Michelle Ray Smith Returns to Guiding Light

Ava Peralta returns to Springfield! According to the print edition of Soap Opera Digest, Michelle Ray Smith is back on Guiding Light taping Jeffrey’s funeral. Her first airdate is Friday, July 24th. 

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  1. Avatar of nathan77

    Uh oh! I imagine the bad comments are gonna start almost immediately about this! I will say Smith did her best work during the post partum stuff with baby Max. So I am not gonna throw tomatoes at my tv screen with her making a day or two appearance.

  2. Avatar of RBD

    Pleased to hear the Spencer girls unit are back together again. I hope she sticks around for a while. I’d love to see her join in the current Otalia situation. I want to see Ava interact with both Rafe and Natalia if possible.

  3. Avatar of californiaguy888

    Yuck! I don’t blame the actress for this David Kreizman disaster of a character (AVA), but she certainly didn’t do much for the show. Those lackluster Coop/Ava scenes were among the most boring I had ever seen on GL (I’ve watched since 1978).

    I can understand why Ava should ‘come back’ for the funeral. BUT…. with precious few GL air dates remaining….I would rather See Nola and Quinton visiting Vanessa and Matt or some other return…some GL character that means something to the viewers…Maybe India Von Holkein or someone like that returning for a last visit?

    Thank God Maureen Garrett is returning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Avatar of ardentLESS

    I’m in the minority I know but I’m excited Michelle is returning… she grew on me leaps and bounds with the work she did at the end of her GL run. if I could get a few (one even) good Remy/Ava scenes for the road I would be a happy camper:)

  5. Avatar of troymcclure

    Ugh!!! I hope it is just for a VERY short time.

    I can’t stand Ava, what a pointless and boring character she is.
    MRS is a beautiful girl but Meryl Streep, she ain’t. Just because she had one good last scene I’m not about to forget the how awful she was in every other episode she was on before that.

  6. Avatar of josser

    I’m happy to see he back to say good bye. I’m looking forward to her scenes with Crystal C. and Lawrence S.

    Since leaving GL, Michelle has had several guest starring roles on TV, including Law & Order: SVU.

  7. Avatar of troymcclure

    Which ones are the others? I knew about SVU but I must have missed all the other several gust stars roles she’s had. I think she is in a Olive garden commercial but I could be wrong.

  8. Avatar of CGat

    If you dare come near Bill and Lizzie, I will personally fly to New York, and hit you upside the head. Come for your mother, and help mend her broken heart. DO NOT touch Bill Lewis. If Ellen Wheeler makes some kind of plot twist where she breaks up that marriage, ooh.

  9. Avatar of troymcclure

    If she as much as glances at Bill Lewis I will throw the damn tv out the window.

    She got off WAY to easy with that whole mess she pulled last year. Bill should have destroyed her for the crap she pulled.

    I’ll never forget the scene where pokes holes in the condom, what a disgusting character she is. YUCK

  10. Avatar of californiaguy888

    from troymcclure “Which ones are the others? I knew about SVU but I must have missed all the other several gust stars roles she’s had. I think she is in a Olive garden commercial but I could be wrong.”

    Perhaps YOU DO remember her from such fine work as “Olive Garden, fresh salads and more”. She played Woman Laffing hysterically at her salad, for no apparent reason”……..
    Ah yessssssss.

  11. Avatar of blake3b

    LOL Troy! Is She really in OG commercial? I knew the girl who plays Michelle was in one that is showing recently and she laughs in that one also, is that who you are thinking of?

  12. Avatar of CGat

    Okay, if they’re going to bring her back, could you bring Cassie back? As much as I made fun of her, I kinda miss good ole Cassie!

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