BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Spirtas Returns to DAYS as Chloe Fights for her Life!

Okay, okay, I’ll put you guys out of your misery. My blind item from yesterday was in fact Kevin Spirtas. We hear Spirtas will soon reprise the role of Dr. Craig Wesley on Days of Our Lives for a three-day stint.


The vengeful Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) will almost succeed in her plot to kill Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), landing the songbird in a coma. Craig returns for a few days to hold vigil. Unfortunately for Craig and Nancy fans, Patrika Darbo isn’t slated to join her former onscreen hubby in Salem.  DAYS would be smart to bring back Spirtas and Darbo full-time and bring their SORAS’ed daughter Joy to town to interact with Mia, Chad and Will. Chloe needs her family!

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    Jamey Giddens

    See, I got confused by the heroine part. I mean, as far as I can see, Chloe is a lying ho. But yay on Kevin Spiritas.

    General Hospital’s Laura Spencer offed a couple of guys and left her young, hubby for her rapist and they called her a heroine.

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    DAYS would be smart to bring back Spirtas and Darbo full-time and bring their SORAS’ed daughter Joy to town to interact with Mia, Chad and Will. Chloe needs her family!


    I also thought it was Shemar Moore returning to YR

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    You’re probably the only one who guessed it was Spiritas.

    I think most of us missed this because we don’t watch Days.

    Oh, well!

    I haven’t seen him in anything since he and Patrika left Days. Wonder what he’s been doing?

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    I’m all for this storyline if it means getting rid of Kate or Chloe. Or both. What will they do with Kate anyway, considering she attempted murder? (This time it’s different from Lucas considering that he killed Franco to keep him from killing Kate.) But I digress.

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    Given the chance, I’d go ape sh*t over Dr. Daniel Jonas too, and I am old enough to be his grandmother — well, almost anyway.

    I do hope Kate has a nervous breakdown or a total psychotic break. The woman is dangerous and always has been. She does have great clothes sense though. Some of her outfits are to die for and those handbags, well. . . . I will be glad when this storyline finalizes. It has dragged on too long already.

    Are they really going to set up another Melanie-Stephanie rivalry over the new doctor, even though he is a cousin of Stephanie’s? Hate Melanie. I just can’t buy into her as a human being.

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    I agree 100%. Chloe needs someone in town even if it is her now teenage sister Joy. Maybe Nancy and Craig could be recurring at least and only seen once in a while (kinda like Lexi and Abe and Roman). Joy could mix with Mia/Will/Chad and their teen s/l.
    Craig need to take control of the hospital and become cheif of staff again. Dr Daniel gets away with anything around there. Who is in charge now, Lexi? I liked it when Kayla was in charge too.

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    Oh and BTW Stephanie is not related to Nathan. He is not related to anyone who is currently on the show except for Maggie and Hope. There are no other Horton’s on the show. Not that this is really related to Craig but I noticed someone made this comment so I wanted to clarify this.

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    Well I have always liked the Wesleys in the past and I like that he is coming back. However, I could care less about Chloe being in acoma. I say send her off somewhere and bring back Nancy and Craig.

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