Katherine and Jill Find Out Phillip is Gay on Y&R

Last week Phillip (Thom Bierdz) revealed "his truth" to Nina (Tricia Cast). Today he revealed to Jill (Jess Walton) and Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) he is gay. In scenes at the Chancellor mansion, he told them he was forced to leave because he couldn’t be what they wanted and that he didn’t fit in.

Katherine didn’t give an inch, asking why he "can’t be honest" and "help them learn and accept who he is." Pointing at Phillip, she told him he "took the cowards way out" and "compounded it a hundred times over by sending Cane to take his place." Jill was no slouch either, telling Phillip he made Katherine believe she had done the "unspeakable" in giving away Jill’s baby. 

Even after this Phillip maintained that Cane "helped them get past it" and that "through him I was finally able to to make you guys happy." Her voice trembling in a mix of anger and pain Katherine responded "Two bloody years of happiness versus 20 years of loss," she continued "do you really think that is a fair trade?"

Do you believe Phillip’s reasoning and motivation for sending Cane?

Katherine and Jill Find Out Phillip is Gay on Y&R

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  1. Avatar of david46208

    This is about as believable as when everyone was killed on Days and ended up on that damn fantasy island. Come on he died in the hospital. He didn’t fall over the cliff with a body never to be found. Come on now!

  2. Avatar of troymcclure

    I don’t care if he is gay, straight, purple or green, the guy gave up his son and I’m supposed to feel bad for him cause he couldn’t live a lie?

    If I was a gay man with a child, I would be highly offended by this.

  3. Avatar of met

    David46208, you have a good point. Clearly it can be seen that Thom Bierdz is way older than Daniel Goddard. I find this storyline a load of crap. Replacing someone 10 years younger as Phillip 3 is just not working. Plus I am not feeling Thom Bierdz as many of the bloggers, therefore I am not excited about his return. The storyline is totally contrived and basically carries no weight. In fact Yanni (the other gay character) is doing a much better job than Thom. Even Sara Babel commented that Thom Bierdz acting skills needs work, and now he has this crappy storyline, I can bet his acting isn’t going to get back.

    MAB in her haste to undo many of LML storylines, should have realize that viewers are going to see that Cane is 10 years younger than Phillip 3 when she decided that Thom Bierdz should come back. I am sorry I am not one of the viewers who praise MAB and team of writers. Because whoever thought of bringing back Phillip 3 this way clearly knows nothing about writing drama. I find bloggers kiss up to the head writers because they want to be in their book. Look what happen at DOOL recently when they released the veteran actors, and based on the bloggers I thought the show was going down the tubes, instead I am watching DOOL more than I am watch Y&R because its damn good.

    In case MAB don’t realize, the ratings are not what they were last year. The number of viewers is going down and it’s not because people have employment and they are not at home to watch soaps. We are just basically tired of her contrived stories.

    One thing though, I am actually looking forward to the Cancer storyline, because that’s very realistic. But as soon as that Phillip 3 storyline comes on, I am fast forwarding because it’s a load of crap. Not even favorites like Jess Walton, Jeanne Cooper will have me turn in for that horrendous storyline. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t refuse to watch because Thom Bierdz is gay, it’s just the way they brought him back and expect us viewers to buy it that “””Yes he faked his death in a hospital””” — Pleaseeeee! They shouldn’t even try to sell that. Maybe if they had brought him back as a twin, I would have bought it.

  4. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    I have said that they should of brought him back as a twin that wants revenge against Kay that gave him to a woman named Violet that Cane was with and that would of explained Kay’s memory of giving a baby away and let TB play a dark and twisted character.

  5. Avatar of Smitty

    Poor motivation for Philip but I have to say I totally understand him leaving his family because he was gay. To me it makes sense. In 1989 the world was much different than what it is today and it still has a long ways to go. I don’t like his reasoning for sending Cane.

    I think it really doesn’t bother me because LML and crew were ridiculous when they did this rewrite so I know MAB and crew had to clean the mess up someway. I am just grateful for MAB for fixing one of LML’s MANY WRONGS!

  6. Avatar of Smitty

    In case MAB don’t realize, the ratings are not what they were last year. The number of viewers is going down and it’s not because people have employment and they are not at home to watch soaps. We are just basically tired of her contrived stories.


    met you might want to check your facts because the ratings for Y&R have been pretty consisent with last year’s ratings if not higher, but I am sure when you check your facts you will find this out. DC usually does a great ratings recap every week that you should check out.

  7. Avatar of david46208

    Well said MET welcome to the club. Bill Bell would have never brought back anyone from the dead who died in the operating room even if he wished he didn’t kill them. Many fans are willing to let History be pushed aside even though the same people harp on continuity. The continuity to this storyline as I have read and even heard yelled at me though the phone and on twitter is that of WTF.

    To say this a good storyline you would have to believe that Passions was worth a daytime Emmy for Best Daytime Drama.

    Talk about suspending belief. You gotta suspend more then belief to buy this crap. I don’t know whose taking Oxycontin’s over there, but it is getting in the way of the writing.

    Heffer is no smarter version of Reilly. Alden was 10 times better then this.

    Now they should hire Juliet Mills as Tabitha and maybe this would all come together.

