BREAKING NEWS: Is Tammin Sursok OUT at The Young and the Restless?

Colleen may have returned to our screens this past week on The Young and the Restless, but a source close to Tammin Sursok is saying her stay won’t be a long one.

"Tammin has been let go from The Young and the Restless," says the source. ‘She’s been really busy with a lot of other projects, so it’s been hard for the soap to write her in. "

Sursok is currently filming Flicka 2, directed by Michael Damian (ex-Danny, Romalotti, The Young and the Restless), and is slated to appear in a sequel to Nickelodeon’s Spectacular! entitled Spectacular 2: The Dream Continues

Now word yet on how Colleen will be written out, but the role reportedly won’t be recast.

Additional reporting by Jillian Bowe.

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  1. Profile photo of goyankees

    When she popped up on my screen the other day I thought “OMG? where’s she been?”

    The character of Colleen wasn’t even missed by me. Adorable actress….but weirdly written. I’m sure she’ll go off an be “Artsy” again….the writers have had her floundering since T.S. took over from Adrianne Leone….

    1 down, 2 to go….tick TOCK, tick TOCK on Tyra Hamilton, or whoever the BLEEP she is!!

  2. Profile photo of east.west

    If the girl’s busy w/a lot of ther projects then why not recast and then write for the character? My thing is that this is the perfect way for them to drop a storyline & a character they obviously don’t want on the canvas and have a reason (accuse) for it. I like yah Y&R, but this another reason the love is now winding.

  3. Profile photo of Smitty

    Since she took over the role of Colleen they really haven’t shown her much. It’s hard to believe that she has actually been Colleen since 2007. I can’t say that I will miss her. I say the character can go away for about a year or so and then come back with a stronger actress. Maybe they can get Lynsey Fonseca back.

  4. Profile photo of reggyreg


    I could not agree with you more. There are far too many actors on this soap and they (MAB and Co) need to trim the fat so to speak. Now get rid of Tyra, Ana (it would seem they have already)Gloria and Jeffrey (either get rid of them or give them a decent storyline).

  5. Profile photo of Smitty

    Gloria and Jeffrey (either get rid of them or give them a decent storyline).


    Reggyreg get rid of them. They don’t need a storyline LOL

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I won’t miss her. She hasn’t had a real storyline since she took over the role TWO (!!!) years ago. So why keeping her? Let her go and write the character off to NY for a while.

    As for other character’s that should go: Tyra should be next together with that little singing girl! And when they write off Gloria and Jeffrey too, I wouldn’t miss them either. I would welcome the idea! But some critics like the Fisher/Baldwin clan as it is. So I highly doubt that they would get rid of Glo and Jeff anytime soon. Even though it’s hard for me most of the time to have them on my screen.

  7. Profile photo of

    There is no need for this character on the canvas right now. Maybe in a couple of years, they can bring back Adrienne Leon.

    I hope Victor doesn’t succeed in his scheme of discrediting Colleen. I hate that vile man.

  8. Profile photo of met

    Yay for Tammin Sursok!!! That’s right girl, move on to bigger and brighter projects. Think Eva Langoria and all the others who have it big after soaps.

    That’s right Tammin, go after the bigger projects. She is at the age that Hollywood wants and I say go girl! I also believe that Michael Graz wants to get into the bigger projects market as well – but then its just my opinion.

    Again, Tammin — Great for you!!!

  9. Profile photo of CGat

    Say it ain’t so, Joe! Well, can’t say I’m sad. She’s no Jeanne Cooper. But, maybe if that bat lady LML wouldn’t have let Adreinne Leon go…. But, we won’t go there.

  10. Profile photo of seattlegirl

    If this is true you have just made my soap year Jamey. After watching her on my screen this week I thought P. Rauch and Aunt Riri wouldn’t waste any time. The drunk scene was just a hot mess (not in a good way!). Where is MTS when you need her to show her how a drunk scene is done? Tammin was definitely a big mis-cast for Colleen Carlton. I don’t think Tammin is a horrible actor, I just think she would have done better had she come on the show as a new character. I think the other problem was Tammin came on Y&R to break into Hollywood and her heart was never in the role, and it showed through and through. I hope they ship Colleen off to NY again and this time either bring back LF or AL to fill Colleens shoes when she is brought back on the canvas.

  11. Profile photo of pecola

    I’m actually kinda disappointed by this news and hope they recast the role. I want to see the legacy of Brad Carlton and Tracy Abbott continue.

