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This year hasn’t shaped up to be Lily’s (Christel Khalil) has it?

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    I am actually looking forward to this storyline. CK isn’t my favorite Lily but I actually felt so bad for her last week when all that stuff was coming out about Cane. I look forward to seeing where this is going.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    SoapJunkie, Devon and Lily would be great. They are not actually related and she needs a black man in her life right about now. I don’t mind it be being Devon. I mean she has just about been through every white man on the show that is in her age group. Why not Devon? That’s not sick unless you are really related. He’s a Hamilton not a Winter’s or a Barber!

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    David, me and you are minds alike. I think that it would of been a great s/l if Lily and Devon would of hook up and Neil and Cane would of found out? Look at the s/l potential.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Here is a breakdown of things boil down with the AA’s on Y&R.

    Neil: Everyone else’s talk to friend of the month, off-screen CEO, and Lily’s extra daddy (like Remy’s father on GL).

    Lily: The always cream in coffee special. Her sugar always has to be bleached. Never any pure granulated sugar cane.

    Olivia: Exist in the same way Lexie does on Days. Ashley’s confidant and the all purpose doctor when the storyline calls for it.

    Devon: Lucky if he gets 5 minutes of air time a month. He has spent the last few years as a glorified extra.

    Detective Gil: Follows in the long line of black law enforcement officials on Y&R who have no life outside of the duties of the job. Nathan was about the only time they pursued anything further. And Gil’s offscreen relationship with Tyra doesn’t count.

    Roxanne: She is in and out of the scene in less then 30 seconds. And mostly appears for the Oprah’s After School Special scenes where they trot out all the black characters for that 1 episode and then you don’t see them again for 3 to 4 weeks.

    Anna: She does weddings and bar mitzvah! Book her now for your singing needs. She can even sing the theme song to the show. Other then that Tyra needs child neglect charges brought against her since we haven’t even seen the singing child since Karen left town.

    It’s the Young and The Blackless.

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    If they weren’t so eager to start two s/l lines featuring Gay’s @ the same time, Rafe & Lily could have work, Phillip could have had Adam undercover no good ass or betta yet let Raul come back him and Lily get together both have been hurt @ the same time(it could work) I vote let the Hispanic men win some this time around.

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    And we don’t hear from Jack’s mouth about Keemo and Kyle and he obsession about Sharon’s kid that not even his when he has two sons out there that should get a mention too. MAB, you honor history but you are ignoring the obvious when it comes to Jack’s kids. Why isn’t Ashley mentioning about Jack’s sons? That would of been better, but I digressed.

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    David, I don’t about the Asians they get wrote off quicker than anybody just like Mia Korf better known as the Asian Blair. Y&R wrote off Luan and Keemo, then their was Jack Abbott partner-in-crime Ji Min Kim they can’t catch a break.

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