light. No more wimpy, biotchy, slutty, weak, dependent women. We have too many of those on the show. Why are there no strong female cop characters? The PCPD could use a couple. And if you must show half-naked women, at least balance it out with half-naked men :) When was the last time Jason or Lucky took their shirts off :).

    Fourth, get rid of Claudia, Ethan, Rebecca, and Luke Spencer. That should free up some money so the good characters don’t need to be put on recurring status.

    Fifth, don’t start a story if you’re not going to finish it. Time for secrets to not be secrets anymore, (Jake’s paternity, Dante’s paternity, Claudia’s part in Michael’s shooting). Dragging stuff like that causes ppl to lose interest.

  34. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    I agree, build up the core families again. I can’t believe it went from the Q’s, Hardy’s, Webber’s, Scorpio’s to the Zaccharas and Corinthos’s. How lame. A great way to bring those families back is by building their kids up:

    Jake= Quartermaine and Webber (How could they not be playing this up already!!!)
    Michael= Quartermaine
    Brooke Lynn= Quartermain/Ashton
    Sean and Tiffany have a kid
    Serena Balwin
    Have Sarah Webber come back with Lucky Spencers kid.
    Have Helena bring on Nikolas’s spicy long lost sister to help make trouble for Nik and the Spencers(she could be a product of Nikolas’s dad and some stranger)
    Make Ethan a Scorpio if you must keep him.
    There are some Hardy’s floating around. Did we really need a Dante instead of someone from one of those families? Sonny has enough kids.

  35. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Regan-was it the scab writers that killed off Emily during the writers strike and then Guza came back and thought “gosh darn it, how could they kill off my Emily? I must bring her back somehow”? Dumb way to bring her back. All the viewers were ready to have her be Emily brainwashed by Helena and then they got stupid with Rebecca.
    I still say Ethan is the worst – the actor and the character, closely followed by NotEmily.

    I think that wiith all the Q’s killed off, Sonny’s family is now one of the “core” families and I don’t mind having the show center around him and Carly. I just can’t stand what’s happening with Lucky, Liz, Jason, and Nicolas. It’s not right. I’d love to see Liz with Matt.
    We need more woman friendships like Diane and Alexis, Olivia and Carly.

  36. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    When I say little things I mean paying attention to the history of the show… actually watching what you wrote to see how horribly it’s been coming together. Mere mentions of characters that should be involved would help with their lack of involvement. Refocusing things a bit. We say use the vets but there are like three left on the show… Edward,Monica and Tracy. Luke doesn’t count when he’s absent half of the year. Spixie loving is great but how about a little more love, some real family issues that don’t center around over indulged children of mobsters. 

  37. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I think that after the whole thing with Kate and Olivia’s relationship at the beginning of Olivia on the show, if Olivia had came on and left suddenly, we’d all be complaining about “who’s Dante?”. Then, when she stayed on and once we found out who he was, we’d be complaining about “where’s Dante?” Once he came on the show, if Olivia wasn’t a character we knew, and she was not on the canvas anymore, we’d be like “Where’s Olivia and Dante’s scenes together? What are they going to do with Dante without Olivia around?”
    Therefore, I think having Olivia on the show is a good thing. Having her with Johnny is an excellent thing. I do wish Kate would come back so Johnny and Olivia could stay together and Sonny could be happy again : )

  38. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    But instead of Sam giving us more Lucky, we got Lucky sucking the character of Sam into the background.

    Really?? They had sparks and chemistry, and I still remember Sam had her show, and she was still peeved about Jason. I don’t remember her sinking into the background maybe its just that she wasn’t being forced down our throats for no rhyme or reason.