  8. Avatar of david46208


    Even viewers will tune into bad drama. Look at B&B for example. Bad writing and bad acting overall and most watched soap in the world. There you go!

  9. Avatar of Smitty

    Even viewers will tune into bad drama. Look at B&B for example. Bad writing and bad acting overall and most watched soap in the world. There you go!


    I guess you speak from experience considering you watched Passions! LMAO

  10. Avatar of Smitty

    David here is my thing. I understand people’s frustrations with a show they love and have watched for years. Heck I was screaming this a couple years ago during LML’s reign of terror. I just want to make sure everyone is using facts when making there points because sometimes people liek to fudge the truth when trying to make a point.

    One minute you all say the ratings matter (when they are going down) then you say (in the same breathe) that “viewers will tune into bad drama” (when the ratings are good).

    Can we get some consistency in these arguments. LOL

  11. Avatar of Smitty

    do. I sat through that mess of show only because it supported diversity.


    There is only so much loyalty you can have. I’m sorry but I won’t watch crap. My time is too valuable to waste it on shows like Passions and Meet the Browns or House of Payne.

  12. Avatar of

    I do believe his reasoning. It makes sense.

    He was trapped. He basically hated these women, and he was not comfortable in his own skin. He wanted to die. He planned on running away, and when the opportunity arose, he took it.

    Now, after living in Australia for years, the guilt began to weigh on him. So he sent Cane to make it up to Jill and Katherine. Perhaps he even figured Cane would be a surrogate father figure for little Phillip.

    It works for me.

    The only thing I am confused about is the psychic——did Phillip pay her off into making Katherine think she switched babies? Also, was Cane already in town when he met Amber online?

  13. Avatar of Smitty

    I am sick of all the Passions insults and bashings. ENOUGH!!!


    Sorry AlistairCrane but it is what it is. LOL!!! (only a joke calm down and breathe)

  14. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    A billionaire scion, paying off hospital workers and cops to fake his death is nothing like 10 serial killer victims who died bloody, gory deaths all turning up alive. This storyline is par for the course for soap operas. All soaps do returns from the dead. AMC is nominated for Emmys this year in large part to an equally implausible scenario, where Jesse Hubbard, who died on our screens as well, returned from the dead after 20 years. Y&R, of all the soaps has rarely utilized the return from the dead. To even compare this to Passions is beyond reaching 
    If they decide to bring Dru back, will you then be crying foul over the implausibilty of someone falling over a cliff and surviving it? I wasn’t very good at Physics in high school, but I buy someone being given a drug to slow down their heart rate to fake their death a whole lot more than I can realistically buy people suriving neck breaking cliff dives, however I would stand up and cheer if and when it is revealed Dru survived. It would be no difference.  

  15. Avatar of david46208

    A billionaire scion, paying off hospital workers and cops to fake his death is nothing like 10 serial killer victims who died bloody, gory deaths all turning up alive. This storyline is par for the course for soap operas. All soaps do returns from the dead. AMC is nominated for Emmys this year in large part to an equally implausible scenario, where Jesse Hubbard, who died on our screens as well, returned from the dead after 20 years. Y&R, of all the soaps has rarely utilized the return from the dead. To even compare this to Passions is beyond reaching

    Jamey it is like Passions and more people are comparing the two. You may not like it but the way things have been going on over there with the back to back nuttiness of Y&R there is no other to compare it too unless you consider Dark Shadows.

    Chipmunks, Chipmunks spokes man, Scooby Doo adventures, Nickelodeon style kidnappings, stuffed cats, and a this return from the dead. Now come on now. Y&R was always a cut above the rest of the soaps. It was the one the industry knew didn’t rely on these type of nutty plot points to reel in the fans. It use to be the most realistic soap on air. The industry and press lauded it for generally going against the grain of what other soaps were doing. You read the same magazines I read as a child and into adulthood. Now that it just become a soap and not a cut above the rest you are willing to make concessions.

    As I said before the general soap staple is to fall off a cliff and leave it open for your return. That is about as far as Y&R generally goes.

    This mess now is all Passioneque. There is no way you can sit there and defend it as you know and I know Y&R is nothing like it use to be.

  16. Avatar of josser

    “Shows like Passions and Meet the Browns or House of Payne…”

    Stop! Passion may have been a lot of things but don’t compare it to the Tyler Perry minstrel shows! That’s just wrong, wrong, wrong!

  17. Avatar of david46208


    In my house we didn’t watch shows that had the ability to provide diversity and didn’t do it. We had come too far. This was not 1962 where seeing a black person needed to be like a moment of celebration. I grew up in a world where I can demand my fair share. Or as VR says the equitable amount of screen time. NY Undercover was once the number 3# show on prime time and when the actors asked for a raise the same as others were getting they were denied and the top stars left.

  18. Avatar of Smitty

    NY Undercover was once the number 3# show on prime time


    Once again you should check you facts. I loved NY Undercover but it was never the #3 show in primetime. Maybe the number 3 show on Fox Network but not in primetime.

  19. Avatar of josser


    There nothing wrong with Mary Jane’s stuffed cat. Mary Jane as a is very much like Sheila Carter, a super-villain who performed miraculous feats of evil and deception. You can’t reject Mary Jane and accept Sheila Carter. The two are twins.

