B&B’s Rick Hearst On Whip Jones: “The Canvas Is Wide Open For Him This Time”

The Bold and the Beautiful star, Rick Hearst (Whip, ex-Ric; GH) spoke with On Air On Soaps’ Michael Fairman about what viewers can expect with alter ego Whip’s return:


Do you think they will rekindle Brooke and Whip? Because Heather Tom (Katie), told me in a recent interview, she would love to have the opportunity for Katie and Whip to mix it up.


It would be fantastic! I will be honest with you; the canvas is wide open for him this time. It would take a lot for Whip to really go forward and allow himself to get involved in a situation where ultimately he could lose out to Ridge.

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    Whip and Felicia would be fun, after we have seen a bit of Brooke and Whip. I really don’t need Katie for him. She can have Dollar Bill.

    It’s so great that Rick Hearst is back on B&B. Makes it a little bit more watchable.^^

  2. Profile photo of josser

    Ric Lansing was a psychopath. Hearst is a fine actor but his character was worthless. Ric’s endless jealousy of Sonny’s affection for Jason was pathetic.

    BTW, nice goatee. He looks like the Star Trek Mirror Universe version of Spock! Yeah! I said it. You know it’s true!


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