    The whole art thing was ridiculous to me but the way Colleen stepped into Brad’s shoes following his death and took on Victor directly was great. Plus, I don’t know how you write this character off at this juncture in the storyline.

  12. Profile photo of PastryWench

    Woohooo!!! This just made my day! I have NEVER warmed up to Tammin’s version of Colleen….Adrienne Leon was it for me and it was a shame that she was fired because she brought some much needed heat with her male co-stars. Tammin was horrible from jump plus I didn’t like how she couldn’t mask her accent. I have absolutely nothing against her Australian heritage but the character of Colleen wasn’t Aussie….she was very midwestern and the fact that she couldn’t mask her accent was a HUGE glaring error for me.

  13. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Who they can get rid of are the non-actors. Vail Bloom, Eva Marcille,they can send Philip back where he came from, Tammin Sursokcan go too, New Adam can go as well, and Mother Mac aka Clementine Ford (who can at least act) can take a hike too! Let me not forget Amelia (Victoria) and Thad (JT). Adrienne Frantz (Amber) is not a core character so she can take a hike too. They don’t need a Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharp) either.

    What they need to do is play up who they already have. If you gonna spend some money on new people it better be A grown up little Nate, Victoria Rowell, or one the Abbott Children.

  14. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Adrienne Frantz (Amber) is not a core character so she can take a hike too.
    Last I checked, Gloria and Jeffrey weren’t Brooks, Fosters or Chancellors, but didn’t you post earlier you were on their team?

  15. Profile photo of josser


    You don’t watch Y&R, so you wouldn’t know that nuAdam is actually doing well. Right? Also, Amber is a great comedic character. Since Sean Kanan just joined, it’s a bit early to see how he would fit.

  16. Profile photo of reggyreg


    I am sort of torn. I think Gloria and Jeffrey could do a better job with better material. I think they are playing the couple in a “campy” way. I think Ted has it in him to do more serious things on the show. Like enter the corporate market at Newman, Jabot or Chancellor Industries. But I know you would rather get rid of

  17. Profile photo of seattlegirl

    I hope Adrienne Frantz is on Y&R for a long time. David you talk about core characters…but no one started off as a core character. Bill Bell wiped out his original characters and brought in new families. As I recall Neil didn’t have any family but Bill was able to make the Winters a core family after awhile. They could easily have Amber turn out to be Kay’s granddaughter or related to anyone else already on the canvas. After all Amber doesn’t know who her father is. What then, she’d be a core character and it would be okay for her to stay on then in your mind because of that fact? I actually like that Amber has been able to play an island character on both B&B and Y&R.

    I’d take watching Adrienne Frantz’s Amber over Tammin Sursok’s Colleen any day of the week.

  18. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Gloria and Jeffrey hasn’t bother me that much and I kind of enjoy them. But get rid of Tyra, Eden, Noah(since he isn’t on that much anyway), JT, and Victoria. They are not needed and isn’t being used much. I say write her off.

  19. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I love Adrienne Frantz and really enjoy her. I hope we see Amber in GC for a very long time. She’s a great addition to Y&R!
    And she should go because she is not a core character, but Gloria and Jeffrey should stay because they are the “camp style” of this soap!?

    And I also wouldn’t want to get rid of Michael Muhney’s Adam. I think he’s doing a great job.
    Don’t know why there is any judging about Sean Kanan yet. He was just on for a couple of scenes and could be a great addition to the show that Amber has been for the last three years.

  20. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Amber is a delicious addition to Y&R. She is the former daughter-in-law of a family on Y&R’s sister soap, that has connections to the Newmans, Abbotts and Chancellors that have been well-established on both shows and the actress has amazing chemistry with everyone she shares scenes with. Adrienne and Sean are the business. The Fisher Baldwins aren’t  ‘core’ either.

  21. Profile photo of CGat

    While were on the subject of Y&R, I was doing some thinking today. Poor John Driscoll (Chance) just can’t run away from the name game. He goes form being Coop Cooper to Chance Chancellor. Haha. Just thought I would throw that out there. (:

  22. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    They could give Jeff and his precious Glo Worm’s screentime to Neil, Liv or heck even that secretary who used to help Paul. I’d rather see her than watch Judith Chapman’s eye movement aerobatics at play.