    It’s also odd that you would dismiss Mary Jane but embrace the outlandish Vincent Crane of Passions. An intersexed, murderous rapist who wore a mask to have sex with his father.

    As for Kay Alden, you’re forgetting about all that went wrong under her reign. You can look at B&B to see her handiwork in miserable action.

    Y&R’s ratings are twice the average for most soaps.

    I don’t disagree with your desire to see more African-Americans on soaps (or TV or in film). Frankly, I liked Lexi more when she was up to mischief, following in her father’s footsteps. TV needs another black villainess, Lexi could have been it.

  20. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    This mess now is all Passioneque. There is no way you can sit there and defend it as you know and I know Y&R is nothing like it use to be.

    Passions and Dark Shadows both were rooted in supernatural lore and mythology. Y&R is definitely macabre, gothic and over-the-top in a lot of storylines of late, but there are no supernatural elements.

    Tell me, what did you think of Lynn Marie Latham having Sheila get plastic surgery to look like Phyllis, surgery that apparently changed her bone structure and height as well, then having another inmate get surgery to look like herself before the surgery, so that she could come to town? Did that inspired work of creativity cause you as much ire?

    We blasted the hell out of the Chipmunk story. It was lame and still is lame, all soaps have bad stories, it’s the nature of the beast when putting out 52 weeks of drama, five days a week, per year, but when a soap is largely telling amazing stories, i.e. the gaslighting of Ashley, The Chancellor women reacting to Phillip’s return, The Chronicles of Mary Jane and her Kitty, I am inclined to cut them some slack.

  21. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I love NY Undercover. Jamey, do you think that Ashley would get a sonogram at home instead of the hospital? I don’t believe that mess for a bit.

    With Ash all paranoid about Estella and thinking she’s trying to drive her cuckoo for cocoa puffs, I can buy it. Plus rich folks don’t always go to the hospital for stuff. Look at Michael Jackson.

  22. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    Ok, I can buy the sonogram at home, but if the baby is dead, how the heck it isn’t beating or having a pulse? But it is a soap so you just have to go with it. I like Adam getting at Victor, but not at the expense of Ashley, Estella and Rafe.

  23. Avatar of josser


    There is no baby. Ergo, there is no heartbeat or pulse. The doctor is faking all of the baby’s data. The sonogram was was a recording. Doctors can provide mothers with a DVD recording of her sonogram.

  24. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    but not at the expense of Ashley, Estella and Rafe.
    But that’s what makes it good, suspensful drama. Of course we don’t want bad things to happen to our favorite characters, but if it didn’t, you’d have no story. Scarlett could have stayed on Tara, eating barbecue and fussing with her Mammy for the whole four hours of Gone With The Wind, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as epic.

  25. Avatar of josser


    I think it’s fair to say that most of agree with you about the lack of diversity on soaps. We would very much like to see not only more actors of color but have them be given stronger, powerful storylines. Similarly, having more gay characters would be great also.

    Y&R is going to give Christel Khalil a front burner story that should bring in the Winters clan as she deals with ovarian cancer. That’s a good start. Not the best but a good start.

    OLTL seems to be trying to increase the presence of its actors of color. I’m excited about Layla and Christian. They’re both great characters and the actors who portray them are beautiful.

    OLTL is also growing the Evans family. Have you done anything to support the show?

  26. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    All I know is that in an intimate interview Bill Bell named the ways to save the industry. This kind of mess on the list of things not to do. He is turning over in his grave now.
    David, go look up Bill Bell’s actual storylines, then we will talk. Long before Carly was buried alive on DAYS, Lauren Fenmore was on Y&R.

    *Victor Newman locked his wife’s lover in a dungeon.

    *Brad’s first wife kept him prisoner in a secret cell.

    *David Kimble had the words KILLER scratched into his face by a plastic surgeon and then died via  trash compactor.

    *Sheila Carter had a baby receive plastic surgery to remove his birth mark, in order to keep Lauren from recognzing it was her son.

    Those are just a few of his "realistic stories" from Y&R. On DAYS he penned a story where a brother returned from the Korean War, presumed dead, with a new face and then fell with his sister, who was so distraught she became a nun. Bill was a masterful storyteller, but he also knew how to spin larger than life yarns. I bet he would be proud of his daughter-in-law.

  27. Avatar of josser


    OLTL’s black characters develop a following, they’ll get more storyline and airtime. OLTL seems to be integrating them well into the cast.

    OLTL did a good job with the Gannons. They were never segregated. I do miss RJ. He was a great villain. RJ and Lindsay were a hot couple. I wish Catherine Hickland and Timothy Stickney were back on canvas.

  28. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens


    Off topic, do you have any plans to highlight OLTL’s actors of color and their storylines?

    I am waiting for them to breakout a bit first. They are close. I am loving Daphne, GAWD I wish she could have been Lily Winters.

  29. Avatar of david46208


    I know those things happened and look at the distance in time between the those storylines. Bell did not have all the storylines seeped in nuttiness.

    Soaps were setup in a way where if you didn’t like something you could fast forward through it the stuff you didn’t like. He would have never had followed this template. Yes he would on occasion go there. And yet it wasn’t no bam, bam, bam. These storylines are so interconnected that you can’t even escape the nuttiness.

