The News Isn’t Good For Summer on Y&R

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford)and Nick (Joshua Morrow) receive some overwhelming news about Summer’s recovery on The Young and the Restless.

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    Oh please this storyline should be over since like yesterday. The quad just isn’t working for me anymore. At least not for some time.
    The only good thing that could come out of this is like @SoapSnob said that Jack is Summer’s father. But since the haters would call that plot driven storytelling … IDK if I should even wish for it. LOL

    Phyllis needs to move on … Deacon Sharpe is in town, get over with Summer’s heath problems and let her move on from Nick. :P

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    There have been some fun scenes lately. Summers illness will open all kinds of drama eventually between Victor and the rest of Summer’s loved ones. Imagine the fury that will be unleashed once every knows that Victor brought Mary Jane to town. Nick, Phyllis, Noah, and the rest will want to shun him for being a party to Summer’s injuries.

    TGVN will suffer and suffer when the whole sordid details are revealed.

    As for happy scenes, Y&R is always good about layering and weaving different storylines. However, too many happy scenes would be a snooze fest.

    Jeff and Gloria will bring some needed comic relief shortly.

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    I’ve been really enjoy the Summer storyline. I’m loving how all the stories are involving more characters. We see people interacting more with characters they aren’t always with. The little actress that plays Summer is doing a great job too.

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    Too bad I did not care.

    They change 3 times the person playing Summer and then we saw the last one, one time, and poof I am supposed to care?


    I do not care for Summer, I do not care for this story, nick is changing his mind so oftern I don’t trust one word out of his mouth. Phyllis playing the Stepford mama does not work at all, Love Ms but I think that MS is awful in stories with children, so unnatural.

    And Yes, I am a Phyllis Fan, but it’s been awhile since I saw the real Phyllis! This version is worst than LML version!

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    I love the Phyllis when she trapped Danny into marriage and ran over Paul and Chris with the car and she was a badass. Now she is a wimping mess just like Sharon and she to take JerKNick back is not in Phyllis character. She would of kick him in the you know what and say forget it. I am so over the quad that it isn’t even funny anymore. The writers overplayed them and the fans are getting mad about it.

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    Why would anyone want Phyllis to be a sociopath. Do you really want her to return to her car hitting days so she can be written into a corner. She can’t be psychotic forever.

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    reggyreg as soon as she returned to a being a sociopath then it would be why is Phyliss doing this. Doesn’t make sense for her to go back to those earlier days. The character of Phyliss has grown. She was never a one note villan. Now if she started doing all that stuff again then everyone would be complaining that Y&R is writing Phyliss into a corner.

    I like this storyline and am enjoying it.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Edmund: Who wants to play stable? Unstable is her talent! Celeste is and always will be the Queen of Misery. And we are going to milk it for every amount of publicity we can! (To Rose.) Wouldn’t you agree?

    Rose: I’d say Amen.

    That is a quote from Soapdish. It applies and says it all.

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    Smitty, as usual, I agree with you. I can see the naysayers saying that changing Phyllis back into a wack job proves that Y&R has grown all dark and macabre. I think MS is doing a great job. You always want to see growth in the characters. I think Y&R is on fire right now and I am enjoying every minute of it!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Sorry Jillian in the acting department Judith Chapman makes MTS look like Vail Bloom. Judith is an ACTRESS to the 10th degree. In fact anyone just about upstage MTS in the acting department. She needs to go to American Academy of Dramatic arts and takes some lessons.

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    You’re great and so are Jeff and Gloria. Those two are demented, twisted fun. I agree with Nelson Branco that Ted Shackleford is great.

    I don’t want them front and center but as supporting characters, Jeff and Gloria are fun.

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    Jillian Bowe

    David that’s your opinion. Mine along with many others differ. If Judith’s such a thespian then why did your favorite pastime of ratings bashing DIP when she was on 24/7? Again I’ve NEVER said MTS was worthy of being called the new Katherine Hepburn if your going to try and bite what I say, then you need to do it correctly when I say she’s not a acting school grad.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Again we like Y&R David and EVERYONE knows you dislike the show. That’s all on you if you don’t like it. That’s why my name is Jillian and NOT David. You think Y&R’s like Passions, Passions couldn’t be Y&R even on Y&R’s WORST days. That’s MY take on what’s being given on the show. It seems as though you want DC to agree with your take on Y&R, WE DON’T. That’s what makes people individuals and no two people the same.

    Siomon Phyllis shoulnd’t take Nick back. Now I agree with that statement. She should cut her losses.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Hold up a minute. Pull yourself together. Cause you don’t know me. What I want you couldn’t even give on the best day and that is consistency. So I know what to expect. I’m just going to correct those missteps. So there you have it. Take it our leave it. “I’ve got a sharp tongue and been known to cut a few people with it. Get use to it.

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    Jillian Bowe

    David please just because I joke on the podcast and here doesn’t mean you know me. Get a grip its a SOAP OPERA. If you don’t like what I have to say you can just overlook it and keep it moving.

    Josstheguy behave now!

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    Smitty and I still heart you! You’re our Y&R superstar girl! Ignore the haters.


    josstheguy I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you…Jillian is MY Y&R SUPERSTAR GIRL and I don’t share…LOL!!!!

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    Good Lord, there is more drama on the blog than Y&R.

    I am loving the show, especially MJ, Kitty, and Adam.

    As for Summer, the actress looks like is almost laughing when the camera cuts to her. It is very distracting, but cute.

    I love Phyllis, but I would enjoy her telling Nick to take a hike. He is one of the most fickle male leads ever on soaps. He is the male Brenda Barrett. Also, he had time to get a haircut in the middle of his daughter’s medical crisis. How selfish!

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    Jillian, as no one else wants to represent Brenda Dickson, I thought I would give her some “love” by posting my absolute favorite picture of Brenda. :-) I am giving Beverlee McKinsey a rest for a few weeks, but Beverlee will be back.

    On subject, I do NOT believe that Phyllis would take Nick back. (Just like I do not believe that Sharon would lie to Nick about the paternity of the baby.) So, I am disappointed. But, I am sure that MAB and company have a trick up their sleeve. Like… Giving Nick a taste of his own medicine by having Phyllis get HOT and STEAMY with Deacon. Michelle Stafford and Sean Kanan have not even shared a scene together, but you just KNOW they (and their characters) will have FIRE chemistry.

    Just for a moment, imagine the storyline possibilities that could have organically sprung from Sharon telling Nick the truth about their unborn baby. Or Phyllis slapping Nick’s face (hard) and telling him to go to hell when he attempted reconciliation.

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