Taylor and Ridge Make Love on B&B

No pills or prescriptions were used in this scene. Any similarities between love and romance are purely coincidental.

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    That’s disgusting! :X You know these two come close to Stephanie and Eric’s age … and we never saw them having this kind of scene. So why do we have to see Morticia and Gomez when they get to it?

    BTW, thanks to the writers that Stephanie doesn’t join them or at least plays voyeur … you never know these days. LOL :P

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    Y’all better leave my Taylor and Ridge alone. They were my favorite soap couple during the 90s!!! LOL…if only i could say that now.

    I give it a month and he will be back with Brooke.

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    Please, Ridge treat both women like Sonny treat his own. Like property or to for them to worship the great Wooden one. Brooke should hook up with Whip and Taylor should be alone and Ridge can look in the mirror and love himself all day and nite, LOL.

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    Leaves only one question: Why are these women still fighting over THIS man? After years and years and … years and years. 20 years and this old man still can’t make up his mind.
    Why should we even still care who is is with in a week or two?

    I just hope he stays away from my Brooke Logan. :D She deserves so much better than him. Even Taylor does … but OK that’s not my fight to win. LOL

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    Um, why don’t Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor decide that they want to be fringe Mormons and move to some nice out of the way cult that allows for plural marriage. The three of them could move to Utah, Texas, or British Columbia.

    B&B would then be free of this monage a trite. Sorry, I love soap vets but I’m sick of this stupid merry-go-round. It has to end. Ridge is a 50+ year old man who selfishly left his wife and young children.

    Brooke and Taylor just don’t have common sense or enough self-respect to realize what a tool Ridge is.

    Also, I don’t mind seeing them have sex. Folks, let’s not be ageist here. Soap operas depend on older viewers. They want to see themselves represented on the screen just as much as do people of color and queer folks.

    (Yep, I always try to support the underdog when appropriate.)

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    I don’t think they are gross because they are old. I’m sure Hunter Tylo has paid a pretty penny to look decent naked.

    I think they are gross cause it has been done 3 million times before.

    I’ll never in my wildest fantasies understand why anyone would want Ridge. I didn’t like him 20 years ago and I certainly don’t like him now.

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