    I know you like Days and I would be okay with this stuff over there. The show wrote itself into that corner. So I don’t expect them to ever be serious. But not Y&R. When people stop referring to Y&R as the template for other soaps to follow you know something is wrong. Y&R is now like all the other soaps an incarnation of whomever is at the helm.

    All i’m waiting to hear is that Kay, Jill, and Nina are going to be kidnapped and kept in a day spa and people getting killed with potassium chloride… They will be there any day.

    By the way Yes the baby thing with Ashley is not even “good horrible”. It’s just horrible.

  30. Avatar of david46208


    I think or hope Ron saw a way to upstage Y&R and bring on the diversity. Maybe he has been surfing the net and came across these posting and thought well you know what we need to get back to what it use to be here. I would be a great nod to history of Carla (Ellen Holly) returned as a judge. Last time she was there she was an attorney. I like Terrell Tilford. I’ve already got someone doing the Rachael Gannon and Shaun video clips.

  31. Avatar of david46208


    I remember someone telling me that CK and BM went to the br “ass” at Y&R and stated that they couldn’t be paired together. Not that believe it, because she doesn’t have that kind of clout. But if she did and they listened then she should take her ass up there any say “Hey? Um when I be paired with a black man?”

    I’m just sayin’ can a brotha get some love or what?

  32. Avatar of david46208


    Devetta was not that great of an actress in the role acting wise. She also deviated from what Lily’s upbringing was…but then again, in that case she would have had a French accent. Yet still I would take her back any day. And I know they would have given her black love interest after Daniel. I never imagined Devetta’s version of Lily dating a white man like Daniel she would go for more of the Slim Shady type of white man.

  33. Avatar of met

    FROM: josstheguy

    As of the week before last when Phillip returned, Y&R’s ratings have returned to their 5 million viewer mark of last year.


    That’s not the even the entire population of the state Massachusetts. Y&R used to have way more viewers than 5 million. We hate to admit that the storylines contribute to why people stop watching soaps. Lets face, the genre is not what it used to be. Writers often times write ridiculous stories and expect us viewers to swallow it without any hesitation. Heck no, that’s why I am glad my DVR have a fast forward button, so I can fast forward through awful stories and most times I completely skip it altogether. Why is it so hard to put on realistic storylines?

  34. Avatar of josser


    I disagree. First, Daniel and Lily had a lot in common since both were raised as American expatriates living with single parents in Europe. Daniel was a cute, angsty bad boy artist. He would be Lily’s type. Why would Lily want to go for the Slim Shady type?

    Sherwood’s only failing for me was her accent not being more suburban. Lily wouldn’t have had a French accent because she would have learned to speak English at home and in school.

  35. Avatar of david46208


    It is the same reason why people point a few out there storylines as the excuse for Hell to have all the storylines written out there. And Bill Bell knew when something didn’t work he ended it. Now-a-days in soaps they just keep moving on.

  36. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    End the dead fetus s/l, the Chipmunk and Scooby Doo adventures, MJ hello kitty, and the Sharon opening her drawers to half the town, who next. She probably do Deacon and Daniel next or she will combust. Isn’t it look like Deacon want both Daniel and Amber for himself?

  37. Avatar of josser


    Christel Khalil and Bryton McClure play brother and sister. The show tried to intimate that Devon had a crush on Lily but that was dismissed eventually. It wouldn’t have been a good storyline since that would have ruined the brother/sister dynamic.

    At this point, the Lily/Cane pairing is a HUGE success. They’ve been separated and are facing Lily’s potential death. So, I don’t expect another suitor to go after Lily for at least 6 to 9 months. Besides, watching the irritating ping ponging of the Jack/Nick/Phyllis/Sharon quartet is painful enough.

  38. Avatar of david46208

    Christel Khalil and Bryton McClure play brother and sister. The show tried to intimate that Devon had a crush on Lily but that was dismissed eventually. It wouldn’t have been a good storyline since that would have ruined the brother/sister dynamic.

    At this point, the Lily/Cane pairing is a HUGE success. They’ve been separated and are facing Lily’s potential death. So, I don’t expect another suitor to go after Lily for at least 6 to 9 months. Besides, watching the irritating ping ponging of the Jack/Nick/Phyllis/Sharon quartet is painful enough.
    Y&R didn’t try it. They held hands once while watching a movie and that was the extent of it. They never perused a relationship and then backed out of it.

    They are not biologically brother and sister and are far more like a blended family.

    As for the quad they have been playing them long past their prime. When I read somewhere that Sharon and Nick would not get back together until November I was too through.

  39. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    The quad is getting on my last nerves. I would watch Lily and Devon hooking up than Sharon, the wimpy mess, Nick and jack, two spineless jerks, and Phyllis, who needs to hook up with Deacon or Neil.

  40. Avatar of josser


    Isn’t Daniel’s bio dad dead? Hamilton is Devon’s mother’s name.

    Y&R seems to have dropped Devon’s search for his birth father for the time being. Too bad the show doesn’t drop the Devon has a crush on Tyra mess. Eew, eew, eew!

  41. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    Oh, I forgot it is his mother maiden name. Yeah, they drop the ball. Y&R was number one because of the AA was on front burner s/ls unlike the other soaps where there wasn’t even AA characters onscreen.

  42. Avatar of amcoltlyr

    And whatever people may think of Christel Khalil, most people can’t see anyone else playing Lily.

