Oprah, Sawyer and Walters Top Most Influential Women in Media List

Forbes just released The Most Influential Women In Media and nine out of the top ten women have a daytime connection. Not surprisingly Oprah ranks No. 1. Diane Sawyer earned the No. 2 spot while Barbara Walters appears at No. 3. Walters' fellow The View co-hosts appear at No. 11. This is what Forbes wrote about The View.

The thing that keeps the show interesting and fresh is all the diverging and often opposing viewpoints. The audience senses this honesty isn't staged, as some of its controversies have even led to former hosts like Rosie O'Donnell or Star Jones leaving the show.


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Congratulations to all the women. This morning on The View, I find it very interesting that Barbara, nor any of the co-hosts, referenced Oprah, Diane or anyone else on the list; only themselves. And Diane Sawyer is their network colleague.

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This list essentially seems to be "Let's Name Every Woman We Can Think of On TV (and a few in other media)".

I'm a little surprised no one from the soap world was named. Doesn't Susan Lucci sell a lot of product with her infomercials and beauty products? She's more influential than Tyra Banks or Rachael Ray to me. And Julie Chen? I don't know...

Also, what about Shonda Rhimes? What about Tina Fey? What about Ryan Seacrest? (Sorry...cheap shot...I've had a few cocktails...) Wink

I also have a few quibbles about the ranking. Amanpour and Huffington should be higher in my opinion. Diane Sawyer might have belonged in the top ten a few years ago, but not anymore.

Oh well, these lists are always arbitrary and are meant to provoke debate. I just wish it felt like a little more thought was put into it...