  23. Profile photo of goyankees

    HUUUUGE fan of Amber/Miss Franz. And this from someone who dispised her in the beginning…

    I could never survive w/out my Michael Baldwin, Jack Abbott, BILLY, Chloe, Kitty, Phyllis, Katherine & Murphy!! (Man, if I were 40 years older!!)

    Nelson Branco raked Amelia Heinle’s acting over the coals in his suds report today. I hated to agree w/him, but I do. Heather is growing on me (MANE-ly because I just love her HAIR! HAHAHA) the new Adam has not skipped a beat IMO, and really, I think everybody on this show is as good as it gets, but there ARE a select few (Ty-Ty, Wooden Mac,) that need improvement. (see “CAST OF ALL MY CHILDREN” for THAT category! IKES!)

    In conclusion, I am in the minority here, but Glo and Jeff I ADORE. They haven’t been around much lately, but when their storyline heats up, you KNOW it’s gonna be good! Jeffery’s wicked laugh cracks me up!

  24. Profile photo of CGat

    I know it was. But don’t you remember all his love interests– Ashlee, Lizzie, Ava– always playfully calling him “Coop Cooper?” I know it was Bradshaw, but for all intensive purposes, He was Coop Cooper.

  25. Profile photo of CGat

    And, Adrienne Franz is very entertaining. She makes the Scooby Doo Gang bearable. Also, she has a rich history into the Bell Soaps, which makes her even better. So, let’s not hate on Amber.!

  26. Profile photo of josser


    Gloria is like chocolate sauce. A little goes a long way.

    I’d also like to see much more Liv and Neil. Olivia is just too much of a passive, helper character.

    I know people hated Olivia’s affair with Brad but it was a front burner story that put Tonya Lee Williams on the front burner. (Why did the writers think that the audience would want to see a cancer-stricken heroine’s best friend and husband having an affair?)

    Have you tried to interview Tonya Lee Williams?

  27. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I’m sorry but Amber is NOT going anywhere! I love Amber and her relationship with Daniel. With Deacon now in town things should get interesting!

    I am definitely NOT on Team Gloria! I’m sorry, but Judith Chapman is awful! She over-acts even when she’s not saying anything! I like Jeffery, but Glo-worm can go!

    I won’t miss Colleen, but I think Tammin Sursok had improved the past few months. I was enjoying her friendship with Rafe. Honestly, she’s better than Judith “Scenery” Chewer-Chapman! IMO of course! ;)

  28. Profile photo of josser


    I actually like the individual members of the Scooby Gang. (Why bring up their race?) All 4 are good actors when given good material.

  29. Profile photo of seattlegirl

    We don’t know if Amber/Deacon saw each other again after they both left L.A. I didn’t get to watch the web series that they did on Ambers back story and it seems CBS doesn’t have it available to watch on their site anymore. It could be possible there is a back story that MAB and team will write that didn’t air on B&B and happened in between Amber leaving LA and moving to GC. It could explain some questions about Amber/Deacon that many B&B watchers have. The thing that I still am in shock over is that Brad Bell let the amber and deacon characters cross over to Y&R. His show is a train wreck and Deacon could have stirred a lot of things up on B&B. Imagine if Nick tracked down Deacon and made a deal with him to go after his mom to get her away from Owen. Stephanie found out Nicks intentions and also decided Deacon could be a good distraction for Brooke so Ridge would be Brooke free. Both Nick and Stephanies plan could turn on them if Deacon fell for Bridget instead. But hey Brads stupidity is MAB’s and Y&R viewers gain.

    I have to say I don’t mind Gloria being on the show. When LML was writing it was Gloria overkill but I don’t mind seeing her on the little amount of time we do. I think she brings some comedy to the show. Jeffery has really grown on me this last year. I love the Jeffery/Kevin scenes.

  30. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Like several other actors in daytime I wish TS the greatest of success to Tammin off my daytime TV screen.

    As for AF. I think she has been great on Y&R and she needs to stay, though they need to focus more on her friendship with Chloe than her friendship with Jana.

  31. Profile photo of seattlegirl

    IA Luke! I used to love the Jana/Amber friendship but something has changed. I’m not feeling Jana as much as I used to. I think Emily is amazingly talented but the writing just hasn’t been there for her as of late. I much prefer Ambers friendship to Kevin and I love Chloe/Ambers friendship and hope they explore that more. I also hope the show doesn’t forget the Kay/Amber friendship, I would love to see more. I’d also like if Amber and Daniel split up (which hopefully would only be for a bit) that Amber/Chloe/Delia/Chance move into Canes old place. They can re-create 3’s company and a baby.