    And why so many people trashing the writers and comparing this to Passions?
    They brought this show back, and unfortunately if you dont like it, it’s the closest to what the Bell era would have been (except perhaps the whole Adam-is-evil may have been a lighter story)

  43. Avatar of josser


    I don’t think Christel Khalil is leaving Y&R any time soon. She left a few years ago and came back. Khalil has front burner status on Y&R as part of one soapdom’s hottest couples. Given the state of things, why would she want to leave?

    On the flipside, I can’t see Y&R killing the character of Lily. She’s not only a popular character but arguably the show’s most popular African-American character since Druscilla died.

  44. Avatar of BigDede

    I like Y&R.

    Yeah the storylines are not always plausible(?) but it’s a soap.

    The thing that’s dragging down Y&R right now are the horrible actors they cast. They need a casting direction like Mark from General Hospital. The whole teen set is horrible. The chick who plays Mac is beyond horrible. She is just down right terrible. And his new actor playing Adam isn’t anything to right about.

    Once they get the right actors , this show will be almost perfect. Also I agree with someone who said this guy who plays Phillip isn’t doing a good job. He isn’t like Trina Cast who came back and it was like she never left. You can tell this guy hasn’t acted in a very long time. He is terrible.

    Oh and Sharon is god-awful!

  45. Avatar of SoapSnob


    William J. Bell has passed away, rest his soul. He was a unique and dynamic storyteller and, obviously a shrewd businessman/leader. We will not likely see the likes of him again.

    Kay Alden is no longer head-writing Y&R. And after seeing what she is doing at B&B, I am not sure she should return to her former “home.”

    Sally Sussman Morena, after her recent online interview, is very probably in the same boat with Victoria Rowell. Yes, I know her husband is Supervising Producer at Y&R. Which brings me to…

    Ed Scott, Melody Thomas Scott’s husband, who, after the WGA debacle at Days, is, perhaps wisely, concentrating on other endeavors.

    Therefore, after Bill Bell’s vision was SERIOUSLY compromised during Lynn Marie Latham’s reign of terror, Maria Arena Bell is restoring this show to a daytime drama that Bill Bell WOULD recognize while also updating it for the current times and nature of the business.

    Make no mistake, I adore Bill, Kay, Sally and Ed. I have a genuine soft spot for what I call “Classic Y&R.” (Hell, Classic Daytime Drama.) And I was a supportive fan of Y&R during all their tenures with the show. But it is time to move on. Either watch and enjoy the show as it is now and engage in lively, fact-based communication with your fellow DC posters. Or, sit quietly (and provide an occasional aside) and allow us who do enjoy the show to do so without your biased judgment.

    Relax. Relate. Release. And then, you will have Peace. ;-)

    (This is coming from someone with much Brenda Dickson love. But I know it will be an ICY COLD day in hell before Brenda resumes the role of Jill Foster Abbott full-time. To which I still hope someone will someday say, “SoapSnob, grab your chinchilla!”)

  46. Avatar of Smitty

    Either watch and enjoy the show as it is now and engage in lively, fact-based communication with your fellow DC posters.


    Thank you SoapSnop that is the KEY point for me. David needs to learn how he to get his facts straight because on numerous occasions he has falsely stated something just to go with his argument.

    I don’t mind debating what we do and don’t like but have your facts in order and quit continuing to purposely distort the truth to fit your argument. Doesn’t make sense and it’s stupid.

  47. Avatar of met

    Y&R seems to be following OLTL because they were nominated for their ridiculous storylines of bringing people back from the dead. When did Y&R become a follower instead of a leader? And worst Y&R is not even following a soap that’s within the top three. Bringing back Phillip 3 dont spell drama, its spells OLTL. And if I wanted to watch OLTL, I would tune into it.

    The fact of the matter is the storyline dont wash at all. For instance:

    Cane is younger than Phillip 3 and looks younger even on a bad day.

    Phillip 3 is suppose to have an over 18 year son. That certainly could not wash where Cane is concern. He would had to be eleven years old to make Phillip 4 (or Chance as they are going to call him.)

    Someone said the storyline is just as ridiculous as Passions’ storyline, and I agree. Its total BS and nothing else. Is the audience suppose have short term memory problem all of a sudden?

    Jeanne Cooper and Jess Walton deserves better than this chipmunk like storyline. Their years of experience should have garnered them more respect than this crappy unbelievable storyline. I guess I will now have to view Y&R in the same way I view OLTL – just another bad soap.

  48. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    I agree with both Smitty if he likes Y&R s/ls and I agree with David that the show is going into Passionseques territory. I feel that Thom isn’t selling this s/l to the fans and thats why some viewers are not buying this. But with Hogan, he does go into the out there s/ls that are not what fans want and MAB needs to rein in Hogan.

