B&B: Donna Forrester, Golden Girl?

Is Pam (Alley Mills) still carrying her grudge about Donna  (Jennifer Gareis) being picked over her on The Price Is Right?

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    This is in response to Luke’s “Glittery Hoo-Hoo” post which seems to have been removed:

    I love the phrase Glittery Hoo-Hoo! :D One of my earliest and fondest DC memories was listening to a podcast where Lisa kept ranting about Belle’s glittery hoo-hoo and Sonny’s magical penis. :D Thanks Luke for reminding me of that, and for coming up with the perfect description for Donna “Hoo-Hoo” Hogan.

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    I was on the set for when they shot this the day that I visited. It was a great time. It’s amazing how quick the moment passes, it took an hour easily to get all the shots and the glitter. What a great day. The folks are B&B are wonderful and Jennifer Gareis is lovely. The only thing I wish they had used was the Lady Gaga music they played when the models walked down the isles.

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