  32. Profile photo of CGat

    And since they’re getting rid of her, let’s go ahead and get rid of Clementine Ford, and bring in Mandy Bruno (Marina, GL) as Mac. Now, that would be fantastic. (:

  33. Profile photo of josser


    Say it ain’t so! How could you not like Glo?! She’s one of daytimes few tough as nail women who isn’t needy for a man. Yeah, she’s a ham and cheese sandwich but she’s hilarious.

  34. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    On the list of characters Amber in the middle acting wise. She is okay but better on B&B that is her home. The same way Heather Tom’s home is on Y&R. Just swoop the two.

    The need to focus on rebuilding the Winter’s sans VR and Nate. The Abbotts family needs to be extended and they can bring back Lauren’s son.

    But the buck stops at Judith Chapman. Pre-Emmy nominated woman after my own heart.

  35. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Joss Judith Chapman was acting when MTS was still modeling hair and doing bit parts.

    Her Soap History:

    * Natalie Bannon Hughes on As the World Turns (1975 to 1978)
    * Charlotte Greer on Ryan’s Hope (1983)
    * Ginny Blake Webber on General Hospital (1984 to1986)
    * Sandra Montaigne on One Life to Live (1987)
    * Anjelica Deveraux Curtis on Days of our Lives (1989 to 1990, 1991)
    * Gloria Abbott Bardwell on The Young and the Restless (2005 to present)
    * Jill Foster Abbott on The Young and the Restless (temporary replacement, when Jess Walton was ill. Late 1980s.)

  36. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Josstheguy I’ve NEVER said MTS was up there with the big dogs of acting. She’s just brought her a-game. I LOVE her as Nikki Newman and Nikki’s my girl. For you and other to keep bringing that up just goes to show Jamey’s humor with me goes over the heads………….. As for Judith Chapman I will NOT co-sign on that thing and don’t fake that for anyone.

  37. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Josstheguy, Jamey and I have a running/inside joke on MTS. Its just a joke he plays on me as I play on him with some actresses due to the characters they play.

    Judith only brings the cheese to the ham she delivers while onscreen. Small doses are still too much for me.

  38. Profile photo of josser


    “The[y] need to focus on rebuilding the Winter’s sans VR and Nate.”

    So, you don’t want VR’s Dru or a SORAS’d nate on Y&R?

  39. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    A number of prominent actresses, such as Ilene Kristen and Donna Mills read for the role of Gloria, but after a single reading with actor Christian LeBlanc (who plays Gloria’s son Michael), producers hired Chapman on the spot. hummmm… da de da….

    * The Young and the Restless – Gloria Bardwell (2005-present)
    * The Sweetest Thing – Judy’s Mother (2002)
    * 28 Days – Deirdre, Soap Opera Cast (2000)
    * Scorpio One – Gibson (1997)
    * Mortal Fear (1994)
    * Night of the Running Man – Roz Chambers (1994)
    * Murder She Wrote (three episodes, 1987-92)
    * Dead Space – Stote (1991)
    * Days of our Lives – Anjelica Deveraux (1990)
    * Chameleons – Lainie Roberts (1989)
    * In the Heat of the Night – Charlotte Sinclaire (1989)
    * And God Created Woman – Alexandra (1988)
    * MacGyver – Dr. Sandra Millhouse (1988)
    * Stingray – Carla (1987)
    * One Life to Live – Sandra Montaigne (1987)
    * General Hospital – Ginny Blake Webber (1984-87)
    * Ryan’s Hope – Charlotte (1983)
    * Desire – Julie Seaver (1983)
    * Simon & Simon – Denise Carroll (1983)
    * Trapper John, MD (1983)
    * Farrell for the People – Victoria Walton-Mason (1982)
    * Fitz and Bones – Clementine (1981)
    * The Five of Me – Sally (1981)
    * The Love Boat – Nancy Atwell (1981)
    * Galactica – Angela (1980)
    * Beyond Westworld – Laura Garvey (1980)
    * Family – Jo Hamlin (1980)
    * Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – Lara Teasian (1980)
    * B.J. and the Bear – Pamela Gerard (1980)
    * The Incredible Hulk – Nancy (1980)
    * The Paper Chase – Amelia Hutton (1979)
    * Barnaby Jones – Rita Lockwood (1978)
    * Fantasy Island Evelyn Wallace (1978)
    * False Face – Heather/Jane (1977)
    * Kojak – Gretchen Hodges (1976)
    * As the World Turns – Natalie Bannon Hughes (1975 to 78)

  40. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    David, and why are you telling ME this? I said I DO NOT care for Gloria. No matter how many shows Judith’s been on I STILL don’t care for character of Gloria. If you like her that’s all on you just like its all on me if I DO NOT care for her or Gloria.

