To Sir, With Love on Y&R

Victor (Eric Braeden) wants Adam (Michael Muhney) to go to a halfway house, but Adam isn’t interested so Victor tells him he’ll do as he’s told. Adam responds "Yes sir."

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    Since Nikki told Victor that she saw Adam and Rafe kissing last week, Victor has held off confronting Adam. What does that say about Victor? He’s not as prejudiced as others believed?

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    Yep, after Nikki saw Adam and Rafe kissing, she decided that Victor had to know because she was concerned that Adam was using Rafe, dissuading him from investigating Adam’s involvement in gaslighting Ashley.

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    If I remember correctly, Nikki was about to tell Victor at the hospital but he was called away to take a phone call before Nikki had a chance to tell him. Did I miss something?

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