Quote of the Day: Guiding Light’s Olivia

Guiding Light’s Olivia (Crystal Chappell) had or was in scenes with several great quotes today. At one point Doris (Orlagh Cassidy) told Olivia "God can be very powerful" unfazed Olivia responded "No offense, but so can I." Later a nun blocked Olivia’s attempt to find Natalia (Jessica Leccia) by saying "I’ve seen many angels. The Lord is telling me you are not one of them." Chappell was outstanding in those scenes.

What is your favorite quote from today’s soaps?  

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    Goodness me that was some brilliant acting by Crystal Chappell in today’s episode. Just absolutely brilliant. “I don’t wanna be pathetic…” that just… yeah, that broke me.

    But there were also quite a few fun scenes with Doris and Olivia which showcased CC’s great comic timing and the fantastic chemistry between CC and Orlagh. All in all, yet another winner of an episode from Guiding Light. They are just on fire right now!

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    CC really brought it today. I’m a big Otalia fan and I know many like myself are somewaht angry with the pace of the story and how it is playing out currently, but it is scenes like this that make me still stand behind Crystal, Jess, and this story. With the lines ” God is quite powerful…cc: Well no offense, but so am I” and the acting e.g. Olivia yelling out for Natalia, today reminded my while I’am still watching.

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    I loved all her quotes today, but my favorite was “I’ll wait. I just want to be with her.” Olivia has said this before and I believe her. Crystal Chappell has always been an incredible actress, but she has been phenomenal in this storyline!

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    Well Chappell is the goddess after all, and she was on fire searching high and low for Natalia. I am gonna really miss Doris, too when the show is over. O. Cassidy really brings it every time she is on the screen, too. We really have watched Doris evolve from just this infrequently seen character, to who she is now.

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    LA Chick

    Guiding Light hasn’t managed to get a lot of things right these past few weeks (PregNat and terminal Philip? Pulease!), but the Olivia/Doris road trip was pure gold. And CC better get her Emmy next year.

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    Crystal Chappell is the most talented actress working in all of television today. For about the first 15 minutes she made us laugh with her trademark wit and attutide. Seriously who else could have pulled off a comparison to God. Then in a blink of an eye, she was raw emotion. Screaming at the heavens in total frustration, she held our breath and made us cry. may favorite quote of the day was her last line, when she referred to herself as pathetic. Not for words, but for the delivery, she was utterly defeated and we felt that.

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    Crystal Chappell is a walking reminder of what the soap actress truly is. She is far beyond amazing. If she doesn’t get an one last shot at an emmy for the role of Olivia Spencer, someone should just bomb the Daytime Emmy headquarters. I LOVE YOU CC : )

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    I loved the Olivia and Doris scenes! If GL had more time, I would have loved to see Olivia and Doris hook up! CC is such an amazing actress! I would watch her in anything!

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    I ask this in all honesty to those who watch soaps other than “Guiding Light”: is there a better actress in the daytime world today than Crystal Chappell? Seriously. I wish someone from a primetime show would swoop in and cast her somewhere where she would be appreciated by the widest audience imaginable because she is just outstanding. The writers over at “Days” better be taking notes because they’re getting a freakin’ GIFT in a couple of months…they’d better not blow it.

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    I’ve gone back and forth and back and forth with this Olivia/Natalia/Fraby mess because I’m not a huge Otalia fan (I do of course like them, how could you not?) and the state the storyline is currently in has been even more off-putting for me… but, I tell ya, if CC keeps giving performances like she did today i think I’ll join the picket line with the rest of you guys, lol. I don’t know how anyone could not list Crystal as one of the 5 best actresses in daytime. everything she does is flawless and even more, she makes it look effortless. she’s been underrated a bit (prior to this storyline) I think because she always done consistantly good work even though she hasn’t always had the material in this part and in daytime sometimes tried and true gets overlooked for the hot new flashy thing but this Otalia stuff has really made her or made everyone aware of the star she is… and she so deserves that awareness. she’s willed me to like this storyline and root for it on sheer strength of performance alone at times. today was no exception. and honestly I’ve always wanted her back on Days (that’s where I first became a fan of her’s so…) and I’ve been super excited ever since the news broke that she was returning but these last few episodes… she’s making it imposible for me because I’m realizing how much I’m going to miss her in this role.

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    I’ve run out of superlatives with which to describe CC’s performances at this point, so just fill this space with much applause.

    Orlagh was fantastic too. I call for more screentime for Doris, especially with Olivia because those two have created a highly entertaining friendship.

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    I agree that Crystal Chappell is an amazing actress ( I even named a beloved pet after her lol) but I think that Laura Wright, Sarah Joy Brown, and Alison Sweeney are just as good. They probably just aren’t written as well. Does Vanessa Marcil count?

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    Olivia telling Doris to “get a move on before Natalia becomes a nun and ships off to Africa.”

    and Olivia responds to Doris wanting to move to Oakdale- “So glad my life crisis helped you sort out you next career move.”

    Olivia pleading to nun to let her see Natalia (just before Luke’s quote)- “She’s in pain, she’s suffering and God himself has sent me here to alleviate that pain to show her the way because it’s true.”

    Nice balance between lightness of Doris and the big emotional romantic fireworks of Olivia.
    Loved Crystal here. I needed this after last weeks events.

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