Ashley's Sonogram Results Are In On The Young and the Restless

The doctor is making house calls on The Young and the Restless. What will be revealed when Ashley has a sonogram?


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8 May 2008
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Can you really have a sonogram in the home? Why not at a hospital, but then again we would of known about the dead baby inside Ashley's stomach. Plot device.

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This doctor is being so easily manipulative it's annoying. He needs to man up and get some balls. I know this is all a plot device but it's so silly how threatened he's acting.

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29 May 2008
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That scene just about broke my heart. Being a new mother and having had my bouts of ultrasounds, it is always a bit scary before you see your baby on the screen. It would have been better for Ashley to see nothing and accept that the baby is gone, but I understand the storyline.

I can only imagine the fallout (for Adam) that will come from all of this.