Y&R: A “Chance” Encounter

Take a quick peek at Phillip IV, aka Chance (John Driscoll) onscreen debut.

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    John Driscoll’s introduction scene looks promising. Hopefully, he will be paired with Chloe and form a triangle with rooting value between Billy/Chloe/Chance. If only Chrishell Stause could assume the role of Mac, then Y&R would have a really good quadrangle – reminiscent of Ashley/Victor/Nikki/Jack in the 80s or Olivia/Nathan/Drucilla/Neil in the 90s.

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    Seriously, Thom is horrible. He was looking at Phillip aka Chance like he was being home pizza for people to eat.

    But Chance looks good in uniform

    Why do I have a filling Chance will link up with Lily before they start the Chance/Chloe/Uncle Billy/and dull as a doornob Mac.

    PLEASE RECAST MAC!! I don’t care who her mama is or that she’s an outspoken lesbian, she can’t act. Cut her lose.

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    Keep Mac where she’s at… have her in a triangle with Chloe and Billy.

    Although I gotta say, with the recent turn of events…those Lilliam fans have some recharged hope that Lily and Billy end up together. Please don’t make that happen. Hopefully Maria Arena Bell doesn’t hate Billy Miller enough for that to happen.

    Anyways, maybe throw Chance in Colleen’s direction. She needs a lil lovin…

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    You’re right. Mac has always been mellow. People just don’t remember or are expecting her to be a different character. Mac was a shy, homeless girl who found herself looking for a family, only to discover her father was the scion of a billionaire.

    Here’s a clip of the original Billy and Mac:


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    Yes, Mac was/is a mellow/sullen character. It takes a very skilled actress to be able to carry that off that kind of personality. Ashley Bashioum was great as Mac as she was so effortless in her performance. (People probably believed that Ashley has that personality.) But, apologies, Clementine Ford is just wooden – you can SEE her TRYING to act, she has no chemistry with Billy Miller and their (could be interesting and hot) storyline is suffering as a result of it. I think Clementine’s interpretation of the character is off and she would be better in another role. I could see Clementine as Heather Stevens. :-)

    My comments about Chrishell Stause are in reference to her being a good actress. I am not interested in her bringing Amanda Dillon to Y&R. But I would love to see her interpretation of Mackenzie Browning Reynolds. PLUS, her chemistry with Billy Miller would be off the charts.

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    Thom is awful. No reaction whatsoever.

    I agree regarding Mac, she was boring and sullen before but with Ashley Bashioum it worked, and she was actually acting. Clementine Ford can’t even say a line of dialogue without coming of as a telephone pole.

    I’m not a big fan of Mandy Bruno’s but I think she would actually be a good recast Mac.

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    I agree with what some are saying about Thom. The expression on his face was wierd and did not belong in that scene. Don’t get me wrong I am glad he is back as Phillip 3 but he really needs to work on his acting. I am looking forward to his scene with Katherine tomorrow.

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    Stop bashing Thom. That scene is the final scene of the episode—the cliffhanger scene.

    You can see his reaction. It’s nervousness—Phillip is prepared to meet the son he turned his back on. He’s shitting bricks.

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    Actually P3’s Look works if that is the cliffhanger moment. Thom said in aninterview on blogtalk radio that he wasnt aware where the cameras were and he had to re learn and it took him a few weeks so give him time to adjust. The guy hasnt acted since the 90’s.

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    This looks like it’s going to be good. Chance looks so sexy! Loves a man in uniform! lol….Poor Cane, he should’ve stuck around to watch this family bond and own up to the many live he affected. He lied, along with P3, and deprived the Chancellors of the truth especially Chance’s birth rite!

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    I didn’t watch Y&R very much during the Mac and Billy years but what I remember is that Mac has always been sullen and boring. Isn’t that just the character? Seeing a spitfire like Amanda from AMC or Lizzie from GL wouldn’t be true to the character of Mac right? Or am I just imagining the whole thing? :-)

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    AlistairCrane, I hear what you are saying but do you really believe that is a look of nervousness? If it is he could have done a better job being nervous. But like I said, I am thrilled that Thom Beirdz is back on Y&R. I hope you stays for a long time. I just have to get use to him and his style of acting.

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