  49. Avatar of SoapSnob


    I appreciate your response. And your passion for daytime drama. I firmly believe that the reason that Y&R was sooo good for sooo long was because William J. Bell’s singular vision was evident day after day, week after week, year after year. And because of that vision, we came to, rightfully so, expect sooo much more from Y&R. But, the current television climate requires a different way of thinking and proceeding with action. While the current incarnation of Y&R is not perfect – nor was it when Bill Bell was writing full-time – I view it as an updated version that, again, William J. Bell WOULD recognize and it is a show of which he WOULD be very proud. Bill would probably play more and, somewhat, slower story beats, but it would look very similar to what we see on our screen today. Because daytime dramas are literally, like their viewers, living, breathing entities, they must grow and change with the times – while being true to their core – or else they will perish. (Sigh)

    It sounds like because you and your family/friends/extended circle do not like what Y&R is currently writing/producing, then it is counter to Bill Bell’s vision and is therefore not worthy of someone’s enjoyment? And this, ultimately, is the point I am trying to make to you… We are all welcome to our opinions. However, it is when we attempt to force those opinions on others that we lose our way.

  50. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    SoapSnob, your statement was good and you have a great point, but if they don’t acknowledged the AA audience that has made the show number one for 20 years and we are not being use to our full potential, I feel that tptb don’t value me as a viewer and I have to the right to be upset and the right to speak my point. No offense to you. I like some of Y&R s/ls, but some of the s/ls stink and needs fixing.

  51. Avatar of david46208

    Well even Superhead spoke and she is African American. When you think of its majority audience you have to know that most black women for get just black fans in general talk to even in the chatrooms don’t are looking at in dismay. Soapsnob I highly doubt Bill Bell would even recognize Y&R.

    So if people like inconsistencies and whatever the flavor of the moment is then so be it. but when it goes against history we need to let it out.

  52. Avatar of SoapSnob

    On a final note…

    Some viewers LOVE Y&R.
    Some viewers like Y&R.
    Some viewers are indifferent to Y&R.
    Some viewers do not like Y&R.
    Some viewers HATE Y&R.

    To each his own. We are all entitled to our opinions.

  53. Avatar of reggyreg

    Like Jamey said, you are not going to have a soap opera where ALL of the story lines are great! You are going to have a few that is lacking. It is very difficult to come up with great story writing 365 days a year. It is just not possible. It is not too much to ask though for MOST of the story lines to be on point. That is just the case with Y&R. Overall, they are doing a very good job sans the Chipmunk and the Jana/Kevin/Amber/Daniel art theft storyline.

  54. Avatar of david46208

    You forgot the never ending quad and the hysterical pregnancy and bad acting Back from the dead and non-relationship of billy and Mac and did I say TY not! That sums up about most of the show. Oh wait kitty cat in the hat. You forgot those.

  55. Avatar of reggyreg

    Maybe I left them out because I think they are good story lines. I don’t think things are going to change on this soap opera. Do you expect to rag on Y&R until the end of its run? It doesn’t make sense to do that.

  56. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    And the forgotten characters like Colleen, MIA Lauren, JT and Victoria, even though they need to recast Victoria, JT should be in the art theft mess, he is a PI, you know. Why isn’t Phyllis going after MJ? Phyllis is crazier than MJ and should would of hurt MJ herself like she smack Heather for accusing her off hurting her child. And last, the corporate world. Why isn’t anyone at the office working? Or how about Jack’s obsession with this unborn child when he has two children that he forgetting to mention or see how they are doing? IF MAB is for history, she would at least have Ashley mention Keemo and Kyle.

  57. Avatar of jsg03jd

    Phillip faking his death because he was a closeted homo was always going to be a hard sell. It was 1989 — 20 years after Stonewall — when Phillip decided to do his Houdini routine. Phillip, as Kay astutely pointed out, could have easily moved from Wisconsin to a gay mecca like New York where he could have joined ACT UP, fought for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and so on and so forth. Or he could have gone to San Francisco.

    Having said that, I am appreciating Thom Bierdz’s return because it’s a great homecoming of sorts for a man who has suffered tremendous traumas in his life. Could his acting be better? Sure, but he was never an acting prodigy to begin with, right?

    I guess I’m going along for the ride for the pure sentiment of it all. It’s a nice little escape from reality and that’s the only reason I watch my soaps. So, bring it on, Y&R. Just show it onscreen and don’t censor yourselves!

  58. Avatar of Smitty

    reggyreg why do we continue to entertain him? He is back for another week or two to run rampant on the Y&R and non Y&R threads with his continual disapproval of the show that he doesn’t even watch anymore. RME (rolling my eyes) Let him be.

  59. Avatar of iluvyr

    David87362011 why’nt you shut yo mouth and just stop watchin the damn show if you don’t like it so much? U be getting on people nerves! And comb yo hair before the next time you go on You Tube!

  60. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Josstheguy, I am as black as the midnight sky, okay, not really, but on the inside I am, and I LOVE Gone With the Wind. It was a sweeping, well-written fairy tale. Of course it was a romanticization, but I adored it. 

  61. Avatar of david46208

    I’ll keep talking about it. And i’m not sorry for it either. i’ve got thick skin and sharp tongue. get in the ring with me and you’ll leave out in bandages.

  62. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    Well, I think that Bill Bell went crazy and then slow the show’s pace. He did a lot of campy and over the top s/ls, but the other s/ls was realistic and then have over the top s/l playing. But I think that David is feeling that most of the s/ls is getting to be over the top and fast paced and the writers can slow down a bit.

  63. Avatar of Smitty

    I debate facts not fiction. Step your fact game up David and then maybe we could have a reasonable discussion/debate about the state of Y&R. Instead of spending so much time harping on the good ole days of soaps you might want to go to youtube and brush up on your history of Y&R. Once you are finished doing that then come talk to me about Y&R.