  41. Profile photo of trubluetim

    Well, she’s off the canvas more than she’s on. Two months off for this and that. Get rid of her. The character’s not working in any sense of the word. Write her off.

  42. Profile photo of josser


    Sorry for the confusion. You wrote “sans VR and Nate.”

    “Sans” means “without.” So, I thought you didn’t want those characters on the show.

  43. Profile photo of josser

    Y&R passed up Donna Mills??!! What!! That’s just wrong!

    There is no way that I would ever not hire Donna Mills. The woman is awesome!

    If Y&R ever gets the chance to bring her on, they should leap at the opportunity!

  44. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Just putting salt in the water Jillian… We have fun over Glo…

    Now I would cast Marla Gibbs as Neil’s overbearing mother Ruth Winters who would move into his place after her house went into foreclosure and she was too proud to tell Neil until it was too late. She could be mixing it up with Kay. And with a recast of Tyra (Naperia Danielle) they could battle it out over Neil. Tyra would become a scheming gold digger like she should be played as and Ruth would be determined not to let that 2 bit hussy marry her son. In order to do so Ruth would scheme to try to get Olivia and Neil to realize they had feelings for one another and give a relationship another try. Along the way Tyra would catch Neil and Olivia in a warm embrace and assume that her chances with him were doomed. She’d run off sleep with Det. Gil and become pregnant. Pass the baby off as Neil’s in order to hook him. But old Ruth would be hot on her heels throughout the entire pregnancy having a sinking suspicion something was up. At that point her constant prying would lead Tyra to convince Neil that his mother had to go. Ruth would move in with Devon and then convince Paul to investigate Tyra.

  45. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    You know come to think of it JC and Christian J. Leblanc can school most of the cast in the acting department. When those two have to go at it they give me emotions. I really am drawn into them. Brenda D as the only exception to the rule I like classically trained actors instead of hair models (women) and eye candy (men).

  46. Profile photo of reggyreg


    I sort of like your story line for the Winters’ family but instead of Marla Gibbs, how about Diahann Carroll (Miss Dominique Devereaux herself)?!

  47. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    The Fall Of Victor Newman

    (My Idea was more like this)

    Neil comes and sets up shop at Jabot and starts to micro-manage things because Jack and Billy’s personal lives are getting in the way of business.

    Neil would uncover the secret that Victor brought Mary Jane to town. This would put him at odds with Victor and start a feud that would allow Neil, the man who knows Victor better than anyone besides Nikki, to draw battle lines thus having Victor finally meet his match.

    Victor would end up teaming up with his enemy Jack to try and get Neil ousted from the CEO position. He would even in list Jill, Gloria, and Jeffery into the scheme. But Jill and Gloria are smart enough to known that they won’t get anything out of this but shaft in the end and secretly let Neil know what the deal is.

    Neil working with Katherine would set a trap for both Jack and Victor. One to which they would never have seen coming. Neil would give Jack several chances with cryptic warnings to shape up and stop doing anything that could be seen as insubordination. But Jack’s hot head ass would think Neil was dumb and continue his unlikely alliance with Victor. Victor meanwhile would still think he was top shop and suffer greatly as Jill, Gloria, and Jeffery set him up to get caught with Mary Jane, going off on her for not leaving town and continuing to bother him. All this would be captured on a hidden video camera. Katherine and Neil would threaten to release this information to the public if Victor doesn’t settle down. But old Jill and Gloria would take the tape and send it to the local news and Victor would suffer a great embarrassment as Mary Jane aka Patty went nuts. Newman Enterprises stock then plummets and Victor finds his world crashing down around him.

    As business disappears the Newman family faces a new crisis and Victor blames Neil. But Gloria and Jill confess proudly to doing the deed.