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    The numbers speak for themselves..I cant find it on here (and dont have the time to look) but DC posted the “air hogs” list which was an epi count for 2008. Kelly was on only about 2/3rds (or less) as much as Lulu, Carly, Lizard, Claudia, or Kate. Moreover, the storylines they gave her werent compelling…much of the LuSam romance happened off screen with them just talking about how much time they spent together etc. and we got the drug caper which was lame – I really cant think of anything else from then that she was really majorly involved in. TPTB unfortunately just dont want to write for Lucky. I dont know why. I would much rather see LuSam than Jiz thats for sure, and yet thats what we got ad naseum.

    DD is reporting Lizard will have a lot of air time coming up, mostly with nik. Wasnt there a story on DC last year that RH told TPTB that if they werent going to go full tilt with Jiz that they should put her with someone else? Guess she must be one of Frons’ favorites because it sounds like she got her way.

  40. Profile photo of HopeFloats

    Thanks Regan.

    I am very happy about the Spixie storyline! I hope that the writing matches the wonderful potential of this couple!!

    I also love GV and want him to be respected on GH. Lucky is a legacy character and deserves better than he has gotten. It makes me angry that TPTB seem to favour Ethan over him. GH made a huge mistake even considering a storyline where he would be Luke’s son. If Luke and Laura’s history and story isn’t respected on GH, it takes away any faith that one has in TPTB to respect any character and couple. In addition to quality writing, GH needs to earn the faith back of their fans.

  41. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    I agree, HopeFloats. If even Luke and Laura’s history can be rewritten and screwed over, no couple is safe. What is written today, can be rewritten 6 months from now. Why invest in any couple or any story? It’s time for a new regime.

  42. Profile photo of daisyclover1938


    The numbers speak for themselves..I cant find it on here (and dont have the time to look) but DC posted the “air hogs” list which was an epi count for 2008. Kelly was on only about 2/3rds (or less) as much as Lulu, Carly, Lizard, Claudia, or Kate.

    EET: Here’s the original Airhogs article on

    After the Quad From H*ll story was over, LuSam were promplty dumped on the backburner. As you pointed out EET, their love story was told off camera. When they finally got their own story it was the dumb*ss counterfeit drug story – which Lucky/GV was written out of towards the end. Yup, the writing was on the wall pretty early on for LuSam fans :( I still dream of a LuSam miracle baby!

  43. Profile photo of Lindiana Jones
    Lindiana Jones

    I do agree with most of what has been said. I like the actor playing Ethan but his storyline blows. As for Rebecca, I have really never been a big fan of the actress and I think the only reason she was brought back at all over some of the other bigger name/bigger fan based actresses that could have been brought back is because of Guza.
    I knew back in early February Kate’s days were numbered because I was in an online group to gauge fan reaction to Sonny being paired with a few different women on the show and Kate was NOT any of the choices. In that same survey they asked us repeatedly what we thought of Rebecca when she had only been on two episodes so far.
    As for the person who said they are migrating to CBS, I am right behind you. I started watching “As the World Turns” two weeks ago when I heard that Lynn Herring was joining the cast as I adore her. In the first episode I figured out who everyone was, I could follow the story and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been hooked ever since. As you probably know Jon Lindstrom, Julie Pinson and Marie Wilson of ‘Port Charles’ are already on the show and now Stuart Damon is joining! It’s like the best of Port Charles in one cozy little nook. I highly recommend it for those of you suffering from Guza’s Goofy Gumbas overload.
    I do enjoy the character of Claudia but Sarah Brown is probably my other favorite actress after Lynn Herring. I do not think Claudia and Carly and Olivia are that similar. Carly used to be more needy and crazy like Claws but she has calmed down since Laura Wright took over the character. And Olivia is more Italian and far more independent and self assured than the other two ever have been.
    On another note, someone on this website made a remark a week or so back that the actress playing Olivia obviously had a lot of work done to her face. I’d like to point out that Lisa LoCicero turned 40 in April and no one that age needs work done. Get over your jealous self, poster.

  44. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I could swallow Ethan if he was Robert and Holly’s kid, but now that the writers are sucking up to Geary, I can’t stand Ethan and want Helena to come back to finish him off, LOL.

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