DC Was Right Again…OLTL Wants GL’s Daniel Cosgrove as Joey!

It looks like Daytime Confidential was right again! Last March, just prior to the news of Guiding Light‘s cancellation being made public, we first told you ABC was salivating over Gina Tognoni and Daniel Cosgrove for the roles of Kelly Cramer and Joey Buchanan, respectively. Carolyn Hinsey has now confirmed One Life to Live is interested in Cosgrove for Joey in this week’s New York Daily News.

Additional reporting by Tina Guilford and Melodie Aikels.


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    Aren’t Joe and Kelly married? I don’t know if I can see them as married scince I see them on GL as bro and sis. I might just have to come back to OLTL

  2. Profile photo of troymcclure

    If Cosgrove goes to OLTL then so do I.

    Kelly and Joey, played by Gina and Daniel would be weird but I prefer Cosgrove paired with a younger actress and not Dorian. Sorry, might not be PC but I don’t want my favorite leading man paired with such an older actress.

  3. Profile photo of CGat

    This casting war thing is really getting ridiculous. And for Daniel to play the love interest of his former sister on another show. That’s just weird…

    So, is Gina definitely going to One Life? Or is it still speculation? Or did the deal fall through? Anyone know?

  4. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    I would LOVE to see him on OLTL as Joey–or as anybody for that matter. I never really watched him on GL (couldn’t get into the new way they shot the show), but I thought he was fabulous in his small role on Dirty, Sexy, Money. He reminds me a lot of Nathan Fillion.

  5. Profile photo of terrilynn88

    He would be amazing as Joey!! DC is so talented and charismatic! It would be weird that he’d be playing a former love interest of Gina T (if she returns), since they were siblings on OLTL. But still, i think he’d be great on OLTL. I’m happy that OLTL has finally realized its time to bring back more Buchanans.

  6. Profile photo of Grimm

    Like Tognoni, Cosgrove really came into his own on GL after being unremarkable on ABC where he was Scott#3 on AMC. He would make a great Joey.
    I am completely indifferent to Tognoni returning as Kelly Cramer. The must be somewhere else where she can be better utilized. She will be lost in the shuffle on the canvas at OLTL.

  7. Profile photo of liason4real

    OLTL can get rid of Stacy and John. I’m looking forward to Rexx/Gigi/Sky triangle. I wonder who would be Joey’s love interest? Blair, Tea, Marty, Rachel????

  8. Profile photo of LC32

    I would love to see Gina Tognoni and Daniel Cosgrove as the new Kelly and Joey they would be great, but isn’t Kelly married to Kevin why would she be paired with Joey??? I’m just glad they’re bring back those two characters but it would be great to see Kevin come back too i miss him.

  9. Profile photo of blake3b

    That’s great for Daniel, nice to see GL actors getting work bit by bit. I could see Gina returning as Kelly, she’s already got her hair back to blonde. If OLTL doesn’t work out I could see her on Y&R.
    I was thinking Jeff Branson should go to OLTL also, he’s so hot and he and Gina have amazing chemistry.

  10. Profile photo of Carol2

    I don’t think Jeff will be employed at ABC again.

    If Daniel is hired, they had better not take the easy way out and dump Kyle, or Fish, or Sky, or Brody. Get rid of the real problems.

  11. Profile photo of troymcclure

    “Didn’t Daniel and Gina have inappropriate chemistry on GL? I thought that Ellen Wheeler was going to go there, but didn’t. But they could be a couple on OLTL now.”

    LOL Simon!!!
    They do have chemistry, that’s for sure and last year that chemistry was certainly inappropriate for two actors playing siblings.
    I thought Ellen Wheeler was going down the incest route a couple of times myself but thankfully that never happened!

  12. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    No offense to DanC…but why would I want him as Joey over a rehire of DanG as Kevin…its how some people felt about SD going to ATWT when they dont write for their own vets. Bring DanC that would be great, but only if they also bring back Kevin.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Wally Kurth and Jane Elliot played adulterous lovers on DAYS before going on to play mother and son on GH. Daniel and Gina being paired on OLTL wouldn’t be that shocking.

  14. Profile photo of RBD

    I know nothing of the role but I like DC on GL and if both he and Gina were to jump ship I’d definitely give watching OLTL a shot.

  15. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    I think Dan would be a great Joey recast. And I hope they re-visit the Dorian/Joey relationship. It was kinda spoken about when NF came back for Asa’s memorial.
    My major issue is not about a Joey recast BUT with a Kevin recast!!!!!!!!! Dan G who played Kevin last was the best Kevin OLTL has had. Even when Kevin was a big jerk– Dan made him likeable. He had a wonderful chemistry with Viki, Blair, Jessica, Natalie and Todd. I really hope OLTL rethinks recasting Kevin– and does what they can to get Dan back. I mean they have had about 1 million actors playing Kevin over the years — but judging from on line chatter Dan was by far the fan favorite. WHy would they gamble on hiring another bad choice in the role– when they could bring back the fans #1 choice in the role?

  16. Profile photo of liason4real

    Maybe this is why OLTL let Ray, Marcie and Michael leave the show in order to get Joey and Kevin back on screen? I would sleep a lot easier at night if John and Stacy took a powder… >)

  17. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I never thought I would say this, but I would happily lose John to get Kevin back. I am just so tired of the moping. When the put him with Blair and she was trying to get him to wear blue and to smile and actually speak, I thought we might be getting somewhere, but NO….we are going to get Jarty and a redo on the T&B front

  18. Profile photo of jsg03jd

    This could be good. Daniel Cosgrove has always intrigued me, so if Nathan Fillion or Don Jeffcoat can’t play the role, I’d love to see DC do it.

    BTW, isn’t DC married to a Filipina woman? They’ve got some gorgeous kids those two…

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