    Victor has to go to court over the Mary Jane debacle, but gets off because he claims not to have known that she was crazy. Yet, that is the good part. Because the bad part is that Newman Enterprises loses business as investors do not want to be associated with the whole Victor/Mary Jane scandal. The mighty Victor finds himself in a financial crunch and some digging by the Feds finds that he owes millions upon millions in back taxes.

    The government comes to seize his assets as they are now frozen. Nikki wants to be there for Victor as Ashley has left him for what he tried to do to Jack, but Victor doesn’t want her help. Paul worries that Nikki’s concern for Victor will get in the way of their relationship. She assures him that it won’t.

    Seeing that things are getting worse, Victor decides to transfer money from an account under a secret employee’s name to Summer and Noah’s trust funds as they will never be sought after by the Feds. Yet he is caught again.

    With the help of Michael, Victor cuts a deal to stay out of jail by selling his company to pay for the back debts and finds himself castrated from the business world. But it doesn’t stop there, Victor looses the ranch and finds himself back in the place where he started.

    Forgiveness is the heart of the soul and Katherine secretly buys NE for a steal. She makes a deal with Victor that if he can prove himself to be a changed man then she will turn NE back over to him. But to do so he will have to work under Neil’s rule in a position less than he would have expected.

    Can Victor do it? Can the mustache keep it up? Or will he use it as a plot to get NE back? Will he go against Katharine? And what of Jack? Will Jack kick a man while he’s down?

    Nikki will definitely be torn between helping a down and out Victor and her loyalties to Paul. Could this be the turning point where Nikki and Victor rekindle their love? And how would things work out with Jack and Victor working under the rule Neil?

  48. Profile photo of josser

    Donna Mills could come to town, launch a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprise, and kick Ashley out of Victor’s bed.

    Oh, yeah! Donna Mills can do corporate shark and sexy gladiatrix any day.

    Here’s a pic of Donna and her daughter Chloe:

  49. Profile photo of josser


    Why would Neil go after Victor for bringing Mary Jane to town? MJ and Neil have no connection. MJ hasn’t hurt Neil or his loved ones; therefore, it doesn’t seem logical that Neil would take on his friend and mentor, Victor Newman.

    Moreover, since Victor brought MJ to town to hurt Jack, why would Jack team up with Victor? Jack would probably do any and every thing to hurt Victor especially after learning that he’s responsible for hurting his step-granddaughter Summer. (Remember, Jack raised Nicholas and Victoria. Nicholas has said on several occasions that Jack was more of a father to him than Victor.)

    What’s your next scenario.

    Diane Carroll and Jasmyne Guy would be great additions to Y&R. I like those suggestions.

    I think Ivan Shaw would be a great Keemo:

  50. Profile photo of josser


    As soon as Marshall raped Jessica, you had to know that the character was doomed. There’s no way a black male rapist can be redeemed on Daytime. The only successful black villain to last for years on soaps has been R.J. Gannon.

    OLTL’s Timothy Stickney imbued the character with menace, wit, charm and intelligence. He’s one of the best villains who didn’t become clownish or turn into a super-villain. I miss R.J.

  51. Profile photo of ktuc

    I’m throwing a virtual party, if this is indeed true and she’s gone. The character of Colleen has become a non entity since she took over the role. :beer:

  52. Profile photo of mangus

    I for one would be disappointed if this is true, Tammin is great as Colleen. I couldn’t help to notice ktuc how horrible you have been in regards to this actress across several boards IMO. Reality check Tammin filled in a role vacated by Adrianne Leon, you don’t have to like her as an actress but sometimes you sound so critical like she did something to you personally. Tammin played the part that was written for her. I was glad the talentless Adrianne Leon vacated the role!!!!!!!Haven’t heard from her since!!!!!!

  53. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I think that Tammin wasn’t that good until Brad’s death and then I could see the good acting that she was doing. But if she is doing other things I say go for it. Break out while you still can. I wish her nothing but success.

  54. Profile photo of luverica

    ” They could give Jeff and his precious Glo Worm’s screentime to Neil, Liv or heck even that secretary who used to help Paul. I’d rather see her than watch Judith Chapman’s eye movement aerobatics at play.”

    Whatever happened to Paul’s secretary? I believe her name was Lynn. I loved her.

    So this probably means that Colleen will be run out of town by the Jeff/Gloria/Victor scheme and Victor wins again. YAWWWWN!

  55. Profile photo of josser

    Jamey, Donna Mills as Katherine’s real daughter, who is Neil’s real mother.