  64. Avatar of Smitty

    Then you lie and distort facts and fail to acknowledge your many mistakes. Says a lot about someone when they continue to piss on you and try and tell you it’s raining.

    Sorry DC crew but I am more than threw with David and his lies.

  65. Avatar of Smitty

    That’s one thing I can’t stand is someone who lies. ugh I hate a liar.

    Ok y’all rant is over…now back to our regular scheduled programs…LOL

  66. Avatar of david46208

    Sorry Smitty your game is up! I’m a one man army. I don’t need anyone else to hide behind. And I don’t need grease. I tell it like it is. Whether you like it or not! All I got to do is stay black and die. So Smitty your insults are going on def ears.

    By the way I don’t have time for peasants.

  67. Avatar of eightiesaddict

    I am loving Y&R.

    Even though Phillip has been very selfish in his actions, I am so glad he is back (hopefully for good). I think most people are having trouble with the “gay” aspect of the story, as opposed to his selfish behavior. Get real, it is 2009.

    The interactions between Kay, Jill, and Nina are classic. Tricia Cast needs to be put on contract STAT.

    I am even enjoying Cane and Mac.

    Mary Jane is one of the best villians on daytime, but I still feel for her. Even after all her horrible behavior, I still do not want her to caught.

  68. Avatar of josser


    Give it up. Why bother having a discussion if it’s the equivalence of putting your head through the microwave door and pressing the on button?

    Enjoy what you can enjoy.

  69. Avatar of marknsprmo

    One thing I am sure of Bill Bell would love the controversy of Y&R. He was NEVER affraid to break some eggs to get a good soufle out of it. Only one time did he ever back away from controversy and that is when he tried to get Kay into a gay relationship….. Which I am not sure was a bad thing because Kay in a girl on girl sex scene is not exactly good tv!

  70. Avatar of solafidex

    Y&R’s Phillip is kind of an a$$hole! Granted, I didn’t watch in the 80s so I have no reference point here, but I agree with Katherine & Jill. No excuse is worth making the people who love you suffer for 20 years!

  71. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    Just because viewers are mad over their soaps, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t watch it. I do believe that we have to watch it to save it because they are dropping soaps like flies and I don’t want this industry to extinct.

  72. Avatar of david46208

    Yes I do. I sat through that mess of show only because it supported diversity. I tried to oversell that show as a viable soap opera the same way a pimp tries to sell an old hoe with a peg leg.

  73. Avatar of david46208

    Well I only support shows that support diversity. No since in sitting through an entire show that looks nothing like real America or doesn’t represent its core viewers.

    So I tend to peek at the other soaps and see what day the black people are on and tune in that day. If I see consistency then I will watch the whole show.

    I watched GL during the Grant years and now and back again.

    ATWT when they had 6 African Americans on canvas. You know the Marshall Traver days. The Camille years, and the Denise years.

    B&B: Forget it.

    GH: Ward years.

    PC: Whole run. Even when they went all vampire and crap.

    Generations: whole run…lol

    Passions: Whole run…

    Days: Watched through the Celeste days, Wendy/Jonah/Lexie/Abe days. Quit then came back as they were laying the groundwork for the baby switch storyline. Left when Lexie was presumed dead. Came back when she was found alive. Left again after the whole affair with Tek came out and their screen time diminished. tuned back in when Stefano returned more as a casual viewer. Invested in the whole show with the Autism storyline. Bout to bounce again if nothing picks up by August.

    AMC: Thankfully the Hubbard’s storyline is on youtube. So I can watch them there verses the whole show. i did watch back during the Taylor/Derek/Mimi/Vivian/Terrance/Lucas/Jamal days and even loved Noah and Julia. Gave them a shot when Amelia Marshall came on a left after that drab storyline was gone. Loved Danille and RJ.

    OLTL: Me likes me watch!

    SB: Until they ended the black storyline.

    AW: Last 2 years they invested in black characters big time.

  74. Avatar of david46208


    No I didn’t like LML either. I can’t cut this show slack. They wrote themselves into the realistic corner. Which was a good thing. Y&R was more of the grown people’s soap. It use to make you think from time to time. It was mostly “Rooted in reality”. All I know is that in an intimate interview Bill Bell named the ways to save the industry. This kind of mess on the list of things not to do. He is turning over in his grave now.

    Now I have said that at the top of my list was Sally Sussman Morina. Aside from Ron Carlivati and Morina this industry is lost.

    I remember when Agnes made a short return to AMC. She brought that show back from the depths of hell.

    People were just hailing Hell as the second coming of Christ too quickly and she turned out to be devil in disguise. (*sighs*) I could write this show in my sleep and come up with better plotlines.

  75. Avatar of josser


    Thanks. I think they need time and nurturing. Daphne’s about 7 years too old to play Lily. If you put her next to Kristof St. John, she would look to close to his age.

    I like both Khalil’s and Sherwood’s interpretations of Lily. There would be no Lane had neither of those two women been successful.

    What I would love is for Victoria Rowell to rejoin the show and have her real life daughter Maya Fahey join as Dru’s long lost daughter. I’d love a storyline where Dru had another daughter while in France but let the father raise the child.

