Adam Can’t Keep His Hands Off Y&R’s Heather

Heather (Vail Bloom) isn’t the smartest cookie in the cookie jar, but you’d think after a while she’d tire of being duped. How many times has Victor or Michael Baldwin proven her wrong already? I wonder how she’ll react when Adam’s (Michael Muhney) antics are uncovered?  

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    Call me crazy, but NuAdam and Heather really have a sexual chemistry. I never really enjoyed these two together before, but maybe if they writing for them again I could see them as a nice and sexy couple.

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    In retrospect, Heather isn’t always wrong. Victor did kill the guy who was responsible for Sabrina’s death. Of course, since the crime took place in another country, and not in Heather’s jurisdiction, she shouldn’t have been that aggressive.

    Adam is straight and supposedly loves Heather. So, how exactly does Adam rise to the occasion with Rafe? Is Rafe that good? It’s clear that Adam wanted to end things with Rafe but only continued with him when Rafe started questioning him intensely.

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    Ole Heather will hopefully get to play the beats of the storyline if and when she gets the 411 on Adam. As for how straight Adam can get it up for Rafe, well, some things are definitely left better to the imagination. lol I predict ole Heather will be pregnant when she finds out about Adam and then (like Ashley) fall down those damn Newman stairs and miscarry and Adam will tell her,”you weren’t pregnant!” lol I’m bad.

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