    That’s a game changer!!

    Neil suddenly becomes a Chancellor heir. Jill gets serious competition for Katherine’s attention. A new rivalry ensues.

  56. Profile photo of josser


    Donna Mills comes to town because she is looking for her lost son whom she gave to her lover and his wife to raise. She desperately wants to reconnect because she has some terminal illness that only a blood transfusion/kidney/liver transplant will heal. Finding Neil, she explains her tail of woe including her own adoption. Neil explains his bio mom’s story to Katherine. The story matches that of Katherine’s daughter.

    Reunion ensues. Chaos ensues. Neil and Lily become real Chancellor heirs!

    Think about how that scenario would change the power structure of Genoa City? Neil Winters goes from hired man to lord of the manor!!

    And Victor and Jack? Ha! Just think if they have to deal with Neil as a true monied equal!

  57. Profile photo of masacre1973

    Soapjunkie88 – I had to read your reply several times because I was laughing so hard. Unfortunately, you hit the nail right on the head – BIG TIME! Tyra and the little singing girl both have to go. They are SO boring!!! And what you said about Gloria and Jeffrey – sorry to break the bad news to you but they are also hard for me most of the time to have them on my screen as well. Thank God we have tivo so I can fast forward through the ‘garbage’ scenes. Do you mind if I add a few names? How about Devon, Amber and Chloe? Why not take their salaries and donate it a national charity instead since your flushing good money down the drain anyhow? At least you might get a tax credit!!!

  58. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    I am not sad that Tammin Sursok is leaving. I never believed she was right for the character. Nor did she convey that she wanted to be in the role. Best wishes to her in her future endeavors. However, Colleen is a vital character to the Y&R canvas and when she returns, she should be played by one of the previous actresses or a talented recast.

    On some of the other thoughts posted in this thread…

    Rick Yune would be great, and age-appropriate, as Keemo Abbott. I would love to see him return and act as the third point in a love/business triangle with Neil Winters and Victoria Newman. However, Heather Tom will have to return as Victoria or the role should be recast with Liza Huber or Gina Tognoni. Adding Nina to the mix would be too juicy, but perhaps the audience is not ready to see Neil in a romantic relationship with two Caucasian-American women? So, cast Keisha Knight-Pulliam as Daija Anderson, a recent MBA grad who is an ambitious young executive at Newman AND the little sister of one of Neil’s best friends/frat brothers from college (who could eventually come to town, played by Lamman Rucker, thus beefing up the show’s diversity). Or, maybe Neil needs a woman closer to his age? Then Melissa DeSousa or Keesha Sharp could fill Daija’s Manolo Blahniks/Jimmy Choos.

    Also, it would nice for Keemo to be a kinder, moral compass kind of character considering the machinations of his father Jack and Uncle Billy; i.e., Keemo would be more in the vein of John Abbott. As for Kyle Abbott, he should be a chip off the old block and give Jack all kinds of hell for having been an absentee/nonexistent father who longed to raise any child other than his own. With SORAS-ing, Kyle should be in the same age-range as Noah Newman and the second generation of Abbott-Newman wars could begin. It would start innocently enough, perhaps even with Noah and Kyle as frenemies. Then, Kyle’s seething jealousy of Noah (and all things Newman) and a young woman comes between their tenuous friendship. Yes, that young woman could be Eden. But, she MUST be recast. If the third time was the charm with Sharon Case (who assumed the role after Heidi Mark – a Pamela Anderson type bombshell – and Monica Potter – a Meg Ryan type wet mop) then the third time may be the charm with Eden. India Eisley could be quietly subtle as Eden, and, at this point, that is what the character needs to be – quiet and subtle. And cast as Kyle Abbott, Dustin Milligan or Brando Eaton as both have “All-American Good Guy” looks, but also give the appearance that they could play bratty bastards. Or, a handsome and talented newcomer who can act.

    OK, enough of my fan-fiction and “Wishful Casting.” :-D

    Oh, and one other thing… Brenda Dickson should return as Jill Foster Abbott. ;-)

  59. Profile photo of mangus

    Ktuc hope you didn’t get offended, it was just my observation from reading your posts. I actually enjoyed Tammin as Colleen and wish her all the best if she was to leave. It seems she is involved with other projects well done to her.

  60. Profile photo of reggyreg

    I hope they do not recast the role. The show has too many characters on at the moment. They need to fire some people and we have all said who in former posts.