    That storyline would really be exciting since it would involve more secrets, betrayal, and race.

    Think of the tension between Lily and her new sister. Neil and Dru could be involved in a love triangle with Dru’s ex-lover, Jean Luc (Picard).

  76. Avatar of marion216

    The young and the restless has been hot for quite a while now I can’t wait to watch the next episode,whatever character you take they;re all in major storylines,I’m really really excited about this show it finally reminds me of the good old days back in the 80′s.MAB and her team rocks!I’m HOOKED!

  77. Avatar of marknsprmo

    Thank you for talking about Bill Bell and outrageous stories. It was actually the writers that replaced Bill that were more realistic. Bell KNEW how to get people talking and realism seldomly was how it was done. He loved outrageous stories and I think Y&R currently is something he would really get into. Maybe the pacing is not up to his standards (too many story lines at a time) but back from the dead and dead cats and fake gay people and amnesia…. well this is stuff that he could sink his teeth into. And frankly so can I!! I don’t need to sit around and listen to people drone on about real life…. Heck I watch soaps to escape that. What I don’t like is when they glaze over a story and don’t put it in perspective of the shows history. And all the stories that Y&R are telling have roots and REAL roots to its history.
    Adam is like he is because he is rebelling against his father who abandoned him. Even the gay storyline and fixing the mistakes of the last writing regime have been right on! I agree Bill Bell would be glowingly happy and at peace with what his daughter in law is doing. No it’s not as masterfull as BILL BELL but then who is?

  78. Avatar of david46208

    I take Devon and Lily. I have Devon realize his love for her and after Lily is out of the coma, have her fall for him.
    I could work with that. I could map out 5 year plot line. Including Roxanne becoming a villain and recasting Det. Gil with Lamman Rucker.

  79. Avatar of david46208


    Devetta was a “round-the-way-girl” type of actress. It took a lot for her to try to subdue that personality to play Lily. Devetta would have shined I think if she would have came to the show as an original character. But Lily she was not. And when she played Lily her Lily would have been with a Slim Shady. Devetta’s Lily would have never ended up with Cane or Billy. Devetta’s Lily was more like Moesha.

  80. Avatar of reggyreg

    David, please prove your arguments without making false, blanket statements. NY Undercover number 3 show in primetime? Yeah, if there were only three shows entirely on television. I think you are still watching Y&R you just won’t admit it. It would seem you are on a crusade for everyone to dislike this show. It is too popular with us right now. I love my Y&R and can’t wait for the next episode each day. Come on now and get on the stick. I applaud you for your interest in African American characters and your desire to see these actors succeed in daytime believe me, but sometimes I think you mistake confuse facts with fiction.

  81. Avatar of david46208

    I don’t watch i follow the news here and saw a few online clips. But AA’s are not my main gripe they are only part of the 95% of what is wrong with the show. Sorry I know how Bill Bell envisioned that soap and saw it through his changes. This Ain’t what it was. let the other soaps do it.

  82. Avatar of david46208

    See Joss I told you Moshesa.

    Soapsnob I have to disagree. Soaps are a dying industry. You need to get back to basics. No business can survive by just forgetting the model it was built on and doing whatever the hell you want to do. We don’t need another Bush who just forgets the rules of law and makes them up as we go along. People fight in courts on a daily basis to determine whether laws are constitutional or if the go against the fabric of our being as Americans. The Constitution was used as a template for assuring equal rights for African Americans and so on. So you don’t ever move on.

    Any soap should be written as if it’s creator has never left. When we talk about getting a show back to the basics we back to the way it was supposed to be written. Not the flavor the month. You can’t talk about soaps without knowing how the credited creator of soaps Irma Philips and her offspring Agnes Nixon, Bill Bell or Douglas Marland made it what it was.

    So this more then just about a few actors and characters. This is about totally disregarding Y&R and Bell’s vision.

    Imagine someone trying to mess with the Ralph Lauren or Channel’s brand. They’d be thrown out on their asses. It wouldn’t work. And when it has been done it rarely if ever was received with open arms.

    So you always need to mine the history and write the show as if Bill Bell never left or end with this mush.

  83. Avatar of david46208

    Oh Simon I did a 7 part assessment before. But I will do an updated one. That was when I cared about that much but I will do an updated one. I’ll break down how Bill Bell wrote it and how it moved dramatically away from it. And I will even break down the arguments. It’s easy to do.

  84. Avatar of david46208

    Well smitty not sorry I can break it down to a science. You’re not entertaining me. I’ll watch a dose of Chappell show if I’s needs to be entertained. Don’t get in the ring unless you ready for the fight.

  85. Avatar of josser


    Colleen was off canvas because the actress portraying her was on vacation back home in Australia, where she was filming a movie.

    JT is not a PI. He is director of security for Newman Enterprises.

    Victoria is around but not on frontburner.

    As for Jack’s children, his son Kyle should be the same age as Abby, about 15. It’s bizarre that he’s never mentioned as it is that Keemo never comes to town. But Jack did mention both kids last week.

  86. Avatar of david46208

    Give it up. Why bother having a discussion if it’s the equivalence of putting your head through the microwave door and pressing the on button?

    Enjoy what you can enjoy.
    On that Joss we can agree. Come join me in the royal court sometime.

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