  61. Profile photo of josser


    Actually, I agree with several of David’s opinions. Y&R needs to strengthen its Winters family and add more Latino and Asian actors.

    Why can’t Y&R bring back Keemo? Jack is so desperate for a child, why the hell hasn’t he called his elder son to come help run Jabot with him? There are a lot of talented Asian/Eurasian actors who would kill for a chance to be on Y&R.

    Neil is running Chancellor, why not employ a little nepotism and bring a SORAS’d Nate to town.

    Rafe and Estella are the only Latinos on this show. Rafe, unfortunately, is just a plot device. The typical minority or gay character employed to move a white heterosexual character’s along. Given the publicity that the show has put into building up Rafe as its first gay character, Y&R has done a piss poor job of creating a three-dimensional character.

  62. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    You read my mind. I can’t understand the reasoning that these headwriters and producers have in their casts. Get rid of the dead weight and keep the vets. It’s just that simple. The Scooby Gang annoys me soooo much. I’m tired of them. They’ve basically had one idiotic storyline after another. They can kill off Jana for all I care and can Daniel and have Kevin and Amber get together. Amber should leave or stay; I don’t care. Nate Hastings would be a great addition to the show. The boring young white people are starting to get on my nerves! :) I think they should make Devon Nate Hastings’ Sr.’s son. It would make sense. The storyline could be that when he was on drugs and contracted AIDS that he slept with Devon’s mother. That would cement his connection to the show and could bring Olivia into an actual storyline besides being Ashley’s best friend. To add to your list, I’d get rid of Cane too.

  63. Profile photo of josser


    Gloria is like chocolate sauce.
    Yes…after one has made a glutton of oneself and has had to through it all up over one’s prom date.


    OHMYGAWD, that was funny! But, I still love my vicious tarantula.

  64. Profile photo of josser

    Jillian wrote:



    ;-) Uh huh, I know you’ve got to fake it for the crowd, but you don’t have to pretend for me. You know that Judith Chapman studied under Y&R’s master acting coach, Melody Thomas Scott. All one has to do is look at the similarity in technique to understand that Chapman is channeling Thomas Scott.

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! We should all give MTS a round of applause for her teaching skills.

    One of my favorite recent scenes was Nikki teasing Gloria about a voodoo doll. Priceless!

  65. Profile photo of josser


    No, Jamey’s humor struck home with me. I LOVE MTS, too. I mentioned MTS because of the playful banter between you and Jamey.

    As I explained to Jamey, Judith Chapman’s Gloria is like chocolate sauce: In small doses, a delightful thing.

  66. Profile photo of josser


    I was joking with Jillian about Chapman receiving acting lessons from MTS. Chapman is delivering an over the top, comedic performance for Gloria. Gloria is a monster. She’s love, jealousy, and revenge rolled and molded into the form of a middle age woman who suffered through two lousy husband only to find that she let both of her kids be abused.

  67. Profile photo of josser


    Interesting concept except I think Neil’s parents are dead. Also, Ruth sounds a lot like Paul’s mother Mary, the snoopy, intrusive mother.

    You mention Naperia Danielle Groves, ATWT’s original adult Bonnie. Why did she leave ATWT? She was a great Bonnie (of course she didn’t look like she could be Jessica and Duncan’s child).

    Naperia would be a great addition to Y&R.


    You do realize that Hogan Sheffer was responsible for creating adult Bonnie and all of her adventures. I wonder how they would feel about a reunion?

  68. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model


    Yes I know and he was the key in dwindling down the AA cast on ATWT’s as well. The death of Marshall did it for me. But the rape did give Rucker and Tunine their own solo cover of SOD and I still have it. THE STORY THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING. That is a collectors Item. I save all the AA covers of soap magazines which is rare. I love SOW cover I have when they did the diversity issues some years back.

  69. Profile photo of josser


    Donna Mills vs Judith Chapman? Donna Mills wins by a light year.

    I REALLY miss Donna Mills. Why doesn’t some show on primetime or some soap cast her? She not only a great actress but she has a huge fan base.

    I’d bring her to Genoa City as Neil’s long thought dead mother in a minute!

  70. Profile photo of ktuc

    magus: All I can say is: Luke and the gang here are not the only ones with a little inside info! :bigsmile: I do not care to know Tammin Sursok nor would I ever want to.

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